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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 29, 2022
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These days everybody is aware of the mammoth power of the internet and the online world.

Whether it’s a business person or a YouTuber, they all know that the audience sitting and surfing the internet can increase their revenue graph.

But for this, everyone needs an online platform where they understand their targeted audience and can interact with them. 


To accomplish this goal, one would have to ask which is the best online platform where they can interact with others. The answer from our side is the Discord platform that can benefit you a lot. 

What is Discord, and what are its benefits?

Before heading to the other part of the article, here’s a brief introduction and explanation of Discord. Discord is a VoIP and instant messaging social platform. The users using this platform are given many facilities like voice calls, video calls, text messaging, and media and files in private chats or even sending them in communities called “servers.”

Discord can be installed and used on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPad, Linux, and any web browser. Some of the key advantages of Discord are listed below.


When discussing a platform with immense benefits that can run well, you would consider the charges for using the platform. The surprising answer is that the majority of Discord’s services are free of cost. On top of that, the charges for the remaining services are way cheaper than other platforms. 


In Discord, you can interact with others through video calls and texts and even send important files to them. It is one of the best parts of the app. Also, the app allows unlimited file sharing ability to anyone. You can interact with your friends or audience through Discord. 

Maintained Privacy

The main concern is privacy when using a platform that allows you to share anything, like any files, and where you can converse about anything. Discord has been known for its privacy for many years. The platform never compromises the privacy of its users. 

User Interface

The user interface of Discord is attractive yet easy to use. Also, there are not so many complaints about bugs in the app. The platform is well designed and coded for every operating system. Whether it’s Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPad, Linux, and web browsers, you will not encounter any problem with the platform. 

Community Building

One of the best advantages of using Discord is that you can build a community here. You can build communities and interact with people of your interest or talk with your audience or customers while making them aware of your new products or projects.

Now, if you are interested in knowing about the community-making ability you will get when using Discord, then you should read the article further. 

Discord Community

Popularity and Benefits of Discord in Community Building

Discord is known for many things, but it’s widely known for community building. People like this feature of Discord so much that they always choose this platform for building a community. 

Discord has over 800K daily downloads and is blessed with 120 million monthly active users. Many people are building communities that benefit them in numerous ways. If you are thinking about building a community on Discord, the below-mentioned benefits will make it more clear for you.

Customized Designing

When making a community on Discord, you have the power to style the channel in your way. You have the right to choose what features are to be added and what should be the color theme of the channel or, say, server.

Full Control

In a Discord community, you get all the powers to control your community. The community’s admin has full access over the community, like who can be added to the server, and can also prevent the community from wrong people by removing them regularly.

Target the Right Audience

With a Discord community, you can target the right audience. Being a YouTuber, you can interact with your subscribers, and as an online businessman, you can regularly share your products in the community. It can help in boosting sales and can benefit a lot. 

Announcement Channels

On Discord, you can also create announcement channels in which you can create a particular audience and inform them about your new products in a timely manner. Also, the audience will see the products with high chances of conversion. 


Discord is known for its privacy and security services. It’s next to impossible to hack a community server, and also, it’s very difficult to spam a server too. With this, all the chats on the platform are not shared anywhere and are fully private, maintaining one’s privacy

Obstacles in the maintenance of communities

Yet, with all these benefits of community servers, there are some obstacles in maintaining a server when the server is blessed with a good audience. Admins of servers with many members often complain that sometimes it’s tough to manage a server. Some of the obstacles that you might encounter while maintaining a community are:

Spammy Links

It is a big problem for a server manager to deal with spammy links. Usually, in larger communities, many spammy links are sent, and it becomes so difficult for one to deal with these links. 

Wrong Members

Sometimes in a Discord server, wrong members are added, and it’s hard to pluck them out and remove them. These bad members can indulge in fights with any other member or can degrade the reputation of the server. 

Inappropriate Messages 

Also, sometimes many inappropriate messages are sent to the server that can force other members to leave the server, eventually affecting your business and the server.

How to overcome these obstacles?

As you are aware, maintaining a server has many difficulties, but when there is a problem, there is a solution too. So, let’s discuss the keys to overcoming the obstacles and making your server one of the best.

