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In AI Last updated: July 10, 2023
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Integrating AI tools within business operations and processes has become more necessary than a trend.

Multiple Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based tools automate business processes for sectors, including sales, support, IT, software development, marketing, and more, to improve the business’s efficiency, revenue, and productivity. 

One such crucial sector is the marketing sector. Marketing plays a massive role in a business’s growth, making customers aware of the business products and services, increasing sales and engagement, and improving customer trust and loyalty. 

AI in marketing help marketers save time and effort in creating a successful marketing strategy, reaching potential customers, and generating converting content—making AI marketing tools highly imperative for businesses. 

The Influencer Marketing Hub’s AI Marketing Benchmark Report suggests that 61.4% of marketers used AI in their marketing activities, and 19.2% spent over 40% of their marketing budget on AI-driven marketing campaigns. 

This shows the continuous growth of AI integration within marketing—which will only rise in the future. 

Whether you’re a marketing buff or a professional marketing expert, in this article, we discuss the different AI marketing tools you can use to enhance your business’s online presence and future growth. 

But before that, let’s look at more benefits of AI marketing tools for businesses. 

Benefits of AI Marketing Tools for Businesses

AI marketing tools make informed and automated marketing decisions based on the data it collects and analyze to develop a marketing strategy that boosts the business’s growth. 

Here’s how AI marketing tools can enhance your business’s presence and productivity. 

  • Increased efficiency with automated tasks: Automating redundant and repetitive tasks, like generating content, posting on social media, and sending marketing emails and newsletters, AI marketing tools significantly improve work efficiency by saving time and resources. With AI tools taking care of these redundant tasks, your marketing team can focus on other critical business aspects that require human skills and intelligence, like building customer relationships and strategy development. 
  • Improved decision-making: By analyzing customer data, AI-powered marketing tools can help you make actionable and data-driven decisions, making it easier to find trends, patterns, and customer preferences to optimize better the marketing campaigns that yield results. 
  • Reduced errors: While humans are prone to errors, AI-powered tools help reduce marketing errors, like sending emails to the right audience and creating voiceovers for marketing ads. 
  • Enhanced personalization: Since AI marketing tools can help you analyze customer behavior and preferences, it is easier to create tailored and personalized marketing campaigns that help drive better engagement and conversions. 
  • Improved customer experience: The tailored marketing campaigns and tools like virtual assistants and chatbots that provide real-time and quick customer support help enhance customer experience, increasing customer retention and satisfaction. 
  • Cost-saving: Streamlining and automating the content creation process and saving labor costs make AI-powered marketing tools highly cost-saving and efficient solutions for modern marketers. 
  • Increased competitive edge: AI marketing tools offer critical insights into the latest marketing trends and competitor campaigns, making it easier to identify opportunities and monitor competitor strategies to position your brand better. 

So, if you wish to leverage these benefits, let’s look at your business’s top AI-based marketing tools. 

AI Marketing Tools For Content Marketing


YouTube video

Jasper is one of the most popular content marketing and generation tools that automate the creation of on-brand content as per your specific brand tone, such as formal, bold, and cheeky. 

You can easily turn a single piece of content into a complete content marketing campaign with Jasper, with its enhanced collaboration tools and capabilities that allow you to collaborate in real-time. 

Thus, Jasper is the right choice if you want to automate creating content that resonates with your brand voice and tone while ensuring high privacy and data security.

Smartwriter AI

Smartwriter AI is the perfect AI tool if you wish to automate and supercharge your email and content marketing campaigns. 

With Smartwriter AI, you can generate thousands of personalized emails, automating the outreach process by 40x and getting you 8x more replies than the normal outreach. 

It also offers LinkedIn personalization, backlink personalization, and contextual pitches, convincing prospects to take the necessary actions. Smartwriter AI is trusted by over 12,218+ agencies and companies, including Uber, Facebook, Airtable, Meta for Business, Mongo DB, Stripe, Reply, and more. 

Thus, whether you want to generate personalized emails, SEO articles, or social media copies, Smartwriter AI is an excellent AI tool for your specific needs.


YouTube video

Frase is one of the fastest and easiest AI content generation tools that help you create SEO-optimized and personalized content in seconds. 

It makes SERP research a breeze by analyzing your competition and generating optimized content with optimized metrics like word count, heading count, and domain rating. 

