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In Computer Hardware Last updated: September 5, 2023
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Headphone test apps assist in testing your headphones for important audio parameters.

You may want to upgrade your current pair of headphones. Or it may be possible that you are looking to make your first headphone purchase.

Undoubtedly, you should have to find out which pair of headphones is best for you. The answer can never be clear if you ask someone how they choose the best headphone with the best sound quality.

This is because it is a bit of a complicated and subjective question. The selection of the headphones is most of the time done based on personal preferences.

These preferences include personal experiences, expectations, sound quality requirements, and, most importantly, how your ears are attuned.

When all these things are found in headphones, it becomes your favorite. And this may be your very personal opinion because many others may reject your favorite one.


However, to make a purchase, you should have criteria to differentiate between multiple products. These criteria help you in reaching the best product for yourself. While purchasing headphones, too, this rule is applicable.

Several good headphone test apps/tools are available that help you test various options. We will discuss these apps/tools in this post. But before you try these apps/tools, you should first be aware of what you must test in a headphone. Let’s explore them.

Things to Check During Headphone Test

There are multiple factors that you should assess while performing a headphone test. You must emphasize these characteristics when listening to the test music on headphones. These include:

  • Bass: Bass is the minimum range of frequencies that are audible. It usually lies between 60-250Hz. The sound should have clarity, warmth, fullness, speed, and control.
  • Sub-bass: It is the lowest end of the audible frequency that lies between nearly 20 – 60Hz.
  • Midrange: It is the central part of the spectrum of audio that is also known as Mids. Most of the reproductions lie in mid-frequencies. The range for this is 250 Hz and 3kHz.
  • Treble: It is the upper portion of the frequency of audio. It lies between 5000-20000 Hz. It should be clean, resolving, sweet, airy, delicate, and articulate.
  • Timing and Rhythm: The interaction between the instruments should sound ordered and controlled.
  • Dynamic Range: It is the ratio between the hearable loudest signal and the quietest signal.

Now let’s explore various headphone test apps/tools you can use to assess the sound quality of the headphones. is a wonderful headphone test platform that lets you find the best pair by assessing different audio aspects.

YouTube video

With this headphone test web app, you can test frequency response, spectral flatness, dynamic range, driver matching, wiring, etc. It also lets you carry out an earbud insert test. Besides this, you can have binaural tests, as well as harmonic distortion tests, easily.

Test the audio quality of the headphone pair that you are considering with the Headphone Test. It lets you test various characteristics of the headphones. These include bass, treble, audio quality, left and right test, driver test, and 8D audio.


Assessing the headphones for all these features will let you have the best set for you.



WebCamMicTest is an online web-based headphone test that lets you test your headphone for three types of audio. These are Smooth Funk, Deep Bass Music, and Symphonic Music.

This platform also allows you to play left or right headphone ears individually. This lets you test both sides of the headphones appropriately. You can carry out tests by setting varying frequencies.

Left Right – Stereo Test

Left Right – Stereo Test is an Android app that lets you quickly test your headphones via your Android device. This allows you to identify instantly which is the left and which is the right earbud.


You need to connect the pair of your headphones to your device and open this application. Just a single click will let you identify the sides of your headphone.

Ultimate Ear/Headphone Test

Adota presents this Ultimate Ear/Headphone Test app for Android devices. This app lets you test your headphones or earbuds effectively and easily.


This app lets you take your headphones through a series of tests to determine the audio quality. This app can test the audio on high, low, and golden frequencies. It also lets you carry out a stereo test as well as a binaural test. 

Earphones Test+

Earphones Test+ is another great Android application to carry out your headphone test. With this, you can test not just your headphones but your speakers as well. There are different quality features that you can verify on this app for the headphones you are considering.


It can test fidelity, left-right channels, dynamics, compatibility, linearity, etc. These tests let you quickly carry out a clear comparison between multiple sets. As a result, you can make the right decision.

Audio Tester

Audio Tester is a headphone test app that you can use to test various audio devices using your smartphone.


With this headphone test app, you can test three parameters. These include the stereo test, frequency test, and delay test. All these parameters let you identify the performance of a headphone.

SoundID: Headphones Sound Cool

SoundID lets you follow simple steps to identify headphone performance and audio quality. It comes with a large number of profiles for various popular headphone models.


Upon creating your profile on SoundID, you can complete quick sound preference.

Headphone Check

Headphone Check from Citrus Apps is an amazing headphone test app designed for iPhones. This is a quick and easy app to test your headphone. It is completely free to install and use.

It lets you choose from multiple test sound options. The 4 available are:

  • Voice (Default)
  • 250 Hz Tone
  • 440 Hz Tone
  • 1kHz Tone

With this, you can also change the background color of the interface and increase or decrease the test volume.

Stereo LEFT RIGHT (L/R) Test

Stereo LEFT RIGHT (L/R) Test is a quick headphone test app for iPhone or iOS devices. It lets you test your speakers in addition to headphones, earphones, or earbuds.


With this app, you can carry out your headphones’ left and right stereo tests. As a result, you can ensure that both sides of your headphones are working perfectly.

Final Words

So, do you have multiple headphones under consideration among which you want to make a final selection? You can utilize the functionalities of these headphone test apps and platforms and thus ensure you purchase the right product.

You may also want to explore the best mid-range wireless earbuds to buy.

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