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In Privacy Last updated: August 16, 2023
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In this digital world, the significance of proxies in various online activities cannot be overstated.

Proxies play a pivotal role from web scraping for business intelligence to safeguarding personal privacy

Smartproxy stands out as a remarkable solution for the ability to fulfill the needs of both businesses and individuals. Users can bypass geo-blocking, censorship, and content limitations imposed by various online platforms.

In regions with strict internet censorship policies, Smartproxy provides a way to get beyond such restrictions.

You can bypass governmental or network-level content filters by routing your Internet traffic through proxy servers located in regions with no censorship laws.

In this article, we will provide a clear overview of each Smartproxy service & scraper tool. Before that, let’s understand what’s the role of proxies in web scrapping and online privacy.

Importance of proxies in web scrapping and online privacy


Web scraping involves extracting data from websites by sending multiple requests to the server.

When scraping at a large scale, websites may detect & block repetitive requests from the same IP address, which prevents the scraper from gathering the necessary data.

Proxies act as intermediaries between the scraper and the target website by routing the requests through multiple IP addresses. This helps to avoid IP blocks and enables continuous data extraction.

Moreover, online privacy has become a growing concern in recent years.

With cyber threats and data breaches on the rise – using a proxy while browsing the web adds an extra layer of security by masking the user’s real IP address.

Introduction to Smartproxy

YouTube video

Smartproxy is a proxy & web-data gathering solutions provider that has been operating since 2018.

Initially, it started as a self-service-based proxy infrastructure. They offer a range of proxy types, including residential, mobile, and data center IPs from various locations worldwide.

Later, They expanded their business to cover a wide range of data-gathering needs with over 50 million proxies and a variety of web scraping solutions.

Smartproxy isn’t just a proxy provider – it’s a complete data-as-a-service ecosystem. The best thing about Smartproxy is it offers even Global & Rotating Proxies services to the customers.

Global Proxies: Backconnect node for targeting IPs in any worldwide location, including state or city-level targeting.

Rotating Proxies: Advanced rotating network that changes proxies for each request or maintains the same IP for defined intervals.

Like the Tor network – Rotating proxies involve the frequent changing of IP addresses used for internet connections. This dynamic IP rotation helps prevent websites from tracking your online activities based on a consistent IP address.

Smartproxy provides various proxy solutions & scraping tools to fulfill different needs and use cases.

Types of Proxies Offered

Smartproxy offers 6 types of premium proxies for bypassing geo-restrictions & IP blocks. All these proxies provide ethically-sourced IPs with large pools and come with flexible pricing options.

#1. Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies provide IP addresses obtained from real devices such as home computers and mobile devices. They make your requests appear more like those of regular users, which enables you to access data from various locations and states.

Access: 40M+ real IPs and HTTP(s) + SOCKS5

Locations: 195+ locations, any city worldwide

Pricing: Starts fromĀ $8.5/month for pay as you go model. See the full pricing details here.

#2. Static (ISP) Residential Proxies

Static (ISP) Residential Proxies

Static ISP Residential Proxies offers consistent & reliable performance. Static proxies maintain the same IP address for a longer duration which can be useful for certain tasks that require a more consistent identity.

Features: Unbeatable speed and stability

Pricing: Starts from $28/month for the Nano model. Get a personal quote for the enterprise model from the pricing page.

#3. Mobile Proxies

Mobile Proxies

Mobile Proxies use IP addresses from mobile devices that provide a mobile-like browsing experience. They are suitable for tasks where you need to emulate mobile users or access data from different mobile network locations.

IP Pool: 10M+ ethically sourced mobile IPs

Locations: 130+ locations and 700+ ASNs

Pricing: Price starts from $21/gigabyte for the pay-as-you-go model, or also you can get a subscription for a month.

#4. Datacenter Proxies

Unlimited datacenter features with smart proxy capabilities.

Datacenter Proxies are IP addresses from data centers. They offer stability and speed, which makes them ideal for tasks that require high-speed connections and larger volumes of requests.

IP Pool: 100K+ data center IPs

Global Availability: Worldwide

Pricing: The price starts from $30/month for a 50 GB basic version. You can choose the “pay per IP” or “pay per GB” option.

#5. Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Reliable dedicated datacenter proxies powered by Smart Proxy.

Dedicated Datacenter Proxies provide exclusive access to private IPs from data centers. This provides increased control over your proxy usage and can be beneficial for specific projects.

