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When someone mentions using a password manager, I wouldn’t blame you for imagining some kind of free browser extension.

The truth is, a real corporate password manager solves problems that you probably didn’t even know existed, not just offering you peace of mind but ensuring a gold star on your audit, shutting the possibility of data breaches, and maximizing the efficiency of your workforce, be it remote or otherwise. 

If you haven’t heard of Passwork, you’re missing out on the truly bountiful benefits provided by this iron-clad dreadnought of a password manager. If you read our previous article on this platform, read on, as their newest updates with version 5 and 5.1 are here to keep the hair standing up on the back of your neck.

Benefits of Passwork

On a surface level, Passwork offers some incredible benefits to businesses: you’re able to store all of your passwords in one place, be it on-premises or in the cloud; access levels can be customized to vaults and folders meaning that only the most senior-ranking managers in your company have access to the most sensitive of information; old, weak or compromised passwords are flagged and changed.

All this means that regardless of where your employees work, the security of sensitive portals and sites is always guaranteed. As a result, the efficiency of your company increases and, subsequently, its value. All for a humble subscription fee that adapts to the size and needs of your company. 

And, of course, unlike many other corporate password managers, Passwork isn’t a one-project-and-move-on form of passive income for the developers; this is a platform that is constantly in development. Indeed, it perpetually traverses the frontier of the race between hackers and cybersecurity, keeping its clients safely in its backpack. 

Improved Dashboard

Passwork is accessed by a convenient dashboard, which is constantly being improved. For example, recently, a mechanism was implemented that allows users to run tasks in the background, such as LDAP synchronization. No more will you need to sit, twiddling your fingers, waiting for the task to complete! The ‘Tasks’ page will now display scheduled and completed tasks, in addition to configuration instructions for the operating system.

Moreover, whereas in previous versions of Passwork, it was only possible to send a password copy to users, in the new version, users will see the original password in the Inbox, which will be updated when the original vault changes.

The look and feel of the dashboard are also periodically updated as per community feedback. For instance, if a password has a URL, its favicon (the website icon) will be displayed next to its name. If you’re a veteran of Passwork, you’ll also notice that the window with access settings for vaults and folders has been completely redesigned.

Now, all users and roles, links, and sent passwords are collected within this window. Moreover, rights can now be edited on each tab by selecting multiple objects at once. All modified and deleted objects are now marked by an indicator until you save the changes.

Lastly, Passwork has been carrying out tests on the capacity to ensure that performance won’t slip even with the heaviest of traffic. As of the recent update, the platform has been tested and optimized for 20,000+ users. 

Final Words 🔐

If you’re hearing about Passwork for the first time, we don’t blame you for being blown away; before I learned about Password managers, I had over 200 stored on pieces of paper around the house and saved via various Google accounts.

Not to mention the stress of others being able to locate passwords I had sent to my colleagues by just CNTRL+F’ing on my personal computer. There’s no doubt that this platform is leading the way; passwords are here to stay, but how we work with them can always be improved. 

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