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Paper business cards have been the standard way to exchange contact information for decades. They are expensive and inconvenient, terrible for the environment, and most of them end up in the trash along with your contact information with little or no chance of reopening that prospect. 

Research has shown that over 550,000 trees are being cut annually for paper business cards, and companies are spending $200k per year per 1,000 employees. Considering these factors, traditional paper business cards do not integrate well with the growing digital marketing, environment, and economy. 

Digital business cards not only solve these problems but also improve communication, and today, advanced technology has made these cards much more than contact exchange tools. 

Digital cards are cost-effective, easy to use, and eco-friendly, and they embed a wealth of information and contact details into your potential customer’s phone, increasing the probability that they’ll remember you, reach out, and probably get converted and become your business prospect.

They give you a fast, simple, and easy way to share your information, and they work as 7 out of 10 businesses say their digital business cards significantly impact networking, and sales have increased 2.5% for every 2,000 business cards given out.

Additionally, with the rise of smartphones and digital technology, smart/digital business cards are becoming worth carrying and enhancing your business opportunities. 

Smart/digital business cards offer convenience when sharing and receiving contacts and the ability to update information easily. With the adoption of the latest AI technology and integration of CRM tools, these new digital business cards have become an asset for today’s companies of all sizes and fields.


Mobilo is one of the pioneers and efficient smart/digital business card solution providers to exchange contact details while providing a suite of powerful features that take business cards from 2D objects to interactive tools for managing leads and teams.

To date, Mobilo has assisted in onboarding more than 25,000 companies and teams from countless industries onto their digital business card network. From international banks to small construction businesses, every type of organization has benefited from their effortless way of staying connected.

It is the most used professional networking platform around the world, serving millions of people, no matter how big or small their team or company, in connecting offline and online via a modern-day approach using its innovative technology at your disposal in more than 200 countries.

Mobilo provides four customizable and easy-to-use modes to help you manage your digital presence. 

  • Business Card: A business card allows you to easily share your contact information and links to all of your social media channels with anyone. Quickly tap the card onto their phone or offer them a QR code for quick retrieval.
  • Landing Page: For an even more comprehensive promotional experience, there’s a Landing Page with a customizable teams’ package add-on. You can create a personalized landing page with customizable options to create a branded home for all your info and social media accounts in one place.
  • Link to any URL: You can create a link to send people directly to your website or link to sales decks, presentations, and more to show off your content.
  • Lead generation: It is one of four unique modes included in every Mobilo smart business card. Mobilo Card offers the ultimate networking and lead generation solution by incorporating cutting-edge technology for a two-way exchange of contact details.  Mobilo’s smart business cards leverage RFID technology to enable lead-generation processes. The system is similar to Apple Pay but focuses on information exchange and customer data collection instead of payment processing.

When you tap your Mobilo card against a smartphone device in the ‘lead generation’ setting, its custom-built form pops up for prospects to fill out with their personal info. It captures the necessary details from prospects and sends them a text message with an embedded hyperlink that enables an automatic population of their data into your contact list.

Additionally, you have access to over 5,000 apps for integration, as well as ChatGPT AI automation tools for follow-up activities. Mobilo offers an innovative business card solution that takes your in-person lead generation efforts to the next level.

These four modes give users the perfect tool for businesses to create unique digital profiles quickly. With the help of one simple click, you can create a contact card that spreads the word about your business quickly across all social channels and sends leads straight into apps for further processing.

Mobilo cards make it easy to share business information wirelessly. In addition to its cutting-edge chip technology, which quickly helps to transfer contact details with just a simple tap of the card on any NFC-compatible device, it offers innovative QR codes that ensure compatibility across all smartphones without worrying about hardware requirements or spending extra money updating your phones.

You can simply scan the code provided, and your contact info is shared automatically, saving time and hassle for everyone involved. 

Mobilo Teams

Another critical aspect of a company’s growth is the performance coming from the Team of employees. Considering that factor, Mobilo is the first company to introduce Teams access for its all-in-one digital business card platform to boost networking efforts. Its control panel lets you easily manage team members and cards in one unified tool and sync profiles across the board. 

Organizations or senior management can even track performance metrics for individual or collective data points while monitoring each member’s progress within their respective groups, departments, or locations.