Over 30,000+ agencies and global teams trust Frase, including Coursera, Digitas, Merkle, and Talkspace.

Copy AI

YouTube video

Whether you want to generate engaging emails, write 10x faster blogs, or generate high-converting social posts, Copy AI is the right content marketing AI tool. 

Used and trusted by more than 9,000,000+ teams and professionals, including Microsoft, Nestle, and eBay, Copy AI ensures the highest security and compliance standards, ensuring the maximum security of your data. 

It makes content creation easier with its 90+ tools and templates that help you generate different types of content, like digital ad copies, eCommerce copies, website copies, social media content, and sales copies.

Deckopus AI

YouTube video

Decktopus AI is a great AI-based presentation creator trusted by over 500k+ users and teams, including Nike, Cisco, Loreal, and Snowflake. 

All you need to do is enter your presentation’s title, and the tool will generate customized and optimized presentations for you in no time, saving the time spent finding the data and media to add to the presentations. 

Other built-in tools present in Decktopus AI include a custom domain, voice recorder, forms, embedded URLs and videos, easy updates, and Webhook. 

Thus, creating image-optimized and media-filled presentations for your unique business needs is time-efficient with Decktopus AI.

AI Marketing Tools For Video Marketing

Synthesia AI

YouTube video

Video is an integral part of content marketing. If you wish to automate video generation with minimal tools and resources, Synthesia AI is the right choice. 

You can generate videos in over 120 languages and choose from its 140 diverse AI avatars to create professional videos without enhanced technical equipment or editing skills. 

It’s affordable and beginner-friendly, offering an intuitive web interface to create videos for niches like marketing, sales, news, learning and development, and internal communications.

Deepbrain AI

YouTube video

Deepbrain AI is a generative AI video generator that helps you generate videos with text or scripts in minutes, reducing the costs and time to create videos by 80%. 

It provides photo-realistic AI avatars that personalize your brand videos and provide a human touch. With Deepbrain AI, you can create training videos, how-to videos, and, more intuitively, with the help of various in-built video templates.

AI Marketing Tools For Lead, Data, and Sales Marketing

Customers AI

Customers AI is a sales automation platform designed for outbound sales and marketing automation to generate qualified leads and a sales pipeline. 

Its fool-proof outreach campaigns and prospecting systems, like messaging automation and data integration, help kickstart sales and drive opportunities. Thus, if you’re looking for a sales outreach automation solution, Customers AI is a great tool to try.

Browse AI

YouTube video

Browse AI facilitates data extraction and monitoring. With this AI tool, you can extract any specific data from a website into a spreadsheet and track and monitor the process with any maintenance or coding skills. 

Top brands, like Zapier, Amazon, and HubSpot, trust it. It proves beneficial for multiple use cases, like extracting Google search results, job listings from LinkedIn, search results from WordPress plugins, and app lists from Zapier.


YouTube video

LaGrowthMachine is a multichannel sales and messaging automation solution streamlining your prospecting effort and processes. Thus, it’s an excellent tool for recruiters and sales teams that helps the sales team generate 3.5x more responses. 

It offers a centralized messaging system, provides advanced reporting solutions, and automates email and LinkedIn outreach, making it a trustworthy outreach solution for over 7000+ professionals.

People AI

YouTube video

People AI provides a revenue intelligence solution, improving your sales pipeline execution through the data-driven approach. 

Trusted by big companies like Okta and Zoom, People AI helps you engage with the right prospects and customers, tightening deal execution, which in turn helps generate more revenue.

AI Marketing Tools For Social Media Marketing


YouTube video

If you’re looking to boost your business’s influencer marketing, Influencity is the perfect AI tool. With access to comprehensive profile statistics and analyzing profiles of millions of content creators, the tool helps you build a stronger Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) strategy that empowers collaboration. 

Using this tool, you can effortlessly boost your brand visibility and client outreach and track your sales and RoI.

Meet Edgar

YouTube video

Meet Edgar is an AI marketing tool that lets you streamline social media marketing, automate post scheduling, and make sharing content on your social platforms easier. 

It also helps you track your post’s performance and impact in real-time, allowing you to make better-informed decisions and tweak your social media marketing strategy. 

It’s designed for small businesses, freelancers, and hustlers and is used by top names like Neil Patel and ProBlogger.

