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The 11 Best Turn-Based Games for Intense Tactical Combat

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Are you a fan of strategic and tactical games? If you nodded, then this list of best turn-based games shouldn’t be missed by you.

Turn-based strategy games highlight the more intellectual aspects of the subgenre. The relief provided by “turns” enables us to think, contemplate, and plan our actions with as much expert accuracy as possible.

What are turn-based games?


Turn-based games are quite a subcategory of strategy games in which players make decisions or actions in turn order. The game then moves on to the next player’s turn after each player has had a predetermined period to finish their turn. These games are available on many platforms, including video games, mobile games, and tabletop games.

Turn-based games are renowned for their more deliberate gameplay and slower tempo. They frequently call for players to plan their following few actions and make strategic choices based on the situation. These games can be more sophisticated video games or straightforward board games like chess and checkers.

Turn-based games have the benefit of letting players take their time and analyze their choices. So, it has become a popular option for people who prefer a slower pace of play. Turn-based games are diverse for various gaming preferences because they may be played alone or with friends. Let us now learn how to approach these games.

How to approach and excel in turn-based games?


A different strategy is needed for turn-based games than for real-time ones. The following advice will help you succeed in turn-based games: 

Recognize the game’s mechanics

Carefully read the instructions and confirm that you are aware of how the game operates.

Observe patience

You have time to organize your moves in turn-based games. Be sure you’re choosing the optimal course of action by giving your strategy plenty of thought.

Predict your opponent’s moves

With the information available, try to guess what your opponent will do next. This will assist you in strategizing your actions and deterring theirs.

Strike balance in offense & defense

Be sure to strike a balance between offense and defense by not concentrating just on either side. The ideal strategy to succeed is typically one that is balanced.

Learn from mistakes

Evaluate your performance and take note of any mistakes you made. You’ll become a better player, and this will help your strategy. Maintain your patience and concentrate on the long-term plan.

Practice, Practice & Practice

Play more, and you’ll get better, so practice. You’ll eventually be able to succeed at turn-based games if you keep practicing.


Due to the lack of pressure to respond instantly to shifting conditions, turn-based games can be less distressing than real-time ones. Turn-based games benefit players in several ways. They, first and foremost, provide players the freedom to deliberate and take their time, which can result in more strategic and intelligent gameplay. 

Furthermore, turn-based games frequently feature a strong storyline or story component, which can enhance their immersion and appeal. 

Here is a list of turn-based games that provide the best intense tactical combat experience and keep you glued to your seats until the end.

Age Of Wonderers: Planetfall

YouTube video

At launch, there are six factions in the Age of Wonderers: Planetfall game, each with its soldiers and gameplay. A customizable leader figure that may explore the world, participate in diplomacy, support covert operations and spying endeavors, and declare war is what the player controls as the commander of a particular faction.

Other cities will come under the authority of the players as they grow, and each one can be administered independently. Gamers can raid enemy camps to take their technology and scavenge resources on the map for research.

Players must manage their resources, explore new technology, and bargain with other groups to sustain diplomatic relations and engage in battle. However, Age of Wonders: Planetfall is a captivating and challenging experience for lovers of turn-based strategy games with its realistic sci-fi backdrop and intricate strategic gameplay.

Developed by – Triumph Studios

Published by – Paradox Interactive

Release Date – 6th August 2019

Platforms Available – PS4, Xbox One, and Windows

Battle Brothers

Players in the low-fantasy medieval world of Battle Brothers command a group of mercenaries entrusted with carrying out various jobs, such as guarding settlements, wiping out bandits or monsters, or escorting caravans. Players can recruit new warriors, acquire and sell equipment, and participate in combat with various foes on the game’s dynamically created world map

YouTube video

Turn-based combat has several tactical choices, including flanking, extended attacks, and morale control. Players must manage their company’s money, equipment, and connections with various groups and settlements and engage in warfare. Permadeath is a game feature, meaning losing warriors in battle has a lasting effect. 

Moreover, Battle Brothers is a complex and compelling turn-based strategy game that, to be successful, calls for strategic planning, micromanagement, and careful preplanning. Fans of turn-based games will love playing this game and remain engaged in intense tactical combat.

Developed by – Overhype Studios

Published by – Overhype Studios

Release Date – 24th March 2017

Platforms Available – Steam, PS4, and Xbox Series

Civilization VI

YouTube video

In the turn-based tactics video game Civilization VI, players compete against AI opponents controlled by computers to expand their own civilization from a single tribe to dominance over the entire world over numerous eras of development. 

