Find and fix broken links by following tools before it affects your website SEO ranking

Broken links hurt SEO and one should consider this as important as other SEO factors.

A few weeks back, I migrated Geek Flare from Joomla to WordPress and somehow missed to check broken links until I found many 404 requests in Google Analytics.

This was expected as WordPress changed the URL structure compare to Joomla but I am a human being so I made a mistake in not checking.

Checking broken links is very crucial if you are migrating your website from one technology to other. Ex: Joomla to WordPress, Magento to Joomla, etc.

So I learned my lesson and here is how I found and fixed my broken links, which may help you too.

I have listed multiple ways to find broken links so you can choose whatever is easy for you.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

SEO Spider is a powerful offline tool, which also helps you find a broken link. It’s not the online tool so you must download Screaming Frog SEO Spider and install on your computer.

Once installed, follow this procedure to find broken links.

  • Open Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  • Enter website URL and click on Start. It may take few minutes for a large website.
  • Once scanned, you will see all the internal links with HTTP response code. You are interested in 404-status code so easy way to find is sort the “Status Code” column.
  • As you can see, I found one 404 which I got to fix it. But at this time, I don’t know which post is having this link, so I will click on Inlinks at the bottom to find out source post (From Column).


Now, I know which post has broken a link. Isn’t it easy?

Dead Link Checker

DeadLinkChecker is an online tool which has an option to check the whole website or a single page. If you were not willing to use the offline tool, then this would be the best alternative.


Broken Link Checker

Another excellent online broken link checker tool to scan your website and give you dead links details.



SEMrush is all-in-one digital marketing cloud-based software which offers many things including broken links.

Broken links are available under site audit.

Dr. Link Check

Dr. Link Check scan your website for 1000 links in free, and at the end, it gives you a summary of internal, external & broken links.

If you had less than 1000 links, then this would be worth trying.


I hope above tools should be able to help you in finding broken links on your website so you can take necessary action to fix that.