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In today’s competitive world, where people have recently experienced a pandemic, staying ahead of the game is a top priority, especially in the IT field.

Between the Covid pandemic, we’ve noticed a significant rise in remote and hybrid work setups. Even many big multinational companies are approaching this way of working.

All these changes have had a profound impact on various aspects, and today, I’ll be talking about how it’s affecting the hiring process in the IT Industry. 

There’s been a rise in online recruitment, making the world seem smaller as talent searches go global. In this landscape, HackerRank has emerged as a platform helping organizations go global, finding top talents worldwide. It also allows candidates to boost their skills and join the best organizations from their perspective.

Today, I’ll introduce some excellent options to protect yourself from restricting your choices. Now, you might wonder, “If there’s a platform like HackerRank, why look for alternatives?”

First, let’s take a quick look at what HackerRank is all about. Then, I’ll explain why it’s important to consider alternatives to HackerRank.

HackerRank Overview

HackerRank is a widely used technical assessment and remote interview platform for hiring developers. It provides complex programming challenges, and developers across the globe try to solve them. HackerRank supports several programming languages, including C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL.

HackerRank is an enterprise-grade application that comes with the HackerRank for Work service that helps companies screen and hire developers or programmers across the globe. It comes with a built-in set of programming challenges, or companies can provide their challenges to candidates depending upon the opening job position.

Recruiters can then use that set of programming challenges to hire remote developers by assessing their programming expertise.

Why It’s Vital to Dive into HackerRank Alternatives

In the fast-paced world of tech assessments, sticking only to HackerRank could narrow our view. Various platforms bring a mix of questions, techniques, and tools, addressing unique skills and tastes.

By exploring other options, candidates and employers can benefit from a richer resource pool, leading to smarter preparations and hiring choices.

  • Diverse Challenges: Different platforms offer fresh sets of problems, expanding the range of topics one can tackle.
  • Multiple Testing Styles: While HackerRank has its way, other sites might include live coding, paired tasks, and more.
  • Tailored Skill Tests: Some focus on areas like data science or specific coding languages, offering pinpointed assessments.
  • Different User Feels: The look, feedback, and overall feel can vary, letting users pick what feels right.
  • Meet & Learn: Engaging with various platforms can boost networking and knowledge exchange.
  • Cost Choices: For businesses, scouting alternatives could reveal budget-friendly or better-suited recruitment options.

Exploring beyond HackerRank offers fresh challenges and unique experiences. Whether you’re learning or hiring, don’t limit yourself. Dive into diverse coding platforms and find your best fit.

We will now look at some of the alternatives to Hackerrank, where you can find and hire remote talent, along with their features. 


CodinGame is a popular alternative to HackerRank that lets recruiters source, screen, and retain talented developers. Using this platform, you can simply evaluate candidates’ coding skills with various programming tests that take only 60 seconds to set up. You can leverage its powerful matching service to find talented high-end developers.

It has an extensive community with over 2 million developers, allowing you to connect with passionate programmers. It is one of the first online escape game platforms for coders and non-coders.


  • Recruiters can infuse their tech team with diversity and boost creativity.
  • With CodinGame Assessment, you can screen and rank candidates during the hiring process and select those developers who meet your standards.
  • It streams the screening process and reduces your time hiring and onboarding the best developers.
  • It allows developers to take up the challenges in real-life to enhance their problem-solving skills.

The entire hiring process is not based on human judgment alone. The recruiters can get an accurate snapshot of the candidate’s technical skills, regardless of what their resume displays. You can use their easy-to-read test reports to make better hiring decisions.


CodeSignal is one of the most advanced platforms for hiring technical developers, founded in 2015. It is best suited for companies of all sizes, allowing them to certify, test, and interview several candidates to hire the talented one.

CodeSignal Certify is the first technical assessment step that helps companies go beyond resumes and seek highly qualified candidates. It offers an advanced and real-world coding environment for candidates to showcase their skills, potential, and coding performance.


  • It provides integration with ATS solutions.
  • It ensures interoperability by connecting to external applications to complete team workflows.
  • CodeSignal is consistently available, allowing the candidates to complete their tasks reliably.
  • It comes with analytics tools to track the candidate’s performance.
  • It provides sharing options for external and internal communication, such as sharing code, files, etc.
  • There are pre-built libraries for ease of coding.
  • You can conduct pre-recorded or live interviews.
  • It comes with a decentralized interface for everyone to connect in a single place.
  • You can even access this platform from your mobile phone.
  • It has a built-in payment processing system.
  • It allows you to prioritize tasks and manage them accordingly.

