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In NFT Last updated: January 2, 2023
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There is plenty to explore in the decentralized world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Currently, the most famous use case is NFTs.

Right now, NFTs are completely revolutionizing the world of digital ownership. More and more people are getting into NFTs. This is making it really difficult for investors to find the right non-fungible asset to invest in. The best thing here is that anyone can create or collect NFTs.

The popularity of NFTs is booming, and people see that it is not slowing down in the near future. Everyone is seen talking about metaverse and NFTs. New NFT trends are coming up in the market every single day. This makes it nearly impossible for investors to keep track of the trending NFTs.

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Now, you might be wondering why to keep track of top trending NFTs or follow the most famous ones. Well, if you wish to earn something from the NFT market, you need to track the trending NFTs. This is where NFT analysis tools come into play.

As there is no stop visible in the NFTs market, it is highly recommended to check it out. And if you are looking forward to making profits, you need to collect some rare ones. Now, who determines the rarity of an NFT? Before we get to it, let us first understand about NFT rarity.

What is NFT Rarity?

There are thousands or even more NFTs hitting the market every single day. So, what might be determining the value of these NFTs? You would have seen some NFTs like Nyan Cat being sold for millions of dollars, while some are not even making a few hundred dollars even if they are from the same collection. The answer to these queries is the rarity of an NFT.

If an NFT is extremely rare, it turns out to be extremely valuable. This is why people try to know if an NFT they are planning to buy is rare or not. The rarity of an NFT pushes its prices high.

Let us understand the calculation of NFT rarity in detail.

Calculation of NFT Rarity

Even if there are thousands of NFTs in a single collection, the rarity and value are not the same. The best example of this is the CryptoPunks collection. The entire collection of CryptoPunks consists of 10,000 NFTs divided into five ‘Punk’ types.

Now, if you look at the supply of every type, there are only 9 ‘Alien’ CryptoPunks available. This is the rarest NFT in their collection, and their least quantity is the reason behind their high prices. On the contrary, there are 6,039 ‘Male’ CryptoPunks. They are considered to be the least rare in their entire collection. This is why their prices are moderately low.


So, one can say that less supply creates more demand and drives the prices of those NFTs very high. But the supply value is not the only factor that determines the rarity of an NFT.

There are various methods for calculating the overall rarity of an NFT. This will include different parameters like rarity based on the rarest trait, statistically assessing the rarities, or even taking an average of the rarity of traits. In all these methods, the overall traits of an NFT are considered and not a single trait. So, a rarity score is used to calculate an NFT’s rarity.

Now, humans can’t keep on calculating the rarity score for every NFT. This might take up a considerable amount of time. This is where the need for different analytical tools came into the market.

You don’t need to worry about calculating the rarity score all by yourself because there are various tools to do the math for you. You only need to make a few clicks and get the results at your fingertips.

NFT Value Estimator

Tips for finding the best NFTs

Before we move to the best tools for tracking trending NFTs, let us look through some tips that can help you decide on new NFTs to buy.

If you wish to make money from NFT investment, you need to perform hardcore research. You need to explore the story behind that particular NFT artwork. Some of the most crucial points to look through are:

  • Properties of the NFT to understand its rarity and its process of generation
  • Find out if the NFT creator has a community or not. If yes, then determine the location and following of the community.
  • Study the current price of that NFT
  • Find out how many total pieces of that NFT exist in the market
  • Analyze to determine on which platforms you can find that NFT

One of the best ways to start with NFT research is to go through the information available on Twitter, Discord, and YouTube. These are the places where a majority of NFT enthusiasts spend their time.

Now, let us look through some of the best tools to track the hottest and trending NFTs and make some profits.


Oxalus is an NFT analytics platform, where you can find promising Upcoming NFT projects, free minting NFTs, and even hidden-gem NFTs from multi-chain.

They not only provide the NFT market space, total supply, and price, … but also analysis regarding community score, community growth rate, and engagement rate, … so users can have in-depth information about the project.

Moreover, when login in with Oxalus ID to use “Advance mode”, you can add the mint/release date to your calendar and get the alerts, so you never miss the next events from your favorite NFT projects. Next, filter sorting mode in ascending and descending will save you time in selecting and evaluating projects.

It’s a platform of easy-to-use NFT tools with just one Oxalus ID, you have complete access to the NFT tools, NFT games gateway, an NFT wallet, and a game tracker.

