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The challenging task of connecting to a UNIX server can be made easier with the help of sophisticated software.

There are actually a lot of terminal emulators available that can help with controlling the UNIX server, some of which outperform the traditional PuTTY in terms of features and abilities.

These alternatives come packed with powerful tools and nifty features that can greatly enhance your server management experience. So why settle for average when you can simplify your UNIX server management tasks with cutting-edge software?

It’s time to take the jump and explore all of the alternatives to see which one best suits your requirements.

First, let’s see what is PuTTY and how it works.

What is PuTTY?

PuTTY is an open-source terminal emulator and network file transfer application that runs on Windows, Linux,  and other operating systems. It was initially created for the Windows platform but has subsequently been adopted by other platforms as well.

PuTTY does not actually stand for anything, as it is not an acronym. It is simply a name chosen by the developers of the software.

It is typically used as a terminal emulator to establish a secure remote connection to a server or device using a variety of network protocols such as SSH, Telnet, and SCP.

PuTTY allows users to remotely access & control a server, execute commands, transfer files, and manage data all from the comfort of the user’s computer. But PuTTY is much more than just a tool for connecting to servers.

It also offers a variety of advanced features, including session management, public-key authentication, proxy support, X11 forwarding, and much more.

Here are a few examples of how PuTTY might be used:

SSH access to a remote server

A system administrator can use PuTTY to remotely access a Linux server via SSH to perform administrative tasks or troubleshoot issues.

Serial console access to network devices

Network engineers can use PuTTY to establish a serial connection to a router or switch to configure its settings or to solve network connectivity problems.

File transfer between local and remote systems

PuTTY includes a file transfer tool that can be used to securely transfer files between a local computer and a remote server using protocols such as SCP or SFTP.

Remote desktop access

While PuTTY does not include a built-in graphical user interface,  it can be used in conjunction with X11 forwarding to access a remote desktop environment.

PuTTY is widely used by system administrators & network engineers to manage and configure remote servers to work on code and deploy applications. Its ease of use and security features make it a popular choice for remote access and management of servers & devices.

Limitations of puTTY

Although PuTTY is a flexible and reliable tool, there are a few drawbacks that can lead one to think about exploring alternatives. Here are a few limitations of PuTTY:

Limited interface customization

The default interface of PuTTY is simple and efficient, but it has limited customization options. This might be a drawback for users who prefer a more customizable interface.

Lack of session management features

PuTTY does not have advanced session management features such as the ability to save and restore sessions, organize sessions in folders, or search for specific sessions. This can be inconvenient for users who frequently work with multiple sessions.

No built-in scripting language

PuTTY does not have a built-in scripting language that can make automating repetitive tasks more difficult.

Limited support for graphical applications

X11 forwarding is supported by PuTTY, but it can be slow and has a chance of having compatibility issues with some graphical applications.

Limited support for other protocols

PuTTY is primarily designed to support SSH, Telnet, and a few other protocols, which might not be sufficient for some users who require support for more specialized protocols.

And here, We’ve compiled a list of the top applications that are comparable to PuTTY, but offer much more features and capabilities. Let’s get rolling!


MobaXterm is an ultimate toolkit that is jam-packed with extensive features specifically designed for network engineers and IT administrators. This application provides all the essential remote network functions & tools, such as SSH.

VNC, X11, MOSH, and Unix commands to your Windows desktop. And the best part? It’s all available in a single, portable exe file that works right out of the box!

But wait, there’s more! With MobaXterm, you get the added perk of having an all-in-one network application for all your virtual and remote tasks. So, let’s say you use SSH to connect to a remote server – a graphical SFTP browser will launch immediately, allowing you to edit your remote files directly.

Additionally, the integrated X server will allow an effective display of your remote apps on your Windows pc.

It costs nothing at all to download and use MobaXterm Home Edition. But if you are interested in deploying it in your organization, you have to consider subscribing to MobaXterm Professional Edition.

The developer’s main goal was to create an intuitive user interface that would allow you to efficiently access remote servers through different networks or systems. So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to try MobaXterm today and say goodbye to remote computing headaches forever!


MTPuTTY, the utility that allows you to bundle countless PuTTY sessions in a tabbed GUI interface without ever having to tangle with separate PuTTY windows again!

No need to worry about losing any PuTTY features when using MTPuTTY, as it fully supports all PuTTY protocols, including SSH, Telnet, and Rlogin, and provides access to all PuTTY session settings.

