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Bright Data and Oxylabs are two crucial web data solutions that help you gather and analyze available data ethically for various purposes like web scraping. 

Data is a primary source for modern businesses. But businesses face difficulties in accessing quality data to drive their growth. 

You need data to understand your market, consumers, and competitors and make strategies that will help you stay on top of your game. 

For this, you must gather web-based data ethically from different sources and analyze it. But how do you do that without letting the source websites know about it?

One way to do this is by using proxy servers from a reputed provider. It will provide you with useful features for scrapping high-quality data from reliable sources. 

There are a lot of providers you will find on the internet, and Bright Data and Oxylabs are two of the most used proxy providers. 

In this article, I’ll compare Bright Data and Oxylabs by discussing what they do, their features, and more to help you choose the best proxy provider for web scrapping among these tools.

Before that, let’s discuss what web scraping is and its importance for your business.

What Is Web Scraping?

Web scraping refers to a process where data is extracted from multiple sources or websites. It collects information and exports it into a readable format, like a spreadsheet. 

Even though you can manually scrape the web for data, automating this process can save you plenty of time and effort. For this, there are automated web scraping tools available that can extract data with accuracy and speed. 

However, web scraping is not an easy task. Different websites come in different forms. Hence, web scrapers vary in terms of their features and functionalities. The data you finally collect will get saved in a locally available file so you can easily analyze it when in need. Common data types are videos, product information, images, text, reviews, customer sentiments, and more. 

Importance of Web Scraping

Web scraping plays a vital role for your business in helping you develop your business, study market and competitors, and achieve success. Some of the benefits it provides are: 

  • Accuracy: Web Scraping helps your business get accurate results. With automated scraping, you can get reliable and fast results. 
  • High-quality data: Web scraping brings well-structured, clean, and high-quality data using scraping APIs so that you can use fresh data for your use case. 
  • Save cost: Web scraping saves time and costs as it reduces the overall time of the data extraction process. 
  • Time-to-market: With high-quality, accurate results from web help, you can accelerate time to market by accelerating different operations and tasks.  
  • Enhanced innovation: Web scraping helps you innovate and build new products faster since you can save time with automation and direct your efforts to more productive tasks and ideas.

To carry out data extraction operations, web scraping tools are helpful. And there are two good options for this – Bright Data and Oxylabs. Let’s understand what they do and compare them to find the better option for your needs.

What Is Bright Data?

Bright Data is a popular data extraction platform that focuses on web transparency and continuous innovation. It is a robust proxy network that allows you to browse anonymously and fetch reliable data, ethically and with compliance. Users use this data to analyze, understand, research, and monitor to make informed decisions intelligently. 

Bright Data helps you collect high-quality, structured data with its award-winning proxy networks, ready-to-use datasets, and powerful web scrapers. No matter what business type you have, you can use its accurate and structured data for every use case. 

Bright Data encourages the use of this tool for only ethical and responsible web scraping purposes that can benefit a business as well as customers. It helps increase transparency on the web, reduces malicious behavior, and prevents risks by utilizing advanced cybersecurity functionalities.

In order to make sure that the customers are using Bright Data for genuine purposes, it does a compliance evaluation for its users so that anyone buying the mobile or residential proxies needs to show a legitimate use before getting access. 

Bright Data performs data retention and network monitoring to ensure customers are doing what they are supposed to. If it finds something suspicious or risky, it may block the user and investigate the scenario urgently. 

Bright Data has a large coverage across the globe. Many enterprises rely on this solution to gather important web data in an efficient, flexible, and reliable form. 

What Is Oxylabs?

Oxylabs is a premium provider of web scraping solutions and proxies. Operating since 2015, it has a wide range of coverage globally and spreads across 18+ countries. It comes with awesome features and strong enterprise-level support for your customers. 

This platform offers several proxies, such as data center proxies, next-gen residential proxies, scraper APIs, and more. The proxy server supports protocols, including HTTPS, HTTP, and SOCKS5. You can have unlimited concurrent sessions to scale up your web scraping efforts. 