Some of Mobilo’s core features for Teams include:

  • Monitor and manage your Team: Measure, monitor, and manage your Team’s performance metrics from an admin control panel available on a unified platform. You can control user profiles by syncing, filling out, or locking each member’s profiles organized by group, department, or location. Monitor individual or team data to help you compare progress, so all members are guided toward success in real time.
  • Sales: Mobilo Teams helps businesses to automate their sales process with four uniquely designed sales modes, ensuring no follow-ups get missed and an efficient CRM data entry. 
  • Marketing: Mobilo Teams delivers custom, personalized solutions for effective marketing strategy focussing on your brand. With intuitive analytics and data tracking capabilities, the Team’s platform helps you measure the ROI of events and networking and roll out unified branding across all channels.
  • HR: Provides an efficient HR solution enabling easy control over employee permissions, transfer cards, and onboarding with a single click integration to your existing HR system, automates the onboarding, synchronizes employee profiles, and facilitates offboarding for efficient personnel management.
  • Security: Mobilo Teams provides unsurpassed data and security with 256-bit AES encryption, ensuring that your business never worries about the safety of its sensitive information. And its global content delivery ensures a seamlessly smooth experience for users across the globe.

Mobilo’s stylish digital business cards offer a revolutionary way to connect with people and make an impressive first impression. Instead of giving out basic paper cards, you can now tap your Mobilo card onto your prospect’s phone to share all the information they need in one go – from contact details and social media profiles to portfolio or products and services pages – leaving them with many ways to reach out to you. 

Mobilo smart business card assists you to stand out among other professionals by making connections that count through unique tech solutions and generates a probability of improving your leads or business. 

Some of the world’s best organizations adopt Mobilo, such as L’Oréal, Saudi Aramco, SAMSUNG, TOYOTA, RedBull, AstraZeneca, etc.

Let’s see some of the Top Features of Mobilo Business card 

  • One Tap connectivity: It enables quick and easy sharing of contact details through a built-in NFC Chip, allowing contactless sharing by tapping the card on smartphones. For older devices without NFC sensors, scanning the QR code using the camera is also available. It supports both Android and iOS phones.
  • Comprehensive Data Insights: Calculate the ROI on networking, track individual performance activities, and automate lead follow-up sequences for effective marketing. Also, there is an option to easily view past activity to determine what works best for your business optimization needs.
  • Mobilo Teams: Mobilo Teams is an all-in-one platform for businesses to streamline their internal processes with robust admin controls, ownership management, and automation and integration features. It easily integrates with HR systems and CRMs, so you can send leads/contacts automatically, grow your email list quickly, and close more deals in less time.
  • Offline connectivity: Mobilo helps businesses of all sizes gain an edge with the latest NFC technology, reducing their reliance on paper and cutting costs. Mobilo allows you to securely share your contact information without worrying about wasting resources or looking outdated. Mobilo’s help ensures that every potential customer, client, and partner is impressed by your networking skills.
  • Online connectivity: Its User-friendly platform allows you to quickly switch between modes for an effortless experience while providing your Team with uniform email signatures that include QR codes, so everyone can save what is shared during calls, which disappear once it’s over.
  • The easy-to-use app gives you access to all features on your device—no wallet necessary. With total control at your hand, quickly switch between modes depending on what events pop up in your day and set automated alerts so that nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Next Generation QR code which can be fully customized to match your branding in color, shape, and logo

On top of all these features and the latest technologies the Mobilo offers, it plants a tree for every wood card sold. Isn’t it a significant step toward corporate social responsibility? 

So, if you are looking for a modern and innovative way to connect with people in the business world, in that case, Mobilo can suffice most of your requirements and enhance networking, leading to better results in sales and marketing. 

Mobilo Cards

Mobilo provides the highest quality, custom-designed four premium cards: Their classic card is made from durable and recyclable plastic for longevity, or choose an eco-friendly wood option in Birch (light) or Sapele (dark). Get noticed with their stainless-steel Metal line of cards, laser engraved and available in Black, Gold, and Silver. 

Mobilo provides an array of convenient and secure premium cards for effortless connections, including the NFC Key fob to attach to keys and a stylishly designed NFC smart button for phones. Users can enjoy unprecedented security in any situation with Mobilo cards. Its pricing structure is quite adaptable and suitable for companies of all sizes and sectors. 

To summarize, Mobilo Card is an international digital business card provider based in New York, United States. With offices in Australia and the Netherlands, Mobilo offers global reach and support for its customers.

Their tap-to-connect solution makes wirelessly exchanging contact information easy by using NFC technology between phones or tablets. You can easily update your details anytime; it will automatically show up on the recipient’s device, allowing you to stay connected with anyone globally from anywhere, anytime, without ever needing a physical business card again.

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