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16 Best Movie Maker and Editor Mobile App

video editor apps
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We live in an era where smartphones can do almost every single thing that would otherwise be possible only on computers.

And creating/editing videos is one of them. By using just your mobile phone, you can create videos that can potentially go viral and make you a handsome amount of revenue up to living if pushed enough.

Video is one of the best ways (if not the best) ways to express and convey your message to the masses out there. In fact, recent studies show that people retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, as compared to 10% when reading it in the form of text. That’s huge!

Coming to the income potentiality of making videos, TikTok stars like Charli D’Amelio makes about $30K-$51K per post. She is believed to be the highest TikTok earner as of now. There are also millions of YouTube video creators that make a fortune creating videos on the platform.

While all these might sound very unattainable, that’s actually not the case. It’s surely tough, but with the use of the right strategies and apps, you might be standing among these influencers in a few months/years.

In this article, you’ll discover the best apps for mobile phones that’ll help you create and edit videos to publish online. While you might already be familiar with some of these, I highly recommend reading the entire list to find something that you didn’t know about.

Let’s hop into it.


If you’ve been into videos for a long time now, you know how good Filmora is for editing on a computer. While you cannot use the same software on your mobile, you can download their mobile version called FilmoraGo. It’s all about getting that editing done while you’re on the go.

It’s easy to use and lets you do a variety of stuff like adding music, adding effects, adjusting speed, applying transitions, and a lot more.

Their homepage says it’s available for Android, but there’s also an IOS version for download.


If you have an iPhone or an iPad, then you’re lucky enough to use the Movavi video editor on your device. It is completely free and allows you to create your own movies using a bunch of great features, like:

  • Cut
  • Merge
  • Remove unwanted elements
  • Add transitions
  • Speed up or slow down
  • Add music

You can also add text, stickers, and export them into different formats and dimensions.


YouTube video

How awesome would it be to create cinematic videos right from your smartphone? PowerDirector helps you do just that with its powerful features and content packs. You can get as creative as you want by using transitions, blending effects, masks, audio tracks, and professional-looking titles.

You’re also allowed to add multiple soundtracks in the timeline and mix things up for a quirky final result. PowerDirector is available for both IOS and Android.

Film Maker Pro

Totally free and user-friendly, Film Maker Pro lets you create phenomenal Hollywood-style videos with numerous editing possibilities. You can split, cut, trim, duplicate, and even detach audio from a video at any point in the duration.

You can also easily create video intros, add text, filters, and various other elements. The best part is, you can compress and convert your videos for different platforms. Currently, you can download Film Maker Pro only on Android devices.


YouTube video

TikTok is the hottest thing right now on social media, and you should definitely be part of it. From funny short clips to monologues to magic tricks to what now, you can create just about any video and still stand a chance to gain an incredible following.

Most of celebrities, along with regular people, have jumped into this app, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. I’d say go ahead and install it right now on either your IOS or Android device.


I remember InShot was the first video editing app that I installed on my phone a few years back, and I was mesmerized by its features. It lets you trim, split, merge and adjust your video clips to a great degree. In fact, you can create amazing vlogs using this app and upload them on platforms like YouTube.

It has great filters, sound effects, stickers, and upbeat music. You can also add your own voiceover to it. InShot is available for both IOS and Android.


Looking for a video editing app that helps you easily create slick, music-driven content made for social platforms like TikTok, Triller, Snapchat Spotlight, and YouTube Shorts?

Developed by Lightricks, Beatleap is an excellent video editor that makes the whole process of creating clips a smoother ride while saving you time. It involves vivid interactions for playful editing and a bunch of useful features.

No matter if you are mixing your workout video with instructions, showcasing your eCommerce store’s latest threads, boomeranging your road trip, or dancing with grace, Beatleap is your buddy.

Make your video driven by cool music that you can set for effects, styles, speeding up, slowing down, and more. Just select your footage, soundtrack, and the editing style you want to aim for, and the app does the rest, syncing on-screen motion to the rhythm of the music.

The app’s powerful editor is easy as well as intuitive which results in stunning videos generated in seconds. Give your videos a finishing touch with desired filters, from Glitch and VCR to Film.

