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Are you a fan of strategy games? Then you must check out these best Gacha games that are worth playing.

A game style is available to fit everyone and keep them occupied for hours through cellphones, gaming consoles, and computer gaming. One sort of game, the gacha game, which used to have a smaller, more devoted fanbase, is growing in popularity due to mobile gaming.

What are Gacha Games all about? 

Gacha games are video games that entice players to use in-game money to purchase in-game things as they advance by pulling, spinning, or rolling. They are a well-liked subgenre of mobile games that deliver random virtual things using a “gacha” or capsule toy vending machine function.

Players frequently try to accumulate strong or rare things to advance in games. Gacha games often rely on social and commercial elements to entice players to keep playing and spending money.

These video games are centered on Japanese “Gashapon” systems, which are akin to Kinder Surprise Toys in that they are toy vending machines. A mobile game must have a gacha or capsule toy dispensing machine mechanic that delivers random virtual objects to be considered a gacha game.

How does a Gacha Game work & what in-game incentives are provided?

You cannot predict the item you’ll obtain when you insert a token into the vending machine. Opening the packaging and discovering what’s inside is a big draw. Gacha video games function similarly.

You must pay money to gather goods, cards, and characters or unlock boxes or packs. They frequently come from well-known manga or anime series. Then you employ them to combat other players and finish tasks. There are frequent additions to these cards and characters, including star ratings or levels.

Gacha games use in-game rewards to entice players to participate and spend cash on various randomly generated virtual goods. These incentives may include time-limited activities, unique benefits for frequent spenders or devoted gamers, in-game currency rewards for investing more in virtual money, and access to new characters or material.

Players experience thrill and suspense as they seek to win unique and valuable products, thanks to the gacha system’s random element, which encourages additional participation and spending.

Gacha games are one of the categories with the quickest growth. So, let us get to explore some of the best Gacha games.

Another Eden

A free-to-play mobile position game with gacha features called Another Eden was created by Wright Flyer Studios and released by GREE, Inc. The plot of the play centers on a young warrior named Aldo who has to travel through various eras to protect humanity from annihilation. 

A gacha system in the game allows players to summon additional characters, weapons, and accessories. These figures, known as Chrono Stones, have unique skills that can be improved as players go through the game’s narrative. The gacha system is accessible with in-game money or by paying real money to buy premium currency.

Turn-based combat in Another Eden requires players to carefully plan out their characters’ moves to overcome adversaries. In addition, there are tasks to perform and puzzles to solve and explore. 

Platforms: Android & iOS 

Pokemon Masters EX

DeNA created and released Pokémon Masters EX, a free-to-play mobile gacha game. To compete in 3-on-3 bouts against other trainers, players don the hat of a famous Pokémon trainer from the primary series of games.

Real-time battles are a part of the game. To win, players have to pick the actions for their Sync Pairs and coordinate attacks with them.

Together with cooperative play with other players, the game also features exploration, missions, and events to complete. As players advance through the game’s narrative, these Sync Pairs can evolve and level up, each with unique skills.

You can use in-game cash or real money to buy premium currency to access the gacha system. Gather coaches and Pokémon to engage in combat. Build your team, and go for the win!

Platforms: Android & iOS


Yostar designed the gacha game Arknights, which blends RPG and tower defense action. Players assume the role of an important figure at the pharmaceutical corporation Rhodes Island, which battles a dangerous sickness and the turmoil it causes.

The game has a unique gacha mechanism where players can buy new operatives and equipment with real money or in-game cash. If a player possesses lousy luck in prior draws, a sympathy system ensures they will eventually receive a rare item.

Thanks to the Auto Deploy mechanism, your hands can also conveniently be freed up. The game frequently introduces new operators, tournaments, and types to keep the gameplay exciting and engaging. 

Platforms: Android & iOS 

Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast

Players of the video game Alchemy Star: Aurora Blast must assemble a group of alchemists to battle the ancient types of machinery that have taken control of the Earth. 

