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In Career Last updated: December 5, 2022
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Want to earn some easy money at your leisure? Are you interested in traveling and reckoning exciting places? Do you enjoy answering survey questions that make technologies better? If yes, you will love Google Task Mate.

In the digital era, there are no shortages of side hustle opportunities and passive income while you are already in a day job. Smartphones and tablets also make passive online income easier since you can complete your tasks anywhere with an internet connection.

However, the domain was occupied by non-standard companies and chaotic processes. Google saw an excellent opportunity here and entered the niche with its flagship product Task Mate. Read on to learn about this Google product and how to make money in Task Mate.  

What Is Google Task Mate?

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Task Mate is a micro-tasking platform from Google. The platform connects you to businesses that want to outsource tasks. These tasks are primarily surveys done from home or by visiting places. The tool offers flexible earning opportunities to tech-savvy individuals and the next billion internet users.

Google Task Mate is entirely smartphone and tablet-based. You do not need to get costly bulky laptops or desktops to do your online jobs. Hence, it is the right side hustle gig for those who travel and invest time in smartphones for entertainment or fun. Instead of having fun, you can complete exciting tasks to earn money while traveling.

It comes with an elaborate help and support portal with frequently asked questions and a contact form, should you need personalized support. You need to download the mobile app from Google Play as a tasker. At the time of writing, Task Mate is not available for iOS users. You can join this platform as a requester or tasker.

Download: Google Task Mate for Android



One can be a requester on this platform through registration and get jobs done by the local taskers. You can take assistance from the tasker to gather local insights, conduct surveys and research, perform fieldwork, train machine learning models, and so on.

Requesters can assign taskers projects from various domains, including engineering, market research, FMCG, field operations, data operations, and non-profit. The project summary shows the task count, location, and charges you must pay after task completion.



You can also become a tasker and earn money using your mobile phone in your free time. The tasks might include getting local insights, fieldwork, taking photos, or participating in surveys.

To keep getting tasks, you need to focus on your performance (accuracy and policy adherence.) You get paid after your task is approved after review, which might take weeks, depending on the availability of reviewers.

Regional Availability

This Google product is currently in the beta stage. Hence, you can be a requester from anywhere in the world, but you can be a tasker if you belong to any of the following countries:

  • India
  • Kenya
  • Mexico

Tasks Available on Google Task Mate

The currently available tasks on Google Task Mate are categorized into 4 sections. Let’s look at which tasks you can perform on each section and how to complete the projects.

Engineering and Data Operations

If you are interested in engineering and data collection tasks, the tasks in this section are ideal for here. Here you can build data sets of diverse image and audio files, verify ML outputs, classify data, translate and transliterate languages and ideas, label data, and perform field operations.

Market Research and FMCG

Market Research and FMCG tasks

These tasks will help FMCG and market research companies to get insights into local data. Interested taskers can collect data from the field, take multimedia surveys, and work on brand awareness.

One sample task could be about participating in a survey about your television watching habits. Here, you need to answer some questions about your TV habits and take a photo of your television.

Field Operations

Taskers interested in field operations can choose these projects that involve data verification in the field and creating a mobile workflow for the team. One sample task was to check and verify the opening hours of a business. 

For a similar project, you must visit the shop in person and take photos of the shop front where the shop name is visible. You also need to add the opening hours after confirming it from the shop owner. 

Not for Profits

If you want to help non-profit organizations with your efforts, you can perform tasks such as targeted surveys, market research, and educational content distribution. One sample project in this field was to take photos of nearby farms to monitor the impact of climate change. 

To perform a similar task, you must read the general instructions carefully. Also, follow the rules for taking a good photo. You can also download the case study before working on a similar task to understand the project better.

Tasker Levels in Task Mate


To become a successful tasker on Task Mate, you must compete with other taskers by gaining better levels than your peers. When you are in the upper levels of the platform, you will get more visibility and tasks. You will also have the opportunity to review other taskers’ work.

The level of your tasker profile works based on the accuracy and number of tasks completed. You get the following privileges at higher levels:

  • Access to tasks that other taskers have completed.
  • Higher-level taskers get access to exclusive and premium projects for a short period.

Find below a table showing a consolidated list of all the Google Task Mate tasker levels, requirements to achieve the level, and privileges once you attain the level: 

Tasker LevelsRequirementsPrivileges
BronzeAll new joinersGet basic tasks according to availability
Limited access to new tasks
SilverCompleted a minimum of 20 tasks
The average accuracy of 3-star 
Basic tasks similar to Bronze level
Review tasks submitted by other taskers
Limited access to new tasks
GoldCompleted a minimum of 500 tasks
The average accuracy of 4-star 
Access new jobs on priority than Bronze and Silver level taskers
Higher task limit than Bronze and Silver level users
PlatinumCompleted a minimum of 1,000 tasks
The average accuracy of 5-star
Get access to tasks at the earliest
The highest possible task limit in the platform
Refer new users to Task Mate

Attaining a level is not a permanent status on Google Task Mate. Be mindful that you can easily lose your levels if more of your tasks get rejected frequently and receive lower start ratings against the delivered projects.  