NFT OnChained

NFT OnChained is a useful tool to track underpriced listings of NFTs. The platform uses machine learning to estimate the current fair value of NFTs. Rarity, traits, market data, and other factors are considered for price estimates for each individual NFT.

Their main feature is the “Screener” which lists the currently most underpriced NFTs across all tracked collections. If you are considering buying an NFT it can be beneficial to pick one that is recommended as a bargain.

NFT OnChained also provides rarity scores, portfolio tracking, price history charts, top holder charts, and collection metrics such as “percent listed”, “fear and greed”, and “Twitter followers” over time to further assist you in your investment decisions. The “Stats” table lets you find collections that are trending or have good fundamentals such as a large holder distribution.


BitDegree is useful for revealing and analyzing various NFT collections from the market. You can find the available NFT collections and go through their data to gain better insights. On top of that, you can apply various metrics to perform a better analysis of any particular NFT.


BitDegree allows you to build your personal portfolio and easily track the progress of all your favorite NFTs. Currently, BitDegree is tracking 357 different NFT collections from 3 protocols. In total, these collections are spread over 58 different NFT marketplaces. The best thing about this tool is that you will be able to make the right decisions at the right time with its tracking.

BitDegree also provides you with an analysis of the top NFT collections. So, you will know very well which NFTs are currently booming in the market.


Moby is not very popular, but it is definitely an effective NFT tracking tool. It offers the fastest real-time NFT statistics and feeds. Moby can turn out to be really useful for NFT investors and also help them in monitoring their assets. They can act upon their investments and make decisions faster because of shorter window periods of 10 minutes, 60 minutes, 24 hours, and a few more.


If you subscribe to the Pro version of Moby, then you can access all the data charts and perform better analysis. Subscribers can access more useful data like historical collection data, real-time feeds, NFT signals, and much more.

The ranking system of NFTs on Moby can be handy for finding the top contracts and choosing the right ones to invest in. The only downside here is that you can’t access every feature for free, and you need to get a subscription for better tracking. is another tracking tool that can provide you with all the necessary information regarding the top NFT collections in the blockchain world. You can gain statistics based on any NFT’s price and volume too.

NFT collection

When you visit the official website, you will see a list of top NFT collections with their total assets, collection value, floor price, volume, and sales mentioned over there. You can also find out the upcoming NFT collections on to see if there are any interesting upcoming projects to invest in. The visitors can go through these NFT collections and also find out their asset value, dropping date, minting price, and more.

Other than viewing NFT collections and tracking them, you can also track all the cryptocurrencies through this platform.

When you are thinking about buying an NFT, the most important thing to consider is a rarity. The best NFTs sold for millions are extremely rare and wanted by all the collectors. This is what drives their price high. is a useful tool for tracking and examining the NFT space.

You can sort all the NFTs based on their collections, average price, and even volume in ETH on When you visit the website, you will see a unique page for every NFT collection. You can even go through the detailed attributes of every particular NFT in any collection.

The best thing about is that they can give a rarity score to any NFT. The rarity score will make it easy for you to determine whether it is a worthy investment or not. It is a user-friendly platform that provides detailed information and helps you find lucrative NFTs.


OpenSea is the most famous platform for NFTs selling, buying, and trading. But, it is not only useful for viewing an impressive digital art collection. OpenSea is pretty useful as an NFT tool to track and analyze your digital art investments and see how you can improve your investments.

OpenSea has successfully created a robust ecosystem with all the data and NFT shop altogether. As everything is in a single place, finding the best new NFTs has become pretty easy and simple for everyone.

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When you visit the Stats page on the main menu, you will find the Rankings and Activity of all the NFTs in real-time. The platform supports all the NFTs based on Polygon, Ethereum, and Klayton blockchains. You can filter the NFTs based on blockchains and nine different categories like music, art, trading cards, and more.

As OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace, it becomes easy to keep track of the NFTs listed on the platform. Most NFT collections are listed over here, and this is the best thing about the platform.

When you open, the first thing that you will see is the ‘Trending Collections’ that features some trending NFTs from the last day. If you have connected your wallet, you can even filter the ranking for the last 15 or 30 minutes. On top of that, you can find all the information related to the NFTs like the floor price, volume, sales, and average price on the leaderboard.

