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In Digital Marketing Last updated: July 4, 2023
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Amazon’s affiliate program offers boundless opportunities for bloggers and publishers willing to monetize their digital assets.

You can also earn income by promoting Amazon products and earning commissions from your website. Therefore, your ability to captivate the audience and influence consumer behavior is invaluable. 

However, it is crucial to use the right tool in the ever-expanding realm of online monetization. To unlock the full potential of the Amazon affiliate program, these tools will assist you with essential analytics to lift up your business. Thus, you will gain a competitive edge and dominate your niche by earning lucrative profits from your digital assets.

In this article, we will briefly discuss how Amazon’s associate’s program works. Plus, we will introduce you to some excellent tools that every Amazon affiliate needs to know. Ultimately, you will get the information and skills to succeed as you navigate the Amazon affiliate ecosystem. 

How The Amazon Associates Program Works 


The Amazon Associates program is an affiliate marketing program that enables you to make money through commissions. When consumers use your affiliate link to make qualified purchases, you will make money from it. 

By signing up for the program, you will get a special affiliate ID which you can use to connect to anything on You will get a commission depending on the item’s price when a consumer clicks on one of your links and buys an item. 

Anyone with a website or blog can join the Amazon Associates program, and it’s one of the most well-known affiliate marketing schemes in the world. You must have a website that complies with Amazon’s traffic and content standards. Only then you will be eligible for the affiliate program. 

Upon getting approval as an affiliate, You will get access to a number of tools and information. Thus, you can flexibly promote Amazon items on your website.

By recommending Amazon items, the Amazon Associates Programme offers a simple method for people and companies. As a result, they can monetize their online presence and get the opportunity to generate a sizable revenue stream through commission. But they need to make appropriate use of the program and concentrate on captivating and pertinent marketing. 

Here is a detailed explanation of the entire process of how the Amazon associates program works:

Sign Up Procedure  

You can register for the Amazon Associate program by getting into the Amazon Associates website. You must provide your personal info, website info (when required), and desired payment method as well. 

Product Picking

After registering, you can browse through Amazon’s enormous selection of products. Then choose the products you wish to advertise. You can select items that match the content on your website or the preferences of your audience since there are millions of products accessible across many categories.

When you are done choosing your preferred products, create individual affiliate links for each product. A unique code in these links defines you as an affiliate marketer. A cookie that tracks a visitor’s activities on Amazon is saved on their device when they click one of the affiliate links you provide.


As an Amazon Associate, you are free to utilize the affiliate links through any online platform you want.

You can market your products via your website, blog posts, social networking posts, and emails. Products may be promoted in a variety of ways, including using text links, image links, and even banner advertisements from Amazon.

Client Conversions

You will get a commission when a visitor will click on your affiliate link and buys anything from Amazon. The buying procedure has to happen within a certain window of time (often 24 hours, but it may vary depending on the product). However, the product category and the number of sales you produce affect the percentage of the commission.

Income & Payment

Depending on the commission percentages and the number of successful referrals you send their way, Amazon determines your earnings.

According to the product category, commission rates might vary from 1% to 10% or more. Usually, Amazon pays you within 60 days after the end of the month in which the sales happened.

Monitoring and Reporting

You must monitor your clicks, conversions, and revenues on Amazon using a detailed dashboard. Thus, you can track the effectiveness of your affiliate links, improve your marketing tactics, and determine which goods are bringing in the most money.

Rules and Compliance

To maintain your eligibility in the Amazon Associates Program, you must adhere to the operating agreement and rules. These rules cover a variety of topics, including forbidden material, acceptable advertising, and disclosure obligations.

Global Participation

Since Amazon Associates Program is available in a number of nations, you can participate from across the globe. It’s vital to keep in mind that each country’s program runs independently.

So, if you want to advertise items from different Amazon marketplaces, you need to register individually for that program. 

Now, let’s check out the tools that will minimize your affiliate marketing effort significantly: 


AAWP is one of the best WordPress plugins that you can use as a WordPress site owner. It will assist you in boosting the value of your affiliate page and commissions. The plugin generates affiliate links and product prices and refreshes discounts automatically.

AAWP The Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

It offers a flexible configuration that will allow you to adjust the functionality and output easily. Plus, you can personalize the design and adapt the layout to match it with your website. 

Core Features: 

  • Generates corresponding dynamic text links and output names automatically. 
  • Manual customization options are available to tailor the product name as desired.
  • Showcases single or multiple product boxes to elevate visual appeal using a simple shortcode.
  • Captures visitors’ attention by presenting a curated list of top-selling products in a specific category or keyword.
  • Highlighting the latest products in a particular product group
  • Flexibility to determine the number of product rankings to draw attention to the latest offerings in your niche.  
  • Use customizable data fields to integrate individual product information such as title, description, and price within your posts or pages.
  • Simplify the process of integrating Amazon items into your sidebar with user-friendly widgets. 
  • Utilize visual composer to place shortcodes within a text widget.  


