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In Gaming Last updated: January 30, 2023
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Are you also fond of simulation games to experience things in real? Explore these free Android simulation games to add more fun.

The primary purpose of video games is to escape from reality. They let the player into a different universe through fascinating stories, stunning graphics, landscapes, or innovative game mechanics. 

It’s important to remember that games come in various genres and subgenres since they contain so much to offer. Among them, a highly-liked genre is simulation games. 

The concept revolving around Simulation Games


The user typically simulates real-world tasks and activities in video games that fall under the genre of simulation. Although they are intended for entertainment, the realism in most of them, whether in terms of visuals or seeming authenticity.

Simulator games sometimes focus solely on the experience. This indicates that while they might not have a specific plot or set of goals, many other simulation video games are typically partnered with some other genre to give it a whole game atmosphere.

Some genres, like life, business, flying, and construction, also help teach certain aspects useful in real-life professions. 

A simulation game’s objective is to faithfully reproduce the operation of the simulated system and give the player a realistic interface.

These games are well-liked by players who enjoy running and arranging virtual plans, and they can range from straightforward recreational games to more intricate simulations.

Simulation games can stimulate creativity and invention, improve problem-solving and decision-making abilities, and deepen understanding of systems and processes.

Additionally, they can promote cooperation and team-work and offer a secure setting for experimentation and failure-based learning. They can also aid in a better understanding of systems and industries in the actual world.

Why are simulation games popular?


Simulation games feature management, strategy, action, and battle. Players who prefer organizing and managing virtual systems and those interested in simulating real-world circumstances frequently enjoy playing simulation games.

Simulation gameplay typically requires a great deal of micromanagement and attention to detail. This turns out to be both challenging and rewarding for players. 

Simulation games provide a degree of decision-making and control that may be both demanding and gratifying. They also give players a sense of immersion and the chance to explore other settings to which they might not otherwise have access.

They also provide various genres to cater to multiple interests. This allows them to draw in a large audience and make the whole experience unmatched. Here are some of the top simulation games that help you escape reality.

Fallout Shelter

Bethesda Game Studios created the simulation video game Fallout Shelter. Players of the game are tasked with creating and running their Vault, a subterranean fortress built to shield its occupants from the perils of the post-apocalyptic setting of the Fallout series.

Base-building, resource management, and RPG components like character levels and equipment are mixed into this game.

YouTube video

The simulation controls are easy to use and can be understood quickly. Simulations aspects of the game allow the user to control the avatars in the game as they want them to be held.

Users can also defend the Vault from numerous dangers and explore the barren landscape to discover new inhabitants and resources and get the whole user experience of this simulation game in the best possible way. 

In general, Fallout Shelter is a smartphone game that simulates running a post-apocalyptic fallout shelter. Players must strike a balance between the needs and wants of their residents and the limited resources at their disposal.


In the text-based life simulation game BitLife, player decisions affect how their virtual lives turn out. The play touches on various topics, such as relationships, health, education, and employment.

Players’ decisions about attending school, finding work, raising a family, and other aspects of their lifestyle might influence how happy and prosperous their virtual avatar is.


The simulation element of the game involves simulating the various results of players’ decisions, which can vary for each playthrough. It also includes actual occurrences like aging, retirement, and death.

The concept and the gameplay simulation are impressive to play with. Players can engage in several mini-games and other activities to gain money and boost their character’s stats.

BitLife is an entertaining and exciting game that lets players explore several life pathways and evaluate the effects of their decisions. The algorithm of the game computes the results of the player’s decisions and displays them realistically and dynamically.

Frozen City

The Frozen City simulator game allows you to experience the difficulties of running and constructing a city in a chilly, freezing environment. As players build and run their cities, they frequently deal with realistic weather conditions like snowstorms and blizzards.

To maintain the city’s efficiency and guarantee the welfare of its residents, players must exercise their managerial abilities.

YouTube video

The game’s simulation elements involve managing resources, developing cities, and building infrastructure. To maintain the survival of the city’s residents, players must manage the city’s resources, such as food and electricity, and also build refuge to survive the chilly weather conditions.

For the city to operate effectively, it must also plan and develop its infrastructure, including its roads, buildings, and transportation systems. Players now have to strike a balance between the wants of the inhabitants and the finite resources at their disposal, which ups the game’s difficulty level.

Rebel Inc.

The difficulties of counterinsurgency and stability operations in a fictional nation are simulated in the video game Rebel Inc. Players assume the governor’s position and are faced with balancing the populace’s needs with the need to stabilize the country and wipe out rebel factions.

YouTube video

The simulation of how the populace would respond to the player’s activities is one of the game’s primary features. Various groups comprise the population, and each has its requirements and worries. If these demands go unmet, support for the rebels may grow, making the player’s task more challenging.