CodeSignal comes with the support of more than 79 programming languages, different frameworks, and libraries. It also integrates with other popular ATS platforms to create a fantastic experience for all clients.


Qualified comes with the vision of providing a developer-friendly way to screen and hire skilled remote developers. It is the best platform to hire developers from across the world with technical expertise. The companies use coding assessments and pair programming interviews to screen and hire technical developers within no time.


  • You can integrate this platform with leading applicant tracking systems.
  • It offers a better automated recruiting process from completing an assessment, assessing their score, to reviewing candidates’ other achievements.
  • Developers can use the desired IDE to showcase their technical skills.
  • Qualified uses unit testing to validate the submitted code.
  • It provides a playback tool to review the candidate’s coding skills even after an assessment.
  • You can get a detailed developer profile specifying their specific competencies, soft skills, and working style.
  • You can leverage its standardized assessments to better understand developers’ strengths and weaknesses.

Unlike other platforms, they use unit tests and various language-specific testing platforms to analyze actual performance. You can convert any assessment into a pair-programming session and record it to get a deeper level of insight into each candidate’s skills.


CoderPad is an IDE-like environment that allows recruiters to evaluate candidates quickly. It is a technical interview platform where candidates can easily share their skills with several recruiters. This platform makes every step of the interview process effortless.

It helps recruiters screen candidates through technical assessments, evaluate them by providing independent coding projects, and interview them in a live collaborative environment.

Recruiters can customize the interview assessment to meet their team’s needs to find the right candidate with the right coding skills. Recruiters can find candidates from the different developing and technical niches. You can simply streamline and save your time with its quick screening and interviewing process.


  • Candidates will get a live and browser-based environment for writing, executing, and debugging codes in a single place.
  • You can use its drawing mode to create shapes for visualizing system designs.
  • It conducts online tests for screening the skills of various candidates in various developing fields.
  • It comes with the support of more than 30 programming languages.
  • With this platform, recruiters can interview multiple candidates hassle-free.
  • It can be easily integrated with ATS.
  • Candidates can use pre-built example questions to prepare for interviews.
  • You can customize the screening process as per your project requirement.
  • It has a simple, intuitive design that is easy to navigate, saving the time of recruiters and candidates.


DevSkiller is a fantastic alternative to HackerRank and an industry-proven platform to assess tech talents remotely. The platform is powered by RealLifeTesting methodology, allowing you to access technical skills with razor-sharp precision. It’s been in the market since 2012 and has helped more than 700 customers across the globe, across more than 90 countries.

You can leverage its automated test results for better screening and comparing several candidates’ proficiency. It eliminates unnecessary interview calls and saves your time.


  • It provides you with ready tests created by experts.
  • It provides a comfortable environment for candidates to choose the desired IDE to work on.
  • It allows recruiters to conduct remote interviews, record them, and assess them later.
  • The slice and dice reporting enables recruiters to make quick and efficient decisions while hiring a candidate.
  • This platform provides a search option that helps recruiters find candidates suitable for their job positions.
  • It allows you to customize interviews with advanced reporting and 99.95 percent SLAs.
  • Easy integration with ATS.
  • It offers more than 400 recruiting tasks and comes with the support of more than 200 technical skills.

This platform comes with TalentScore that enables recruiters to screen and interview developers hassle-free. It helps you assess and manage tech skills throughout the hiring life cycle.


TestGorilla comes with various tools to screen the candidates for more effective and faster-hiring decisions. It conducts multiple tests in an assessment for providing predictive value. TestGorilla also offers a growing test library, including a test for assessing cognitive ability, programming software, personality, and much more.

This platform provides multiple questions for conducting one-way video interviews, allowing candidates to upload their portfolios, and more.


  • This platform can be seamlessly integrated with ATS.
  • It conducts personality tests to know the candidates more closely.
  • Without a smooth screening process, we can easily rank the candidates according to their proficiency.
  • Our customized test brings the best out of each candidate.
  • Candidates will get accurate reports for test results so that HRs can make quick decisions.

With this platform, you can get real-world job performance leveraging 100+ scientifically validated tests libraries.


Coderbyte is a modern technical assessment platform created for stodgy employees at sterile organizations. It is one of the chart-topping interview platforms for screening, take-home projects, and live interviews.

This platform offers every recruiter a guided experience for selecting an assessment template, depending on the candidates’ role and skill level. They can even customize the challenges, add specific questions, and alter the assessment settings as per your requirement. In addition, recruiters can track the performance of the candidates through advanced reporting.


