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Jira Software is the #1 project management tool used by agile teams to plan, track, release, and support great software.

WordPress has a massive presence with its adaptable and user-friendly platform. It is undoubtedly a leading web development platform powering more than 40% of all websites globally.

The open-source nature of this platform nurtures unmatched customization, and flexibility is partly responsible for its domination. 

Currently, a robust ecosystem of businesses has been established, providing specialized services. These businesses are creating a variety of themes & plugins and also providing technical assistance.

Moreover, they are influencing the direction of digital experiences and demonstrating the almost endless possibilities offered by WordPress.

In this post, I will examine the top businesses that are using WordPress’s feature-rich platform to dominate their respective markets. So, stay tuned as we go on this fascinating path towards innovation and excellence. 

Awesome Motive

Awesome Motive is a Florida-based software and media company that is prominent for building solutions for small businesses. They are the masterminds behind creating a range of renowned WordPress tools such as OptinMonster, MonsterInsights, WpForms, All in One SEO, SeedProd, and several others.

Most Used Tools & Plugins:

  • OptinMonster: A robust conversion optimization tool for websites
  • WPForms: User-friendly form builder plugin used by 5 million plus websites.
  • Monsterinsights: Renowned WordPress analytics plugin used by 3 million plus websites.
  • All-in-One SEO: One of the major SEO plugins and toolkits to improve the SEO rankings. 
  • SeedProd: It’s a drag-and-drop website builder that enables users to create custom websites without coding. 

Over 25 million websites now have a stronger digital presence and a wider online audience thanks to their software solutions. Currently, the company employs a remote working environment with a global team spanning over 50 different countries. 


Matt Mullenweg founded Automattic in 2005, which is based in San Francisco, California. The company is the powerful force behind projects like, WooCommerce, Jetpack, and many more. It has established an important position in the world of open-source content management systems. 

Most Used Services & Plugins: 

  • Leading content management system platform for website creation.
  • WooCommerce: Open-source and customizable eCommerce platform built on WordPress.
  • Jetpack: Ensure security, backup, speed, and growth tools for WordPress sites.
  • Askimet: Anti-spam plugin used by millions. 
  • Tumblr: Platform for self-expression and learning new things

As of October 2021, the firm will be valued at $7.5 billion, having expanded into a truly worldwide organization with close to 2,000 employees. However, the core purpose of this company is to help users establish their business in both the publishing and commerce sectors.


Defiant is a security plugin that protects a massive network of 4 million websites. It’s holding a significant position as an industry leader in the realm of WordPress. The company gained respect for developing Wordfence, which is widely regarded as the best firewall and malware scanner for WordPress.

Most Used Services & Plugins:

  • Wordfence: Most popular firewall and malware scanner for WordPress. 
  • Incident Response: On-demand, comprehensive incident response services are offered by certified forensic investigators.
  • Wordfence For Business: Join forces with the Defiant team to get a personalized WordPress security solution as well as ongoing protection, monitoring, code reviews, and support.

The crew at Defiant is largely based in the United States and works entirely remotely, with support from its global team members. The goal of Defiant is to safeguard your resources, staff, and clients against established and latest threats. 

WP Engine

WP engine is a technology company renowned for providing premium managed WordPress hosting services. They are widely recognized for providing highly reliable and developer-focused products for businesses and agencies of all sizes. 

Most Used Services & Tools:

  • WordPress Hosting: Offers unmatched performance, automated updates, and robust security measures to ensure your websites thrive.
  • eCommerce Platform: Vital assets, including hosting infrastructure, to expand your online company, boost sales, and streamline WooCommerce administration.
  • Headless WordPress: Comprehensive platform that fosters contemporary development freedom and astounding site speed while upholding the confidence of marketers with a dependable CMS. 

The company headquarters is based in Austin, Texas, USA, but it operates globally with employees in 95 countries. The aim of WP Engine is to assist clients in succeeding online by offering a full range of developer apps that make the process of creating, managing, and optimizing websites easier. 

Sandhills Development 

Sandhills Development stands out as a technology company due to its unique approach to producing outstanding user experiences. Their reputation across the globe is built on providing trustworthy, user-focused products to a wide range of customers and companies of all kinds. 

