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Implementing a responsive and user-friendly JavaScript data grid is a challenging task. But it’s not if you choose the right one!

You can use various libraries to deploy all your data in a tabular form and make your next move in web development.

JavaScript is the core structure in many web applications. It comes in handy for development needs, which saves unnecessary efforts and time on development and testing.

It also keeps everything under a single roof so that you can easily access the vital features and implement them in your application.

Many businesses or fintech industries organize their data in tables to allow users to view the whole information easily. A data grid renders data in columns and rows, enabling users to perform different operations, including exporting data, pagination, in-cell editing, sorting, filtering data, and so on. 

There is a lot to know.

So, let’s understand a few things about JavaScript libraries, data grid components, and how data grid components are helpful in your web development.  

What is a JavaScript Library?

JavaScript is a well-known programming language that comes under the core technologies of the world wide web. Almost all browsers have a dedicated engine for JavaScript to execute code on multiple devices.

Since it is used across the world for web development, you will find some pre-written code to allow developers to create web applications easily. And this collection of pre-written JavaScript codes is known as JavaScript Library. 

Whenever you need a common JavaScript function, you can search and get it from this library. A JavaScript library consists of different components, such as dashboard charts, data grips, data maps, and a lot more that let you implement the components whenever you need them without any hassle. 

What do you mean by a Data grid in JavaScript?

A JavaScript Datagrid is a simple yet powerful, feature-rich, and customizable control for displaying the information in a tabular format in your web application. Datagrid includes a wide range of functionalities, such as editing, data binding, Excel-like filtering, aggregating rows, selection, custom sorting, and more. 

However, the Datagrid control is also used to display multiple tables from different datasets. The display is automatically adjusted according to the business data source. It is a lightweight client-side control that supports basic operations, from sorting and inserting to deleting and paging. 

JavaScript data grids are data-driven and purposefully built to control high-performance web applications. Libraries have a spreadsheet-like user experience that can be customized to build scalable, data-rich, and complex interfaces. 

Why are Data grids essential?

Data grids are an important structure for web applications that render a wide range of data, including tracking stats, live reports, and much more. 

There are many reasons why you must choose a Datagrid for your next project:

  • Data grids enhance your application performance as they are lightweight, which allows your website to reduce the load time.
  • Most of the Datagrid libraries have virtual scrolling options that enhance user experience, which means you can easily deploy large sets of data.
  • Its features like filtering, sorting, pagination, etc., make it even easier to map large datasets. 

Now that we have an idea about Data grids and their importance, let’s move ahead with the libraries that provide JavaScript Data grid components.


Fuel your website and application easily with the powerful JavaScript data grid component – FusionGrid by FusionCharts. It is a highly customizable and responsive data grid component that helps you work with a similar datastore that you are using already. 

You can make FusionGrid a perfect addition to all your application dashboard needs. You can use it on any device, and it works on all modern browsers with a responsive JavaScript data grid solution. Take your dashboards to the next level using React, Vue, and Angular projects.

FusionGrid lets you build compelling grids to run various reports with a similar data source. It enables you to sort, search, and filter the data on the relevant columns so that you can get the information quickly. The data grid gives you a highly featured component that allows large data sets to get displayed easily. 

You can seamlessly export the information as JSON, Excel, and CSV formats according to your requirement. FusionGrid also offers the Selection API so that you can present multiple options to your users to select rows or cells. 

When you are dealing with a large amount of information, from handling the page size to controlling every aspect of that page with flags and the appearance of breadcrumbs, FusionGrid gives you all the benefits you need to create your dashboard. 

Start building your unique dashboard today by getting a license. Download the free trial and explore more. 


Combine your spreadsheet-like UX with the advanced data grid features that include legendary support. Handsontable is a JavaScript data grid component that works with Angular, Vue, plain JavaScript, and React. 

You will get all the spreadsheet features when you work with Handsontable. Since there is no difficult learning curve, you can easily start your work from day one. It is easy to implement and is a super customizable and flexible data grid component. 

You can extend its functionalities with custom plugins and edit the source code to add it to your product. In addition, you will get access to useful tutorials, community and commercial support, and a comprehensive API. 

Finally, you can start working on large volumes of information without decreasing the performance. You can use Handsontable to build applications that are necessary to your business. It is just like a tool teacher you can easily access without prior knowledge. 

Get started with Handsontable to see how effectively you can build your next business application or website and launch it. Get the source code from npm that includes all the files and start using it now. 

Kendo UI

Get the JavaScript data grid component library you need for your business applications and websites with Kendo UI. It bundles four JavaScript UI libraries that are built for Angular, Vue, React, and jQuery, and each one is built with theming and consistent API.

No matter what you choose, your user interface will be responsive, accessible, modern, and fast. Kendo UI makes your work easy by allowing you to implement modern, high-performance, and full-featured data table views into your business applications. 

You will get more than 100 data grid components, from filtering data to sorting it and advanced features like hierarchical and pagination data grouping. It offers adaptive rendering, column interactions, frozen columns, editing, the grouping of data, data binding, virtualization, endless scrolling, export to PDF or Excel, templates, and more. 

You can take the data operations to the next level with options like editing, filtering, sorting, aggregating, interacting, frozen columns, and selecting. Kendo UI lets you handle every decision, from data operations and theming to faster rendering and snappy interactions. 

Buy Kendo UI and get feature kits for your business applications. Start your free trial today for any framework you want and explore the best data grid component for your application or website. 


If you are interested in the React framework for the JavaScript data grid component library, Griddle is one of the best options. It is an ultra customizable and flexible data grid component and provides basic functionality and conventions along with the option of advanced customization of components, methods, etc. 

Griddle comes with plugin support so that you can customize the data grid components even better. Make your data tables unique with group styles and various other features. Share the style throughout the organization to have a great idea and also with the world through npm. Plugins can help you in all cases.

