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In Privacy and Security Last updated: April 6, 2023
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Visitor management systems (VMS) are becoming popular as organizations are required to level up their game due to increased risks related to health, safety, and compliance standards.

According to a report, the market size for the global visitor management system is likely to expand from US$1.1 billion in 2021 to US$ 2.3 billion by 2026.

Various factors are responsible for its growth, including increased security awareness, demand for paperless work, and the need to adhere to regulations. It is evident especially after the Covid-19 breakout, leading to major changes in the way industries used to work.

Technology and security systems have advanced to cope up with the digital workforce and post-COVID world scenarios.

A visitor management system can help organizations adapt to the changes seamlessly while offering the best possible services, products, and visitor experience.

Let’s discuss this software and how it can help you.

What is Visitor Management?

Visitor management refers to the process of tracking and managing visitors that come and go from your organizational premises. Whether your organization has a receptionist or not, visitor management is essential for your employees and the company’s safety.

Even if you offer outstanding products, services, and customer service, visitor management goes a step ahead to ensure they leave your premises with a good impression. It not only boosts your brand reputation and increases awareness but also encourages people to walk again to you when in need.

Now, you may think who we are calling visitors here. Visitors can be:

  • Vendors and contractors
  • Attendees for a business meeting
  • Regulatory or auditing professionals
  • Job interview candidates
  • Messengers
  • People seeking some information
  • Delivery persons

Apart from that, visitors can be employees who may not be frequent visitors to the premises like people working from home. Sometimes, unexpected drop-ins may also happen.

What’s a visitor management system?

A visitor management system or software (VMS) is a tool that tracks and manages people coming to business premises and leaving them. It represents various processes to manage the visitor flow from arrival to departure to provide the best experience while ensuring everyone’s safety and business compliance.

Businesses of all sizes can use visitor management software, not only the bigger companies. In addition, VMS is efficient for various industry verticals, including defense and aerospace, automotive, chemicals, commercial services and supplies, consumer goods, distributions, healthcare, IT, electronics, engineering, and many more.

There are different types of VMS available:

  • Self-service visitor management: A kiosk is used for check-ins. Here, visitors wait in the queues, fill in details, and submit required documents to get a guest badge.
  • Staff-administered VMS: The staff of an organization monitors and controls visitors using the software.
  • Computer-based VMS: It’s a one-window computer system to allow a company to monitor and control visitors. It can gather data in real-time and automates manual tasks for a better experience.
  • SaaS-based VMS: It’s a third-party software to monitor and control visitors from businesses of different scales. Here, organizations don’t have to manage the infrastructure or spend time in maintenance; service providers care for that, and the cost is affordable.

What’s the need for a visitor management system?

Visitor management systems are vital for organizations to monitor and manage visitors, especially during and after a global crisis like Covid-19. It helps you adapt to the new challenges and ensure the safety of your workforce and visitors.

That said, face-to-face business meetings are still in place even in this age of live webinars and video conferencing. In fact, many businesses are now open and allow visitors, hence, ensuring that all visitors are accounted for while ensuring safety; visitor management systems play an instrumental role.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of VMS:

Better visitor experience

Offering a good visitor experience will build your brand reputation and welcome more visitors. People will choose you instead of competitors if you ensure they leave your premises happily. A VMS can help you achieve that by letting you manage everything with ease without creating hassles for visitors.

Streamlined reception process

With a good VMS in place, all the processes will be managed efficiently, from receiving visitors to departure. Using the software allows your staff to treat your guests based on their reasons for visiting you. It will also help you manage the meetings and make sure they start in time, and visitors don’t get frustrated waiting in the lobby.

Safety and contactless tracking

VMS software will help you perform contactless tracking and management of visitors. It will ensure everyone’s safety inside your building premises. As a result, you can maintain superior protection from health-related issues such as COVID or other infectious diseases. In addition, the software will help you defend your organization from risks related to intellectual property, workplace safety, and so on.


Using the VMS, you can record important data collected from visitors, including their personal information, IDs, medical documents, and other papers. It will help you manage them easily and keep a record, so you don’t run into compliance risks like GDPR, HIPAA, etc.

Tracking employees/staff

Apart from managing visitors, the software will help you track your employees’ or staff’s activities. It will maximize their productivity and help them focus on crucial areas. As risks can be external and internal, keeping an eye on your internal staff helps reduce risks.

If you want to avail of these benefits, here are some of the best VMS providers in the market.


Build the most accessible employee and visitor sign-in system SwipedOn, that’s secure, simple, and streamlined. It lets you experience a flexible working environment with complete workplace management.

SwipedOn helps you transform the workplace by replacing old visitor books with a simple, modern, and sleek visitor management solution. Get plenty of benefits from this single platform, such as performing contactless employee and visitor sign-in.

