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In Digital Marketing Last updated: November 17, 2022
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Instagram is a popular social media platform with millions of active users. It lets you share photos and videos through posts, Instagram Stories, IGTV, Reels, and Highlights. You can view the content others leave on their profiles and connect with people.

Instagram is where you can find people from different countries and cultures, from celebrities to influencers and personal users to brands. This is why no matter what you are, you can join it and share your content with the world for personal use or promote your products and services.

This explains why Instagram is the favorite platform for creative people, marketers, photographers, content creators, and others. It has made our lives more exciting, with different content posted daily to millions.

However, if you want to download your video, it is impossible in the application. Though you can save it on Instagram and revisit it (if the post still exists), it doesn’t let you download it offline on your device.

This is where Qoob Stories can help you. You can download posts containing videos and photos and all those captions, Highlights, Stories, and so on directly on your computer and view them whenever you want.

Seems exciting?

Well, it did for me. And that’s why I want to share my experience using Qoob Stories through this review. I hope you too find it useful.

Qoob Stories: What is it?

I had a chance to try my hands on Qoob Stories – a powerful tool that helps download and view all kinds of Instagram media, including photos and videos. It comes with unique features while maintaining your privacy and security. Also, it’s a smart Story Viewer for Instagram, useful for browsing and saving Stories and highlights from private and public Instagram accounts.

Just enter an Instagram username, access all the stories, photos, and videos, and download them high-quality.

Another thing I liked about Qoob Stories is that it is possible to automate the downloading process. You can easily add an account to the Qoob Instagram Story Viewer or Downloader. Next, it will start downloading media automatically from the account directly to your device.

What are its features?

There are so many Instagram downloaders, but Qoob Stories stands out. Its set of features is a significant factor that contributes to it. So, let’s look at its features and how useful they are.

Viewing and downloading Instagram Stories anonymously

With Qoob, you can view and download Instagram Stories anonymously from private and public accounts. So, if you don’t want people to know you saw their stories and highlights, this feature is for you.

All you require to do is download and install Qoob Stories on your computer and open it. Enter an Instagram username, hashtag, or location to see the stories and download the ones you love or all of them.

Downloading Instagram photos and videos

Using this tool, you can easily download high-quality photos and videos from Instagram accounts. Qoob supports popular formats like PNG, JPEG, MP4, etc., so you can choose your preferred format to download.

The process is similar to how you download and view Stories. Enter a location, username, or hashtag and start downloading a video or image by pressing “subscribe.”

Browsing an Instagram feed with no ads

Nobody likes ads that interfere when you watch something interesting or scroll through posts in your Instagram feed. Those creepy promotional posts that pop out of nowhere irritate you. Don’t worry; Qoob Stories will help you enjoy a clean Instagram feed with no ads. And I can’t stop loving this!

Downloading new content automatically

Now, this feature is also what I love about Qoob. It lets you download all the present and future content from an Instagram account. Yes, you don’t necessarily have to choose content to download; it can be done automatically.

Whatever new posts or Stories an account releases, you can have them downloaded right away to your computer. Choose whose content you want to download from Instagram and add those accounts directly to the Qoob Stories IG Viewer. And it will start automatic downloads for all the current and upcoming content from that account.

Selective Media downloads

This feature will be helpful if you want to control the downloading content. Using this, you can quickly download selective content you like, including videos, photos, highlights, saved posts, Stories, and tagged posts from Instagram accounts.

Saving post captions

Instagram prohibits copying a post caption. Yes, copying is not cool. But what if you want to download it for social media studies, observing and learning how to grow, collecting memories, or just for entertainment?

Well, Qoob Stories makes this possible!

You can download an entire post with its original caption. Qoob Stories gives you two options: copy the caption or copy the link. So, you can check the post and copy its caption directly, or you can also get it from its image metadata.

Downloading saved collection

Guess what? You might have some posts saved on Instagram, the ones you would want to revisit for some reason. This is possible with Qoob Stories! You can download your entire saved gallery and watch it offline.

You can download all the posts you saved to your device in high quality. This way, you can watch them anytime you want offline without needing any internet connection.

Saving tagged posts

Qoob Stories lets you download all the Instagram posts people tagged you. In addition, you can save videos and photos where other users are also tagged.

Full account backup

No one wants their Instagram account to get hacked, lost, or banned. But these can always happen at any time you have never anticipated. As a result, you may lose precious memories captured in videos, photos, IGTV, Stories, Highlights, etc.

Qoob Stories offers a solution to this by offering account backups. You can backup your Instagram content with their captions, save all kinds of media, and export a list containing all the accounts you follow easily on your device.

They will also add another feature where you can download IGTV videos from any account, no matter how big or small the video length is. Thus, you would be able to watch your favorite videos offline whenever you want.

