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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 25, 2023
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A press release distribution service like EIN Presswire is an effective way to enhance business visibility and get the word out in the market about what products and services you provide and how people can benefit from them.

Today, almost every organization is making efforts to maintain a good digital presence. 

Regardless of the industry your business falls in or its size, it has become imperative for everyone to come out and stay relevant before the target customers.

One of the most effective ways to do this is through a press release distribution service. 

This is where EIN Presswire comes in.

Choosing the best press release distribution service will help you tell your story and make people aware of your organization as well as the products and services you offer. 

This will help you garner a lot of media attention, coverage, brand credibility, trust, and online visibility.

This press release distribution employs a skilled team who have the ability to optimize your press release and place them on the right platform to ensure maximum visibility. 

Let’s review EIN Presswire and how it can become your secret weapon for effective press release distribution.

Importance of Press Release Distribution


Press release distribution has evolved over the years, and its importance has increased more than ever. As more and more businesses implement online marketing, the use of press release distribution becomes more important. 

Here are the reasons why it’s important:

  • Spreading the news: When you decide to launch a new product or service, you can create a press release and spread them through a press release distribution service. An effective distribution service will put them on all top social media networks and search engines to make your news reachable to thousands of journalists.
  • Helps in wider targeting: One of the primary reasons that make this service highly important is its ability to reach thousands of targeted audiences. It implements effective strategies that provide the viability of your product or service to the audience, which ultimately leads to more sales and engagement.
  • Enhances brand image: Press release distribution services have made it easy for businesses to distribute their press releases as many as they want. Publishing press releases consistently helps businesses to improve their image and also helps in keeping their presence in the market.
  • Drives more interest: Nowadays, this service also includes images, videos, and various other multimedia in press releases which helps in attracting a lot more attention. Modern people prefer to see videos and pictures rather than plain text, and this helps in spreading the stories or news about a product in a better way.
  • SEO-optimized content: Modern press release distribution services design the press release copies according to search engine optimization (SEO) criteria which help you in getting more visibility. All the press releases are developed using targeted keywords, which allows your businesses to come more often in search engine results and rank higher.
  • Instant distribution: This service has helped businesses in the instant distribution of press releases, which helps them easily reach thousands of clients and journalists. Companies won’t have to rely only on journalists to publish the news, as email and social media will help you quickly distribute the press release to the targeted audience worldwide.
  • Possibilities of getting viral: There are many instances where a press release has gone viral as people started sharing it over and over on various social media platforms. If the press has the news of an interesting product or service, there is a chance it might get viral on social media and help the business garner all the required attention. The possibility of creating a huge buzz is tough with traditional methods.
  • High sustainability: One of the primary reasons that many businesses choose modern press release distribution service is because it is sustainable for advertisement and publicity activities. This helps in garnering a lot of leads. Most importantly, these services come at an affordable rate, so it becomes easy for businesses to distribute press releases more often.

Since you now understand the importance of press release distribution, let’s discuss how EIN Presswire helps you serve the purpose.

Overview of EIN Presswire

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EIN Presswire is considered one of the world’s leading press release distribution services. This ad-free service provider is based in Washington, DC. It first entered the industry in 1995, and since then, it has offered all its clients impeccable distribution services. EIN stands for Everyone’s Internet News Presswire and has served thousands of organizations.

The ability to develop and maintain proprietary technologies and wide network coverage has helped this service stay in the top-tier category. From journalists, business leaders, and influencers to government officials and normal public readers, many people trust this service to get their stories out. It has solid tie-ups with major news platforms like Google News, AP News, and various NBC, FOX, and CBS affiliate sites, so you can easily get your news published. 

One of the primary aspects that sets it apart from others is its impressive news distribution and aggregation system that helps it propagate your stories to targeted journalists and newsrooms. In addition to wide coverage for your business, it enables you to get long-term visibility in search engines. They also have an efficient SEO team who can help generate top-notch backlinks for your website and provide other SEO benefits.

Moreover, EIN Presswire utilizes advanced technologies and has become one of the prominent press release distribution services that many professionals consider. A big highlight of this service is its affordable pricing, lower than traditional press release distribution services.

Key Features and Functionalities of EIN Presswire 

EIN Presswire has positioned itself as a leader in press release distribution, offering best-in-class features and functionalities. 

