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Videos have become a highly effective tool for entertainment, marketing, and knowledge sharing. Online video optimizer tools can make your videos compatible with different platforms and optimize for search engines.

These days, almost everyone is making videos. But to make sure that your videos reach the right audience and comply with the formatting rules of the hosting websites, you need to use a video optimizer for the web. Video optimizer tools can significantly improve your video quality and make the videos rank higher in search engines.

Continue reading to know more about an online video optimizer, its importance in marketing, and the top tools that help you with video optimization. 

What is a Video Optimizer?

Video optimization can refer to two things. Traditionally, it means converting your video file format, compressing it to reduce the file size, and performing other editing tasks so the video looks perfect. However, video optimization also means optimizing a video for the search engines. 

How Can a Video Optimizer for Web Help in Video Marketing?

Marketing and optimization are deeply connected. While all online marketing strategies include videos, SEO is crucial for videos as well. Using an online video optimizer, you can easily optimize your videos for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and social platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Reasons to Use Online Video Optimizers

  • Convert video into formats suitable for the hosting platform
  • Improve audio and video quality by editing
  • Decrease file size for quick video upload and viewing
  • Add subtitles, remove noises, and fix the color grade
  • Reach maximum audience beyond your followers
  • Achieve better search result visibility
  • Get more views, likes, and subscribers
  • Make your videos rank high on relevant keywords
  • Increased ROI and better brand identity

Top Techniques of Video Optimization

  • Compress video file size without compromising quality
  • Create videos on globally and locally trending topics
  • Make your videos searchable with relevant titles, descriptions, hashtags, and tags
  • Perform A/B testing for thumbnails to choose the best one
  • Add transcription of your videos
  • Promote your videos on every possible platform, including social media
  • Plan for videos by analyzing the previous performance
  • Choose the right site for hosting

Let’s now look at the best video optimizer software.


Movavi is your one-stop solution for all video-making needs, including editing🎞️, conversion, and screen recording. With this feature-packed video suite, one can make stunning videos and slideshows. It also comes with an array of effects that you can use to optimize your video content.

This video optimizer for web can convert between more than 180 file formats and let you manually set parameters besides offering some useful presets. Users can convert multiple files simultaneously and add subtitles to their videos. 

Movavi also allows you to transfer files without wires and access the files from the media library of this platform. It lets you add various audio effects to your video sounds, such as compressor, distortion, gate, and flanger.

Its interface ensures a better experience for both novice and experienced users. This Windows-based software also works as a DVD📀 or Blu-ray burner, media player, and a large collection of stock content.

Apart from the above attributes, the application lets you record whatever is happening on your computer screen (website browsing, video calls, software working) with high-quality audio and video. You can also include a voice-over and highlight using the cursor on the video with this tool.


If you want your YouTube channel to grow faster and reach a wide audience, TubeBuddy is the right browser extension. It provides you with all the necessary tools to get more views for your videos and an increased number of subscribers for your channel at the quickest possible time.

Using its keyword search tool, users can find out high-performing topics to create videos and include appropriate titles, descriptions, and tags. The thumbnail generator of this online video optimizer can create catchy thumbnails for your videos quickly to speed up the publish time.

TubeBuddy comes with a social tracker tool that allows you to promote your videos across various platforms in order to get views for your new videos from your existing followers. It also lets you track the traffic you got from social media shares.

It also familiarizes you with the best practices of YouTube so you can get more views and subscribers. Moreover, users can translate their title and description into other global languages, check their video ranking compared to the competitors on a certain keyword, and view overall channel performance with this extension.

It also lets you perform an A/B test to find the best thumbnail, title, description, and tags for videos.


The process of video editing can be time-consuming and hectic. With Ashampoo, you can quickly edit your videos with excellent results. This multi-feature tool can stabilize and enhance your videos and make them ready to win the hearts of the audience.

Using its Quick Mode, you can edit multiple videos at lightning speed. Also, tasks like denoising, stabilizing, and sharpening videos take only a few clicks with this app. It also offers various smart auto-features to enhance the video quality instantly.

Those who want maximum control and are willing to achieve perfection with manual fine-tuning should use the Extended Mode. It offers plenty of customization options and a large preview. Therefore, you can create separate sections from your video, optimize them individually, and remove unwanted sections. 

Ashampoo is a completely automated video optimizer for the web that supports batch processing of multiple videos. It also fixes any unfavorable digital noise, lens distortion, or flickering. Using its slow motion or time-lapse effects, you can create stunning videos.

If there is a need to add text or images to individual scenes, this platform can help you with that too. With this video editor, users can cut a section of a video, rotate the video from default orientation, and merge different clips.

Its prolific color profiles containing color tones, lighting, saturation, and vignettes help you achieve the perfect balance without less effort.


Show is the video optimization tool that helps you perform hassle-free and automated video SEO for the best results. With its help, you can quickly create search-engine-friendly videos and get those indexed. 

This dynamic tool ensures that all changes become effective immediately after embedding the code. Hence, users can test different styles without rewriting from scratch. 

It facilitates easy reading of your video title and description by the crawler so that the audience can find the video. Users can enjoy intelligent video optimization with this platform as it adds metadata that helps search engines spot your video content quickly. 

Also, this video optimizer for web assists your videos in ranking on a variety of relevant search terms. By bringing a new efficiency level to your videos, Show makes sure these attract more viewers and get you better results.

Using this tool, you can get discovered by the audience earlier and stay ahead of your competitors. Some additional features of this video optimizer are video hosting and super-fast streaming.


Whether you are a video creator or advertiser, Vidooly is an online video analyzer that will help you become successful in video marketing across different platforms. It offers you reliable data and insights on crucial metrics related to the online video industry.

Every video publisher wants their videos to get viewed and loved by maximum people. To ensure that, Vidooly analyzes the keywords and finds out the best one related to your industry or domain. 

You can also use it to analyze the trend based on location and category and come up with new ideas. Besides, the platform offers tag suggestions to increase video searchability on YouTube and suggests the best time to upload the videos.

This tool also helps you analyze your competitors’ audiences and build a new audience for your channel. You will also get YouTube audience insights from this platform to know the people who unsubscribed from your channel or viewers who are yet to subscribe.


Are you looking for an open-source option for video optimization which is absolutely free? If yes, you should go for HandBrake. It lets you perform standard or high-quality video conversion in simple steps.

As far as input files are concerned, this video optimizer for web supports most common multimedia files available globally. You can also convert video from DVD or BluRay sources but make sure the files do not contain copy-protected content.

Its supported output file formats include MP4, MKV, WebM, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, VP8, VP9, Theora, H.264, and H.265. Users can scan multiple files in batch and queue them up for encoding.

HandBrake also lets you perform various video optimization tasks, including cropping, scaling, grayscale, colorspace, deinterlacing, detelecine, decomb, denoise, and deblock. During optimization, you can select the title, chapter, and range. 

Moreover, it is also possible to add subtitles in SRT, VobSub, CC CEA-608, and SSA. It also facilitates average bitrate video encoding and live video preview.

This tool offers multiple platform support. Therefore, you can download its separate versions for Windows (Win 10 and later versions,) Mac (version 10.13 and later), and Linux.

Conclusion 📽️

Video optimization has become an integral part of video making. Here, we have compiled a list of top online video optimizer tools and extensions to ensure your videos are compatible with website requirements and easily searchable by the audience.

If you are into Instagram, you might want to learn how to resize a video for Instagram using tools.

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