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In Smart Gadgets Last updated: November 10, 2022
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In the current times where we are facing scarcity of fuels and energy sources, the use of a solar generator for home stands out as one of the best innovations.

Solar generators are a fabulous way to have additional energy available, which can come in handy in different situations where you would need electricity, but electricity is not available.


So, you can bring the sun’s energy with you wherever you go using solar generators! Since many solar generators are portable and simple to use, they provide a low-emission energy option for those who are constantly moving around places or who want some backup electricity in an emergency.

A solar generator produces power that is equivalent to that produced by other types of generators while being more environmentally friendly.

In this article, we will be learning about what solar generators are and how a solar generator for home functions. We will also learn about what the general capacity of a solar generator for home looks like and how long it can sustain our devices in cases of emergencies.

We will also discuss the difficulty in setting up and installing these devices. Lastly, we will discuss the 10 solar generators for a home for sustainable power backup

What are Solar Generators? 

A solar generator is a great technology that is fueled by the sun. It operates in unison with solar panels as the solar generator can generate no power without them. The solar panels capture the energy or the rays from panels. The energy is then extracted from the solar panels by a solar generator and stored within.

So any device that harnesses solar energy is referred to as a solar energy generator. The energy from the sun is also captured by solar panels on a portable solar generator, which then stores it in a battery for later use.


Most people use solar generators while camping, trekking, boating, and other outdoor activities. These solar generators act as portable power stations for such people.

Nowadays, it is also being used in homes to ensure the availability of some additional power source in case of an issue with the actual power source. Solar generators are also used in street lights, outdoor lighting, outdoor devices, and some indoor devices. 

What is the Working of Solar Generators for Home? 

Portable solar panels, a solar charge controller, a solar battery, and an inverter are the four main parts of a solar generator. Solar generators operate in tandem with solar panels and some solar storage. You can use sunlight as an energy source and then store it using solar panels. 

A solar generator for the home is available as part of an all-in-one solar power package, or you may purchase a solar panel, solar generator, and solar battery individually.

The generator won’t function properly without even a single component, or it won’t function at all. Solar-driven generators are a breakthrough due to the interaction of all these parts.


Solar panels generate direct current (DC) power and are then transferred through a charge controller. The battery is where all the solar energy is retained for later use, and the charge controller controls the voltage of the power entering it. Nowadays, lithium-ion batteries make up the majority of solar generators marketed. 

When you need to use the power stored in the battery, the inverter turns the electricity into alternating current power, or AC power, which most appliances and gadgets use. Solar generators generally come with USB connections, AC outlets, and 12-volt carports to enable you to charge several devices.

What does the general capacity of such devices look like, and how long can it sustain our devices in cases of emergencies? 

It’s critical to remember that a home solar generator is only utilized in extreme circumstances, such as a blackout. These situations would necessitate less energy use than usual. Some solar generator models are modular. 

However, most solar generators, which typically have capacities between 500 and 1000Wh, cannot produce that much electricity. The generator’s capacity is significantly increased by this feature, making a home backup power source a practical choice. The solar generator will produce better electricity the more watts it has.

During crises like power outages, you may use this green energy to run lights and fans, warm the water, and heat your room. A solar generator’s operating time is limited. It depends on how much energy your selected electrical appliances need and how many valuable watt-hours your solar generator device can provide. 

The calculation becomes extremely important if you use a solar energy generator to power lights, fans, or ventilators all night long.

The total amount of power (watts) needed is calculated by multiplying the electrical load’s watt rating by the quantity of that unit for each device. Simply put, you can determine how long a solar generator can operate by dividing the available watt-hours by the needed wattage.

How complex is the setup and installation of these devices? 


The utilization of costly materials makes the entire solar generator setup rather pricey. Also, the lack of qualified people to complete the project is one of the biggest obstacles to installing solar generators. Understanding the complexity of these solar energy-generating systems requires some training. 

Another issue is how transactions to buy solar generators are set up, where a consumer pays for the panels, equipment, and installation.

The business then either installs the panels themselves or engages independent installers after delivering the items. In these agreements, it is sometimes ambiguous who would foot the bill for repairs if the solar panel malfunctions.

We all have realized that solar generators are really good for homes as well as the environment. But choosing the right solar generator for a home can be tough.

Below is a list of 10 solar generators for your home that can help you have sustainable power backup.


