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Do you know that Google puts a penalty on websites that copy-paste content without giving credits? This is where plagiarism checkers come in.

A plagiarism checker should be on the list if you have a writing tools arsenal. There are proofreader software and tools that help in grammar rules and comma correction. 

However, plagiarism is tricky and can’t be dealt with by any other tool. 

It is one of the severe concerns among teachers, students, and writers that need to ensure the uniqueness of their copies. Hence, plagiarism is difficult to tackle, but the requirement to check it is even higher. 

Plagiarism is copying someone’s work or imitating someone’s work without giving them credit for it. It is also famous for stealing or publishing and wrongly appropriating another author’s ideas, thoughts, language, and expressions. It includes:

  • Paying external essay or writer to write the article for you
  • Copying data from library books, websites, or other sources
  • Stealing verbal conversations or ideas from other’s work
  • And using someone’s music, images, style, or even videos.

There are different types of plagiarism, such as self-plagiarism, direct plagiarism, accidental plagiarism, patchwork or mosaic plagiarism, and outsourcing. 

  • Self-plagiarism is reusing documents withtout attribution.
  • Direct plagiarism is copying text directly from a word documen, PDF, or website.
  • Accidental plagiarism, as the name suggest, is unintentional copying or parapharasing someone’s work.
  • Mosaic or patchwork plagiarism is interlaying the work of another author in your own.

We have summed up a list of best plagiarism checkers for students, teachers, and writers to analyze and detect copied content. These tools can address the issue and unintentional plagiarism that one can resolve before finally submitting it. 

Sounds interesting? Let’s get started.


Grammarly is one of the first tools that pop in the head to write error-free copy. The AI-powered writing assistant tool helps increase the efficiency of communication to drive business growth. Grammarly can speed up production time, communicate consistently, and improve customer satisfaction.

It is an automated proofreader and plagiarism checker trusted by universities like the University of Michigan and Standford University. The tool has around 16 billion web pages and ProQuest’s databases in its database, making it easy for professionals to check content or documents for any traces of plagiarism.

The tool scans the documents based on their type to check unintentional plagiarism. It includes business, academic, medical records, and creative writing.


Plagiarism is one of the growing and serious problems one can resolve using Copyscape. The tool deep dives and check minor similarities in content as well. It is an online tool that allows users to paste the content or URL to prevent plagiarism.

Copyscape offers robust plagiarism detection for professionals popular with content owners and webmasters to prevent duplicate content, check originality, and track down content copies. The product includes:

  • Copyscape Premium – This version of an online plagiarism checker allows users to upload a file or copy-paste the content in the search box to track content duplication.
  • Copysentry protects the content from people making copies of the weekly or daily content copy.

Copyscape also allows websites to warn potential plagiarists using the banner to protect the blogs or content.


Unicheck comes with intuitive design and technological excellence to achieve authenticity in finding out duplicate content. The online plagiarism prevention software is easy to use and has a clear layout and an incredibly authentic toolset.

The tool supports 99% of the bulk uploads and file formats while offering a detailed plagiarism report. It also provides Google add-ons to check the similarities in the content. The tools come with all significant LMSs making it effortless to integrate and search across archived webpages, 91B webpages, and the library to look for plagiarism.

It offers an in-depth analysis that prevents contract cheating, spot text modifications, and detects similarities quickly. The tool can solve the issues to unveil flag suspicious and digital trickery while modifying the text. It offers multiple tools that prevent plagiarism and embed them into the originality report with no manuals, training, or extra setup required.


iThenticate is famous among scholars, publishers, and researchers as the plagiarism checker. It offers comprehensive results highlighting text sections that are copied or require changes. The tool has access to an unparalleled database helping professionals to utilize the software to check for plagiarism.

iThenticate offers comprehensive results using similarity report highlights that are reliable and easy to ensure originality. Along with this, the tool browses through several sources and matches to make it easy for reviews to analyze the work. It also identifies critical issues, which is a vital part of reviewing results

Plagiarism Checker X

If you are working on a blog, research paper, websites, and assignments, Plagiarism Checker X can be the first step forward. It checks similarities in other documents and ensures the originality of the content. The tool is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11.

Digital marketers, writers, teachers, students, and journalists can leverage this tool to ensure that their content is to the mark with no traces of plagiarism. The tool is used in 80+ countries, including Canada, the USA, the UK, Germany, India. Indonesia, and Egypt. It is available in 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, and German.

The content similarity checker also supports multiple file types such as RTF, Microsoft Words, plain text, and Pdf. It compares two documents and highlights features to find a duplicate. The online plagiarism checker analyzes quality content online to ensure uniqueness and avoid penalties by search engines. 

Paper Rater

If you wish to check your paper for any plagiarism, Paper Rater can help you. It is a free online plagiarism checker that is easy to use. Users can copy-paste the content or upload a file to analyze the paper. It also checks the spelling, grammar, and style to enhance the quality of the content. 

The tool compares 10 billion print and Internet documents with your content to flag duplicate content and interpret originality scores. It helps professionals stick to the ethical compulsion and avoid plagiarism in the content, leading to suspension, failing grades, penalties, etc. 