You will get features like contact tracing tools, instant notifications, ID badge printing, digital agreements, employee in-out board, evacuation management, and screening questions with alerts. Visitors can sign in directly by scanning the QR code using their mobile camera without physical contact. It will prevent your business and staff from exposure to infectious diseases.

Furthermore, you can easily handle safety and health registers, COVID-19 policy, non-disclosure agreements, etc. Many industries use SwipedOn, like construction, logistics, not-for-profit, utilities, education, aged care, manufacturing, sports, marine, tourism, co-working, and many more. The best thing is that SwipedOn plants trees for every new customer.

Experience the platform even better with many add-ons such as catering, deliveries, and unlimited SMS. For better management options for your employees and visitors, you can connect SwipedOn with business tools to smoothly run your work, like Microsoft Active Directory or Azure Active Directory.

You will also find zero setup costs, easy contact tracing, visitor screening tools, and touch-free sign-in in every plan. Modernize the front desk for visitors at just $49/month for a single location.


iLobby is a global leader in enterprise visitor management, which is trusted by international airports, major banks, Fortune 500 companies, and the government to manage, monitor, and track visitors.

Scan the Photo ID Card document to get the information using a dedicated scanner or built-in camera to ensure proper identification. Use a 3rd-party or internal watch list database to check instantly and flag or deny unwelcome guests.

During an emergency, it will alert every employee and provide you a list of those on the site to assist with the headcount. It automates the highly complex process of validating, monitoring, and screening individuals across all the locations to meet compliance, safety, security, and privacy requirements.

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You can screen visitors, contractors, employees, returning visitors, custom types, interviews, meetings, events, and deliveries. Secure your business by checking who is in your building, streamlining the sign-in process of the visitors, automating compliance and security, and controlling physical access.

Make your visitors know about the legal documents like liability, waivers, and NDAs and collect their digital signatures. In addition, store all the legal documents in a single place securely to download them whenever needed. You can also create custom reports easily with few clicks and view all dashboard reports or export the information.

Always be ready for the audits by maintaining a list of signed documents and other data. Integrate with your business tools like Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, Slack, Voice call, user directories like Azure Active Directory, Cisco, Google identities, etc., single sign-on Okta, Onelogin, CRMs, Email and Calendar, Drives, access control, and many more.

Get it for free for trial or choose a plan starting at $199/month.

Envoy Visitors

Give a fresh experience to yourself and everyone who visits your workplace with Envoy Visitors. Keep your workplace secure by the visitor management system and save your time. Check who, why, and when someone is visiting and restrict the visitor who doesn’t meet your criteria.

Additionally, make your workplace healthier with the help of touchless sign-in options. There’s no need for tracking down employees and keeping track of the signed documents or handwriting badges. Instead, you get everything on a single dashboard to track everything you want with the option of downloading some documents.

Make a good impression when a guest shows up by sending directions to the workplace, surveying them to know their experience, and making them say wow with an iPad sign-in. You can also capture and store everything securely to remain compliant with the regulations.

During audits, export the necessary data quickly for a painless review. In addition, create multiple options for sign-in that ask various questions to know the purpose of every guest’s visit. Your employees will also get notifications instantly and automatically when guests arrive.

Screen each visitor by setting some criteria and check whether they appear on third-party or internal watch lists. Also, get reports and analytics on visitor volume and export data quickly in some clicks. You can also prompt your guests to sign legal documents like waivers and NDAs on the iPad.

Moreover, create custom badges or allow Envoy Visitors to print the badges automatically when a visitor sign-in. Ask your guests to capture a photo so that their host can confidently greet them.  You can also create a healthy and safe workplace, keep an eye on the office, get data to work smarter, and keep your employees focused.

Get limited features if you opt for a free plan or choose the best-suited plan for your business at just $99/month/location.


Greetly is an easy and simple platform to use the visitor management system to keep your workplace safe. Instead of using a traditional receptionist, use this user-friendly and fully customizable platform that lets you integrate well-known CRMs and messaging applications.

The tool always makes sure that the right member will get notified as soon as the guest finishes the sign-in process. No matter where you are, you will get alerts instantly about your guests’ arrival so that you can take action quickly.

Greetly aims to make the interface more accessible for visitors to understand and for you to use it on the front desk. It also extends the ethos happily to the other interface functions. You can complete the setup process within minutes and be ready to use it on the same day.

The tool can represent your business as you want it to do with fully customizable check-in workflows. It gathers all the data from the visitors and streamlines it so that visitors will get the best experience. You can also customize the welcoming interface as per your needs and customers’ and allow Greetly to be a helping hand.

Security is a significant part of any front desk, and Greetly instantly prints the badges featuring visitor’s photos, details, and other relevant information. It offers a free demo and welcomes you with a step-by-step guide to start.

The paid plans are starting at $79/month per location.

Sign In App

Sign In App is built for the modern workplace, which is safe and intelligent for sign-in. You can use this software for visitor management, contractor and staff sign-in, and desk room booking. It features Spaces – a flexible and smart meeting and desk room booking add-on.