The BLUETTI AC200MAX + 3*PV200 Solar Generator Kit consists of a 2200W AC Pure Sine-Wave Inverter with a 4800W surge. It has a 2048Wh capacity and a LiFePO4 battery with 3500+ life cycles. Its capacity can also be expandable up to 6144Wh with 2×B230 or 8192Wh with 2×B300.


It has 7 ways to recharge: AC, solar, car, generator, lead battery, dual AC, and AC+solar charging options. Bluetti’s solar generator can give a maximum solar output of 900W to 1400W. It has a fast dual charging process which consists of a solar and AC adapter. Lastly, it has smart control and can be monitored in the BLUETTI App.

EF ECOFLOW Solar Generator Delta Max (2000)

With 160W solar panels, the DELTA Max (2000) MPPT Controller ensures full recharging with no noise or pollutant production. It has a 2400W output to power up to 15 devices simultaneously.

With its X-Boost mode on, it can also power 3400W appliances. That implies that you may keep using your refrigerator, dryer, and other appliances even during a power outage or blackout.

EF ECOFLOW Solar Generator Delta Max (2000)

The 160W solar panel is weather-resistant and waterproof, making it perfect for outdoor activities like camping, rock climbing, and trekking. It can be charged entirely using wall outlets in 1.8 hours.

Dual charging combines AC and the Smart Generator at unmatched speeds in the market. It may be used outside as a solar + AC generator or solar + smart generator.

NOVOO Power Stations

80000mAh Power Station

Now, if it’s about reliability and performance, then NOVOO’s 80000mAh Power Station can be the ultimate champ. The solar generator is jam-packed with 296 watt-hours, capable of charging car refrigerators, different devices, appliances, drones, laptops, etc.


Moreover, the generator comes with various output options: USB-C Port, Type C-PD output, three USB Output ports, and two 5.5mm-DC outlets. That’s not all; this solar power generator is even equipped with an LCD display, allowing you to monitor the battery level.

With NOVOO 80000mAh by your side, charging becomes super fast. It takes around 6.5 hours to get this generator fully charged with a 100W-powered solar panel. Moreover, connecting a power outlet will aid you in charging the generator in just 7.5 hours.

It would take an estimated time of 9.5 hours to charge a car battery fully. And if you want, you can also charge this chap with a Type C-PD charger. The generator comes with portable power cables, RoHS certification, and even offers users 24/7 customer service along with 30 days refund policy and a year warranty.

It would take an estimated time of 9.5 hours to charge a car battery fully. And if you want, you can also charge this chap with a Type C-PD charger. The generator comes with portable power cables, RoHS certification, and even offers users 24/7 customer service along with 30 days refund policy and a year warranty.

62400mAh Portable Power Station

The 64200 mAh version of NOVOO looks like a big brick. It stands out from the rest of the power stations in the market because of its striking USB-C PD port, while most other devices only have USB-A ports.

Among so many different output options, this portable power station can easily charge anything in your home that’s less than 200W. So, whether it’s your laptop or even a small fan, you simply won’t have to worry about charging them anymore.


Moreover, all of the connections for receiving power are on the front of the power station. Each set has an on/off switch that turns the outlets and ports on and off. You can also charge more than one at the same time. That’s not all; the LCD screen shows the status, such as how much charge is left and which ports are being used.

Geneverse Solar Generator For Homes

Geneverse’s solar generators offer the most reliable emergency power supply source. As the battery cells are made for electric vehicles, it is safe and dependable. The solar generator’s portable power stations each have a capacity of 1002Wh. It provides up to 7 days’ worth of power for your essential appliances and household gadgets on a single charge.

Geneverse Solar Generator

It includes three pure sine-waves AC outlets that can handle 1000W of rated power and 2000W of surge power at 110V. Additionally, it has two USB-C outputs with PD 18W, one USB-A with 5V/2.4A, one USB-A with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, and one 12V/10A vehicle outlet.

You can refuel using the SolarPower ONE solar panel power generator, an AC outlet, or your automobile. It comes with a folding, portable design with an adjustable kickstand.

Jackery Solar Generator 1000

In order to create environmentally friendly, quiet, and practical energy solutions, Jackery Solar Generator 1000 is made up of two packs of Solar Panel SolarSaga 100W and Portable Power Station Explorer 1000.