Copyleaks find similar text, paraphrased content, and detect plagiarism easily using AI-based sophisticated algorithms. The online tool is available in 100+ languages that help professionals stay protected while finding relevant results. 

The online tool alerts on white ink and character replacement to ensure that there is no plagiarism. Also, it provides that content is secure using an SSL connection and military-grade 256-bit encryption. It is a comprehensive anti-plagiarism software that scans text, documents, and connects with APIs.

The aim is to ensure that there are no significant issues for writers, publishers. Agencies, companies, and students. It detects similarity types such as paraphrased, similar, and identical text that see any common issues in the content. automates the assessment process when it comes to checking plagiarism. It streamlines the educational process while detecting similarities in the content to product reports. It comes with an extensive database and complex algorithms to assess texts and obtain accuracy. 

The online plagiarism checker tool is popular among students, educators, journalists, and writers. The tool offers seamless integrations, advanced algorithms, strict confidentiality, download reports, and interactive results. It analyzes the 38,00,000+ documents to find the minor similarities in the content.

The plagiarism detector is developed using advanced algorithms analyzing every piece of writing. It checks to substitute words with synonyms, rearrangements in word order, changing sentences, etc. This tool identifies any duplicacy in the content to ensure quality and originality. 


Noplag is a good tool for plagiarism detection and resources for academic writing. It can be a great addition to website content, term paper, essay, thesis, scientific paper, speech, lab reports, product description, guest post, academic paper, argumentative articles, and many more. 

The tools contain a 20+ million database, and100+ million publications, and a custom library of files. It helps students learn, study, and write a research paper and thesis. It is also used as a proofreading tool to create error-free documents. Along with this, the essay outline templates with multiple styles following writing tips and guidelines. 


Scribbr is considered one of the top choices of writers and students to detect plagiarism. In partnership with Turnitin, the tool detects synonym wrapping and word matches instantly. Its content databases cover 20 languages, 69 publications, and 90 billion web pages. 

The online plagiarism tool compares unpublished works with the uploaded referenced results, assignments, essays, and papers that can be difficult to compare. It reaches content against publications, offers plagiarism report, maintains confidentiality, and help students to write paper or essay. 


Plagramme is a popular plagiarism checker that teachers and students widely use. It is getting plagiarism scores while accessing hundreds of pages to obtain the best reports in a few seconds. The online tool is accurate and fast compiled with several features making it easy to scan the similarities in the documents. 

The online plagiarism checker comes with real-time search technology, ideal for teachers, students, lecturers, or professors, and verify the content against 80+ million articles. It supports 29 languages and is free for education. 


ProWritingAid is an all-in-one tool used as a style editor, grammar checker, writing mentor, and plagiarism checking. It gives straightforward steps to write and share content. The online tool is ideal for business, creative, and academic writing. 

The online plagiarism tool offers style and grammar checking to provide in-depth reports combined with quizzes, videos, articles, and suggestions. It also ensures that the content is safe and secure using 256-bit bank-level security and GDPR compliance. 

The aim is to write faster, better, and with fewer mistakes to improve writing to maintain brand consistency and enhance business reputation. ProWritingAidFree offers 19 writing reports, a summary report of key issues, and editing 500 words. ProWritingAidPremium offers easy integration for Google Docs, MS Words, Scrivener, or Chrome, desktop version, no word limit, along with features of the free version. ProWritingAidPremium+ offers all the features of the free version along with 50 plagiarism checkers and is perfect for academics. 


Quetext checks writing issues, detect plagiarism, and help in building citations. Users can quickly enter text and evaluate it to ensure no duplicate content. It comes with DeepSearch Technology that follows three steps – fuzzy matching, contextual analysis, and conditional scoring. 

The free online plagiarism tool also offers accurate results evaluating content against the internet sources to find near-match or exact text. Quetext resolves plagiarism risk issues created by altering or deleting the text. It generates citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago formats. 

Copywriters, content writers, students, and teachers can prevent plagiarism accurately. The tool is used for automated detection, facilitating copy-checking, and finding the duplicate content percentage. It gives easy and quick methods to avoid infringement, automating processes, and checking plagiarism. 


PlagScan helps in checking the authentic content that works on all the formats. It offers a detailed plagiarism report that accesses printable and online documents. It also helps in protecting data from unauthorized third parties. 

The online tool is compiled with algorithms and sources making it easy to analyze the documents. The tool also offers statistics, author metrics, document manager, API, etc., making it an ideal addition for writers. 


Plagium is popular when it comes to identifying or detecting possible plagiarism. The online tool can help in file search, deep search, and quick search that compares the content with relevant documents and integrates with Google Drive. 

The online tool is compiled with an API that automatically identifies the text, calculates the score ranking, and compares two text documents. 


If you are a business owner, you understand the importance of plagiarism-free content to rank the site. It is one of the vital ingredients when it comes to improving the SEO of the website. 

However, it is common to copy content, credit, quote, and even miss a citation. Plagiarism is not easy to detect when there are plenty of articles on websites. Hence, these tools can be a big help.

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