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12 Best Life Simulation Games for Immersive and Engaging Experiences

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Want to experience more lives while living your regular life? Try out these life simulation games for an enhanced experience.

If you are tired of your daily routine and want to experience a better life, then Life Simulation games are the best rescue for you. Once, my friend said that a gamer could live a thousand lives in one life through games, and these words changed my perspective towards games.

Life Simulation games bring vast and plentiful options, but every game can’t be your cup of tea. In addition to endless simulation games and new additions popping up regularly, choosing the best game for you can get challenging. Here are some of the best Life-Simulation games that offer an immersive and engaging experience. 

What are Life Simulation Games?


Life Simulation games are the ones that take you to a virtual world where you have to maintain and grow as per the game’s storylines. These games give players the power to control the lives of several people and creatures in the game.

The player’s decision influences most Life Simulation games’ storylines. Hence, these games aren’t limited to only hitting the spacebar or other keys. Instead, the player should have a strong presence of mind and make vital decisions. Life Simulation games are the best way to live another virtual life from a bed or a comfortable place.  

Benefits of Playing Life Simulation Games

Games are widely taken in a negative context. However, video games can also be an exciting and entertaining alternative to learning. Life Simulation games help the player grow emotionally and develop better skills.

Life Simulation games are based on real-life situations recreated using simulation technology. These games help the player learn new skills or perform various tasks in the virtual world. In addition to this, these games aren’t limited to only one typical storyline. Therefore, you can choose games as per your preference. Whether you want to improve your memory or your concentration, Life Simulation games can help you all.

So, let us jump directly to the list of the best life simulation games.

Stardew Valley 

YouTube video

Stardew Valley is an open-world simulation role-playing video game. It’s based on country life and the adventures which come with it. This game is entirely based on farming and everyday life routines, which fellow citizens inspire. It’s set in a mysterious rural town called ‘Pelican town’ where you start your journey as a resident and inherit your grandpa’s old farming plot.

Preview Product Rating Price
Stardew Valley (Nintendo Switch) Stardew Valley (Nintendo Switch) $37.99

This game’s story revolves around farming, but other tasks such as foraging, mining, fishing, and socializing with various town inhabitants are also a part of it. This game includes tons of side quests and events that reward the player with each completion.

Stardew Valley is a game many love for its relaxing experience, unique, calm, soothing soundtracks, and old-school pixelated graphics. The diversity of characters is astonishing, and if you love spending hours customizing your character, this is the game specially built for you!

Release – Feb 2016

Publisher/Developer – ConcernedApe

Platforms – PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One

Sims 4

YouTube video

Suppose you’re a diehard fan of simulation video games. In that case, you must have heard about the ‘Sims’ game series, which revolutionized the idea of simulation games and took it to another level. This is the 4th installment in the Sims series.

Preview Product Rating Price
The Sims 4 - PlayStation 4 The Sims 4 – PlayStation 4 $19.95

In Sims 4, you have to create a unique virtual character of your own and control it throughout the game, also called “Sims.” Players must manage their lives, relationships, and careers to enjoy this masterpiece. This game provides a wide variety of customization options for their Sim’s appearance, personality, behavior, home, and neighborhoods.

This game features a wide variety of gameplay modes, including “Live Mode,” where players control their real-time Sims and “Build mode,” where players have access to build their own homes, and “Create a Sim” mode, where players can create their new Sims from scratch.

The game includes a vast range of packages, such as expansion and stuff packs, to add new features to your gameplay.

Release – September 2014

Publisher/Developer – Maxis, The Sims Studio

Platforms – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

Two Point Hospital

YouTube video

Ever wanted to know what happens inside the hospital on a professional level? Here’s the game of your dreams! Two Point Hospital is a simulation game where players are put in charge of building and managing hospitals of their own to cure various weird diseases, which will surely drive you nuts! This game includes various hospitals, each one with its tasks.

Preview Product Rating Price
Two Point Hospital - Nintendo Switch Two Point Hospital – Nintendo Switch $27.50

Players must manage the hospital staff, facilities, and finances to maintain the smoothness of the game.