The best thing is its user-friendly interface, making it pretty easy even for beginners to perform NFT analysis. If you look through the Discover Tab, you can also find the wallet addresses of some of the top buyers and sellers of the marketplace.

If you get a premium subscription, you can get access to detailed pages of information for every NFT collection. This will include every NFT’s history and price charts. On top of that, you can also get NFT project breakdowns based on their rarities and attributes.

NFT Drops Calendar

It often happens that you miss out on any specific NFT drop because you didn’t have any idea about it. Later on, you see that its price is high up in the market. Now, you don’t have to worry about missing out on any upcoming NFT drops.

You can keep track of all the upcoming drops with the help of the NFT Drops Calendar. It will not only keep you updated with all the forthcoming NFT drops, but you will also be alerted about giveaways, events, and sales related to NFTs.

NFT Drops Calendar

You can even search for any particular NFT collection on this platform with the help of different search tags. On top of that, the sorting feature allows you to sort all the NFTs based on various parameters like minting date, price, volume, and more.

NFT Drops Calendar also allows its users to submit their own NFTs and list them on the platform for sale. So, it is like a one-stop solution when it comes to NFTs.


For a long time, DappRadar has been functioning as a go-to site for monitoring the sales data of NFT collections. They also came up with a portfolio tracker in 2020 for offering the users a simple way of monitoring Ethereum wallets in real-time. With this tracker, users only need to enter the Ethereum wallet address or ENS name to receive information regarding tokens and NFT balance and the overall net worth of that wallet.


If you are looking for a tool that can help you with individual portfolio tracking, this one is definitely an excellent choice. Other than that, DappRadar also features the most trending NFTs in the marketplace based on different timeframes. You can directly view any NFT collection’s volume, traders, and sales.

DappRadar allows you to keep track of trending NFT collections and also allows you to monitor real-time sales. You can even filter out NFTs on DappRadar based on different protocols.

Upcoming NFT

Upcoming NFT is another valuable platform for never missing out on the upcoming NFT drops. If there are any upcoming NFT projects, events, drops, auctions, or giveaways, then you can get an idea about them through this platform. You can view the listed NFT projects based on their popularity, time of adding, and even the upcoming ones.

Upcoming NFT

If you are thinking about launching your own NFT project, you can also submit your NFT to the platform. This will make it easy for you to gain visibility and get a buyer for your digital artwork. The live feed tool from Upcoming NFT helps the investors explore the trending NFTs that are being minted on the blockchain and get more insights into them in real-time.

Upcoming NFT can even help you out with promotions of your NFT projects. Even before your project is launched, you can be in the spotlight to bag better deals after launching through promotions. You can also gain insights and real-time data for all the upcoming NFT events on this platform.

NFT Evening

NFT Evening has a calendar to keep you updated with upcoming drops and NFTs. There is a lot to explore on the NFT Evening website other than NFT drops. You can find all the content around NFTs with information portrayed in a fun and accessible manner. NFT Evening is like a one-stop solution for creating, collecting, selling and investing in NFTs.

NFT Evening

If there is any new NFT project coming up in the market, you will be able to view it on this platform. Other than NFT news and analysis, you can even go through crypto art, collectibles, blockchain games, and metaverse of the platform.

NFT Evening also allows you to promote your event or NFT project for gaining exposure before launch. This helps a lot in getting a boost for your project. The platform allows you to perform analysis with different filters like categories and blockchain.

Coin Rivet

Coin Rivet is a full-fledged platform with plenty of features other than NFT. You can get all the latest news related to NFTs, DeFi, Regulations, and much more. If there are any new crypto events or NFT minting events, you can get information about them through the Coin Rivet event calendars.

Coin Rivet

The prices of NFTs are highly volatile, and it is not easy to track their sales and volume manually. Coin Rivet can help you list all the NFTs at a particular time to make tracking and analyzing simpler. You can view the platform any NFT is listed on, their pricing and see the platform from where you can buy it.

If you have created an account and added any NFT to your calendar, you will get an alert when that NFT launches. This will help you grab all the upcoming NFTs and never miss out on any profitable ones.

Final Words

If you are thinking about getting into the NFT industry, it is necessary to keep track of all the upcoming NFTs. There are plenty of NFT tracking tools to never miss out on any trending and famous NFTs in the market. With an analysis through these tools, you will be able to invest in the right NFTs and make profits. 💰

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