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In Crypto Last updated: June 26, 2023
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Integrating On-Off ramps allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without leaving your app.

The cryptocurrency market cap is valued at over $1 trillion and is expected to grow in the coming years. For this reason, if you have an app or website, integrating it with crypto ramps is essential.

Crypto ramp services are essential to transact between fiat and cryptocurrencies. As a result, it is important to use ramps to add more users to your platform.

On-ramp and off-ramp might sound like some complex technical terms, but it’s much simpler than you think.

First, let’s dive into crypto ramps. Stay along!

What is a Crypto Ramp?

Crypto ramp consists of a platform that allows you to exchange between fiat money and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, this exchange feature enables users to buy or sell cryptocurrencies using their local currency.


Based on the functionality, crypto ramps are divided into two types:

#1. Crypto On-Ramps

Crypto on-ramps provide services allowing users to convert their fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies. Here users don’t need to depend on any crypto exchanges to buy their favorite cryptos.  

For example, users can use on-ramps to buy Bitcoin(BTC) in exchange for their US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), or any other supported fiat currencies. Moreover, they’ll receive the cryptocurrencies based on the live market prices.

Besides, the purchased cryptocurrencies will be transferred directly to their preferred crypto wallet. They only need to provide the correct wallet address before the transfer confirmation.

Crypto on-ramps are often integrated with exchanges, wallets, and DApps for the user’s convenience. In addition, most such apps or platforms support bank cards and wire transfers.

#2. Crypto Off-Ramps

Crypto off-ramps do the exact opposite function compared to on-ramps. As a result, off-ramps allow your users to convert their available cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies using apps or websites.

Suppose a user wants to cash out crypto assets in exchange for their local currency. In this case, crypto off-ramps simplify the process in less time.

Like crypto on-ramps, users can connect the off-ramps with numerous DApps, wallets, and exchanges. Moreover, most of these crypto ramps support popular fiat currencies.

How to Integrate a Crypto Ramp on Your App?

You can follow these simple steps to integrate the crypto ramp:

  1. Choose a Crypto Ramp: The first step is to find and choose a ramp that suits the purpose of your app. Here you can do basic research to provide a convenient app for your users.
  2. Apply for a Partnership: Once you have chosen your ramp, you need to fill out an online form and apply to be their partner. Moreover, you can also mention a detailed overview of your crypto app. 
  3. Sign your Contract: After the approval of your ramp application, you need to sign a contract with your ramp provider. Before signing the contract, ensure to read all terms and conditions to avoid future issues. 
  4. Activate Ramp Integration: Once they verify your contract, you’ll receive their partnership contract. Also, they’ll provide the API keys to activate your ramp integration fully. 
  5. Double-check and Verify: Finally, check the smoothness of the ramp integration after setting the API keys. Most importantly, test and verify all ramp features before providing access to your users.

That’s it! You can now provide crypto-fiat payment services to your users without the need to leave your app.

Now let’s explore the best crypto ramps. Stay tuned!


With a vast customer base of over 5 million, MoonPay is a Financial Technology (Fintech) company that provides crypto services. Most importantly, they provide services for on and off-crypto ramps.


Their on-off ramp service is currently available across 160+ countries at the time of writing. Moreover, they allow users to buy and sell over 80 cryptocurrencies through their platform.

In addition, your users can use MoonPay to transfer crypto assets with 30+ prominent fiat currencies. Also, they are integrated with more than 250 partners that facilitate smooth cryptocurrency transactions.

To conduct an on or off-crypto ramp transaction, MoonPay helps in the KYC verification process. Besides, this feature helps users to exchange fiat or cryptos instantly.

In addition, this platform also supports a wide range of payment methods. They support Mastercard, Visa, Google Pay, Apple Pay, wire transfers, etc.

Also, they’ll charge a network fee and processing fee based on the type of transaction. Users can always check the total fees before completing their transaction. 


Available and supported in over 150 countries, Ramp provides crypto on and off services for 90+ crypto assets. Moreover, this platform handles all KYC, AML, and other regulations associated with every transaction.


Most importantly, users can use this platform directly from their wallet or DApps. Here they don’t need to leave your app to complete an on or off-ramp transaction.

In addition, they provide a simple user interface that helps users to complete crypto ramp transactions instantly. Here the total transaction process takes a few seconds.

Ramp supports various payment methods like Google Pay, Apple Pay, bank cards, and manual transfers. The duration of the transaction varies according to the preferred payment method.


Are you looking for a platform that provides instant crypto ramp services? If so, check out Transak.


Transak is an on-off ramp provider that supports 160+ cryptocurrencies ranging over 75 blockchains. Besides, users can access their ramp services from more than 150 countries.

This ramp feature is accessible through DApps, web plugins, or websites. Moreover, they provide their ramp services to popular Web3 names like MetaMask, Ledger, 1inch, and QuickSwap, to name a few.

Most importantly, Transak is integrated with 10+ crypto exchanges to provide maximum liquidity. Simply put, your user’s buy or sell orders are executed quickly without long waiting periods.

In addition, they have an in-built risk engine to safeguard all crypto transactions. As a result, the fraud rate of their overall transactions is less than 0.05%. Impressive, right?

Finally, Transact automatically charges for every on and off-ramp transaction from your customers. This fee includes the transaction and network fee.


How about a crypto on-off ramp that supports a wide range of crypto categories? In that case, Kriptomat comes in handy with support for wallets, swap services, mining pools, portfolio trackers, gaming, NFT platforms, and more.