The platform helps you embrace your maximum workforce and manage capacity effectively. You can also allow your visitors to sign in by using their smartphone via a QR code scanner. Your guests don’t need to install any separate app; contactless sign-in is secure and fully customizable for the industries.

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In addition, build a questionnaire for every visitor group by creating multiple-choice questions. Take care of the company’s health and privacy or safety requirements by reducing the sign-in time. It will also offer complete control over the data.

Sign In App balances storing necessary and critical information for safety and reporting while maintaining visitors’ privacy. It is built to evolve itself with new functionalities and features and deliver a better experience to visitors. Get advanced features like pre-registering visitors, staff sign-in, contractor management, companion app, messages, policies, NDAs, custom data fields, etc.

You will also get advantages of an evacuation list, multiple sites, languages, events, deliveries, a welcome screen, integrations, custom badges for every visitor, notifications, and many more. Customize the package you need or take a 15-day free trial. If you find it useful, switch to a paid subscription at any time.


Empower your visitors, contractors, and employees to return safely while respecting privacy and staying compliant globally with Proxyclick. Desk booking is an easy, safe, and simple way to welcome employees to the workplace.

Allow your employees to choose where, with whom, and when they sit within the predefined spaces. You will get full visibility of who is working and where everyone is sitting. It will help you organize the workplace to be safe, welcoming, and efficient.

Furthermore, you can explore the volume and depth of possibilities with the extreme systems. Integrate the tools which you and your team are familiar with for seamless implementations. This is the only VMS with a complete ISAE 3000 Type 1 Privacy Attestation so that people can trust you.

It supports 30 million visits at 7000 locations to help you rely on your team more. You can also scale with the VMS which offers unlimited hosts, kiosks, and visitors. Get a never-ending list of features to enhance each visitor’s experience, streamline the front desk, and secure the assets.

Its features include desk and employee booking, visitor flows, powerful dashboards, smart flows for visitors and employees, premium integrations, advanced security, enterprise services, customer success, and many more. In addition, you can keep your employees and visitors safe with the COVID-19 prevention program.

Screen your visitors and employees before they arrive, share safety instructions, grant them access with the QR code, stay secure and flexible, and limit health risks. Go for a plan that best suits your requirements for $100/month per location.


Keep your contractors, visitors, and employees secure and safe with wellness checks, contact tracing, touchless sign-in, and more while working off-site and on-site with WhosOnLocation. It is a comprehensive solution that manages pre-registrations, visitor identity, contact tracing, security alerts, and creates visitor policy awareness.

Manage contractors’ hazard notice compliance, induction management across various facilities, and attendance. You can also manage employee permissions and presence to support site security and profiles. Not to mention, everything is backed with powerful insight and reporting.

The tool offers a no-touch and easy sign-in to track each employee who is working alone. Also, get emergency features like self-verification, evacuation and mustering reports, insight and collaboration, and manual roll calls. Limit access to qualified and authorized employees, contractors, and visitors to secure your facilities.

WhosOnLocation helps you screen visitors, contractors, and employees to reduce the risk of intruders or unauthorized guests. Also, make sure who is allowed on-site and has completed health screening.

It has plans that work for everyone, irrespective of the company size. Manage everything at a starting price of $599/year per location.

Traction Guest

Give your organization a single place to manage, govern, and secure an entire process of visitor operations with Traction Guest. Traction Guest keeps your sites secure, processes compliant, and employees safe, ensuring each interaction drives maximum productivity.

It helps visitors and employees to find their correct entrance and location, validate or scan their identification, meet their host, choose their language. Additionally, you can track who is on the site to maintain emergency and safety protocols. Also, collect necessary data to meet compliance standards.

Represent your brand when you welcome visitors to build experiences and create a visual impact that makes every visit memorable and productive. With the help of a single configurable system, address your requirements of global location like permissions, languages, and data.

Take a suitable plan for your organization at just $115/month/iPad.

Pronestor Visitor

Pronestor Visitor offers a safe platform to manage visitors. It is an innovative management solution where you can get an entire overview of the visitors from past, present, or future. It also allows you to track every meeting and booking by providing automated notifications.

Pronestor Visitor helps you send directions to your visitors and provide a boarding card to scan with their phone to check-in. With proper reports, you will know who is where and whom to see. The tool can also handle many entry points in multiple locations at a time. Additionally, you can inform the guidelines to your visitors upon registration or before meetings.

This platform shows you a 360-degree view of the organization’s activities. Start combining the feedback and data to enhance your facilities’ availability, which is essential for productivity. Moreover, the platform makes it easy for your guests and organization to stay healthy and safe.

Conclusion 👨‍🏫

Visitor management systems are in demand these days across different industries and business sizes. The software can help you offer an outstanding visitor experience while ensuring organizational safety, security, and compliance needs.

Next, explore some of the best time tracking software for the team.

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