You can also enhance the lighting and colors in your video to add to the wow factor. Keep exploring and experimenting, as there is absolutely no limit to the styles and effects and their combinations supported here. Beatleap works on devices with iOS 12 or up and is compatible with iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone.

Subscribe to Beatleap to get unlimited features along with content. Alternately, there is a one-time payment option also available for a lifetime. Its starting price is $5.99/month and includes a free trial.


From various sound effects and filters to text and music, Alive totally stands by its name to make your videos ACTUALLY alive. People have been creating short and sweet videos and as well as vlogs with this app. Check this out:


The great thing is, you can create your own little community inside the app and also check out what other people are making in order to feed your creativity a bit. Alive can be downloaded on IOS and Android devices.


Been awarded Apple’s “App Trend of the Year” in 2019 and winning several Google Play awards, Magisto is another impressive video editor on the list. You can explore their library and use tons of stock videos and images to create something of your own. The app is super-fast, easy to use, and helps you make effective videos for your business.

An interesting concept of this app is, it asks you to pick your editing style before creating any video. This way, whether you’re creating slideshows or video collages, Magisto will know what you’re looking for and will suggest the best possible tools to use within the interface.


YouTube video

You can mix and match your media files using Quik and come up with a great-looking video to be used anywhere. It has an AI technology that detects different moods from your gallery and adds them to your video to maintain a constant vibe.

For example, it can detect and add photos in which you’re smiling, or you can select other criteria as well. Overall, you can easily customize, add a soundtrack, add effects, and share it with the world with just a few taps. You can download Quik on your IOS and Android devices.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is another great mobile app for video editing, and why wouldn’t it be great coming from Adobe tools? They’re known for providing great functionality, and this one is no exception.


Some of the main features of this app include:

  • Audio assembling
  • Edit motion graphics
  • Pre-made templates
  • Customize text, color, size, font, and more
  • Speed up or slow down

Also, you can sync your data across IOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices.


You can perform all-around video editing tasks with PixArt. Starting from a pre-made template, you can go on to add TikTok background music, transitions, subtitles, and various other elements. It also lets you adjust your video to a great degree, as per your requirement.

This app is free to download on Android, and the best thing is, there are no watermarks. That’s a huge deal maker right there for anybody if you ask me. Not many apps allow you to remove the watermark for free.


Simple yet powerful, Splice allows you to enjoy desktop-like functions on a mobile app. It has a ton of editing options, like adding text, effects, transitions, and a lot more. You can also mix up different audio tracks and add them to your video.

It has various orientation options and the ability to add voiceovers. They’re constantly adding new features to the app, so you can be sure you’re always catching up on the latest trendy video style. As of now, this app is only available to IOS users.


Praised by some of the biggest companies, like Google Play and Quora, VivaVideo makes it easy to create professional videos. It is simple in nature but offers a lot on the plate. Apart from all the traditional features it already has, VivaVideo lets you add stickers, and themes and apply various effects.

If you’re in need of a quick video to share on social media, then this app will most likely do the job pretty easily. You can download it on IOS and Android devices.

Apple Clips


One of the most exciting apps on this list, Apple Clips is really ahead of time when it comes to creating viral-style videos. I am certain you’ve come across videos where people turn themselves into a real-looking emoji and do fun things with it. It’s one of a kind, and you’ll only be able to use it on IOS devices.

In a nutshell, you can:

  • Create Memoji
  • Create Animoji
  • Add animated titles
  • Add stickers
  • Add captions
  • Sync your real-time audio
  • Apply various filters

You can also try out their “selfie scenes” that can transform your background into your desired theme, like Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2. All in all, it’s pretty fun and exciting, and you can share your video with just a few taps.


Dubsmash is like another version of TikTok, but with lesser features. It used to be superior back in the days when TikTok wasn’t around but quickly went down to the competitor. However, that doesn’t make this app terrible in any way. It has pretty amazing features, allowing you to create dance/fun videos for social media.

Add music, effects, text, and a ton of transitions to come up with your own social media video. Once you’re done creating it, you can straightaway share it on your preferred social platform. You can get this app on IOS and Android.


No matter if you have an iOS or Android device, creating professional videos has never been easier. These apps will help you achieve the exact style you imagine and come up with great-looking videos to be shared all over the Internet. If you are aiming to make money from your videos then you should check out VidIQ.

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