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In Mobile Last updated: January 2, 2023
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Send fax on the go without using a fax machine by just using your iPhone or iPad using these best fax apps. 

In the digital age where email, WhatsApp, and cloud object storage are the popular channels for file sharing, some businesses will still require physical documents. One of the best ways to share a physical business or professional document cost-effectively is by fax.

Why would you buy and maintain a fax machine when you can use your iPhone or iPad for this purpose? That is right! With the iPhone fax apps outlined in this article, you can send a fax across the globe.

Moreover, you do not need to vet these apps personally and let your time go to waste. We have reviewed and profiled the apps along with their best features, functionalities, and usabilities below. Read on to know more!   

Why do we Need Fax Apps in 2022?


Occasional Usage of Fax

If you use fax for a few days in a month, it is good to switch to a fax app. Owning and maintenance of a fax machine will not be cost-effective.

Business Travels

As a business owner or manager, if you travel a lot to meet clients or attend marketing events, you will find fax apps highly useful. 

You can send critical contracts and business documents to your team or clients just using an iPhone, a fax service, and the fax app.

Need for Facsimiles

In some business engagements, you may require to sign a printed document and send that as a physical copy to the recipient. You can do this effortlessly using a fax app. 


Fax machines are costly devices. Further, a business may need to buy multiple fax machines for different departments or branches. Instead, faxing from a mobile phone is affordable. You just need a faxing service and a fax app, and you are good to go.   

Information Security

Fax apps are highly secure and they come with standards like HIPAA, GLBA, 256-bit encryption, and more. Hence, you must always use a fax app to send physical copies of highly sensitive business documents. 

Convenient Usage 

You can use fax from anywhere with internet connectivity. There is no need to leave your desk and wait in the queue for a fax machine. 

How to Choose the Right Fax App for iPhone


Choosing an appropriate fax app is not an easy task. Here are the insights to consider: 

  • Select the app that offers the best savings per page for faxing.
  • Go for an app that offers custom price quotes for your faxing needs.
  • If you need toll-free fax numbers for your business, you need to look for that service in the fax app before buying it.
  • Some fax apps let you assign different fax numbers for different teams, departments, or employees. Consider this feature also.
  • Look for a pricing plan that suits your business revenue operations. For example, monthly, yearly, per page, per fax, etc.
  • The fax app you are buying must come with various channels of customer service should you need any help or app troubleshooting.
  • Be a smart consumer and choose the fax app that offers a free trial period. It will enable you to evaluate all the functionalities, features, and services of the app before buying it.
  • Scrutinize the fax app pricing plan for any over usage limit and fees. Some apps may charge you heavily if you cross the usage limit.

We have considered all the above ideas and accordingly outlined some of the best iPhone fax apps in this article.       

Features to Look For in an iPhone Fax App

Seek the following functionalities and features in an app for document faxing: 

  • The user interface (UI) should be intuitive, modern, and clean. 
  • The UI should not require much technical flair to operate the app. It should be compatible with people coming from all sections of the trade.
  • Some fax apps for iPhones also come with cross-device compatibility. For example, you can use the app on iPad, Android, PC, and more. Look for such options.
  • The ideal fax app will also offer a cloud storage option where you can save all the inbound and outbound fax documents.
  • You must choose a fax app that lets you conveniently connect with a home or office print management software for printing purposes.
  • The fax app should offer integrations with business apps like Smartsheet, Zoho, Freshsales, Freshworks, and more.
  • The algorithm of the fax app should come with encryption and HIPAA standards to protect business secrets.    

Now, explore a range of fax apps below. These apps work seamlessly on iPhones and offer affordable plans to send and receive fax using a mobile phone.


Fax Plus iphone fax app

With features like reliability, compliance, and ease of use, Fax.Plus is one of the popular free fax service providers. You can use it on different platforms without having to worry about data security. This app has a modern and intuitive UI to suit the needs of the new generation of users.

Download this app on your iPhone and use its built-in scanner for document scanning. Now, add the fax number of the recipient to send that document as the fax. If you want to attach documents from your phone storage or iCloud Drive, you can do that too.

It lets you send and receive local and international faxes seamlessly. To ensure data security, it offers data encryption features (AES, SSL, TLS) to protect it in transit and at rest. Fax.Plus app and service also comply with top compliances and certifications such as GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC 2, and CCPA.

The basic plan of this app starts at $4.99, however, opting for the Business plan will cost you only $14.99 for 800 pages of fax per month.

Download: Fax.Plus on iPhone


Best Fax Apps for iPhones eFax

Are you still looking for a fax service provider for sending faxes? It is time to move on with the pace of time and switch to the eFax app. Using it means you will be able to send and receive faxes straight from your phone on the go.

You can also include your electronic signature in an online fax. Users get the option to choose between a local, international, or toll-free fax number for themselves. It also notifies you instantly when you receive a fax.

