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In HR Management Last updated: July 13, 2023
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HR professionals are tasked with navigating the complex human resources landscape, seeking innovative solutions to streamline processes and empower their teams. 

That’s where a powerful People Ops platform comes into play, revolutionizing HR professionals’ operations. This guide will explore the top contenders of People Ops Platforms in the market, carefully examining their features, benefits, and usability. 

What is People Ops, and why is the important for a business? 

People Ops or people operations is a business function that prioritizes the well-being of employees. Although it is part of the broader HR domain, People Ops encompasses a more comprehensive range of responsibilities.

It surrounds all activities aimed at maximizing employee productivity, starting from the recruitment process and extending until the employee departs from the organization.

Here are the primary responsibilities of People Ops in an organization:

  • Modernize and digitalize outdated, bureaucratic HR systems, such as payroll and applicant tracking software.
  • Foster a customer-centric approach by treating employees as internal customers and increasing their satisfaction.
  • Provide daily support to employees, addressing their inquiries about benefits and company policies.
  • Monitor and analyze key HR metrics, including turnover rates and time to hire, to gain insights and inform decision-making.
  • Facilitate the onboarding process for new employees, ensuring they have the necessary resources and access to technology.

How does People Ops benefit the organization? 

The benefits of People Ops can be observed at various levels within the organization, including employees, managers, and the overall organization.

Benefits for Employees:

People Ops ensures the recruitment process is fair, transparent, and aligned with the organization’s needs. Effective onboarding programs facilitated by People Operations help new employees feel welcome, informed, and equipped to succeed.

Benefits for Managers:

It acts as a mediator and guides managers in handling employee relations issues, such as conflicts or grievances. 

Benefits for the Overall Organization:

People Operations are pivotal in shaping the organization’s culture and enhancing its employer brand by keeping up to date with legal requirements.

How does People Ops differ from HR?

There are both fundamental and specialized distinctions between HR and People Operations. People Operations proactively emphasizes employee engagement, retention, and leadership and management strategies. 

At the same time, Human Resources centers its focus on the practical aspects of employee management, such as legal, ethical, and structural considerations.

Let’s look at the tasks performed by People Ops and HR in detail.

Functional tasks for HR include:

  • Attracting and recruiting top talent.
  • Maintaining organizational structure, including job descriptions, reporting, and succession planning.
  • Managing legal compliance with various regulations.
  • Responding to employee concerns and complaints.
  • Creating and administering compensation structures to ensure competitiveness.

Functional tasks for People Operations teams include:

  • Analyze HR data to identify patterns and trends among employees.
  • Utilize employee experience tools to measure staff satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.
  • Identify operational challenges and propose solutions through training or resource allocation.
  • Proactively search for resources to enhance employee experience, productivity, and empowerment, improving people management.

Now that you have a clear idea of the People Ops platform, let’s check out the most competitive alternatives available. Below are some popular and highly regarded People Ops platforms used by organizations:


ChartHop revolutionizes the field of Human Resources with its dynamic People Operations Platform. Seamlessly connecting and visualizing people’s data empowers organizations to gain valuable insights, foster alignment, and take decisive action. 



  • Utilizes flexible reporting to slice and dice data in any desired manner.
  • Access a central hub for visualizing all people’s data, available to everyone.
  • Analyze historical data and model the future using a centralized data system.
  • Effectively manage organizational health and growth with a home base for people operations.

Unlike traditional HR systems, ChartHop offers a refreshing approach by serving as the central hub for all day-to-day programs, processes, and initiatives. From top-level executives in People and Finance to managers and employees at all levels, catering to the needs of everyone within the organization.


Hibob is a people ops platform specifically designed to enhance the employee experience, catering to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. By integrating human capital management (HCM) features, Hibob gives businesses the tools to efficiently recruit, retain, and engage their workers. 

The platform simplifies essential tasks by offering customizable dashboards and reports that streamline administrative processes.



  • Manage direct deposits, including setting up and modifying banking information.
  • Handle salary revisions, allowing for adjustments to employee wages.
  • Track payroll information, including hours worked, deductions, and tax withholdings.
  • Provide an employee portal for accessing and updating personal information.
  • Offer pre-built and customizable reports for payroll and employee data.

Hibob enables companies to establish connections and foster employee engagement, regardless of location. By fostering a shared culture, the platform promotes a sense of unity among team members.


Pingboard is a comprehensive people operations platform that specializes in creating organizational charts. The platform delivers various benefits to facilitate efficient HR management, including tracking new hires, monitoring employee milestones, and monitoring attendance status. 



  • No credit card information is required for the free trial.
  • Unlimited employee data input is allowed.
  • Employers can create a unique profile for each employee.
  • The organizational chart feature allows employers to present their company’s structure in a user-friendly manner.

Additionally, Pingboard supports seamless integration with popular HR applications, enhancing its functionality. With its user-friendly interface and adaptability, Pingboard empowers businesses to effortlessly oversee and engage their teams, regardless of geographical location.


Organimi is a cutting-edge, cloud-based platform for people operations, serving over 125,000 businesses worldwide. With its comprehensive suite of features, this platform empowers businesses of all sizes to streamline their organizational design, sales, account planning, consulting, and operational processes.