Oxylabs’ rotating proxies provide approximately 99.2% of success, so you can skip IP bans and CAPTCHAs while controlling the entire sessions. Its high-quality network of different proxies covers around 195 locations, including country, state, and city-level geolocation targeting. 

Furthermore, Oxylabs changes the IP address after every request and configures your recent session easily so that you can safely extract data from sources. You can even access geo-restricted data out of any location. It has numerous residential proxies, let’s say around 100M+. This means you can easily access IPs globally and overcome geo-restrictions. 

In addition, you will only get high-quality proxies coming from a legitimate web source. Oxylabs offers reliable uptime that allows you to run web scraping operations smoothly.

Also, it enables you to manage and control your proxy usage or data from its dashboard. You can also view usage statistics, create and manage sub-users, manage subscriptions, and whitelist IPs. 

Oxylabs provides complete transparency on the residential proxies sources to upload its core values, such as quality, fairness, social responsibility, security, and ethics. The Scraper APIs will take your enterprise to a greater height by lessening the scraping cost and delivering 100% accurate results via ready-to-use data APIs. 

Bright Data vs Oxylabs: Scraping Solutions

Scraping Solutions of Bright Data

  • Scraping browser: Get everything you need for your business using the scraping browser. You can revolutionize the data scraping process using browsers specially built with website unblocking automation. With Scraping Browser API, you can bypass even the toughest website blocks, outsmart the bot-detection software, and scale with scraping browsers.
  • Web Scraper IDE: With Bright Data’s pre-built scraping functions and Web Scraper IDE, you can reduce the development time easily and enable limitless scale. It helps you to bypass any blocks and CAPTCHAs easily, use pre-built JavaScript functions and code templates, and more. In addition, you will get templates, interactive preview, browser scripting in JavaScript, parser creation, and ready-made functions. 
  • SERP API: Convert your result pages into data insights to make informed and actionable decisions. Get structured data easily with SERP API, delivered in HTML or JSON format. It is highly customizable, letting you use the tailored parameters. You will get real-time SERP data from major search engines, such as Google Search API, Yandex Search API, Yahoo Search API, Naver Search API, and more. 
  • Web Unlocker: With Bright Data’s Web Unlocker, avoid getting blocked. It can tackle cookies, site-specific browser user agents, and captcha solving. In addition, it scrapes the targeted sites continuously with automated IP address rotation. 

Scraping Solutions of Oxylabs

  • SERP Scraper API: This API is used for real-time data extraction for your business. It offers a better ad scraping rate and coordinate-level accurate data. Use this API to gather reliable and timely search results from popular search engines. Depending on the targets, you will receive structured data in raw HTML or JSON format. Regardless of your location, you can access search engine data from anywhere. SERP API allows you to collect data from 195 countries. 
  • Eccomerce Scraper API: Get real-time, highly precise product data with Ecommerce Scraper API. You can access precise product data quickly from the 50 online marketplaces. Get ecommerce data on time from different page types, such as in HTML, JSON, product and search pages, etc. Get local data from any place around the world and retrieve high-quality data in seconds with the help of an ML-based Adaptive Parser. 
  • Real Estate Scraper API: Gather data from real estate websites for your business needs with Real Estate Scraper API. It helps you bypass any advanced anti-bot systems easily. It also ensures a continuous flow of accurate data from popular websites, including amenities, property type, location, pricing, and more. This API will deliver results in an HTML format or to the cloud storage bucket. 
  • Web Scraper API: With this API, you can gather country-specific data effortlessly without IP blocks. You can even extract data from the most complex websites. Oxylabs’ built-in patented JavaScript rendering, proxy rotator, and other solutions help ensure a reliable and quick data extraction process.

