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In Development and Digital Marketing Last updated: June 14, 2022
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The saying “quality over quantity” fits really well when it comes to lead generation.

The reason is, a 1,000 non-functional and valueless leads won’t do your business any good, but a handful of quality ones can surely make a huge impact. And if you can turn those leads into loyal customers, your company can shoot up the ladder real quick. That’s the importance of having valid leads.

There’s always a talk about tools that validate email addresses since collecting email leads is the most common. However, what about phone numbers? How do you validate those? That’s the question, but fortunately, there are answers to that as well.

In fact, there are quite a lot of options. We’ll be looking at some of the best phone number validation APIs in this article so that you can integrate them into your product and say goodbye to worthless leads.

Before we dive into the list, let’s know some of the many benefits of using a phone number validation API.

Saves you a lot of money 💵

Imagine running an SMS campaign that sends out messages to about 1,000 recipients, but only 300 of them are actually valid and functional. This means you’re paying money to send out SMS to 700 phone numbers that are either invalid or not working. Let that sink in.

Using a phone number validation API, you can easily avoid that and save a lot of your hard-earned money in the long run.

Gives you better conversion rates on your campaigns 📈

No matter how great your promotional campaigns are, if there are non-functional phone numbers in your database, you’re always going to have inaccurate and dissatisfying conversion rates. And as a business, you surely do not want that.

A phone number validator will make sure the analytics are steady, as there will be only valid phone numbers who’ll receive your SMS and voice call campaigns.

Prevents fraudulent entries, thus saving you time ⚠️

These APIs will help you fight spammers and fraudsters who don’t provide their phone numbers during signing up. It adds an extra level of security to maintain a clean and safe user-base, which would allow only genuine customers to fill in their entries.

Now it’s time to have a look at the compiled list of the APIs.


Covering over 232 countries worldwide, NumVerify offers a powerful yet simple RESTful JSON API for international and national phone number validation.

It helps you maintain a clean user-base by validating phone numbers at the point of entry into your system so that you don’t have to correct them later on.

This API relies on advanced validation techniques, using the latest international numbering plans, carrier and line type detection, and location. It’s also incredibly safe and secured by 256-bit HTTPS encryption.

NumVerify gives you 250 free phone number validation credits to use per month. Once you’ve exhausted that, you’d be required to hop onto one of their subscription plans starting at just $19.99/month.

numlookupapi is a worldwide phone number validation API. Providing phone data for 230+ countries, the straightforward API enables you to automate your number verification process by checking various reliable data providers and international carriers.

Numlookupapi helps you keep your customer database clean, so you have high-quality leads and can prevent fraudulent activity. 

Build by developers for developers, the API offers a great user experience, a stable design, and valuable features, like team functionality, performance overview, and tailored support. 

Within minutes the tool is set up and ready to use. The dashboard gives you an overview of performance metrics, like your number of requests, success rate, mean latency, remaining requests, and more. offers a free plan with 100 API calls a month. Should you exceed your requests, the API lets you upgrade (and downgrade) with ease. The paid plans start at $9.99 per month for 7,000 requests. 

Abstract API

Serving over 1 million users worldwide, Abstract’s phone number validation and verification API is totally worth looking at.

This RESTful JSON API is considerably fast and lightweight with state-of-the-art features but also quite simple to use. You’d only need the API key and a phone number to input for it to return with details like validity, carrier, line type, location, etc.

Their database covers over 190 countries, making it eligible for international number validations as well. And since security is their number one priority, your every activity with this API is protected with 256-bit SSL encryption.

You can hop onto their free plan straightaway that gives you 250 requests before migrating to their paid subscription.

Vonage Number Insight

Used by businesses in various industries, Vonage Number Insight’s API delivers more than just phone number validation.

It’s booming with some exciting features, such as the ability to identify callers, foresee customer intent and verify & approve customers based on their intent right from signing up till signing in. Some other possibilities include:

  • Block fake & fraudulent accounts
  • Prevent scam activities
  • Differentiate between mobile numbers and landline
  • Figure out a carrier for better SMS routing
  • Add additional steps for suspected numbers to authenticate properly

It is also handy for cleansing existing customer data and making sure everything is up-to-date and valid.

Vonage offers a cost-effective unified communication solution.


Neutrino’s API can validate local and international phone numbers while also determining their location.

It’s a pretty straightforward API, just like the case with their other tools as well. This is available in JSON and XML formats and has parameters like a number, country-code, and IP.

All of Neutrino’s tools are very useful and helps developers address complex problems for their projects, and their phone validator is no different in that regard.

You can go ahead and get started using their free tier, which is limited to only 50 credits; for anything more than that, you can pick up one of their premium tiers, which is totally worth it, in my opinion.


Another incredible API that can validate new and as well as existing phone numbers, Loqate, has a free trial that’ll give you a taste of what it’s capable of.

It makes sure all your SMS and voice calls reach only valid numbers by easily differentiating between the data. You can choose when the validation task is performed, which can be either at the time of signing up, before sending SMS, or just any time you’d want to do a cleanse.

Loqate’s API is super flexible, and you can use it on your websites, apps, and even CRM.


You can integrate Byteplant’s phone number validation API directly into your ERP, CRM, and website.

It does a great job of detecting the correct line type (landline, mobile, VoIP), making it fully compliant with the FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Depending upon the validation result of the phone number, it’ll return back with status such as “valid”, “invalid”, “valid/confirmed”, and “valid/unconfirmed”. And the best part is, the users won’t be disturbed at all by calling them or sending a message. The process will be done entirely within the system.

Byteplant’s API is also available as plugins for WordPress, jQuery, and Node.js.


Plivo follows a very flexible pay-as-you-go pricing policy which surely draws some attention, apart from their wonderful set of features.

This API is capable of mining out a bunch of information about a phone number, such as number type, carrier, format, and location. It also tells you whether or not a number is valid before you go ahead and add it to your contact list.

It has some really useful “anti-fraud” features that can do wonders for your business. For example, it can help you compare the IP address location and their country and other details of their phone number to rule out any suspicions.

Also, you can add additional steps for verification for certain types of phone numbers and carriers.


While something like a phone number validation might not seem really essential at first, but only when you start using it, you realize how much of an impact it can have on your business on many levels.

The above APIs will make the validation task incredibly easier and save you a massive headache, and of course, a ton of money as well.

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