As the craze for video games has constantly been increasing, developers are coming forward with new ideas for games.

Among all the famous video games, Minecraft is very popular among children. You need to make smooth building supplies for yourself in the game. This article will give instructions on making smooth stones on Minecraft. 

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a famous video game where players create and destroy their three-dimensional world. The game comes in two modes, i.e., survival mode and creative mode. During the survival mode, players roam around to search for food and building supplies. They also have interactions with block-shaped creepy creatures. On the other hand, a creative mode is one where players receive supplies at the beginning. They break all types of rocks immediately. 


During the game, players explore a 3D World made of blocks. The players may discover craft tools and raw materials and build machines and earthworks. Players may also battle with mobs with other players depending on the level of the game.

The game’s survival mode entitles the players to maintain their health and build a world of their own. Players also get a chance to modify the game as per their preference and develop new items, assets, and mechanics. 

Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU – Intel Core i3-3210 or equivalent
  • RAM – Minimum 2 GB
  • OS – Windows 7 and above
  • Graphic Card – Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD Radeon R5 series and up
  • Storage – At least 1 GB of free space

Popularity of Minecraft

Minecraft is one such game that has continued to stay popular even after a decade after its launch. There are pretty impressive statistics that will make you sure about the popularity of Minecraft among gamers. As per statistics, more than 130 million people were playing Minecraft in 2020. On top of that, the game has generated $380 million in revenue in 2021.

These stats can say a lot about the popularity of the game. Other than these statistics, even the streams from popular YouTube and Twitch streamers speak for the game’s popularity. If you are a lover of classics, you will definitely find it worth trying out this game.

The fundamental objective of the game

Minecraft is a 3D game where players don’t have a specific objective to accomplish. Therefore they can freely choose and play the game the way they want. There is, however, an achievement system called ‘advancements.’ The gaming works of Minecraft are composed of 3D objects such as cubes, fluids, etc. The main gameplay is about picking and placing things in a specific order. Players can mine the blocks available in the game and use them to build objects around them. 

The world of Minecraft is infinite and expands as players move ahead exploring it. The world of Minecraft is divided into different biomes, including mountains, forests, caves, plains, etc. The game also has a day and night cycle for 20 minutes. When players start a new game, they select between one of the 5 available modes and one out of the four levels of difficulty. As the difficulty level increases, the mob becomes more damaging. 

Game Modes

Survival mode

The survival mode demands the player to place required material into the crafting grid and create other items. In survival mode, players must gather resources such as wood and stones to build blocks and use them to craft other valuable things. As the difficulty of these levels increases, you may also come across different monsters that will challenge you. You will need to build a shelter for your protection against these monsters. 

The survival mode has a health bar you must maintain throughout the game. The health bar depletes during attacks, suffocation, or starvation. In the survival mode, players also have a hunger bar that they need to maintain by eating food periodically. 

Hardcore mode

Hardcore mode is a variant of the survival mode, which is set to the highest level of difficulty and has permadeath. If any player dies between a hardcore level, they are not entitled to interact again with the level. This means that players can either view the hardcore mode as a spectator or completely delete it once defeated. 

Creative mode

The creative mode grants players access to all the resources and items. You can access these items through the inventory menu. You can move across the game as per your own will as the characters are not affected by hunger, nor do they suffer any damage. The creative mode entitles players to build and create projects of any size without interruptions. 

Adventure mode

Adventure mode is designed so players can experience maps and designs crafted by the users. The format of the game is quite similar to the survival mode with added restrictions. These restrictions force the player to play the game as per the planning of the game framer. Players can communicate with other players through scripted server commands. 

Spectator mode

Spectator mode is where the players fly through the game and notice the gameplay without actually being a part of the game. Players can teleport from one player to another and view the game from their perspective. 

You can select any of the five above modes and then begin playing the game and spreading your wings of imagination. The more creatively you approach the game, the more fun it will be for you. 

Minecraft Modes

What is Smooth Stone in Minecraft

The smelting of regular stone develops smooth stone. You require a pickaxe for mining the smooth stone, after which it will drop. It won’t stop when mined without a pickaxe. 

Smooth stone can be obtained by two methods, i.e., natural generation and smelting. Smooth stone can be naturally found in houses on the plains, savanna, and also in the snowy plains of the village. You can also obtain smooth stone by smelting regular stone. 

Smooth Stone

Making smooth stones in Minecraft through the traditional method

People make smooth stones using minimal crafting recipes and then use them for decorative purposes. Let’s understand the step-by-step procedure of making smooth stone, smooth stone slabs, and stairs on Minecraft. The only condition is that you should have the latest game version available on your devices. 

Steps to make smooth stone

To make smooth stone, you need to do smelting. During the mining of regular stone, you get cobblestone in return. It requires two different smelting processes to convert cobblestone into smooth stone. 

Steps to make the smooth stone in Minecraft 1.14

The first and essential ingredient you need for making smooth stone is cobblestone. There is abundant cobblestone available all through the game. Hence, pick as much cobblestone as you want and start the smooth stone-making process. 

  • Build a furnace using eight cobblestones.
  • Add cobblestone blocks to the mine.
  • Add charcoal, sticks, and fuel to the mine.
  • Perform the smelting of the cobblestone to convert it into a regular stone. 
  • Add more fuel to the regular stone stack.
  • Perform smelting of regular stone to convert it into smooth stone. 
  • You can use the smooth stone to create a better furnace or use it for decorative purposes. 