Bright Data vs. Oxylabs: Use Cases

Use cases of Bight Data

  • E-commerce: Track as many competitors as you want from any location across the world using real-time data and gain informative insights into pricing strategies, product offerings, consumer sentiments, etc. You will get high-volume data, global coverage, and a reliable data stream. 
  • Social media marketing: Grow better on social media platforms with intelligent campaigns, understanding customer journeys, and anticipating recent big trends in real time.
  • SERP and SEO: Collect data from search engines and analyze keywords and website traffic to improve SEO and perform brand placement, trend monitoring, and lead generation. In addition, revolutionize your off-page and on-page SEO strategies with keyword, backlink intelligence, and real-time insights. You can also conduct deep research on the market and generate trends by identifying customer trends. 
  • Ad Tech: You can conduct intelligence ad campaigns in real time, verify ads, and protect your brand. With Bright Data Ad Tech, you can make sure the right ads are effortlessly reaching the right customers. In addition, you can measure the correct placement and size of your ad along with quality. 
  • Market research: Understand your audience deeply, build better products, and anticipate new market trends with this web data platform. Bright Data market research helps you carry out amazing market trend analysis to stay on the trend, detect and monitor target audiences, target competition, and uncover the most needful influencers. 
  • Travel: Compare travel prices on your competitor websites, monitor how users plan to travel, forecast the next travel trends, and upgrade your website for your audiences. You can optimize the pricing strategy by gathering real-time flight, tourism, and hotel data in real-time.

Use Cases of Oxylabs

  • Cybersecurity: Gather real-time data to monitor malicious activities anonymously and avoid geo-restrictions while crawling the deep web and public data. You can verify email content and perform email protection with efficiency and speed without interruptions. 
  • Brand protection: Ensure brand protection with Oxylabs web scraping solution. Retrieve valuable public data and convert it into your brand advantage to stop counterfeiting and infringement. 
  • Ad verification: Ensure proper display of advertisements for your right audience. You can extend search operations and initiate several verification tasks. It helps you avoid being flagged and resemble organic traffic.
  • Website change monitoring: Detecting website changes is a complete array of critical tasks for a business. Web Scraper API is the perfect solution for you that can help you monitor HTML code changes and page availability all over the web. It can handle complex targets and extract public data. 

Bright Data vs. Oxylabs: Differences

Bright DataOxylabs
Bright Data is one of the best data platforms that can help you drive your business by gathering, analyzing, and utilizing data.Oxylabs has the largest proxy network that allows you to work ethically to gather public data with industry-leading scraping solutions. 
It offers different scraping solutions, such as Scraping Browser, SERP API, Web Unlocker, and Web Scraper IDE.It offers SERP Scraper API, E-commerce Scraper API, Real Estate Scraper API, and Web Scraper API.
You will get residential proxies, mobile proxies, rotating ISP proxies, shared datacenter proxies, dedicated data center proxies, SOCKS5 proxies, and more.You will get residential proxies, mobile proxies, rotating ISP proxies, shared data center proxies, dedicated data center proxies, SOCKS5 proxies, and more.
Bright Data provides multiple tools like Proxy Manager and Proxy Browser Extension.Oxylabs provides multiple tools and add-ons, including Oxy Proxy Extension for Chrome, Oxy Proxy Manager for Android, Proxy Rotator, and more. 
It has a vast proxy network of more than 72M IPs from 195 countries with a 99.99% reliable uptime. It has the largest proxy network of more than 100M IPs, covering 195 countries with a reliable uptime of 99.95%. 
Bright Data offers a free trial. You can also opt for a free Google sign-up. There is no free trial.
You can chat with the customer support team via Whatsapp, Email, and Telegram and directly connects with the team available 24×7. Get in touch with the support via email. 


Bright Data and Oxylabs both allow you to extract high-quality data from different sources for your business. Both are equally helpful in providing valuable data to help you grow your business.

Bright Data offers useful features and has a network of 72M+ IPs with 99.99% uptime. It offers a free trial using which you can understand how it can benefit you.

On the other hand, Oxylabs is the world’s largest proxy network, with 100M+ IPs from around the world. It allows you to collect data with industry-leading scraping features and has an uptime of 99.95%.

Ultimately, both Bright Data and Oxylabs are good options for different types of businesses. So, choose the best data extraction tool for your business based on your requirements and the tool’s features, offerings, and pricing.

You may also explore some popular cloud-based web scraping Solutions.

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