Tasks such as hiring people for the staff, training them, researching new technologies and discovering new treatments, and upgrading the hospital for the satisfaction of the patients as well as for the overall optimization of the game are a few perks worth mentioning. This game features a range of crazy characters with crazy problems, with various references to popular cultures and classic hospital dramas.

Overall, it’s an immersive and fun simulation game with a lot to offer—from unique sarcasm to strategy-driven gameplay. The cartoonish graphics and a light-hearted, relaxed approach make it suitable for all age groups.

Release – August 2018

Publisher/Developer – Two Point Studios

Platforms – Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC 

Animal Crossing

YouTube video

Animal Crossing is a well-known fictional life-simulation game developed and published by Nintendo. It was released for the first time in 2001, followed by many sequels.

In this game, the players have to shift into a town full of anthropometric animals (for those who don’t know what that term means, it refers to animals having human attributes and characters, including behavior) and live a life peacefully as an inhabitant. 

The town can be explored by the players, during which they can interact with animals as well and participate in various activities such as hunting fossils, fishing, etc. This is a real-time operated video game with different activities and events throughout the day, month, and year based on the player’s specific location.

This game is known for the relaxation and calmness it brings, along with the charming and lovely visuals, which are second to none. Players have access to visit other players’ towns, locally/online.

Release – April 2001

Publishers/Developers – Nintendo, Nintendo of America Inc.

Platforms – Nintendo Switch

My Time at Portia

YouTube video

My Time At Portia is a simulation-driven, role-playing game whose whole story revolves around the town called “Portia.” The story starts as you end up being in Portia as a newcomer and discovering the post-apocalyptic world in which this town is settled. 

Preview Product Rating Price
My Time at Portia - PlayStation 4 My Time at Portia – PlayStation 4 $42.00

Where humanity has rebuilt its civilization after an unfortunate catastrophic event, as a primary character, you inherited your father’s workshop. It must be used for crafting, building, and upgrading various items such as machines, tools, and weapons. 

A wide variety of materials and resources that can be gathered by players, including metals, rocks, stones, leather, and fur, are featured in this game. Various NPCs can be interacted with while progressing in this game, and many of them offer quests that unlock the town’s backstory and the player’s past in small bits with the completion of each.

You can build romantic relationships along the story, eventually transforming into marriage with one of many NPCs. 

With stunning graphics and addictive and immersive gameplay, this game offers a variety of activities—from mining and farming to the exploration of the world to thrilling combat! Players can experiment by combining accessories to craft a unique item.

Release – January 2019 

Publishers/Developers – Pathea, Team17

Platforms Nintendo Switch, Android, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Coral Island

YouTube video

Have you ever wondered how it’s to live on an Island? If yes, then this game will fulfill all your desires. Coral Island is a farming and life simulation video game on a Tropical island. Like most games, this game’s story revolves around a run-down ranch on a beautiful island. This game aims to restore the farm to its former condition and build a thriving society on an island!

Players can grow crops, tame and raise animals, and also engage in other activities, such as fishing, to gain money and improve the condition of their farm. It’s a game that revolves around environmentalism and sustainability.

Players must protect their island’s natural resources and have access to engage in activities such as recycling and using renewable sources.

Players can interact with people around the island, and engagement in romantic relationships can also be done with other residents. This game features a diversity of characters with unique personalities and stories.

Release – October 2022

Publishers/Developers – Stairway Games, Humble Bundle


The Guild 3

YouTube video

Dive back into the medieval ages and see how well you could have done in those times! Guild 3 is a strategy-based game set in Europe during the late middle ages. Players must build their dynasty by navigating a complex economic and political system in this game. 

Players can play by choosing one of several professions, including merchants, politicians, artisans, etc. Players can also use each profession as an attribute and perk to succeed in this game.

On top of that, players must also manage resources, including wealth, food, and materials, to run their businesses and gain influence and power in society. Engagement in diplomacy is possible while also forming alliances with other players. This game has a dynamic world populated by AI characters with agendas.