  • Create fully customized charts with custom fields, brand colors, and designs.
  • Export your charts to PDF or PNG formats.
  • Share your charts in three ways: through a public link, private invitation, or iFrame embed.
  • Enjoy robust printing options, including support for over 50 different page sizes.
  • Seamlessly integrate your charts with all your favorite tools.

Whether your organization is expanding and requires a conventional hierarchical org chart or your project teams need a dynamic matrix chart, Organimi offers various charting options to meet your needs. 


Worknice is a comprehensive people ops platform designed to optimize and simplify every stage of the employee lifecycle. By centralizing processes and ensuring compliance, it empowers businesses to cultivate a thriving company culture, foster high engagement levels, and effortlessly access essential HR resources within a unified platform. 



  • Organize and observe previous employment changes.
  • Use dynamic fields to create smart documents. 
  • Easy processes for approving documents and changes in employment.
  • Access to Dynamic org charts and directories.

This innovative solution goes beyond consolidation and streamlining, enabling organizations to activate a delightful employee experience from onboarding to offboarding. With its user-friendly interface, Worknice ensures that anyone can harness the power of this modern platform.


Personio is a comprehensive people operations solution for small and medium-sized businesses. The primary objective of Personio is to streamline HR processes, fostering transparency and efficiency, thereby enabling HR professionals to dedicate their attention to the most crucial aspect: people. 



  • Ease to manage various documents such as leaves, salary statements, and tax return forms.
  • Seamless integration of e-forms and e-signatures for efficient approval processes.
  • Convenient availability of essential HR tools consolidated in a single dashboard.
  • Streamlined data integration process, encompassing comprehensive personal bio and compensation details.

By providing a unified platform encompassing human resources, recruitment, and payroll functionalities, Personio empowers thousands of customers to optimize their operations. Leveraging People Workflow Automation technology, Personio unlocks new business possibilities.


PeopleLogic is a comprehensive platform for people operations that empowers leaders to enhance performance, productivity, and accountability. It provides various services, including permanent hiring, talent mapping, employability development, training, human resource outsourcing, and consulting. 



  • Obtain personality insights of employees through advanced profiling techniques.
  • Automate and streamline reporting for team-based work management.
  • Identify potential employees at risk of leaving and take proactive measures.
  • Monitor and enhance employee engagement levels for a productive work environment.

With PeopleLogic, teams can effectively collaborate on engagement initiatives by gaining insights from aggregated data spanning employees, teams, and departments.


UKG leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance people operations by providing users with diverse visualization options such as bubble charts, heat maps, scatter graphs, and more. Additionally, AI capabilities enable shift managers to create employee schedules while efficiently ensuring compliance through automated checks.

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  • White label interface option for displaying the company’s logo and branding.
  • Customizable interface based on users’ roles and preferences.
  • Easy configuration of automatic workflows.
  • Report generation using built-in reports or custom report building.

To ensure adherence to evolving HR and payroll regulations, UKG maintains a team of compliance experts who consistently provide updates. Furthermore, it takes a proactive approach by alerting relevant teams and employees when there is a potential risk of violating regulations.


OrgChart offers a seamless integration of HR and applicant-tracking systems data, resulting in visually captivating and tailored org charts. 



  • Real-time automatic updates for organizational charts.
  • Access to vital metrics for measuring strategy effectiveness.
  • Collaborative planning with key stakeholders for plan development and execution.
  • Seamless integration of HR data for syncing current plans.

Their user-friendly solution streamlines HR processes, making them less complicated while offering unparalleled visibility into your personnel. By presenting valuable insights, OrgChart assists in making strategic decisions regarding future organizational structures.


Eddy is an intuitive web-based people ops platform with which organizations can streamline and optimize various HR processes, enhancing the overall employee experience and eliminating the reliance on cumbersome paper-based systems and spreadsheets.



  • Vacation policies and time-off calendar management.
  • Users can record pay increases and maintain separate admin notes.
  • Reminders for training sessions for new hires.
  • Tracking expiration dates of licenses and insurances.

With Eddy, businesses can effortlessly distribute their job posts to leading job boards and create a customizable careers page. Companies can efficiently manage their hiring workflow by using Eddy’s user-friendly drag-and-drop candidate pipeline while automating messaging to candidates.


Zenefits‘ People Ops Platform offers a comprehensive suite of features for managing various aspects of your workforce. One notable capability is creating and customizing compensation packages directly within the system. Moreover, Zenefits simplifies the hiring process by enabling automated offer letter generation and delivery to new hires.

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  • Customizable add-on selection.
  • Provides flexible people analytics dashboard configurations.
  • Comprehensive suite for performance management.
  • Efficient time off tracking capabilities for managing your company’s PTO policy, including blackout dates for time-off requests.

What sets Zenefits apart is its versatility in managing full-time employees, contractors, and freelancers. This means you can easily oversee and administer the details of different types of workers within a single platform for easier employee monitoring. Once employees join your organization, Zenefits empowers them to take over their onboarding and record updates.


Assessing the organization’s size, structure, and complexity is essential to identify software that can effectively scale and accommodate the unique requirements of HR Professionals.

Additionally, evaluating the platform’s features and functionalities, such as payroll management, benefits administration, time and attendance tracking, and employee self-service capabilities, enables businesses to determine if it can streamline the HR processes effectively. While People Ops Platforms help manage the human resource process better, you can further improve your recruitment process with talent mapping

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