Making smooth stone slab in Minecraft

You can use smooth stone for making slabs that can be a better decorative option because of their refined texture. 

There are two methods for the creation of smooth stone slabs on Minecraft. Let’s discuss the traditional method first. 

Steps to create a smooth stone slab by the traditional method

  • Begin with creating a crafting bench
  • Bring the crafting screen.
  • Place a smooth stone block in the bottom row. If you place three blocks, you will receive 6 slabs. 

Steps to create a smooth stone slab with a Stonecutter

There is another method to create smooth stone slabs on Minecraft. It is with the help of a stonecutter. Let’s discuss the steps to generate a smooth stone with the help of a stonecutter. 

  • Open the crafting menu.
  • You should now place an iron ingot in the top middle square. 
  • Afterward, complete the process by placing three stone blocks in the middle row. This completes a stonecutter. 
  • Pick up the stone cutter thus formed and place it on the ground. 
  • Open the crafting screen of the stone cutter.
  • Place your smooth stone blocks inside the stone cutter and pick the slab recipe. 

You must have understood how to create a smooth stone slab using a stonecutter. You can use the traditional method and a stonecutter to make smooth stones as per your choice. Both ways produce similar, excellent, and pleasing finish results. 

Smooth Stone Slab

Steps to make smooth stone stairs in Minecraft

Smooth stone slabs have the same property as Minecraft’s regular stone. The only difference is that you can’t use smooth stone slabs to create recipes. 

We will now learn how to make smooth stone stairs in Minecraft.

  • Perform smelting of a big stack of smooth stone slabs.
  • Place a regular block of stone on the ground
  • Place a smooth stone slab on this block.
  • Place another slab in front of the block.
  • Now destroy the regular block. 
  • These are your first two steps in the creation of a staircase. Repeat the same steps again and again to create the staircases of your desired height. Ensure that you consistently complete these steps, thus preventing gaps between the slabs. 

Steps to make a smooth stone brick in Minecraft

Bricks give a more visually appealing effect while building. One major drawback is that you get smooth stone bricks only in Minecraft Bedrock. 

You can access smooth stone bricks from the creative menu, but you can’t craft these bricks in survival mode. 

Smooth Stone Brick

How to make smooth stone on Minecraft using Switch

If you are playing Minecraft on Nintendo Switch, making smooth stone is straightforward.

  • Build a furnace as you used to in any regular Minecraft game.
  • Perform smelting of cobblestone to convert them into smooth stone.

The process for making smooth stones is not available for PS3 users. PS4 users can, however, make smooth stone for their usage by following these steps

  • Open the smelting menu of your furnace.
  • Place a regular stone inside the furnace.
  • Add fuel.
  • Perform smelting of the regular stone to obtain the smooth stone.  

Steps to obtain smooth sandstone on Minecraft

Smooth sandstone is also a beautiful block in Minecraft. You can create soft sandstone if you have regular sandstone available. You need to follow the following steps to create a smooth sandstone. 

  • Gather sand blocks with the help of a shovel. 
  • Place at least four sand blocks on the upper right corner of your crafting screen.
  • Four individual squares of sand blocks will be required. 
  • Four sand blocks will lead to the creation of one sandstone block. 
  • To obtain a smooth sandstone block, open your furnace and put it in the sandstone stack. 
  • Add fuel to the furnace and perform smelting to obtain smooth sandstone blocks. 

Smooth sandstones are more valuable as a crafting item than smooth stones. You can create stones, stairs, and slabs from smooth sandstone. 

What are the utilities of Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

Now that you have learned how you can create smooth stones, you should also know how to use them for proper utilization. We have listed how you can use smooth stone throughout the Minecraft game.

Craft blast furnace

The most common utility of a smooth stone is crafting a blast furnace. A blast furnace can be created using five iron ingots, three smooth stones, and a natural furnace. A blast furnace is an improved furnace that will help you perform the smelting of ore blocks at twice the original rate. One disadvantage is that a blast furnace consumes twice the fuel an average furnace will. Blast furnaces can also be used for smelting new ores that players may come across while playing the game. 

Armor stands

Players can convert smooth stone blocks into slabs by following the above-mentioned steps. They can then use one slab and six sticks to craft an Armor stand. They can then use these Armor stands for storing leggings, boots, heads, helmets, etc. Armor stands also come in handy during Redstone contraptions. 


Smooth stones are light gray and have a smooth texture. Players can use these smooth stone blocks to build the floors of their Minecraft buildings. 

Apart from these three things, you can additionally use smooth stone blocks for turning them into slabs and using them for spawn proofing of their bases. 

If you place a note block over a sandstone block, you will receive a bass drum sound. Slabs can also be used in the case to save resources. 


This article should provide you with all the necessary information about Minecraft. Minecraft is an exciting game that children and adults love playing. It instigates the creative side of your mind and pushes you to imagine and do things beyond the rules of a game. You can play the game as per your will and discover new sides of the game.

A critical aspect of the game is making sandstones as they find usage in many parts of the game. We have explained how one can create these smooth stones and then use them to craft other items. Enjoy playing the game, challenge your friends and family, and break records as you reach a higher position on the leaderboard.