Lasso is a tool that allows you to implement comfortable Amazon Monetization. This plugin gives you super-fast data retrieval whenever required. It captures product details from any Amazon URL, converts them into affiliate links, and updates the info automatically.

Integrate with Amazon Lasso

Moreover, updates product display by auto-refreshing prices and images when changes occur on Amazon. 

Additionally, it provides alerts for out-of-stock or discontinued products. You can expand your reach with this tool’s OneLink integration which directs international clicks to their respective local Amazon stores. 

Core Features:

  • Optimized and A/B tested product display refined through millions of visitors and generated lucrative revenue.
  • Identifies and converts unmonetized links and keywords across your site into lucrative affiliate links. 
  • Access a centralized inventory of all your affiliate links, track their placement, and discover new linking opportunities.
  • Integrates affiliate links, with Lasso automatically updating product information every 24 hours.
  • Enhance the aesthetics of your URLs by customizing permalinks.
  • Keep your affiliate links organized into groups, allowing for easy management. 
  • Gain valuable insights into the performance of your affiliate links by syncing with Google Analytics.
  • One-click import feature allows you to migrate affiliate links from other plugins.
  • Receive notifications regarding broken affiliate links or product unavailability on Amazon.
  • Revenue and click tracking capabilities to spot trends and drive growth in your affiliate incomes.  

Geniuslink enables you to earn more revenue from every link you share. This free affiliate marketing tool makes maintaining, monitoring, and localizing smart links very easy.

Geniuslink URL Shortener for Creators and Affiliates

Profit from global traffic from a variety of programs with a commission percentage of up to 200%. localized links will assist you in selling more books, or you can allow your audience to decide where to purchase. 

Core Features:

  • Smart short links optimize the shopping experience, capture international commission and boost revenue. 
  • Direct visitors to the appropriate product in their respective country’s Amazon store using a single link.
  • Offer choice and multiple destinations within a single link to transform your audience into confident comparison shoppers.
  • Optimize published links with different tools, including YouTube link optimized, WordPress plugins, API integrations, and more.
    Auto affiliation and the option to leverage choice pages to grow your affiliate presence on Amazon. 
  • Provides prompt and personalized support to resolve any technical issues, broken links, or errors.   

Pretty links is an all-rounder affiliate link management plugin for the WordPress environment. It allows you to optimize your affiliate links so that you can monetize your content flexibly. You can craft branded affiliate links for email, podcasts, and YouTube that are sharable. Thus, you can focus more on improving your plans for marketing and generating more revenue. 

Pretty Links Custom Link Shortener Branded Link Management

Core Features: 

  • Create affiliate links from your site and manage social links, URL redirects, affiliate links, and QR codes
  • Full control of how your links look and how they redirect your customers.
  • Simplify URL management to shorten, mask, monitor, and distribute URLs properly.
  • Allows you to do traditional, server-side URL redirects, including 301 redirects. (Permanent) and 302/307 redirects (temporary).
  • Remind customers about your brand name via PrettyBar on top of any link. 
  • Utilize your links as tracking pixels and monitor conversions, email open rates, and more. 
  • Automatically create short links and add them to your pages and posts.
  • Analyzes the content on your site and replace your preferred keywords with the links.
  • Displays products with stunning visuals to increase engagement and conversion rate.
  • Scans broken links in your site and fixes rapidly. 
  • Dedicated support and training resources to resolve any issue.   


EasyAzon is a potent Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin that will increase your earnings while saving you a ton of time. This plugin allows you to quickly create high-converting Amazon affiliate links.

As a result, you can monetize your Amazon Affiliate WordPress website by cutting off the laborious process of manually creating links from Amazon’s website.  

EasyAzon Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Core Features: 

  • Manage and control your affiliate links using site settings or link-by-link without any coding.
  • Automatically localizes links, shows product pop-ups, asks users to add items to the cart, cloaks link for SEO, and more.
  • Integrated automated link localizer that shows a link for an appropriate Amazon location using your affiliate link. 
  • You can establish affiliate links or enable link localization for every nation where Amazon has an affiliate program.
  • Offers pre-built product pop-up feature that you can activate either on the entire site or based on specific links. Pop-up scripts that direct more Amazon affiliate link clicks and gain additional profit. 