The game also addresses contemporary problems, including poverty, illiteracy, and inadequate infrastructure. Players must make difficult decisions and trade-offs to accomplish their goals in this demanding game. 

With its excellent design and captivating gameplay, Rebel Inc. provides players with a lifelike simulation of the difficulties faced in counterinsurgency and stability operations.

Egg Inc.

Players cultivate hens in the simulation game Egg Inc. to produce eggs and expand their farm businesses. The game offers various egg varieties, each with unique characteristics and advantages. On top of that, different upgrades and buildings aid players in enhancing their farms. 

YouTube video

Players must manage resources, optimize production, and sell their eggs to turn a profit in this simulation of real-world farming. The game’s accurate depiction of the egg manufacturing process is one of its primary simulation features.

The players must manage the size and design of the coops and other buildings, as well as the health and happiness of the hens. They must also control the resources needed for egg production, such as feed, water, and energy.

Players must consider all of the different types of buyers in the game when selling because each has specific tastes and needs for eggs. Several additional simulation components in the game also give the experience depth and realism. It keeps the player engaged.

Truck Simulator

The well-known truck simulation game Truck Simulator lets players live the life of a truck driver. The game offers a range of cargo types to carry along with realistic landscapes and well-drawn truck models. Players can alter the paint job, decals, and accessories on their trucks.

YouTube video

The game has numerous real-world places, such as urban areas, motorways, and country roads. A realistic physics engine, realistic weather, and realistic traffic are just a few examples of the game’s simulation features. The game also models the weight and handling of the vehicles. 

A variety of objectives, difficulties, and events are also included in the game to keep players interested. The game’s primary goal is to grow your trucking company by delivering cargo on time and earning money to upgrade your trucks and purchase new ones.

The simulation gameplay is lucid to play and understand. The regular updates of the game keep the players engaged all the time. 


A simulation game called MudRunner allows users to experience the pleasure and difficulties of operating heavy-duty vehicles in off-road situations. Players must go through rocky terrain, thick muck, and sharp slope in the game’s expansive open-world setting.

There are many different vehicles available in the game, including trucks, tractors, and heavy machinery, each with unique skills and driving traits. 

YouTube video

The game’s simulation elements are incredibly realistic and give players an engaging experience. Driving on rough terrain is difficult since the physics engine correctly represents the weight and movement of the vehicles. The game also has a comprehensive weather system, heightening gameplay difficulty and realism.

MudRunner has several gaming options, such as a multiplayer mode and a single-player campaign. Players have to complete several missions and activities in the single-player campaign, but in multiplayer mode, they can work with friends to take on complex challenges.


In the city-building simulation game SimCity, players can design and run their digital towns. In addition to designing and constructing their virtual cities, players may also control the infrastructure, services, population, and economy of such villages. 

YouTube video

SimCity’s ability to replicate the dynamics of urban planning and development in the actual world is one of its primary simulation features. The game faithfully mimics the consequences of various zoning, infrastructure, and service structures on a city’s expansion and development.

Additionally, it replicates the effects of natural calamities like earthquakes and floods on a city’s people and infrastructure.

SimCity’s transportation system is a crucial component of the simulation. SimCity likewise simulates the social and economic facets of city life. It is an all-around entertaining and challenging simulation game that lets players enjoyably and interactively experience the difficulties of urban planning and development.

Airport Simulator

The first-class simulation game Airport Simulator lets players experience what it’s like to manage an airport daily. Flight planning, ground operations, and passenger management are just a few facets of airport management that are realistically simulated in the game.

To further enhance the realism of the simulation, the game also features a wide range of various weather and time-of-day circumstances.

YouTube video

Controlling planes and their paths is one of the simulation’s most essential components. Players can organize the flow of planes in and out of the airport, assign gates and parking spaces, and arrange the paths of flights.

The simulation’s control of ground operations is another crucial component. In addition to controlling food and baggage trucks and maintaining the airport’s runways and taxiways, players oversee ground traffic.

One of the essential aspects of the simulation is passenger management. The players’ responsibility is flawless check-in, security, boarding operations, and passenger movement around the airport.

Overall, Airport Simulator is a meticulously researched and incredibly realistic simulation game that gives players a fascinating and entertaining experience managing an airport.


By enabling players to enter a virtual environment and engage with it realistically, simulation games offer a singular experience. They frequently concentrate on real-world modeling systems, such as city construction, farming, or business management. This can give users a sense of satisfaction and success as they create and run their virtual environment.

Simulation games provide players with a distinctive and captivating experience by immersing themselves in a virtual world and testing various building and management techniques.

You can also check out some of the best flight/ racing pedals to enhance your simulation gameplay experience.

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