Qoob Stories: System requirements

Qoob Stories works excellently on desktops. It supports macOS 10.13 or up, Windows 7 or up, and Ubuntu 18.04 or up (64-bit). So, before you fantasize about the tool, ensure you have these system configurations on your computer.

And if you have, you’re clear to go!

Qoob Stories: Getting started

Setting up your account on Qoob Stories takes just a few minutes. I appreciate Qoob Stories for making its usability so easy.

So, to get started, download it on your device by choosing your operating system from the drop-down menu. Choose between a 32 or 64-bit online or offline installer for Windows. Or, you can choose macOS or Ubuntu offline installer. Next, hit “download.”

Once you have downloaded it, install it on your device. Now, open the Qoob Stories application and enter your login credentials for Instagram. It will help you access your Instagram accounts and see the accounts you follow. Although your login credentials are optional, it’s needed to save content by implementing search by location.

Qoob Stories: How to use it?

Using Qoob Stories is like a cakewalk, even easier than creating an account on social media platforms. The reason is its clean and straightforward user interface. It is functional, and they have used pleasing color combinations to design it that doesn’t overwhelm you.

In addition, I liked how they have placed the search field, profile icon, buttons, etc., at an appropriate place to make the tool easy to use.

Let’s understand how to use the tool effectively.

License activation:

You need to activate your license if you have taken a subscription plan from Qoob Stories. Go to the “Tools Menu” and find the activate option. Click on it and add your license key to activate your license. This will open you up to many added features and benefits to having more control of your activities.

Go to Qoob Stories’s main window and find the search field at the top. Here, enter any search parameter like:

  • A username: You can search accounts by entering their usernames
  • A location: Enter a specific location in the search bar to see locations appearing. Choose a place and view all the accounts related to it.
  • A hashtag: Include a # sign and then type the words you want to search about after it.

The tool will show you the related public or private accounts and posts upon adding a parameter. You can choose anyone from the list and view it or download the media files in your preferred format.

Downloading media:

You need to press the button “subscribe” if you want to download content posted under a username, hashtag, or location. You have many download options such as downloading only the Stories, photo posts, video posts, highlights, tagged; a combination of these, or all.

Additionally, you can enter a beginning and ending date to see and download all the posts within the date range. Next, you can also specify the format to download the content and once you are all set, proceed with downloading them.

It may take a while to download the content of accounts having thousands of photos, videos, stories, etc. Keep calm and wait for the completion notification. I tried downloading the content of an account with 1000+ posts, which took me around 5 minutes.

Moreover, it is also possible for you to find all the content you have downloaded just below the search field. You can see the details, downloaded folders on your computer to view files, or see them on Instagram; the choice is unending!

Furthermore, Qoob Stories also allows you to set conditions for downloading the content. You can go for automatic or selective downloads. You can also stop downloading content by hitting the “Pause update” cross-icon or resume it by clicking on “Update posts.”


Qoob Stories offers pricing plans suitable for everyone. There are both free and paid options. Here’s how it goes:

  • Starter: It’s a free plan to use Qoob Stories without paying anything. It comes with basic features and is suitable for budget and new users who want to try how it works.

This plan includes 200 daily content downloads and 2 Instagram profiles per month. I liked that they have offered this free permanently with no trial period or tricks.

  • Personal: When you have tried the free version and want more flexibility, go for this plan. It’s great for personal use and has some advanced features.

It includes 10 Instagram profiles, no advertisements, downloading unlimited photos, videos, tagged posts, Stories, Highlights, and support for unlimited private Instagram accounts. It costs $7/month.

  • Professional: This plan will suit you if you have a business and need advanced features to carry out your official operations. It gives you full access to premium, business-friendly features.

It includes unlimited Instagram accounts, no advertisements, and downloading unlimited photos, tagged posts, videos, Stories and Highlights, and private account support. In addition, it has an automatic update for subscriptions, exporting captions and posts, and permitted commercial use. It costs $25/month.

Go for the option you need based on your goals of using Qoob Stories, whether personal or professional.


Is it possible to use a license on multiple computers?

Answer: Yes. But you cannot do it simultaneously on two or more devices. Try deactivating your license on one computer before reactivating it on another.

Can someone downgrade from the Professional to Starter plan?

Answer: No, You cannot downgrade a plan. If you want to use the Starter plan, cancel your current subscription. Next, you can subscribe to the Starter plan or the Personal plan.

Conclusion: Are Qoob Stories worth it? 🤔

I liked using Qoob Stories; it’s powerful yet easy to use. You can download photos, videos, and stories, no matter if it’s public or private. Not to mention, the automatic downloading feature and other features are also mind-blowing.

Thus, if you also want to leverage the tool, go ahead and install it for free or pay a few bucks to get all the high-end features to view and download unlimited Instagram media.

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