Afflimate gives you a centralized dashboard from where you can view affiliate earnings from Amazon and other networks. This powerful tool can combine reports from different affiliate platforms.

Affilimate Amazon API Integration

While using this tool, you will never miss a single piece of data that you will require to boost your affiliate revenue from each and every piece of content. 

Core Features: 

  • Wrap your in-depth affiliate information into beautiful charts and unique reports that you can distribute.
  • Robust API that lets you expand into unique use cases and swiftly extract data into the internal system.
  • With content analytics and revenue attribution feature, Identify the top-performing content and products.
  • Assess the performance of your content portfolio by identifying the fastest-growing or declining articles.
  • Pinpoint the conversions driven by each link, button, image, and call-to-action within your pages. 
  • Strategically optimize link placements and retailer selection, and get the leverage necessary to negotiate higher commission rates.
  • Monitor the impact of editorial changes on affiliate earnings, click-through ratio, and affiliate RPM and EPC throughout your site. 


Elevating your blog posts with visually appealing comparison tables, product boxes, and other elements is essential. This is where Afflitable SaaS tool comes in and lets you craft eye-catching and highly engaging elements for your affiliate website.


You can create comparison tables, product boxes, pros & cons boxes, and rating boxes, and more. Over 5000+ established affiliate relies on this tool since it highly increases the conversion rate. 

Core Features: 

  • Import product details into your comparison tables and product boxes through one-click Amazon Integratio. 
  • Integrates with various platforms to ensure compatibility with your preferred tools. 
  • Provides valuable insights into the performance of your tables and boxes with real-time click analytics.
  • Optimizes high-performing pages to drive higher conversions and maximize your affiliate marketing success.
  • Simplifies the method of localizing, tracking, and managing smart links through the integration of the Geniuslink API
  • Schema-optimized tables and boxes to provide maximum value to searchers and enhance the performance of your web pages on search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • Capture leads from around the globe by utilizing Affiliatable’s geotargeting capabilities. Thus, customers are redirected to the appropriate Amazon store based on their location.
  • Versatile multiple CTA feature, enabling you to convert across multiple eCommerce merchants.
  • Pre-designed comparison tables and box templates to elevate your affiliate website. 

Skip the manual search for products and the hassle of pasting Amazon affiliate links into your posts. Use Auto Amazon Links plugin to create Amazon affiliate links in no time. You can display links automatically in the right spots via auto-insertion, shortcodes, or by inserting ads as widgets. 

YouTube video

With this tool, you can insert links to relevant and well-liked Amazon items that have been released recently. Plus, you can choose the product categories that correspond to your WordPress site. Additionally, it provides the ability to search for certain goods whenever needed. 

Core Features: 

  • Automatic product insertion feature for inserting links on your preferred posts and feeds. 
  • With static content conversion feature to create static product links
  • Enable/disable product links on the pages you want or do not want by post ID, taxonomy, page type, and post type.
  • Show different product links to users in different countries.
  • Display products via Category, Product search, Item look-up, and URL. 
  • Allows you to create a personalized template if you have HTML and CSS knowledge 
  • Links to Amazon items in articles and comments can be changed into affiliate links for your business.
  • Offers Gutenberg block that enables you to pick your crafted units
  • Filtering system based on the description, title, and ASIN using a versatile black-and-white list.

AMZ Watcher 

Explore the effectiveness of AMZ Watcher, an Amazon Affiliate Link Checker designed to increase affiliate conversions on your website. This tool scans your website thoroughly for broken Amazon links and ensures that only relevant and proper links are presented to your visitors. As a result, you will never miss the opportunity to get revenue from your affiliate link. 

YouTube video

AMZ Watcher is not only a link checker; it also detects affiliate tag gaps and rapidly increases your revenue by adding missing tags. Furthermore, it expands your affiliate marketing boundaries by exploring various affiliate programs. 

Core Features: 

  • Scans your website for Amazon links and checks product availability. 
  • Verifies relevant affiliate tags from your website’s affiliate links and adds tags where absent.
  • Locate the items you link to and search other online merchants who provide affiliate programs. 
  • Refines data and produces reports that can be exported as CSV files. 
  • Single & centralized dashboard to handle the entire Amazon site portfolio.   


The landscape of Amazon affiliate marketing, along with the tools and technologies to improve it. Thus, it is crucial for every affiliate marketer to be familiar with these tools and trends to outpace their competitors and generate constant revenue.  

But no worries, now you’ve gained some valuable information on how Amazon affiliate works. Plus, we’ve mentioned the tools that will maximize the potential of your Amazon affiliate program. Now it’s your turn to leverage the tool that meets your business objective and witness success. 

You may also explore some best affiliate networks to join and make money.

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