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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 7, 2023
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To sell your brand or products, just a website is not enough. For building a brand identity, your customers should know the objective and values on which the company works. This is where the “Company Profile” comes into the picture.

Company profiles play a very crucial role in showcasing business inputs, growth, etc. Also, they are an essential tool for effective communication and promotions. A well-crafted company profile displays an overview of an organization, its mission, values, history, services or products available, and unique profit-making points.

This allows the stakeholders to get a complete understanding of the business and their working ideas too.

What Does Company Profile Contain?

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Company profile templates are a pre-designed structure and format, which help in showcasing the company overview easily. They offer certain features and sections which make them look really professional and appealing too.

Some of the primary sections which the company profile templates offer include:

Company Overview

A brief introduction about the company is featured in this section, with its name, logo, and tagline of the brand. A concise description of the company’s mission and values is also present.

This marks a good start for the company profiles, and the professional tone of the overview sets the brand’s identity.

About the Company

This section covers the details of the company’s history, background, and evolution. Info about the founders, company achievements, etc., can also be covered in this to make the stakeholders understand the company’s journey so far and the milestones it has achieved.


As a main section of the profile, it highlights the key services or products which the company offers along with its benefits, features, and the way it satisfies the needs of customers. Visuals like images and carousels are added to enhance the profile.

Unique Selling Points (USPs)

Unique Selling Points focus on the company’s competitive advantages because of which it stands apart from other competitors to win the market. They can highlight factors such as innovation, quality, customer services, etc. which bring an edge to the company in the market. Such points can be incorporated into company brochures as well.

Team and Expertise

Starting with the founding team of the company, this section highlights the details about the core functioning members, such as their qualifications, experiences, and role within the organization. It establishes the company’s credibility along with capability.

Case Studies/Testimonials

Showcasing the successful projects completed and feedback build authority. Case studies bring in credibility and assurance regarding the company’s deliverables.

Awards and Recognitions

In this section, industry awards, certifications, or recognitions which are received on behalf of the company are showcased. It helps to build trust and shows the company’s excellence too.

Contact Information

The profile templates lastly contain the basic contact details of the company, such as contact number, address, email address, etc. This section allows the other parties to directly connect and discuss business opportunities.

Where are Company Profiles used?

Company profiles are generally used for multiple purposes like business presentations, marketing or advertising, company website display, etc. Some of the common areas where company profiles are used include:

Business Proposals and Presentations

Company profiles are used in business proposal meetings to showcase the details about the company overview, history, partners/clients, services, awards, etc. This helps the stakeholders to understand the complete working procedure of the company and their performance too.

Advertising or Marketing Purpose

These company profiles are often converted into a form of brochures, flyers, posters, etc., to display on their websites or other platforms. This helps the company to grow by mentioning its unique services and selling points to bring organic conversions to the company. It attracts a lot of potential customers to find the major difference in the company’s achievements as compared to their competitors.

Social Media Profiles and Website

On the company website, the company profiles play an important role in letting any new user understand the overview of the company, working domain, team details, services, etc. It is displayed on the website as a digital representation of the company so that potential customers, investors, etc., can understand more about the organization. Even putting these company profiles on the company’s social media accounts like LinkedIn and Instagram attracts a wide range of audiences to show interest and use their unique services.

Vendors and Partner Selection

As a part of the professional process, most of the partners or vendors ask for the company profiles/portfolios to understand the details about the company, their services, standing in the current market, etc.

Benefits of Company Profile Templates

Company profile templates offer several benefits to businesses and start-up teams to put their mission and ideas in a better way. Some of them are discussed below:

Less Effort and Time Required

Pre-designed company profile templates, including the complete structure and format, reduce the time and effort required to create a company profile document. Thus, with a few tweaks like customization and company-specific information, you can have a professional-looking company profile within a matter of minutes. And if you require sales plan templates, these are available too.

Branding Consistency

Focusing on the company’s visual identity along with brand color and logo, the templates ensure consistency by providing a unified design. This helps in establishing a unique identity on different digital marketing platforms while at the same time allows the company to stand out from its competitors.

User-Friendly Customization

Template creators focus on user-friendly customization in company profile templates so that professional-looking company profiles can be created by simply adding or removing sections and adjusting fonts and colors without worrying about the technical aspects.

Structured Content Presentation

Company profile templates provide a complete flow and structure related to content and often includes several important heading, sub-headings, etc., to make it look in a logical order. This structured approach ensures that the company profile is well-organized and catchy so that there are better responses.

Adaptability and Versatility

These company profile templates are totally versatile as they are easily available on different platforms in various formats like prints, flyers, brochures, etc. It also provides the facility to integrate with the website or app to be directly presented. This adaptive nature allows for quality branding along with messaging across various platforms to pitch for services.


The Slidebean company profile template offers template with simple designs that cover various sections from basic company info to contact details at the end. It includes a good selection of visuals that directly relate to the section content.

It also includes customization features of customization for modifying elements by adding some elements, removing others, etc. Team details, including services, can be added on two different pages. Also, a beautifully-designed ‘Clients’ page offers a good display for the company profile to showcase work and positive client reviews.

To access all of Slidebean’s templates, you just need to sign up on the portal, and after that, customization features will be available for you on the whole.


HubSpot offers free company profile templates where users can customize post downloading the same. These templates look very professional, and a few of them are domain focused, too, like ones designed specifically for technology-based companies, gaming, food & beverages, etc.

What’s more, these templates can be downloaded after signing up and can then be edited in PowerPoint or Google Slides by importing them.