Key Features


Some of the key features of EIN Presswire include: 

  • Intuitive interface: EIN Presswire has developed an interface that is not only easy to use but also helps boost the speed of uploading.
  • Featured on Presswire wall: This service not only distributes your press release in different networks but also features them on the EIN Presswire wall. This will help you garner a lot of attention from your targeted customers and media.
  • Effective targeting: EIN Presswire puts a lot of effort into targeting specific audiences who will be interested in going through the press release.
  • Quick distribution: The platform ensures that your press release is distributed quickly on all the platforms once submitted.
  • Detailed reports: After publishing your press release, this service provides you with detailed information about how it is performing. It will highlight important metrics like reach, conversions, etc. It benefits businesses because it helps you understand how to prepare for your next press release.
  • SEO modification: In modern press releases, SEO plays a crucial role as it helps the press release get the visibility they need. A team of experts at EIN Presswire does all the SEO for your press release and ensures it gets the maximum reach.
  • Social media coverage: EIN Presswire understands the importance of social media activity for a business, and that is why they take care of that part too. They post press releases on all the popular social media platforms so that more people can go learn about your organization and business and visit your website to make purchases. 
  • Multimedia embedment: This service now lets you embed up to five images and one video in your press release to make them visually more appealing. It also allows you to embed your site address, which helps redirect traffic to your site. They have a PR layout containing quotation fields, and it is useful for highlighting the main point or statement.

Press Release Distribution Networks


EIN Presswire has a press release distribution network that can help your press release reach millions of journalists, readers, and industry professionals in no time. They have connections with leading news sites and third-party publishers worldwide, ensuring your press release gets the widest reach possible.

The Associated Press will spread your news in most of the world, whereas US TVs like ABC, NBC, and FOX will reprint them on their affiliate sites. They also have affiliations with numerous radio stations, which helps get the story out to many unique customers. 

EIN Presswire follows an enterprise-level new aggregation approach, pushing your press release to most journalists, editorial rooms, and readers spread across different parts of the world. Serving as an esteemed Google News provider, EIN Presswire enables your press releases to get forwarded to Bloomberg Terminals, MenaFN, Naviga, and many others. 

Furthermore, this service has a World Media Directory, which serves as a huge database that is operated by journalists and editors, and your press releases are fed into the database to make it accessible to everyone.

To cater to modern requirements, this press release distribution has established a solid network in social media where they post your press release on the PR Twitter feeds. Besides, they also post your press releases on Linkedln and Facebook to ensure the maximum chance of getting viral.



Undoubtedly, EIN Presswire runs a leading newswire that helps journalists, readers, and editorials desks to get hold of breaking news on different topics. This newswires service has huge coverage of topics from every segment, ranging from agriculture, business, consumer goods, and energy to food, law, IT, and politics. 

Whether your press release is based in Africa, North America, or Europe, you won’t have to worry about the region as they operate in multiple areas. Whenever you draft your press release, EIN Presswire will put them on their database, which will be listed according to the topic and region, making it easy for readers and journalists to find your story. 

Furthermore, EIN Presswire offers RSS news feeds and custom email newsletters to all users. This helps in populating your press release quicker than ever. Journalists, PR teams, businesses, bloggers, web admins, embassies, and readers from every part of the world can easily subscribe to their newsletter, ensuring your press releases get international exposure. They even have a live feed section to list the latest news in real-time, making it easier for individuals to pick the press release they want.

Effective Search Engine Indexing


In modern times, it is important for press releases to get indexed on the front page. Indexing your press releases in search engines like Google gives a massive boost to visibility so anyone can access and search your content from anywhere. 

EIN Presswire’s effective search engine indexing capability helps in listing and ranking your press releases in major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Ask, and Bing. This PR distribution service indexes your content every time you use their service for distribution.  

By making your content searchable, it also reduces the dependency on backlinks, which helps in driving a lot of traffic to the main website.

AI PR Creation

If you are not confident about how you can create a creative press release for your upcoming service or product, then you can turn to EIN Presswire. This PR distribution service provides a robust AI press release generator that helps you create stunning PR to drive everyone’s interest in your story. 

With this service, you can build up to 25 press release drafts daily without paying anything. The AI generator is trained in such a way that it can produce PR drafts without any grammatical errors. You just need to type the main description of your draft, and it will create the press release within a few seconds. 



EIN Presswire aims to make press releases affordable for every organization, which is why they have four packages to cater to different business requirements. The three plans are Basic, Pro+, and Corporate. 

  • Basic: The Basic is ideal if you are just starting out. In this plan, you can publish one press release to only one distribution channel. And you can distribute your PR only in publications from one industry. 
  • Pro+: The Pro+ allows you to distribute five press releases across five distribution channels. It suits you if you want to create multiple PR throughout the year. 
  • Corporate: Corporate will be a no-brainer choice for you if you want to distribute a lot of PRs. You can distribute through five distribution channels. With this package, you can create 25 press releases and distribute them to the targeted audience spread across the world.

Final Words

EIN Presswire is a popular press release distribution service, making a huge impact in the industry. They have earned a lot of reputation with their service, distribution network, customer support, rich features, and inclusion of AI tools. 

Traditional press distribution used to take significant time to distribute the news. But today, services like EIN Presswire can distribute press releases to every journalist worldwide in a few minutes. 

Most importantly, EIN Presswire has made publishing an easy affair, letting you distribute your story about your product or service at an affordable cost. Since it has plans to meet different sizes of businesses, you can choose the best plan according to your business requirements and usage. 

Next, check out how to write a press release.

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