Hire a Mod

Hiring a Mod is an excellent option to counter all the problems in managing a Discord community. For this, you need some investment, which would seem a bit difficult initially. You can start managing everything yourself, but you will need a team down the line. 

Build Discord Bots

The next solution to the problem is to build discord bots, which are a cheaper option and easy to make. 

Discord Bot

Benefits of Discord Bots

Discord bots can help you maintain Discord servers. Some of the benefits of Discord bots are as follows.

Welcome new members

Discord bots can be used to welcome new members to the community. You can greet them with a message, and at the time of their arrival, the Discord bot will inform the new members about the rules and regulations of the server and will also define the community. 

Regulate the conversations

Discord bots will also help with the regulation of the conversation. If any conversation goes against the rules and regulations of the community, then the member will be informed about it and will be warned for the next time. 

Remove Spammers

Discord bots come in handy to remove all the members who add spammy links or spam conversations. This is one of the best advantages of a Discord bot that can significantly relieve the server’s manager. 

Engages the community better 

Discord bots also help engage the community by providing them with new and exciting features like listening to music and much more. It will create a loyal community and will make a strong bond within the community.

After reading out the benefits of Discord bots, you might be thinking about where you can build Discord bots. Here are the best platforms from which you can build Discord bots to get some help for managing your server. 


Autocode platform will help you make a Discord bot with all your requirements fulfilled. You can make a Discord bot here even if you don’t have any technical knowledge. It will only take a few minutes to build a bot over here. On top of this, you can also get added to the community of Autocode and learn a lot about Discord bots. 


After making a Discord bot, you can share the bot with others. Autocode also offers code editing services. The UI of the platform is perfect and easy to use, with no functional bugs on the website.


BotGhost will create a Discord bot with full customization features. You can design your commands with this tool. Users like this platform and always leave positive reviews for their service. You can make your Discord bot for free here in under 5 minutes without any coding requirements.


The platform has created more than a million bots till now and is dedicated to making more Discord bots. You can create a bot for any occasion here, and the platform will give you over 300 commands. The best part is that you can even design your own commands here. 

Discord Bot Studio

Discord Bot Studio is another good platform that you should choose to build Discord bots. Creating customized bots for Discord is super easy with this platform. The drag-and-drop editor makes it super easy to create a Discord bot. 

YouTube video

There are many pre-built elements through which you can create a Discord bot quickly, and also, the platform shares an ability to download the code of the Discord bot that is created along with custom command creation. 

Discord Bot Builder

Discord Bot Builder will build a Discord bot by fulfilling all your demands and providing many premium features with a commendable supporting team and good product quality. You will get superior quality at a reasonable price when working with this platform. The platform also takes custom orders from its subscribers.

Discord Bot Builder

With this platform, you can easily build a Discord bot with immense features, and the platform will provide you with the complete code too. You can even choose from the available custom bots for sellers, streamers, traders, and normal users. 

Bot Designer for Discord

Bot Designer for Discord will make a fully functional and customized bot. The platform allows you to build a bot on a mobile phone too. It is free-to-use, where you can build Discord bots easily, even without knowing the code used in the creation. 

Bot Designer for Discord

The platform will take care of the hosting and will code the bot with a simple and easy script, along with adding a lot of commands. You can run this bot designer on both Android and iOS devices. 

DBB will build a Discord bot that will help you in numerous ways. Here, you can create your Discord bot in simple steps, and the platform will also provide you with the script. It also allows you to join their community and learn new things.


This platform has numerous commands loaded inside it through which you can design a bot quickly. It also allows you to use custom commands for the bot according to your requirements. 

Dbot Maker 

The last tool to build a Discord bot is Dbot Maker. This one will help you to make a bot with full functionalities without any technical error. The platform has a variety of commands in it and will create a Discord bot in a few minutes. 

You can even create custom commands in the platform and use them in the bot-building process. The platform will also provide you with the script of your Discord bot. This is an excellent feature of this tool.


Many people out there are constantly looking for platforms where they can build a community. Once a community is built, it can help you in several ways, like boosting your business and helping you on YouTube. Discord is the right choice for building a community.

On Discord, many people use bots to manage their community easily and effectively. For them, the best tools to build Discord bots are provided in the article.

You may also look at how to install Discord on Windows and Linux.

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