This ramp platform supports over 130 cryptocurrencies across various blockchains. Moreover, it supports Mastercard and Visa as payment methods.

The best feature of Kriptomat is its “partner support.” This impressive feature helps customers with quick KYC and other verifications. Moreover, they’ll assist you in possible fraud detections to protect your customer’s transaction amount.

In addition, app users don’t need to leave any crypto platforms to access their ramp features. Also, partnering with Kriptomat takes just a few simple steps.

Furthermore, this ramp takes care of all the KYC and other verifications. Besides, Kriptomat charges transaction fees based on your user’s payment method.


Looking for a crypto ramp dedicated to on-ramping services? If so, Onramper is a great option to consider.


Most importantly, this ramp supports 145+ payment methods to help your users to buy their crypto assets. Moreover, their ramping service is available across 180 countries.

Onramper also conducts frequent surveys to estimate the real-time crypto price and network fees. As a result, you can minimize the network fees charged to your users.

This ramp also suggests the best payment options based on your location. Here, your users can save your customer’s money on payment fees.

Finally, Onramper provides its terminal to monitor your ramping performance using graphs and charts. Moreover, you can adjust and experiment according to your ramp’s performance.


Interested in a convenient crypto on-ramp? If so, Sardine might suit you best.


This crypto on-ramp supports over 20+ blockchains with an impressive 95% authorization rate for bank-based transactions. Moreover, app users can buy over 60 cryptocurrencies using this crypto ramp.

In addition, Sardine supports numerous payment methods across 180+ countries. Your users can choose Instant Bank ACH (US), Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover accordingly.

Furthermore, they’ll provide a dedicated account manager to assist you with your ramp functions. In addition, you’ll also get 24/7 customer support to fix any ramp-related issues on your app.

Most importantly, Sardine focuses on risk-free payment systems. As a result, they’ve implemented fraud prevention to safeguard crypto assets.

Mt Pelerin

What if your crypto users can stay anonymous while using your crypto ramps? In that case, Mt Pelerin comes in handy!


People can use this on-off ramp to buy or sell cryptocurrencies without KYC verification. However, this privilege has a daily, monthly, and yearly transaction limit.

This crypto ramp is available in over 170 countries and supports 14 fiat currencies. Besides, they provide access to their platform in six different languages.

This ramp has added a user base of over 50K at the time of writing. In addition, they have helped people to transact $300+ million through their platform.

Mt Pelerin supports bank transfers across its supported countries. Moreover, supported payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and Vpay.


Searching for an instant ramp option to buy or sell cryptocurrencies? Then Kado is an excellent option to try.


Customers can use this on-off ramp to buy and sell crypto assets in less than a minute. Moreover, this ramp is supported in over 160 countries.

To buy or sell your crypto assets, your DApp users need to connect your wallet with their ramp platform. Besides, they can review your fees and estimated transaction time. 

Most importantly, you don’t need to worry about the KYC verification of your users. In addition, they have an automatic KYC verification process that takes only a few minutes.

On the other hand, Kado only allows to buy or sell less than ten crypto assets. Also, they support only around 10 blockchains.

Alchemy Pay

With exposure to over 50 major cryptocurrencies, Alchemy Pay is an on-off ramp with a sleek user interface. Besides, this platform also helps to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in exchange for 50+ supported fiat currencies.


DApp users can use this ramp to pay with mobile wallets, debit or credit cards, or bank transfers. Also, they provide a user-friendly interface for ramp services.

Moreover, they have a fraud-blocking system to restrict suspicious activities. For this reason, they have integrated facial recognition and KYC verifications.

This ramp also functions smoothly with a wide range of crypto platforms. You can integrate it with NFT marketplaces, crypto wallets, DeFi protocols, and Play-2-Earn games.


Banxa is an on-off ramp powered by leading web3 projects like Binance, MetaMask, ZenGo, and more. Moreover, this ramp allows numerous payment methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, wire transfer, debit, and credit cards.


Moreover, your app users can also buy NFTs seamlessly. As a result, they’ll receive their favorite NFT collections directly in their wallet within minutes after the payment.

The sleek design also helps users to conduct buy and sell transactions with just a few clicks. For this reason, it’s convenient for users to place multiple buy and sell orders.

Banxa also provides you with APIs that help create unique customer experiences. Moreover, you can add widgets to enhance your users’ buy or sell process.

Most importantly, this ramp allows KYC-free transactions up to $500. In addition, the users can also check the live crypto price and processing fees before every transaction.


Backed by Y Combinator, Striga is an on-off ramp allowing users to buy crypto assets hassle-free. Moreover, you can use this ramp to simplify and enhance the overall user experience.


At the time of writing, this ramp provides service across 30 countries. Moreover, you only need to integrate a single set of APIs to access all their crypto transaction features.

Furthermore, you don’t need any license to onboard new customers to your app. In addition, your users can also create new crypto deposit addresses for free.

The integration process is also simplified. You’ll only need one developer to complete your app’s entire Striga ramp integration. As simple as that!

Summing Up

In the crypto space, providing an excellent user experience is essential. Opening different apps for transactions leaves the customer in a painful situation. In that case, integrate your app with on-off ramps to stay ahead of your competitors. 

Here in this article, we’ve listed the best available crypto ramps. You can choose the one that fits your app’s purpose to expand your customer base.

Also, check out the best cryptocurrency APIs.

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