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In Customer Service and Sales & Marketing Last updated: July 20, 2023
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Acquiring and retaining customers has become more challenging than ever. With Freshsales CRM, managing your sales and marketing pipeline becomes an effortless process.

In a world where it takes a lot of effort to win a new customer, sales CRMs are getting increasingly popular. It lets you manage all the sales leads from one platform and apply customized marketing plans for them. 

The CRM also offers you detailed analytics data to show you which strategy works and which needs a tweak for better results. With numerous CRMs in the market for sales purposes, Freshsales is a popular name.

This Freshsales review will show how the CRM fares regarding features, interface, and pricing.  

What Is Sales CRM?


While CRM refers to the customer relationship management platform, Sales CRM allows you to streamline your sales pipeline and manage the whole process from one suite. This software also stores customer data securely and supports your sales and marketing executives so they can drive more sales.

A sales CRM helps you manage all touchpoints (direct and indirect) throughout the sales process. Besides, it tracks all the communication you make with the leads, organizes customer data, and reminds you to follow up with prospects. 

Essentially, the CRM system simplifies lead nurturing by automating administrative tasks. It also categorizes and sorts customer data so that you can focus on developing relationships with the customers instead of doing manual data entry.

How Does Sales CRM Help You? 

The business owner and sales executives will benefit from this solution. Here is how a CRM solution helps organizations in various stages of the sales pipeline:

#1. Data Centralization

The biggest benefit of a sales CRM is storing all customer and leads data in one place that any team member can access easily. It saves your time and eases the workflow.

#2. Quality Prospects Identification


It keeps a record of communication between your company and the leads. This helps you identify good prospects based on their preferences.

#3. Deal Categorization

Your sales CRM can automatically categorize and prioritize your deals. Thus, you know when to focus on which one.

#4. Improved Communication

Sales CRMs allow you to communicate with a prospect through a phone call, text, or email. It also speeds up the prospecting process with a built-in calling feature.

#5. Upsell with Email Marketing


Sales CRM is also useful for retargeting your existing customers. You can use its email automation feature to target your customers for upselling and cross-selling. 

#6. Analytics Reports

You can get customized reports of your sales team performance from a sales CRM. This automated and transparent process tells you about completed and upcoming sales.

#7. Understanding the Customers

Companies can analyze customer data in CRM to better understand them and their problems. It helps to ensure customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

#8. Automation of Administrative Tasks

This CRM suite automates most of the admin tasks and thus increases the company’s profitability. It also frees employees from doing repetitive manual tasks and enhances their productivity.

What is Freshsales CRM?

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Freshsales is a cloud-based sales CRM solution from the house of Freshworks. It can cater to the needs of businesses belonging to different industries. Companies can readily manage their communications with existing customers and potential leads using it.

This CRM comprises several robust features that help your marketers and sales executives more efficiently. It assists you by tracking sales leads and events. The CRM has a simplistic interface that anyone can use without any trouble. 

Features of Freshsales CRM

#1. Automation

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The CRM boosts team productivity and efficiency by automating tasks. It categorizes the contacts and assigns leads to the salespersons based on your rules. Other automation features include:

  • Create personalized outbound campaigns and track them
  • Code-free web forms to generate quality leads
  • Editable templates for email marketing
  • Contextual in-app and push messages for chat campaigns
  • Auto-enrich contact profile with social and public data
  • Conditional triggers to automate repetitive tasks
  • Auto-assign chat conversations to appropriate agents

#2. Communication

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Now, you can contact your leads and customers from this CRM. It allows you to make phone calls in one click from the interface. You can also log, transfer and record the calls for future reference. Other related features are:

  • Integrate your inbox to create, schedule, and track emails.
  • Schedule and join Zoom meetings straight from the CRM.
  • Support for Apple Business Chat to use iMessage.
  • Provide real-time customer support using chat software.
  • WhatsApp integration to communicate using that app.
  • Integration with your SMS provider for direct communication.

#3. Customization

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Users get the freedom to personalize their Freshsales CRM. One can customize sales activities, data fields, business process modules, and permissions according to the company’s needs. It also lets you design the sales process with unique contact lifecycle stages.

For localized sales, you can choose from numerous currencies and set the CRM language from various options.

#4. Pipeline Management

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With Freshsales, you can create multiple sales pipelines suitable for your business and manage them across teams, processes, and territories. Companies can set up and configure their product catalog right from the CRM.

This platform also offers editable templates for contracts, quotes, NDAs, and MSAs for creating and managing these documents. You can use it to define sales goals and track them. It also has dedicated private Slack channels you can use to communicate with your team.

#5. Customer Data and Context

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This sales CRM offers a unified view of customer data. As a result, your team can collaborate to deliver our customers the best experience. The CRM provides a contact summary so anyone can get the context quickly. 

However, detailed data on the leads across touchpoints and modules are available here. Its Activity Timeline provides contact interaction records chronologically. For actionable insights, sales executives can also get information on activities, sales sequences, modules, and last contacts.


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This is the Freshsales AI that works to improve your productivity and assists you in making better decisions. It learns from the historical and current CRM data to give you the best suggestions on deal closure and predict deal success. This bot also scores the contacts so you can prioritize.