MTPuTTY also features automation capabilities that can log you into remote servers and even “type” your passwords automatically.

Additionally, with the ability to run any script after login and “type” a script in several PuTTY tabs simultaneously, you’ll be able to streamline repetitive tasks and increase your efficiency.

The clear and concise tabbed user interface makes it easy to navigate & manage multiple servers, while the side panel group your servers for an even bigger organization. A taskbar also provides quick access to basic program tasks that ensure you can get your work done quickly and efficiently.

And the best part is MTPuTTY has native Win32 code, so there’s no need for any additional libraries like .NET or VB. Plus, the program is multithreaded. So if one PuTTY tab freezes up, the others will remain unaffected.

So why wait? Download MTPuTTY today and enjoy the benefits of bundling your PuTTY sessions into a single, convenient interface – all for free!


Solar-PuTTY is a powerful and user-friendly Windows-based application designed to professionally manage remote sessions. This tool offers a variety of features that make it an ideal choice for IT professionals who need to connect to servers or devices in their network.

The important feature of this tool is its ability to save login credentials or private keys to any session for easy login. That means users don’t have to remember their passwords every time they connect to a server or device. It increases security & reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

In addition, Solar-PuTTY integrates with “Windows Search”. So the users can quickly locate their saved sessions without having to scroll through a long list. This feature enhances the user experience and saves time when searching for a specific session.

It is free to download and doesn’t require any installation. You can simply download and run the executable file on any Windows-based system.


SecureCRT is a powerful and feature-rich terminal emulator that supports secure file transfers, remote access, and data tunneling capabilities across a range of different platforms.

It is an application that computing professionals depend on to greatly increase their productivity using its advanced session management capabilities and a variety of other features that help to streamline all kinds of repetitive tasks.

Whether you’re looking to replace Telnet/Terminal or are just in need of a more extensive and secure remote access solution, SecureCRT is the tool for you.

With its stylish tabbed interface, users can easily manage multiple sessions from a single console. Its advanced session management features, such as the ability to save & restore sessions, allow the user to switch between different connections as they need to.

The strong security features of SecureCRT are one of its main advantages. This application makes sure that your data is protected from unauthorized access by utilizing SSH to encrypt remote connections.


mRemoteNG is a remote connections manager that allows users to manage multiple remote connections to servers or devices that use different protocols. It is open-source software that is based on the original mRemote tool but with added features & bug fixes.

It is designed for the Windows operating system and provides a simple and powerful user interface.

The software’s main feature is the ability to organize and manage all remote connections in a tabbed interface which makes it easier to switch between different connections. Users can create new tabs for each connection and customize them with specific settings such as display resolution, keyboard mapping, and encryption type.


Tabby is a cross-platform application that can run on various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a robust tool that comes packed with an integrated SSH client featuring a connection manager along with a powerful serial terminal.

Tabby goes beyond a simple command-line interface and provides support for various shells such as PowerShell, PS Core, Git-Bash, Cmder, and CMD, which offer users a more diverse and enriched terminal experience.

The built-in SFTP and Zmodem file transfer features make file transfer easy between your SSH sessions which eliminates the need for additional file transfer tools.

Additionally, Tabby allows you to customize themes & color schemes to suit your personal style and preference. Tabby’s tab completion feature brings a proper shell experience to Windows, allowing you to autocomplete commands and arguments.

Xshell 7

Xshell 7 is a powerful terminal emulator software that enables users to connect to Unix/Linux hosts easily and securely from their Windows computers. With its user-friendly interface, it allows network engineers and other users to execute various commands on remote servers with ease and efficiency.

Xshell offers a variety of features, including support for various protocols such as SSH, Telnet, Rlogin, and Serial, as well as support for multiple sessions and connections.

It also comes equipped with advanced security features such as SSH key generation and management, password protection, and encryption to ensure secure & confidential communication.

Users can customize their Xshell experience with various settings and options, including font size and color, shortcut keys, and tabbed interface. The software also offers convenient file transfer capabilities, which enable users to transfer files between local and remote hosts via FTP or SFTP.

With Xshell’s scripting and automation capabilities, users can easily automate repetitive tasks and save time. And the software’s built-in tools make it easy to perform advanced tasks such as port forwarding & tunneling.

Author’s note ✍️

These tools will make it simple for you to connect to UNIX systems and carry out challenging operations. So, let’s dive in and explore the exciting world of UNIX server management!

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