When you have a rendering list of data, Griddle turns them into a data grid easily. However, it is not just a data grid component, but even more due to its pluggable and customizable architecture. You can easily learn how to configure the Griddle to render your data list. 

You can import row and column definitions, create a custom component, and more with Griddle. It is straightforward to implement into your business surface. You can also include the Griddle component in your project through npm, add Griddle to the project, define the array of data, control data manually, and render your component. 

AG Grid

AG Grid is one of the best JavaScript data grid component libraries in the world. AG Grid offers a feature set, quality, and performance that you have never seen before. Many features are unique, differentiating this solution from the rest.

Without compromising performance and quality, you can easily create your data grip dashboard. Its community is free and open-sourced, so that you will get style features and dedicated support. AG Grid also provides free access that other grids are unable to provide. 

Get many grid options from statusBar, sideBar, getContextMenuItems, suppressContextMenu, preventDefaultOnContextMenu, allowContextMenuWithControlKey, getMainMenuItems, and more. For column definitions, you can use columnDefs, defaultColDef, columnTypes, etc. 

For the grid interface, you will get the combination of grid options, grip API, grid events, and row node. Let your application communicate with columns through the column interface, which is the public-facing part of columns. The column interface section lists all the properties, events, methods, etc. AG Grid also offers theming, style, grid options, grid instance, row data, accessing API, and more.

Get started with the easily accessible application code.

TanStack Table

Experience a headless UI for creating powerful data grids and data tables with TanStack Table. Build a data grid from the beginning for React, Solid, Svelte, Vue, and TS/JS while retaining complete control over the styles and markups. 

With TanStack Table, you will have 100% control over the smallest HTML tag, class, style, and component. Additionally, you will get a pixel perfection data table. It is specially built to filter, sort, materialize, aggregate, group, display, and paginate massive data sets with a small API surface.

Let your users be more productive by wiring up existing or new tables. TanStack Table is a powerful data grid component in a small package. It lets you easily extend the features so that you can override or customize almost everything in the way. 

TanStack Table’s engine and API are framework-independent and highly modular while prioritizing its ergonomics. You will get features like cell formatters, lightweight code, sorting, column filters, aggregation, column ordering, virtualizable, footers, tree-shaking, multi sort, row selection, pagination, column visibility, headless, global filters, and more. 

Create a jaw-dropping powerful table with some basic styles, a few columns, and table markup. Get started now and explore the component. 


Deliver amazing user experiences with DevExtreme. It is the blazing-fast data grid that provides feature-rich data editing and shaping client-side widgets. This data grid ships with interactive chart components, a feature-complete data grid, data editors, and more.

DevExtreme includes a large and comprehensive collection of ultra-fast, high-performance, and responsive UI data grid components, from Angular and Vue to React, for next-generation mobile and traditional web applications. In addition, it allows your end-users to manage data easily and display it on the screen as per your business requirements.

DevExtreme’s pivot grid ships with a client-side data engine that processes up to 1,000,000 records on the go directly inside the browser. Its data visualization components let you convert data to the most readable and concise visual representation. You can also use a range selector, gauge, and chart to build informative and beautiful dashboards in order to convey intelligence. 

Furthermore, you will get an easy-to-use and intuitive widget that combines the power of a TreeView and a traditional grid in a single UI element. DevExtreme also comes with a collection of multiple accessibility-ready UI components with complete keyboard support. 

Your next great application starts here. Take a fully-functional 30-day free trial and 60-day money-back guarantee. 


Get the most flexible and fastest JavaScript data grid with FlexGrid and enhance your application performance. It provides an Excel-like and familiar experience, and you will find customizable cells along with cell templates and themes. 

Build the data grid that your business application needs with extensive API documentation, hundreds of demos, and first-class support. It is the feature-rich control that displays data in an understandable tabular format. FlexGrid’s wide range of functionalities includes editing, custom sorting, selection, aggregating rows, support for CSV, Excel, and PDF formats, data binding, Excel-like filtering, and more.

You will get limitless cell templates that support binding expressions and declarative markup for React, PureJS, Vue, and Angular. It also offers well-known functionalities like star sizing, cell merging, cell freezing, and keyboard support. In addition, you will get improved performance because it’s lightweight, which keeps your applications fast and lean with the lowest possible load time. 

Moreover, FlexGrid supports server-side and client-side data binding so that you can bind to simple JavaScript arrays, remote OData servers, real-time WebSocket servers, or observable CollectionViews. Get automatic lookup capabilities with DataMaps, such as displaying customer names. 

Take FlexGrid free trial of 30-days and build flexible, fast, dependency-free, feature-complete JavaScript/HTML applications. 

Ignite UI

Build better web applications with Ignite UI, which offers hundreds of UI controls and components for each web framework.

It includes the fastest data charts and data grids and provides business features, responsive web design, touch support, and more. You will get the fastest grids across the whole market that work with open-source data sources and libraries.

Ignite can eliminate the complexity of designing interfaces for your business application. Just choose from the library of application templates and responsive screen layouts and set your data in a tabular form. Jumpstart your next project today with the complete library of JavaScript data grid components.

You will get more than 120 high-performance data grids, JavaScript UI components, and data charts for your next application. It also gives an Excel-like feeling while working on the high-performance features. 

Choose the right plan or download the free trial to access the full library of data grid components. 


More than 94% of businesses use JavaScript libraries to build their business applications. And JavaScript data grids are an essential part of a web application.

Businesses can use JavaScript data grid components to add value to their applications by leveraging its amazing functionalities. Thus, choose the best JavaScript data grid component library from the above list that suits your business needs. 

You may also look at some of the best charting libraries to build application dashboards.

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