  • This platform offers customizable assessments for unlimited skills, from full-stack engineer to developer.
  • Coderbyte ensures no plagiarism. The assessments and the candidate’s ability to qualify among the top talents are authentic and accurate.
  • It offers a fantastic code editor with a built-in capability to search Google, providing candidates a unique assessment experience.
  • Coderbyte allows turning on candidate webcams to record their work during an assessment.
  • It is a perfect solution for migrating workflows or creating new ones from scratch.

Coderbyte offers over 300 code challenges in more than ten different languages. In addition, you can also get language-specific challenges for advanced technologies like React, SQL, and Swift.


CodeInterview enables you to conduct seamless technical interviews in a real-time shared coding environment. It offers an online code editor and compiler to solve coding problems in any supported programming language. It offers a powerful code editor with valuable add-ons like code completion, syntax highlighting, and Vim/Emacs key bindings.


  • It comes with support for more than 25 Programming Languages.
  • It offers a code editor with features like syntax highlighting, auto-complete, and Sublime/Vim/Emacs key bindings.
  • Recruiters can communicate effectively with candidates using audio and video calling.
  • You can use its replay option to back in time and analyze past interviews.
  • It allows you to save frequently asked questions as code templates and load them during the interview.
  • You can use a virtual whiteboard to demonstrate problems and solutions.

This platform bridges the gap between recruiter and candidate for solving challenging live coding programs and enables collaboration in a shared environment. Recruiters can communicate with candidates with audio or video, along with their codes.


HackerEarth is another robust alternative to HackerRank that helps recruiters understand developers’ technical expertise. It enables recruiters to create tests and evaluate the skills of the candidates. Using the test results, the recruiters can find the right fit for their team. It saves a lot of time to access several resumes by automating the process and filtering the candidates quickly.


  • You can seamlessly scale the hiring process across the globe by providing multiple recruiters at different locations and conducting interviews simultaneously.
  • Recruiters can create customized tests in a jiffy.
  • Test candidates and generate detailed reports on the same.
  • Filter the best candidates with its auto-ranking mechanism and performance-based filters.


CodeChef is a toolbox for companies and students. It offers easy-to-find study materials and lets you set up coding contests. You can explore areas like Data Structures, Algorithms, or Data Analytics. Their IDE tool helps you practice coding anytime.

With over 2 million users, students can team up and learn, while companies have many choices for hiring. Given its offerings and good feedback, many now see CodeChef on par with HackerRank.

  • Diverse Career Paths: Choose from domains such as Data Structures and Algorithms, Data Analytics, and more.
  • Practical Learning: CodeChef emphasizes topics that mirror real-world situations, allowing candidates to immerse in hands-on development and explore vast opportunities.
  • Built-in IDE: Enhance your coding skills anywhere, anytime with CodeChef’s integrated development environment.
  • A Thriving Community: With over 2 million learners, CodeChef offers candidates and organizations an edge over others. The platform encourages collaborative learning, while organizations benefit from a vast selection pool.

CodeChef is rapidly gaining ground as a solid alternative to HackerRank. The positive feedback and growing trust among users testify to this. 


If you’re a developer or looking to become one and crave engaging challenges, Leetcode is an excellent choice. It boosts your skills and connects you with the right employers.

Leetcode offers a variety of benefits:

  • Engaging Challenges: Perfect for developers who love a good brain teaser. Dive into puzzles that stretch your mind!
  • Job-Specific Paths: Choose a career path based on where you want to work. Prepare specifically for Google, Facebook, Yelp, Microsoft, and more.
  • Diverse Learning Options: From beginner to advanced, there’s a course for you. Get the guidance you need every step of the way.
  • Abundance of Problems: Never run out of coding challenges. Plus, join contests for that extra thrill! 

In short, Leetcode is a fantastic tool. If you enjoy tackling fresh coding challenges, it’s definitely worth a try.


Till now, you may have agreed that the pandemic has entirely transformed the recruitment process and made it easier than ever before. The best thing is that the online interview process has eliminated the need for candidates to visit the physical location since they can appear for an interview from their homes. 

However, having an appropriate platform for hiring remote developers is essential. HackerRank is one of the most popular platforms to conduct coding tests for developers.

But Beyond HackerRank, there’s a world of different challenges and tools. Whether you’re learning or hiring, it’s worth exploring these options. Dive in and see what fits best.

You may also be interested in recruitment software to make hiring easy.

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