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Planning a vacation but not sure where to begin? 🤔

No worries! Vacation plans are universally overwhelming. Of course, you need to take care of so many things. Just one thing slips your mind, and the plan dramatically falls apart.

But not anymore. Planning a vacation has become easier with itinerary templates. 

Read on to know the benefits of itinerary templates and the best itinerary templates available in the market today.

However, the first question on the table is.

Is Vacation Planning Really Stressful?

While vacations are the only way out of your monotonous life, planning one becomes stressful. And there are reasons behind it.

Planning an outing or trip involves organizing several things till execution. From hotel bookings to budget strains, the challenges can be overwhelming.

One of the primary stressors in vacation planning is budget. Setting a budget and sticking to it can be difficult, especially when unexpected expenses arise. However, having a transparent financial plan can help prevent overspending. 

Another road runner is time. ⏳

Picture this:

You went for a vacation but spent half the time traveling and the rest half working remotely. Can you feel the vacation vibes here?

Planning a vacation involves – coordinating schedules, taking leaves from work, and aligning travel dates. And at times, planning all these can be stressful.

Lastly, researching the destination trip is crucial. You see, the world is full of exciting places to explore. However, the infinite options leave travelers feeling unsure about their destination.

Brownie points to the efforts put into finding quality accommodation and activities that align with personal preferences.

To tackle this, most travelers go with online travel agencies. But again, their pricing confuses travelers whether to choose a package and get bound to it or go by themselves.

Our Point is: while vacation planning can be stressful, the key is to stay organized. 💯

How To Do Stress-Free Vacation Planning?

There Are two methods to do stress-free vacation planning. 

The first method involves:

  • Researching the destination
  • Creating a budget
  • Preparing packing list
  • Booking accommodation and necessary reservations

The second method involves using itinerary templates for smart-trip planning. 

For those unaware, itinerary templates aid in planning activities, travel, and lodging. You can alter the templates to suit your preferences and requirements. 

Below mentioned are a few itinerary templates for savvy travelers to plan their next big trip.


Canva’s itinerary planner template simplifies the process of creating a thorough trip plan. 

To use them, you can simply sign up for a free Canva account. Once in, you can choose from a library of templates ready to be customized according to your preference.

Canva also offers advanced filtering options for format, style, theme, and color. Choose the right combination of filters to get the exact templates without searching them for hours. 

Generally, the design of the templates includes predefined sections for dates, events, locations, and travel-related photos. Brownie points to the dynamic interface that allows smooth editing access.

Once your itinerary is complete, you can download it in various formats such as pdf, image files, etc. Hence, digital sharing or printing is never a headache.

Adobe Express

For all the globetrotters, the Adobe Express itinerary maker is a game changer. It empowers travelers to organize their travel plans into visually attractive and organized documents. 

Besides, these templates are super user-friendly. They offer simplified frameworks to enter and edit travel details like flights, activities, accommodations, and more pretty effortlessly.


Users with access to Adobe’s inventory of designed tools can embellish their itinerary with breathtaking images, personalized graphics, and branding components. 

Adobe itinerary maker is free to use– you’d get thousands of templates and design assets, basic editing and photo effects, over 2,000 unique Adobe fonts, and much more.


Whether you’re on a business trip, vacation, or working remotely from the mountains– Smartsheet offers itinerary templates for every travel-related purpose. 

It has a well-categorized library of templates catering to various needs, such as meeting schedules, traveling checklists, etc. You can even get templates to schedule multi-day conferences, workshops, fundraisers, or other events.

Once done with the planning, you can download the templates in Excel, Word, or PDF formats. 

Again, this all-in-one tracker will benefit you with well-organized plans that cover activities, lodgings, and additional components. Coordinating trips with these shared itineraries saves time as well.


Jotform’s itinerary templates are an invaluable resource if you’re planning an outing. Its dynamic interface makes creating simple itineraries for different travel agendas effortless.

The platform assists vacation planning with over 20+ pre-built itinerary templates created in 30+ languages.

Moreover, users can use its drag-and-drop PDF Editor to reorganize template layouts. They can also include additional activity fields to plan every moment.  

Furthermore, the templates are well-structured, letting users easily input essential travel details such as time, date, location, and contact information. 

The collaboration and real-time update feature can enhance efficiency, making it easy for a group of travelers to make. To experience a professional-grade detailed itinerary, Jotform templates are always the best choice for wanderers.