Lately AI

YouTube video

Lately AI learns your individual or brand voice so well to create unique, personalized, and tailored content strategies to supercharge your social media performance. 

It generates consistent and engaging content that helps you generate +200% more leads, drive +12,000% more engagement, and +98% more sales. It supports several languages, including Spanish, English, German, and Japanese.


Flick is a popular social media marketing AI tool that helps you generate social media content 10x faster, including copies, blogs, and more. 

It improves your social media performance with tailored hashtags, post scheduling, easy analytics and reporting, and resources and templates that make your marketing team’s job easier.

AI Marketing Tools For Conversion Management


YouTube video

If your lead generation and conversion management strategy is primarily focused on the WhatsApp platform, Chatfuel is the best AI tool to choose from. 

It’s an eCommerce WhatsApp messaging platform that helps you offer faster customer support and response time with multiple agents and leverage green-badge verification, increasing upsell and cross-sell and boosting WhatsApp revenue.

LivePerson AI

YouTube video

LivePerson AI is an all-in-one and comprehensive generative AI-based marketing tool that meets all your business needs, irrespective of your industry, sector, or department. 

From providing human-optimized conversations to impactful insights that drive better decision-making, LivePerson AI helps deliver a safe and secure experience. 

Besides, the tool also offers LLM-based data integration and voice and messaging that empower more employee and customer engagement.


YouTube video

Landbot is a fun, intuitive, and powerful no-code chatbot builder that provides visual builders and templates, allowing you to create a sophisticated and conversational chatbot for the web and mobile. 

With the tool, you can create WhatsApp automation, website chatbot, and build chatbots to integrate into your apps and channels with its comprehensive API and SDK, boosting revenue and operational efficiency.

AI Marketing Tools For Email Marketing

YouTube video is an AI-powered email assistant tool that boosts your email marketing campaigns by generating human-like and personalized emails in seconds. 

The tool can generate both first-step and AI follow-up emails, maximizing your email open and reply rates with the chances of getting instant replies.


Human is an AI-powered personalization tool that helps you create personalized email campaigns catering to the changing needs of your customers and target audience. 

Using the tool, you can easily track your customer’s interests with insights like time on page and visit frequency, increasing response rate and revenue.


YouTube video

Omnisend offers robust email marketing features, helping you create personalized and professional campaigns and boosting open rates and sales. 

You can leverage beautiful on-brand email templates, drag-and-drop email builders, track campaign reports, and more. 

With Omnisend, you can create omnichannel campaigns, including SMS and push notification campaigns, per your business needs.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right AI Marketing Tool 

Here are the critical aspects you need to analyze and consider before opting for an ideal AI marketing tool that fits best with your campaign. 

  • Your business marketing goals: Identifying your specific marketing goal or the challenge when selecting an ideal marketing tool is necessary. Whether your goal is to boost engagement, drive traffic, or increase subscriptions, selecting a tool that best meets your requirements is crucial. 
  • Features and functionalities: Defending on your goals, choosing an AI marketing tool with features that satisfy the goal’s requirements is essential. You can look at features like customer segmentation, predictive analysis, bulk content creation, or campaign optimization to purchase an ideal tool for your business. 
  • Technical expertise and ease of use: Considering the technical knowledge and expertise required to use the tool is also an essential factor to consider. Depending on your technical skills and campaign objectives, you can choose either a tool with a minimal learning curve or one with a learning curve but enhanced technical features. 
  • Scalability and flexibility: If your business’s marketing needs change and evolve with time, choosing a flexible and scalable AI marketing tool that can efficiently accommodate your marketing changing strategies is essential. 
  • Cost and RoI: The AI marketing tool you choose should align with your financial goals and resources and provide the best Return on Investment with all the necessary features you require within the tool. 
  • Reviews and ratings: Reading the tool’s user reviews and checking its ratings and reputation will give you a clear idea of its reliability and RoI before investing in it for the long term. 

Final Words 

AI marketing tools help you uplevel your marketing campaigns, allowing you to leverage data-driven insights, automated campaigns, and features like predictive analysis, making it easier to deliver greater personalization and quality customer experience. 

So, if you wish to supercharge your business’s next marketing campaign, try and invest in the AI marketing tools mentioned above to improve your overall efficiency and productivity while leveraging better results.

Next, check out the best AI sales tools to skyrocket your revenue.

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