Preview Product Rating Price
Sid Meier's Civilization VI - Nintendo Switch Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – Nintendo Switch No ratings yet $26.49

Players oversee a civilization they choose between the prehistoric era and the near future and advance its technology, culture, and governmental system. In addition to traveling to the randomly created planet and coming across other civilizations and barbarians, they discover cities and develop them by building mines, farms, and other enhancements.

AI foes now have new objectives that affect how players interact. Several of these objectives are particular to each leader, modeling their personalities, historical moments, and policies. Moreover, every AI character has a secret goal that may only be discovered through espionage.

Developed by – Firaxis games

Published by – 2K games

Release Date – 16th November 2018

Platforms Available – Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One

Darkest Dungeon

In the role-playing game Darkest Dungeon, the player controls a group of heroes and explorers who explore various dungeons and engage in combat with the creatures that reside inside. Before entering a dungeon, the player can manage a list of heroes and an inventory in Hamlet, the game’s “hub-town,” which is close to the house.

YouTube video

The gameplay is turn-based. The heroes, however, have faults, as they are susceptible to stress and other conditions that may impair their ability to perform well in combat. The game’s unique stress mechanism tests the heroes’ mental toughness due to the horrors they encounter.

A hero who can experience excessively high-stress levels may suffer a heart attack, which could endanger them if not treated right afterward. However, Darkest Dungeon is a complex and evocative game that demands careful planning and execution survive its gloomy and forgiving universe.

Developed by – Redhook Studios

Published by – Redhook Studios

Release Date – 19th January 2016

Platforms Available – Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One

Endless Legend

Endless Legend is a turn-based 4X tactical game where players control a civilization to conquer, expand, exploit, and destroy their way to dominance in a fictional world called Auriga. The game has numerous distinct factions, each with specialties, units, and technological advancements. Players must successfully manage their resources, diplomacy, research, and combat to win.

YouTube video

The game has a realistic weather system, changing seasons, and a unique faction quest framework that adds to the gameplay and depth of the story. A deep and adaptable city-building mechanism is included in the game, coupled with a modular tech tree that enables players to choose the growth path of their civilization.

Preview Product Rating Price
Endless Legend (Classic Edition) Endless Legend (Classic Edition) No ratings yet $34.99

Endless Legend’s globe map comprises distinct regions, unlike previous 4X games. Overall, Endless Legend is a captivating and challenging strategy game that provides lovers of the 4X genre with a deep and entertaining experience.

Developed by – Amplitude Studios

Published by – Sega

Release Date – 18th September 2014

Platforms Available – Windows and Mac OS

Into The Breach

In the game Into the Breach, humanity faces up against a horde of enormous monsters known as the Vek. The user controls warriors that pilot giant mechs that can be outfitted with various guns, armor, or other gear to confront them. The game’s turn-based combat system lets players plan how their squad will react to enemy moves and acts that foreshadow their strikes.

YouTube video

Furthermore, the player will control three different mechs in the battle against the Vek, and each map’s objective will have a set amount of turns to be completed. Protecting civilian buildings that sustain the power grid that powers the mechs is the primary objective for any map, but there may also be other goals. 

Preview Product Rating Price
Into the Breach - Nintendo Switch [Digital Code] Into the Breach – Nintendo Switch [Digital Code] No ratings yet $14.89

Chess has been used to compare the gameplay of Into the Breach because it focuses more on holding position control and unit sacrifices than it does on outnumbering the adversary.

Developed by – Subset Games

Published by – Subset Games

Release Date – 28th August 2018

Platforms Available – Nintendo Switch, Windows, and Mac OS

Alpha Centauri

An immersive view is used to play the turn-based strategy game Alpha Centauri, which has a science fiction background. The game focuses on the seven faction leaders the player selects from the 14 options in Alpha Centauri, Alien Crossfire, and Planet.

In a battle to colonize and conquer Planet, the player controls one of the leaders. Players can also win by capturing all opposing factions, getting three-quarters of the popular vote, managing the global energy market, finishing the Ascension to Transcendence secret project, or, for alien factions, building six Subspace Generators.

A single-player game, customization options, and multiplayer are all included in Alpha Centauri. The player can alter the game by selecting settings at the start of the game, using the established scenario and map editors, and changing the game files for Alpha Centauri. 