Tasker Accuracy Score

Tasker Accuracy Score

Based on how accurately you complete all the assigned tasks, the Task Mate algorithm calculates your accuracy score. The accuracy score is significant for moving to the Bronze level’s upper levels.

Mostly Silver and above level taskers and the project creator review tasks submitted by Bronze level taskers daily. Then, the reviewers mark the tasks as either “correct” or “incorrect.” More “correct” tasks earn you a better accuracy score.

Here is a summary table of Google Task Mate star ratings and their corresponding accuracy score on the percentage scale:

Star RatingCorresponding Accuracy Score
1-StarLower than 70%
2-Star70% to 79%
3-Star80% to 89%
4-Star90% to 98%
5-Star99% to 100%

Some tips to fetch higher accuracy scores on Google Task Mate: 

  • Go through the project requirement multiple times and try to understand precisely what the task requester wants.
Do not hesitate to skip tasks
  • Do not hesitate to skip tasks that do not match your skills and interests.
  • Review your final draft multiple times before the final submission. 
  • Self-reviewing your tasks will help you remove minor errors and typos.   

Payouts and Withdrawals

Getting paid by completing microtasks on Task Mate is a cakewalk. You do not need to go through complex processes like registering on PayPal and waiting for approval. Also, Google Task Mate simplifies the account balance by showing it in local currencies. 

Therefore, you do not need to take the stress of converting foreign currencies to local currencies through third-party apps. Sometimes, third-party apps charge hefty fees for currency conversion, and you lose out on revenue.

Task Mate balance is “What You See Is What You Get.” However, a minimum balance is required before you can withdraw your money to your local bank account. According to several taskers’ experiences, it is $10 for Mexico and Kenya. However, if you are a tasker from India, the minimum withdrawal balance is INR 500.        

How to Earn Money in Google Task Mate

Making a living out of Task Mate may not be economical. But rest assured, you can earn some extra cash or pocket money by completing simple tasks on this app. Find below a step-by-step guide to earning money: 

Installing the Mobile/Tablet App

#1. Go to the app drawer on your Android tablet or smartphone and look for the Google Play app.

Installing the Mobile

#2. Open the Google Play app and type Task Mate in the Search for apps and games box.

#3. Hit the search icon or Enter button on the keypad, and Google Play will show the Task Mate app.

#4. Click on Install and wait for the device to download and install the app.

Installing the Mobile

#5. Once the app is ready, you will see the Open button beside the Task Mate app on Google Play; Tap Open to access the app.  

Setting Up Your Profile on Task Mate App

#1. Once the app runs, you should see your default Google Play email selected as a profile and a Get started button. 

#2. You can switch to a different account by clicking the drop-down menu provided that you have already added more than one Google account to the device.

Setting Up Your Profile on Task Mate App 01

#3. Once ready, click on Get started to select language. You will get two language options: English and one regional language.

#4. Now, depending on whether you are a fresh user or a referral user by someone, you can enter the app. 

#5. Currently, the app is not accepting any fresh users. Hence, you need to get an invite or referral code from a Platinum level tasker of Task Mate.    

Setting Up Your Profile on Task Mate App 02

#6. If you do not have a referral code, click Join waitlist and select Accept agreement.

Setting Up Your Profile on Task Mate App 03

#7. Next up is registering your location by clicking the Register location button.

#8. Depending on your country’s tax laws, you will be given an option to choose a taxation system. For example, GSTIN is the taxation system in India. If you have a GSTIN select Yes, or if you do not have one, select No.

Selecting GSTIN on task mate

#9. You will also get the option to choose up to three languages before seeing the You’re on waitlist message.    

Connecting Local Bank Account

  • Tap the kebab menu or More at the top right of the app.
  • You will see the link account option. Tap on that.
  • Type in your bank account details and submit.
  • Task Mate will notify you once the verification is complete.

You can add a bank account after getting accepted to become a tasker.  

Look for Available Tasks

Look for Available Tasks 01

You can only view sample tasks to experience the app as a waitlist tasker. Real tasks are similar to sample tasks. The only difference is you get paid for the real tasks. However, completing these tasks will increase your chance of onboarding the app. 

Look for Available Tasks 02

Alternative Ways to Earn Passive Income

Google Task Mate is not the end of the world for passive income. As explained at the beginning, there are many ways to run a side gig or passive income process. One such option is selling internet bandwidth that you do not use. This is popularly known as bandwidth sharing passive income

Here are the platforms where you can sell extra data from your unlimited internet package:

  • IPRoyal
  • Honeygain
  • Peer2profit
  • PacketStream 

Final Words

The lifestyle of digital nomads is growing exponentially as the internet and smartphones become more powerful and affordable. People now want to enjoy their life more than just doing a day job. Therefore, the tech-savvy youth of today’s world are looking for remote and flexible work with a bit of adventure and challenge.

Google Task Mate is a work portal where you can accomplish microtasks with little effort and earn a living. Of course, you do not need to compromise all the fun in your life when working on Task Mate. You can follow the step-wise guide mentioned above and make some quick bucks using Task Mate.

You may also be interested in affiliate programs for Pinterest to make money by pinning.

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