Users can create a team of up to six individuals to take on objectives and engage in player versus player (PVP) combat by collecting avatars known as Guardians through gacha mechanisms. The game has a grid-based mobility system and turn-based combat. 

Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast provides players with a deep story mode, enabling possibilities, a range of in-game challenges and events, and gameplay to keep players interested.

Also, the game has captivating anime-style visuals and engaging music. With world-class voiceovers and unique characters, immerse yourself in and experience the game entirely differently. 

Platforms: Android & iOS

Azur Lane

In the setting of the video game Azur Lane, humanoid battleships known as shipgirls engage in conflict with one another. Gamers assemble and control fleets of shipgirls and take them into battle, each with her own unique skills and personality.

The gameplay of Azur Lane entails performing missions, leveling up shipgirls, and acquiring new ships using the gacha system. PvP combat, cooperative play, and events that reveal new shipgirls and story material are also included in the game.

The game’s anime-inspired aesthetics and character designs, compelling gameplay, and regular updates have contributed to its global success as a mobile game. The game has also produced a popular anime adaptation and retail line.

Platforms: Android & iOS

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

EA launched the mobile gacha game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Players can assemble teams of the series’ heroes and villains in the game, including places and characters from the Star Wars saga.

In Galaxy of Heroes, users can buy packs containing arbitrary character fragments or equipment to unlock new characters and enhancements. Microtransactions are also available in the game to advance more quickly or unlock exclusive stuff.

Turn-based combat between players or AI-controlled foes is a feature of the gameplay. Players combine tactical team building with equipment improvements and skill upgrades to beat their competitors. Raids, PvP fights, and special events related to introducing new Star Wars content are just a few of the game’s many modes and events.

Platform: Android & iOS

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is a mobile gacha game based in the same universe as the Ni No Kuni video game series with a brand-new plot and cast of characters. Players take on a beta tester position to level up and progress the story. They must fight monsters, navigate dungeons, and accomplish tasks.

Swordsmen, illusionists, and gunners are only a few of the playable classes in the game’s real-time combat, including others. Moreover, familiars, which are creatures that the player character can summon in the battle to serve alongside them, can be captured and trained by players.

It allows users to buy random rewards like new characters, familiars, and items with in-game currency or real money. The game is available for free, but in-app purchases are optional.

Platform: Android & iOS

Guardian Tales

Kakao Games created the mobile gacha game Guardian Tales. In the game’s plot, a little girl embarks on an expedition to defend the planet from an evil power. The girl encounters and enlists a variety of guardians along the road, each with their unique skills and personality.

Playing the game is an action-packed experience with real-time fighting and a range of puzzles to solve. Gamers can travel to many worlds, each with unique terrain and monsters, and gather loot and gear to bolster their guardians.

The multiplayer game Guardian Tales also features a gacha system where users can pay real money or in-game currency to buy random rewards such as new guardians, weapons, and other helpful goods.

Platforms: Android & iOS

An RPG and city-building battle simulator is Cookie Run: Kingdom. The critical game mechanics are building the game’s cookie kingdom and gathering cookies to use in the game’s gacha to engage in battles in various game types.

The gameplay is split into two parts: creating and managing a player’s cookie kingdom and using a cookie team to engage in turn-based combat with an enemy. Also, the game has a gacha system where gamers can use real money or in-game currency to draw for fresh cookies and other incentives.

Players can get incentives for collecting sets of particular cookies where some cookies are uncommon. Fans of gacha and cookie-themed games will like Cookie Run: Kingdom’s appealing aesthetics, original idea, and also entertaining and addictive gameplay.

Platforms: Android & iOS

Fire Emblem Heroes

Figures from the Fire Emblem series appear in the tactical role-playing game – Fire Emblem Heroes. The game’s turn-based battles are where players’ main gameplay takes place. Players must form a team of four heroes to destroy opposing forces and move them carefully across a grid-based battlefield.

