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Looking for the best VDI software to let remote employees access a secure Windows OS on your servers? Try out these tools now!

You can save more by signing up for managed IT infrastructure rather than setting up your own systems. Here, VDI cuts in! A VDI software enables you to host multiple Windows operating systems in a data center or server, allowing remote workers to access business apps from supported and approved devices.

It also lets employees bring their own device (BYOD) to the workplace or while working from home. However, it can be a daunting task to choose the right VDI tool since there are many out there. Find below the ultimate list of the best and trending virtual desktop infrastructure you must try before buying one.      

What Is a VDI Software?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI software allows you to utilize virtual machines to manage virtual desktops. These virtual desktops have a preconfigured image of an OS and applications that end users can use from any compatible device. With VDI, a central server hosts the virtual desktop environments and can be deployed on demand to the users. 

Why Do You Need a VDI Software?

VDI software applications allow you to access the virtual desktop from any remote location. No matter where you are located, you can easily access your files and applications with the help of VDI software. This environment also stores your data in a secure server. Hence, even in case of endpoint device compromise, the data remain safe.

In cases when employees bring their own devices, VDI software provides the ultimate solution. It also saves your business expense by eliminating the need to purchase expensive hardware.

Types of VDI Software

Persistent VDI

With this software, every user gets a permanently reserved VDI resource. Therefore, the virtual desktop you use can store personal settings like passwords and shortcuts. Moreover, you can save your own files on the desktop.

These VDI applications offer customization facilities to the end users. Users who need to work with the saved files find persistent VDI highly useful. Moreover, the desktop management of this is quite simple. 

Non-Persistent VDI

This type of VDI connects users to generic desktops where no personalized changes are saved. Organizations where employees do not have to perform many repetitive tasks usually use this VDI.

As it does not save custom settings between sessions, this solution is cost-effective. It is also easy to manage this environment, and companies can spend less on storage costs.

Must-Have Features for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Tools


VDI solutions should have a secure server and other useful features like authentication, encryption, authorization, and monitoring.


Your virtual environment needs might change over time in terms of the number of users or the installed software. Hence, choose a scalable and flexible VDI platform.


VDI software should be able to improve the efficiency of your team and business by reducing hardware and software requirements along with expenses.


The VDI solution you choose should integrate smoothly with your existing applications and IT infrastructure.

User Experience

The VDI software you choose should offer a consistent and responsive experience to the users.

Now, take a look at the best VDI software applications that you can choose for your remote team.

VMware Horizon

With VMware Horizon, you can have a heightened digital workspace experience as this VDI software delivers virtual desktops and apps secretly and efficiently anytime, anywhere. It can be deployed, managed, and monitored across multi-cloud infrastructures through SaaS and cloud-based consoles.

Using VMware infrastructure, you can securely access corporate resources from remote locations with end-to-end security. You can go for this cloud-based platform that offers the necessary resiliency with flexible deployment options. Moreover, It helps you to reduce your cost and, thus, improve your business ROI. 

You will get an exceptional remote experience from the customizable virtual desktops. Here, application management is quite simple; you get performance visibility with actionable insights.

Citrix VDI

The modern workforce needs modern solutions devoid of downtime, latency, and inefficiency. That’s why you need to choose Citrix VDI, which lets you readily deploy virtual desktops and apps.

It uses HDX technology to provide its users with the best possible experience of virtual app and desktop. Even when there is high latency and packet loss, you still get pixel-perfect graphics and imagery with this platform.

Citrix VDI increases your employee productivity while keeping your apps and files secured. Even if you belong to a highly regulated industry, this cost-effective solution will add more agility.


Get rid of your traditional IT approaches and choose Nutanix for accelerated VDI deployment. The software provides secure access to virtual desktops, applications, and data to the user, along with a great user experience. 

The hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) of this solution combines virtualization, computation, storage, security, and networking. It also allows you to scale up nodes and thus improve security and network functionality. 

As you use this VDI solution, you need less time to log in to your desktop. You can also expect to have a greater ROI as it lets you skip any additional virtualization costs. Moreover, it supports the leading VDI solution providers, including VMware and Citrix.


Are you looking for a private full-stack VDI solution where you can run multiple OS? flexVDI is the ideal option for Windows and Linux users. It not only cuts your IT costs but also allows your employees to work from anywhere in the world. 

This works on an open-source protocol, so you can forget about using proprietary protocols. It has native clients for every major platform to ensure flexible mobility. The admins get complete control of their documents while the users get access to the visual representation of these.

flexVDI is highly secure and offers protection against malware and viruses. Here, users are encouraged to use centralized data storage and backup strategies. Moreover, the platform is developer-friendly and lets you use JSON API.

Sangfor aDesk

Whether you are looking for VDI software for secure offices, work-from-anywhere, hospitals, student labs, and call centers, Sangfor aDesk is here to serve you. With the help of this one-stop VDI solution, businesses can transform effortlessly into a digital workspace environment. 

It boasts a simple architecture that makes it easy for any IT engineer to efficiently manage and maintain their IT operations. The platform collaborates with Nvidia to offer its users a seamless desktop experience even when accessed from a remote location. 

In addition, Sangfor aDesk uses end-to-end security measures to safeguard your data from internal data leakage, accidental data loss, and ransomware. Users even get a smooth video experience using HTML5 redirection.


Workspot offers you cloud-native VDI software to deploy VDI solutions from all over the world within a few days. If you have a team of distributed employees, offshore contractors, and partners in numerous projects, this VDI tool can help you secure intellectual property while keeping your workforce highly productive. 

The outstanding performance of virtual computers enables your team to work with equal efficiency. It also reduces latency for optimal performance. This complete cloud-native infrastructure also offers necessary security measures for data security.

By choosing Workspot, you can make the IT processes simpler for the admins. Besides global end-to-end visibility and more than 99% reliability, this solution offers you the option to scale horizontally.


Do you find it hectic to use traditional computers? Are you willing to optimize your workplace by turning it into a virtual one? Try oneclick, a modern VDI software that offers dedicated virtual machines that can be easily deployed without much expense and complexity.

This central Cloud service offers you the features of a complete workstation PC that you can access from any end device located anywhere in the world. It comes with simple composition, and you can configure the devices according to your needs. If you own a growing business, this is the perfect option as it can be scalable easily. 

To use oneclick, you do not need any professional or technical experience. Its step-by-step instructions are easily understandable and can be implemented without any difficulties. allows you to empower your employees who work from remote locations. It also eliminates the need to be present in the office to access the necessary application and files. This cloud-hosted VDI solution can be used everywhere without any expensive licenses.

This complete VDI solution offers you everything your business needs to stay running. It also has a secure hosting environment with the latest security features and protocols for your business data. is also powered by GPU to offer you the power and performance you need.

Additional features of this platform include remote assistance, session shadowing, log monitoring, built-in reports, and an interactive dashboard.


Now you have a clear idea about the VDI software technology and some best tools or VDI service providers you can trust. Access the above VDI tools and ask for trials or demos from the VDI service provider. If you like one, subscribe!

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