Developed by – Firaxis Games

Published by – Electronic Arts

Release Date – 31st January 1999

Platforms Available – Windows and Mac OS

Unity Of Command II

A tactical turn-based wargame that strikes a balance between historical realism and abstract game design is Unity of Command II. The game’s user interface (UI) has been simplified to simplify navigating its numerous components, including unit management, combat, and logistics. To win, players must strategically use all their commodities, including supplies and reinforcements.

YouTube video

The campaign component of the game includes dynamic events that can affect how battles turn out, and players can decide to make historical choices that could change how the war plays out. Unity of Command II also includes a robust multiplayer mode, enabling players to compete head-to-head.

Players can assume the roles of both the Axis and Soviet armies in different campaigns in this game, which concentrates on the Eastern Front of the conflict. Overall, Unity of Command II is a complex and compelling turn-based strategy game that presents an original viewpoint on the Eastern Front of World War II.

Developed by – 2×2 Games, Coreteam

Published by – 2×2 Games

Release Date – 12th November 2019

Platforms Available – Steam

Dawn Of War III

YouTube video

Dawn of War III is a real-time strategy game with elements from multiplayer online war arenas. The Space Marines, Eldar, and Orks are three playable factions in the Warhammer 40,000 universe where the game is set. Each faction features special units, skills, and playstyles of its own.

Players must acquire resources, construct bases, and manage their forces to win frantic fights. Moreover, the game introduces potent super units that can tip the battle balance in the player’s favor. Both single-player and multiplayer options are available in Dawn of War III, with the latter enabling up to six people to compete in several game scenarios.

For those who enjoy the Warhammer 40,000 universe and authentic strategy games in general, Dawn of War III offers a comprehensive and engaging strategic experience filling the gamers with thrill and excitement.

Developed by – Relic Entertainment

Published by – Sega

Release Date – 27th April 2017

Platforms Available – Windows and Mac OS

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

YouTube video

The player in XCOM: Enemy Unknown assumes command of a top-notch military force entrusted with protecting Earth from extraterrestrial invasion. Tactical combat and base management are the two game modes. The player must allocate resources, investigate cutting-edge technology, and train warriors in the base management mode to prepare for the impending battles. 

The player commands a group of soldiers on operations to neutralize extraterrestrial threats in tactical combat mode. The game offers several troop classes with unique skills, advancement routes, and many tools and weaponry. The aliens’ special units and strategies help keep the gameplay exciting and challenging.

Preview Product Rating Price
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Xbox 360 XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Xbox 360 No ratings yet $15.49

A variation of difficulty levels is available for the game. Moreover, the game has a permadeath mechanic, which means that once a soldier is killed in battle, they are lost forever. This increases the game’s tension and strategic complexity.

Developed by – Firaxis Games

Published by – 2K Games

Release Date – 9th October 2012

Platforms Available – Xbox 360, PS3, and Windows

XCOM 2: Collection


The player-character in XCOM 2: Collection is the leader of the XCOM military organization, which has been downsized to a group fighting against the continuous alien control of Earth. Thanks to the turn-based combat system, battles can be planned strategically and decided tactically.

Preview Product Rating Price
XCOM 2 Collection - PlayStation 4 XCOM 2 Collection – PlayStation 4 $44.99

The player must coordinate their assets and troops to accomplish their goals in the game. There are various missions, including everything from rescue operations to sabotage. The main game and four DLC packs—Alien Hunters, Shen’s Last Gift, War of the Chosen, and Tactical Legacy Pack—are all included in the XCOM 2 Collection. 

The DLCs give players more storylines, opponents, and soldier customizing possibilities. With a gripping narrative, many customizability choices, and fierce tactical warfare, XCOM 2 Collection provides a challenging and enjoyable turn-based strategy experience.

Developed by – Firaxis Games

Published by – 2K Games

Release Date – 5th February 2016

Platforms Available – Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One


Turn-based gaming can be entertaining and exciting for players. These games frequently require patience, strategy, and critical thinking since players must carefully evaluate their plays and predict their opponent’s next move. Moreover, turn-based games provide a more leisurely pace of play, allowing players to deliberate and take their time without feeling hurried or under pressure.

Turn-based games can also be played alone or with others because many support single-player and multiplayer modes. Playing games with turns can be a terrific way to relax, challenge the brain, and have some fun with friendly competition.

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