With maps that fit in the grip of your hand, participate in tactical turn-based combat designed for on-the-go play! While you fight, you’ll need to carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks of each hero’s weapon and assess the map.

With simple touch-and-drag controls, you can command your army and launch an attack by swiping an ally over an adversary.

With the use of in-game currency and the gacha system, which introduces a random aspect to the game and allows for acquiring rare and potent units, players can select new heroes.

It is also one of the top-grossing mobile games because of its entertaining gameplay, endearing characters, and addictive gacha features.

Platforms: Android & iOS

Punishing: Gray Raven

Punishing: Gray Raven is a sci-fi adventure role-playing game. Players control a team of cyborgs in a bleak future where they must battle an army of rogue machines called the Gray Raven.

Players can use combinations and avoid attacks to defeat foes in the game’s real-time, skill-based fighting system. Also, the game has a gacha system that lets players call fresh cyborgs to join their team.

The game offers several modes besides the primary plot, such as daily missions, co-op combat, and PvP conflicts. The game’s visuals are stunning, with intricately designed characters and fluid motions.

Despite being free to download and play, the game offers in-app purchases. It gives users particular currency to buy additional characters and enhancements.

Platforms: Android & iOS

AFK Arena

There are many different heroes in the AFK Arena gacha game, each with special skills, advantages, and disadvantages. Heroes can be acquired by players through in-game challenges or gacha pulls. 

The gameplay focuses on tactical warfare in which players employ their heroes to defeat adversaries in turn-based combat. Via several in-game tools, players can additionally enhance and modify their heroes. 

The social component of AFK Arena allows players to join guilds and participate in various activities and challenges alongside other players. With a focus on development, even while the user is offline, the game is made to be played in brief stints.

Platforms: Android & iOS


Counterside is a strategic edge RPG in terms of gameplay. A force of up to eight units can be assembled by players and placed on the battlefield. Once deployed, they will automatically engage foes as they try to do the same as they move across the screen.

The game has spectacular 3D graphics, an engrossing narrative, and a large cast of characters to be collected and customized. Players can purchase new agents and things using the gacha system with real money or in-game currency.

Counterside is a well-liked option among mobile players because of accolades for its refined gameplay, aesthetics, and material richness. The game is available for free, but in-app purchases are optional.

Platforms: Android & iOS

Alice Fiction: Puzzle RPG

The setting of the Alice Fiction: Puzzle RPG game is in the Metaverse, where players assume Alice’s persona and restore the country to rights. By matching colored gems, players must solve challenging puzzles that allow Alice to use a variety of abilities and skills to fend off monsters and advance the game’s plot. 

With the game’s gacha system, gamers can collect and call forth a wide range of individuals to join Alice’s team. The game provides several other modes besides the primary story campaign, such as PvP combat, coordinated raids, and time-limited activities.

Lovers of puzzle RPGs and gacha games should enjoy Alice Fiction since it has gorgeous graphics, an engrossing plot, and addicting gameplay. Immerse yourself completely into the game and enjoy playing it. 

Platforms: Android & iOS

Tower of Fantasy

The Tower of Fantasy gacha game offers a sizable, immersive world with gorgeous graphics and a complex plot. Players must explore the tower to advance to higher levels and fend off formidable enemies. 

Players can also acquire new and potent characters, weapons, and other items through the game’s gacha feature to help them in their quest. Each character has particular skills that can be improved to make them even more powerful.

Discover your path through a dynamic, living universe as you explore and engage with it. Battle against foes of all sizes and kinds in epic battles while quickly switching between different gameplay stances and weapons to develop your unique fighting style.

With a complex and vast environment to explore, challenging gameplay, and a wide variety of characters and items to gather, Tower of Fantasy is another enjoyable gacha game.

Platforms: Android & iOS


Finding and playing the best gacha games for fans can be a rewarding and fun experience. When choosing a game, it’s crucial to consider elements like gameplay, visuals, and in-app purchases. Ultimately, the gacha game that makes you happy and keeps you interested for a long time is the best one.

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