HubSpot’s templates contain primary sections, which include Company Summary, Tagline, History, About the Team, Testimonials, Competitive Differentiation, Awards & Recognitions, and many more. The professional look of the template makes them super-catchy for users.


Being at the top of the design industry, Canva offers a range of company profile templates for different domains and niches to work upon. It has various templates with a variety of designs, color optimization, sizes, etc.

Some of them are completely free to use and can be customized easily, but a few of them are only available to users who have purchased the Premium edition.

Canva’s templates include sections like company info, team details, services offered, clients, projects, awards & recognitions, contact details, etc. You can customize these and add additional pages, content, text, and designs.


Freepik offers copyright-free company profile templates to edit and design professional ones as per your need. It also covers different pages to be designed along with the customization features with the help of visuals and texts.

Starting with the basic company info and contact details, Freepik ensures each design carries its own professional edge. However, all templates are not accessible as the user needs to upgrade to the premium version.

With Freepik’s Company Profile templates, any business can create an impactful design to stand out against the competitors and effectively communicate their brand identity.

Freepik allows users to complete profile design in the form of a catalog or separate pages. Both can be edited at a later stage as well if there are additions or deletions.


TemplateLab offers the best designs in different file formats like Word, PPT, PDF, etc. Company-specific domain-wise templates are available for business, technology, legal, etc. All the features available on the templates are easily customizable and can be edited in the required formats.

Every template includes the complete flow of the content that should be included in a company profile so that you don’t miss any details.

Furthermore, with TemplateLab, any template can be used free of cost just by clicking once on the file type needed. However, customizing features are not available in an online mode on the portal, but after downloading the file, it can be edited.


Vecteezy offers a selection of bulk templates for different purposes, such as business, travel, etc. These templates come with a variety of features, including pre-designed sections for company descriptions, core team details, products/services, and contact details.

To match their brand identity, business professionals can modify fonts, colors, visuals, etc. With the benefit of such modifications, creative and appealing company profiles can be presented in front of the stakeholders to pitch in terms of company services.

Many of the designs are available for free to use and customize, while a few of them are paid and require a subscription for modifications.



With the help of independent Adobe designers, many company profile templates are available on Envato for free. Different sections are covered in each company brochure, including company overview, team details, clients’ feedback, contact details, etc.

To use any template, a user needs to signup and subscribe to Evanto. In each template, the PDF compiled with all the instructions are available to customize as per the requirements.

Alignment and styling features are also enabled for premium users. These features make Envato one of the best platforms to pick company profile templates and showcase creativity on them.


Slidequest offers the best professional and cleanly designed company profile templates with a dozen of slides to save you time with pre-designed sections. It provides a sophisticated touch to the company profiles with its premium features.

Furthermore, the integration of PowerPoint is also enabled for the designs and several other features too, like 16:9 HD Aspect Ratio, Graphic resizing, editing, etc.

There are different infographics present on Slidequest to access after registering on it. Some of the popular categories which are added in the templates include About Us, Meet our Team, Our Services, Gallery, Maps, Statistics Chart, etc.

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock offers one of the best premium services in designing company profiles because of its advanced features, like the addition of audio, videos, collages, etc., within the profile. There are different plugins available for the users to access and install for the customization purpose.

There are several free templates available on the platform to edit and make it more user-friendly with proper attention. Extra features are available for Premium users, like watermark removal, unlimited access to templates, and vector image designing with the help of the tool.

Complete brochure templates are present comprising all the sections, including the company’s basic information to address and contact details.


Pikbest provides editable company profile templates for users registered on their portal, only for a free-trial period. After that, subscription charges are embedded to access the designs.

There are more than 83,000+ templates available along with the feature of customization. Even the templates/brochures can be selected based on the hashtags or categories to be chosen for the businesses. Professionally designed templates on Pikbest give a captivating look and focus on the core business objectives with the help of visuals, texts, etc.

The edited templates can be shared easily on different social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, etc.


The design features of Postermywall are similar to Canva but limited to free users. Different domains of templates are covered to design easily, especially for the Premium version.

For the free company profile templates, a user just needs to sign up and edit the design in the mode they want. Some of the primary features include easy customization, image and audio integration, animation insertion, design resizing, etc.

These unique features offer a sophisticated view of the company profiles, and stakeholders are able to grasp better knowledge about the company. There are separate pages present on the portal to edit and compile according to the number of sections required in the company profile.


Slidesgo offers free google slides theme and powerpoint-based templates for easy customization of company profiles. There are many free templates available with a lot of advanced features like 100% customization, easy-to-edit graphics, 500+ icons, etc.

You can easily present your company profile with absolutely modified creatives that offer a geometric style, green backgrounds, and a professional and corporate touch.

For different categories, including business, education, infographic, etc., the designs are there to customize easily and prepare the best stuff out of it as per the requirement.


Figma provides amazing designing tools for business professionals, especially in technology-related areas, to design their complete portfolios, website, etc.

There are different free company profile templates available to customize as per your need. These can be shared among peers to get genuine comments or feedback on the designs.

These features make Figma stand out in comparison to others because it allows customization, enables sharing, design promotion within the community, etc. Furthermore, there are various pre-designed sections present in the complete company profile templates starting with the basic company bio, team details, services, awards and recognitions, contact details, etc.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, company profile templates save a lot of time and effort as professionals do not have to design everything from scratch. They offer a wide range of features, customization options, and user-friendly interfaces.

By utilizing these platforms, any business team can save time while creating impactful and attractive company profiles to showcase their brand identity, services offered, etc. A diverse list of options is present for the businesses to decide and create their own standing among the competitors with the pre-designed professional templates. If you have found these business templates useful, then you should also check out these best strategic planning templates for your next business move.

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