It has three pure sine-wave AC outlets, two USB-C ports, and one Quick Charge port. It has 1000W operating wattage, 2000W surge wattage, and a greater 1002Wh capacity.

Jackery Solar Generator 1000

All of your appliances, including the refrigerator and coffee machine, may be charged via a 3.0 connection. One USB-A port and one USB-C port are present on the SolarSaga 100W. The Solar Generator 1000 is environmentally friendly since it uses solar energy and produces almost no emissions.

EF ECOFLOW Delta Max (1600)

EcoFlow DELTA Max (1600) Portable Power Station with 2000W AC Output can power your home essentials easily. Using 2800W X-Boost technology, it can power up your air conditioning system, heaters, and other high-wattage equipment.

For home backup, it has a sizable 1612Wh capacity that can be increased to 5644Wh by connecting an additional battery. You may use dual charging to pair the Smart Generator with AC for even quicker rates.

EF ECOFLOW Delta Max (1600)

For outdoor usage, it features couples like solar + AC or solar + the smart generator. Additionally, it monitors and safeguards your items in real-time usage with an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS). The dependability is increased by the improved unibody design and fire-resistant components.

AlphaESS Solar Generator

AlphaESS Solar Generator has a 200W SP200 solar panel and a 1036Wh portable energy storage. You can acquire clean and limitless solar energy by recharging the AP1000 Power Pack with the SP200 Solar Panel.

Three regular 1000-watt pure sine-wave AC outlets, a USB-C PD 100W Quick Charge connector, a DC port, a carport, and wireless charging mats are all included in the AP1000.

No products found.

AlphaESS Solar Generator

94-V0 cabinet material and a self-developed BMS system offer two layers of safety protection. The solar panel has built-in short-circuit and over-voltage protection and is composed of highly certified monocrystalline silicon. There are four adjustable kickstands that may be quickly assembled. 

BougeRV 1100WH Power Station

Over 1500 recharges are possible with an aluminum shell battery pack, giving the BougeRV Portable Power Station a 2X longer lifespan than regular batteries.

It is Ideal for outdoor power and home backup batteries. This power station is more powerful than many comparable goods on the market, with a massive capacity of 1100Wh and 1200W rated output with a 2000W peak.

BougeRV 1100WH Power Station

In the event of an emergency blackout, a single charge may keep your house and your essential appliances running for up to two or three days. It works well for major electrical equipment and AC home items when traveling, camping, or working in remote locations.

EF ECOFLOW DELTA Pro Solar Generator

An LFP battery is used in the battery power station of the EF ECOFLOW DELTA Pro Solar Generator. DELTA Pro is a portable home battery for usage throughout the entire house because of its big 3600Wh battery capacity, 3600W AC output, and a total of 15 outlets.

EF ECOFLOW Solar Generator Delta Max (2000)

The 400W portable solar panel uses the MPPT algorithm in conjunction with DELTA Pro to operate at its best efficiency, rain or shine. Its conversion rate of 22.4 percent for solar panels is astounding.

The 400W portable solar panel is weatherproof and engineered to last. It is constructed from layers of elastic EVA and resilient fiberglass to ensure durability and mobility.

Generark Solar Generator for Homes & RVs

At 110V/60Hz, the HomePower 2 provides a constant high power output of 2200W and a surge power of 4400W. Its pure sine-wave inverter regulates and seamlessly alters the energy output.

It can generate cleaner, smoother, quieter, and more dependable power. So, 99% of typical household appliances and devices may be used more comfortably and without interruption.

Generark Solar Generator

With 9 simultaneous outputs, it has a high degree of compatibility. It contains 2 USB-C outputs with PD 100W, 2 USB-A ports that are Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 certified, 4 110V/60Hz AC outlets, 1 12V/10A vehicle outlet, and 4 USB-A ports.


A solar generator for your home is an excellent alternative if you want to be ready for power outages or natural catastrophes. By incorporating appropriate battery modules, the capacity of many solar generator types can be increased. Doing so can provide a lot of energy to your home. This energy will be enough to run a lot of home appliances for a time period.

They help you and your household during emergencies. They can use the sun’s energy to generate electricity and help the environment. Solar generators do relatively well in comparison to those that use fossil fuels.

Solar generators are not just helpful but are also a step in the direction of ceasing the usage of fossil fuels and a method to clean up our environment.

Next, check out some of the Best Portable Chargers.

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