It supports PDF, JPEG, Excel, Word, PPT, TIFF, BMP, and many other file formats for sending as fax to 200+ countries. You can also upload files from Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox to use.

The Pro plan of this app costs $18.95/month for sending and receiving 200 pages separately. 

Download: eFax on iPhone


Best Fax Apps for iPhones iFax

iFax is a multi-device faxing app that you can use on iPhone, iPad, web browsers, Windows, macOS, and Android devices. It syncs all the faxing documents online so you can access all the business documents from anywhere. 

Its security feature is equivalent to enterprise-grade business data security. For example, the app protects the data in transit and at rest using 256-bit AES encryption. The encryption is end-to-end so only the sender and recipient know the data. No one can intercept the information in between. Not to mention, it comes with GLBA and HIPAA compliance as well. 

The app is available for free for five pages per month without any dedicated fax number. It is suitable for personal use. But for business, you can go for $25.00 /month with annual billing for all the features like Fax-to-Text OCR, Dropbox, fax by email, Zapier integration, and more.  

Download: iFax on iPhone


Municorn fax app for iphone

Now, you do not need any heavy fax machine in your office to send and receive faxes. Use Municorn to send and receive faxes from the iPhone. Its advanced features for document scanning and image processing make this app one of a kind.

You can send faxes from 90+ countries with the highest possible quality of documents. Also, one can preview documents before faxing and add multiple documents in one fax. As this app provides you with a dedicated number to receive faxes, you can be anywhere in the world to receive faxes. 

Though this app is available for free on the App Store, you need to make in-app purchases for unlimited faxes. At $5.99, you can get unlimited fax service for one week.

Download: Municorn on iPhone


Best Fax Apps for iPhones faxfile

FaxFile is an ideal option for local and international faxing if you prefer pay-per-fax or pay-as-you-go plans. Also, this should be your app of choice if you prefer data privacy. You do not need to set up an account or subscribe to plans by sharing credit card details. 

Just install the app, choose a file for faxing, buy credits, and send the fax. It is that easy! A few notable features are: 

  • Send a fax to toll-free numbers.
  • Send many fax documents to many receivers in one go.
  • Hosted in the USA.
  • You can send PDF, Word, JPG, PNG, etc., as a fax document.
  • You can also capture images from physical documents or applications and send those by fax.

It has a credit-based usage system. You can buy credits between 50 to 600 for $2.99 to $19.99 respectively. Then, check the credit requirement for the fax destination and use credits to send the fax.     

Download: FaxFile on iPhone


fax burner fax app for iphone

Using FaxBurner, you can start sending faxes in 30 seconds. This ad-free iPhone fax app allows you to send faxes from your email.

Other top features of this app include adding digital signatures to fax, archiving faxes, and making multi-page faxes from photos. Its clean interface makes it easy for you to navigate and work with complete efficiency.

The Free plan of the FaxBurner app will provide you with a disposable fax number and 25 pages inbound/month. However, you can get the Professional plan at $12.95/month for a permanent fax number.

Download: FaxBurner on iPhone

Tiny Fax

Tiny Fax iphone fax app

If you have Tiny Fax on your iPhone or iPad, you can forget fax machines or fax shops. You just need to buy fax credits or subscribe to an unlimited fax plan to send a fax across the globe. You also need to pay a nominal fee to receive fax on your iPhone and print using a printer if you want to completely ditch year-old fax machines.

Its notable fax features are as below: 

  • Fax a batch of pages or a single page following straight forwards steps
  • Its faxing service covers more than 50 countries
  • App and email notifications for incoming and outgoing fax
  • Free fax covers
  • Save sent and received fax documents to iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and more.

Its pricing policy includes three plans: fax credits, unlimited fax, and receive fax. Payment plans start from $2.99 and could go up to $79.99. All these are in-app purchases.  

Download: Tiny Fax on iPhone


myfax for iphone

Do you know you can convert your iPhone into a business fax machine? That’s right. Use MyFax app and start sending and receiving faxes from your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

It allows you to enjoy all the features of business faxing that a sophisticated fax machine might have offered you. With this app, users can attach 150+ types of files to their faxes. The file types include Word, PDF, and Excel spreadsheets. 

Moreover, a single fax supports up to 10 files for attachment. Hence, you do not have to send more than one fax if you need to send someone multiple files. There is no need to scan a document for sending it as a fax either. You can take a picture of a document and attach it to a fax.

When you use the MyFax app, you do not have to worry about the privacy and security of receiving confidential and sensitive faxes through a public fax machine. Since you get these faxes in your email inbox, no one else has access to them.

You can choose from any of its subscription plans. For personal use, you can go for the Home plan that costs $10.00/month to send and receive 100 pages of fax individually.

Download: MyFax on iPhone

Wrapping Up

You can use the above-mentioned fax apps for your compatible iOS devices. These are the best fax apps of the most trending on the Apple Store. Give some of these a try and choose the one that suits your requirements.

You may also be interested in these online fax services for the best performance, convenience, and savings.

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