It automatically detects duplicate data to keep your contact list clean. You can also use it as the lead generation bot. FREDDY AI is also capable of calendar event suggestions, sales forecasting, and out-of-office detection.

#7. Governance

Freshsales empowers business owners with role-based access to ensure data security. They can also configure field-level permissions and control access to mission-critical data. 

Its Audit Logs feature keeps track of any changes (add, edit, delete) made to the CRM. Additionally, you can configure the scope and type of any record of this platform.

#8. Analytics

The CRM also generates analytics reports on sales data for making data-driven decisions. You can choose from the built-in report templates to check the sales health and metrics. Or, one can opt for custom reports for granular insights.

Furthermore, you can get a sales activity report to evaluate sales. Sales Cycle and Velocity reports can also give you data on each deal.

#9. Support for Mobile

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Freshsales is also available on Android and iOS apps. It lets you perform the following tasks to close more deals on the go.

  • Record voice notes
  • Record check-in and check-out at the client’s place 
  • Track KPIs for real-time insights
  • Schedule and join Zoom meetings
  • Send and schedule bulk emails
  • Automatic call log
  • Real-time notifications and quick links
  • Send bulk and single SMSs
  • Work in offline mode and sync data when online

#10. Integrations

Users can expand the core capabilities of Freshsales by integrating popular tools. Its API access lets you connect to various data sources. One can also install trusted apps from the Freshworks marketplace. Moreover, companies can integrate Outlook, Zapier, DocuSign, PandaDoc, Xero, and QuickBooks

Freshsales Dashboard

After you log in to Freshlsales, the CRM will open before you. A sample report will be visible in the Sales Dashboard section to give you an idea about how it will look once it starts to gather your company data. The CRM dashboard also contains sections for the Activities dashboard and Analytics.


On the left navigation bar, you get buttons to move to the following sections: 

  • Contacts and Account: The section contains the names of all your contacts and their email address, phone numbers, last contact time, open deals amount, and score. You can always import accounts and history in this section.
  • Deals Management: It contains data on deals, activity goals, and forecasting.
  • Products: In this section, companies can add and import product data.
  • Documents: It is used to add, edit, and filter documents.
  • Sales Conversations: This segment stores all your sales-related interactions, including phone, SMS, voicemail, inbox, bulls emails, email templates, and sales sequences.
  • Web Analytics and Management: It lets you create, edit and store manual and automatic web forms.
  • Analytics and Chat Reports: Here, you get all the reports you created and analytics data on chat, bot, and bot session consumption.

It also has dedicated buttons for phone calls, chats, launchpad, Freshworks app switcher, and settings. The settings button allows you to manage users, activities, workflows, modules, contact lifecycle stages, and change admin settings.

On the top bar, you get buttons for notifications, new features, and email. Users can use the Email button to integrate Gmail and other email accounts into this CRM. Clicking on the + button, users can quickly access other popular features.

Freshsales Pricing



This free-of-cost plan includes limited features such as contact & account management, built-in communication features like chat, email, phone calls, contact lifecycle stages, and 24×5 support.


This Freshsales plan lets your sales team skip repetitive tasks with powerful CRM automation. Highlighted features of this package include a visual sales pipeline,  sales sequences, AI-powered contact scoring, and WhatsApp business. It starts from $15/user/month.


If your company consists of multiple sales teams, this plan will let you manage them seamlessly. This plan will cost you $39/user/month and let you enjoy features such as multiple sales pipelines, time-based workflows, and sales teams & territory management.


Enterprises looking for advanced customization and maximum control should opt for this Freshsales plan. Besides custom modules, audit logs, and AI-based forecasting, it comes with a dedicated account manager. It will cost you $69/user/month. 

Freshsales Alternatives

If you want to compare Freshsales with similar platforms, here are some alternatives for you:

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a CRM solution businesses use to streamline their critical sales functions, including lead management, sales activities, and revenue forecasts. You can seamlessly create workflows to perform tasks more accurately and quickly here. 

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It captures every sales process stage and offers the necessary tools to the sales executives. Using Zoho CRM, companies can find locality-based sales performance, revenue predictions, lead projections, and contextual information.


Pipedrive is a dedicated CRM for salespersons that helps you grow your business. It enables sales visualization to showcase the whole process before you. This platform also allows you to categorize and sort leads for personalized communication.

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Pipedrive stores the full contact history of each deal and contact. It even reminds you of different sales activities and supports team collaboration on deals. Setting up a customizable pipeline and getting revenue forecasts are highly beneficial for the users.


Nutshell is the perfect CRM for B2B companies looking for a stress-free sales process. It works as the source of truth for your organization by letting the team members access the contacts and full conversations. The platform also automates tasks like lead assignment and lead advancement. 

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Pipeline management, email sequencing, email marketing, and web forms are other highlighted features of Nutshell. Above all, it generates reports and analytics data to help you improve the sales process.

Wrapping Up

According to the above discussion, Freshsales is an enterprise-grade tool powerful enough to perform all your sales-related tasks. Besides supporting automation, it allows you full control over the process.

Since it has a collection of useful features at an affordable price, you should not have any doubt about opting for this sales CRM solution.

You can also check out our review on Freshworks.

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