Ownership: Full control and ownership of private data center IPs from the US

Pricing: For 3 IPs – $7.5/month (sequential model).visit the pricing page for more details

#6. Site Unblocker

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The Site Unblocker feature helps you overcome obstacles posed by websites with advanced anti-scraping mechanisms. It allows you to access & scrape data from websites that might otherwise be difficult to retrieve information from.

Functionality: Power up web scraping by accessing real-time data from challenging websites

Here’s how the unblocking mechanism works.

A diagram showcasing a social media marketing plan utilizing Smart Proxy technology.

Pricing: $14 per GB for the nano model. See the pricing details here.

Types of Scrapers Offered

Smartproxy also offers a variety of scraping tools & APIs that are designed for data extraction needs.

#1. Social Media Scraping API

An all-in-one solution for social media scraping enhanced with Smart Proxy technology.

Functionality: Extract structured real-time data from popular social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit. Try out this API from here.

Use Case: This API allows the user to gather data from social media platforms for analysis and monitoring purposes.

#2. SERP Scraping API

Get search results data on autopilot with Smart Proxy.

Functionality: Enjoy a comprehensive scraping solution for search engine results pages (SERPs), including Google & potentially other search engines. Try out this API from here.

Use Case: This API is useful for tracking search engine rankings & performance.

You can even test how this SERP Scraping API works using the playground demo.

#3. eCommerce Scraping API

Utilize Smart Proxy to transform public ecommerce data into a competitive advantage.

Functionality: Gather neatly structured eCommerce data by sending just one API request. Try out this API from here.

Use Case: It is designed for extracting product data, pricing information, reviews, and other relevant data from online stores & eCommerce websites.

#4. Web Scraping API

Turn website into your own Smart Proxy.

Functionality: Collect relevant data from the World Wide Web at scale with a high success rate. Try out this API from here.

Use Case: This API provides a general-purpose solution for web scraping tasks that allow users to extract data from websites for research & data analysis purposes.

#5. No-Code Scraper

YouTube video

Functionality: Scrap web data without writing any code. Try out this API from here.

Use Case: The no-code scraper is designed for individuals who may not have coding skills but still want to perform web scraping. It provides a configurable interface for setting up and executing scraping tasks without the need for manual coding.

All these scraping APIs come with a free trial period which allows you to experience their capabilities firsthand without the need for a credit card. This trial enables you to evaluate the APIs and determine if they suit your data collection needs.

Smartproxy: Customer Support

Businesswoman telemarketing staff working with coworker in call

You can reach out to Smartproxy’s support team via email. They provided an official support email address ( where you can send your inquiries, issues, or requests for assistance. And also, Smartproxy offers live chat support on its website. So that you can interact with support representatives in real-time and receive immediate help.

It also provides an advanced documentation section on its website. This includes FAQs & guides that address common questions and help users to understand the functionality of the tools.

Smartproxy: Additional Tools


Smartproxy provides additional tools that enhance the user experience & functionality of the proxy services mentioned above.

Here’s an overview of these tools.

X Browser

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X Browser enables you to juggle multiple accounts simultaneously while maintaining a risk-free environment. It is particularly useful for managing multiple social media, email, or other online accounts without triggering any security concerns.

Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension brings essential proxy features directly into your web browser. You can easily set up and manage proxies within the Chrome browser with this extension; It simplifies the process of browsing with enhanced privacy & anonymity.

Firefox Add-on

The Firefox Add-on provides the same convenience as the Chrome Extension, which allows you to add proxy functionality to your Firefox browser. If you prefer using Firefox as your browser – this add-on allows you to integrate & manage proxies within that environment.

Address Generator


The Address Generator tool lets you create proxy lists in bulk without any hassle. This tool is beneficial when you need to generate multiple proxy addresses quickly, such as for large-scale data collection or managing proxy rotation.

All these tools are free to download & integrate with proxies.

Author’s Noteāœļø

Many websites and online services implement geo-blocking to restrict access based on the user’s geographical location. Smartproxy’s diverse range of proxy options including residential & mobile proxies, allows users to choose IP addresses from different regions.

Users can overcome geo-blocking and access the content they desire by connecting through an IP located in a region where the content is accessible.

And also, the rotating proxy feature involves switching IP addresses at regular intervals. This dynamic IP rotation makes it challenging for websites & online platforms to track your online activities. It also prevents IP bans.

I hope you found this article helpful in learning about how Smartproxy is a great choice for businesses and individuals. You may also be interested in learning about the proxy vs. vpn and which is better.

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