With GooDocs, you get ten and thousands of itinerary templates for free. It has an amazing collection of free Itinerary templates in Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

The platform has an amazing collection of pre-made templates for various itineraries – be it birthdays, business, travel, or trips. You can create and customize a detailed itinerary effortlessly. 

Apart from this, GooDocs is also a marketplace. It allows you to upload and share your creation with its million-member community and earn money by selling it.


Visme is your one-stop-shop for creating Presentations, Documents, Data Visualizations, Videos, and other branded content.

If you’re a travel agency, you can create attractive itineraries, apply your company’s branding and logo, and share them with your customers.

With the smart drag-and-drop interface, users can create customized itineraries. Moreover, Visme allows users to comment and collaborate in real-time when editing templates. 

Visme itinerary templates may smoothly meet everything your trip needs, regardless of whether you are an organized or spontaneous traveler.

The platform has over 9Mn+ users in over 131 countries. Try the free version of Visme itinerary templates and enjoy unforgettable journeys.


ClickUp offers variegated itinerary templates for vacations, business trips, and other purposes. 

Its itinerary templates are popular among travelers because they’re – approachable, readable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Users can easily notate travel locations, dates, activities, and other details using ClickUp’s automatic interface.

Moreover, each template has custom tag features to categorize itineraries effectively. ClickUp also provides organized Excel formats, offering an alternative for users who prefer a more structured approach.

For coherent collaboration, ClickUp Integrates with Google Docs and Microsoft as well. Users can browse and work on itineraries in a relaxing environment. 

Again, it fosters efficient teamwork and communication among fellow travelers. The best part is that users may use a free trial to benefit from these practical and distinctive templates.


Spreadsheetpoint is a relevant traveling companion to address your vacation planning concerns.

The uncomplicated Google Doc interface allows users to create a traveling itinerary according to their needs. It offers itinerary templates in three categories – Travel, Business, and Event. 

The templates are easy to use with simple inputs of your traveling information. Furthermore, you can edit the columns to add more list choices. Downloading the templates to use in Google Docs or offline is even easier. 

Besides, you can get free printable access so that it becomes handy while traveling. Step up your journey planner with Spreadsheetpoint itinerary templates and enjoy a memorable vacation or trip. offers remarkable itinerary templates serving as a guidebook to globetrotters. It offers templates in various categories like vacations, business trips, and one-day journeys. 

You can access the readymade templates and customize them hassle-free. Moreover, you can personalize the templates in Google Docs, Adobe, Microsoft, and other formats for inserting your traveling information. 

To stay organized, you can download or print the templates as well. The platform has over 10,000k+ global users. offers a trial version for users to explore its features. Best of all, you get access to the world’s largest template library and tools at just $2/month.


Freepik itinerary templates are designed to cater to various travel styles and preferences. With aesthetic designs and functional interfaces, these templates simplify comprehensive travel planning and help organize trips or vacations hassle-free.

The platform offers a vast array of templates for business trips and vacations. Additionally, you can use the advanced filtering options for itinerary templates with – asset type, colors, orientation, styles, and license type. 

Not to forget, Freepik’s customization options allow users to add personal touches and necessary information to the templates. The template’s vector format ensures high-quality output for both digital and print use. 


Evernote is note-taking software designed to put your most relevant information front and center in a simple, organized view. Its amazing collection of itinerary templates helps you strategize your travel smoothly without any complications. 

You can keep track of every aspect of your trip. Be it packing lists or last-minute plan changes, Evernote itinerary templates have covered you.

Besides, you can reuse these itinerary templates for upcoming journeys and easily share your plans. And it’s really easy to get started – join free and create every trip plan stress-free.


Improve your trip planning with the malleable Spreadsheet itinerary template. The template is perfect for scheduling dates, events, and other travel-related activities.

Additionally, it runs in an Excel format. So you can easily input everything related to your journey using simple drag-and-drop. It helps to organize small details during a trip.

To our surprise, this template integrates with a calendar option for efficient coordination. 

Spreadsheet itinerary templates are printable for adding convenience to your journey. You can use this valuable tool and save your time without any need for signing up. 

Wrapping Up

Vacations are for leisure, and it’s best to keep it that way. The resources mentioned above can immensely help you plan unforgettable trips.

Think about it: a trip with no budget strains, last-minute tantrums, and timely execution. Sounds dreamy, isn’t it?

Hop on to these itinerary templates to plan your next big trip without pulling your hair.

You may also explore some AI travel planners to generate personalized travel itineraries.

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