Release – June 2022

Publishers/Developers – GolemLabs


Dreamlight Valley

YouTube video

People love this game for its colorful characters and vibrant world, filled with secret hidden treasures. Dreamlight Valley is another farming-based simulation game. Players might have to deal with natural disasters like earthquakes, storms, and floods and manage their finances and resources to grow their farms

As players progress in this game, they can unlock new areas of the valley and expand their farm with additional decorations and buildings. They can also trade with other players and participate in tons of activities and side quests to earn extra rewards.

This wisely built masterpiece is complemented by charming and vibrant visuals and a relaxing background, which is the cherry on the cake.

Release – September 2022

Publishers/Developers – Gameloft

Platforms – Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Game Dev Story


Game Dev Story is a simulation game in which players run their own video game development company, creating, developing, and releasing video games, managing their team, and running their business smoothly.

Players must research new techs and build their video games by selecting desired platforms and genres. You can also hire staff members with different skill sets. This can ensure better productivity and help the company’s progress. Players can also participate in various events and receive extra rewards for every achievement they make. 

What makes this game unique is its retro-styled pixelated graphics and the unique design and easygoing tone, making it suitable for all age groups. So, if you want to become a game developer but don’t have enough budget to start, you can fulfill your fantasies here till you start doing it in real life.

Release – 1997 (initially) 

Publishers/Developers – Kairosoft

Platforms – Nintendo Switch, Android, PlayStation 4, and Steam

My Time at Sandrock

YouTube video

This is the legendary sequel of a fantastic game. My Time at Sandrock is the sequel to the 2022 life-simulation hit, My Time at Portia. The story starts in the town of Sandrock, which players enter as a newcomer, a rugged frontier town in a post-apocalypse era. 

The player must build and maintain relationships with locals and manage their farm, exploring the wilderness and uncovering the town’s mysteries. This game features the day-night cycle and offers a lot of activities for the player to participate in, including gathering resources and crafting goods.

As the player progresses, they unlock new skills, upgrade their equipment, and gain access to expand their farm. Overall, My Time at Sandrock has engaging and deep gameplay with soothing soundtracks to unleash the gaming experience.

Release – May 2022

Publishers/Developers – Pathea

Platforms – Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Steam

Potion Permit

YouTube video

Ever wondered how people used to treat their illnesses long before doctors were sitting in clinics waiting for their patients to arrive? Get your answer in this life simulation game, Potion Permit. The story starts in “Moonbury” town, which rejects all modern norms and prefers traditional methods for healing/curing diseases.

Preview Product Rating Price
Potion Permit Potion Permit $34.03

In this game, players are playing as small-town chemists who heals town folks of their illnesses and ailments. This game includes caring for sick inhabitants, diagnosing the symptoms of an ailment, and finding its specific cure. 

In this entire process, the player must also gather ingredients out of the world, encounter monsters sometimes, and gain materials from them for the future. The calming soundtracks and vibrant pixelated graphics make the game interesting.

Release – September 2022

Publisher/Developer – MassHive Media, PQube

Platforms – Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

The Good Life

YouTube video

The Good Life is an adventure game featuring puzzle-solving, exploration, and mechanics around photography. The story starts in the fictional town of Rainy Woods in rural England. The player takes the role of Naomi, a photographer who has left her home and moved to town to pay her debts off.

This game consists of many unique mechanics, including the “Happiness” feature, which requires the player to maintain their happiness bar by partaking in various events, socializing with inhabitants, capturing pictures of exciting events, objects, etc. 

If one fails to maintain happiness levels, the game becomes much more challenging, leading to complex and unfavorable gameplay. Overall, it is an immersive and charismatic game that is a blend of 3D graphics with hand-drawn visuals and a quirky Indie soundtrack.

Release – October 2021

Publishers/Developers – White Owls, Playism

Platforms – Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam

Bottom line

The evolution of technology has made several dreams come true. You can experience your dream life through VR games. But they aren’t able to match the level of life simulation games.

Through the above list, you would have noticed that the genre Life Simulation has plentiful options to serve you. You can experience thousands of lives, make decisions, control the character, and enjoy the game while relaxing in your personal space. You simply have to try some from the above list.

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