Most Used Services & Plugins:

  • Conservation Projects: They actively work to turn lands into protected green areas and to restore natural tallgrass prairies.
  • Microbrewery: specializes in producing beers that are aged and fermented with oak.
  • WordPress Plugins: A wide variety of WordPress plugins that are designed to improve and simplify companies, such as AffiliateWP and Easy Digital Downloads.
  • eCommerce Service: Their payments Service is a top-notch instrument for efficiently handling payments and streamlining the affiliate earnings and commissions distribution procedure.

Sandhills Development is based in Hutchinson, Kansas, USA, and has a global reach with its team of 26 experts working in 5 different countries. Their ultimate goal is to not only provide extraordinary experiences but also create a better world. 


StellarWP has gained a reputation for providing top-notch WordPress solutions. They are well-known across the globe for providing dependable and user-centric products to businesses of all kinds as well as non-profit organizations.  

Most Used Tools & Plugins:

  • WordPress Plugins: Offers Some of the most reliable non-profit and commercial WordPress plugins.
  • E-commerce Solutions: Range of products to boost online businesses, such as Iconic Sales Booster for WooCommerce and Flux Checkout for WooCommerce.
  • Security & Backup Solutions: Guarantees the endurance and safety of any website via strong security measures and backup options.  
  • Templates & Resources: Assist in creating stunning and useful websites by providing various templates and resources such as the Kadence Pricing Tool.

StellarWP belongs to the Liquid Web Family Brands, powering some of the fastest-growing companies around the world. It was launched in 2011 and is located in Michigan, United States, and aims to provide accessible WordPress solutions to everyone. 


CaseProof is well-known for its expertise in creating WordPress plugins and services for online businesses. This technology company is globally renowned for producing products that serve companies of all sizes and kinds. 

Most Used Solutions & Plugins:

  • Membership solutions: Offers different membership solutions for businesses such as MemberPress, MemberMouse, and WishList Member. 
  • Affiliate: Plugins to manage affiliate programs such as Easy Affiliate and Thirsty Affiliate. 
  • Link Management: Advanced link cloaking and redirection plugins such as Pretty Link
  • Payment Management: Cloud-based services such as Buy Now Plus accept Credit Card payments through a simple button. 

CaseProof is based in Cedar City, Utah, United States, and was founded in 2004. Their mission is to provide a perfect solution that secures and simplifies overall site management.


Inscub shines in the IT industry with its unique WordPress projects like WPMU DEV, CampusPress, and Edublogs. They have become a preferred option for companies of different types due to their innovative solutions. 

Most Used Services & Plugins:

  • Hosting: Offers advanced managed hosting toolkit such as WPMU DEV. 
  • CampusPress: WordPress multisite platform designed for educational institutions serving districts, colleges, and universities.
  • Edublog: It’s one of the biggest WordPress Multisite installations on the web used by millions of educators and students for blogging.

Despite having its headquarters in Melbourne, Incsub has more than 100 employees spread out over the globe. With the goal of offering WordPress solutions to everyone, their purpose is to include “Incorporated Subversion” into everything they produce.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Theme provides unparalleled solutions when it comes to WordPress themes and page builders. They are pretty well known among WordPress users with their signature page builder, Divi. Moreover, their products are trusted by more than 881346 web designers and business owners worldwide. 

Most Used Services & Plugins:

  • Divi: The most well-liked WordPress theme worldwide and the best page builder for WordPress.
  • Layouts: Layout bundles and specific layouts for Divi Premium users with unique images and graphics.
  • Theme-builder: A fully-featured website templating system assists in creating any kind of theme.

The headquarters of Elegant Theme is based in San Francisco, California, United States, but they operate globally and remotely. The company hopes to empower site designers and company owners with a cutting-edge design interface for WordPress.


Envato earned its position in the tech industry with its wide selection of digital assets and services. They are an established brand due to their creative marketplace, which is utilized by millions of creators around the world. 

Most Used Services & Solutions:

  • Elements:  Provides limitless downloads of royalty-free music, images, graphics, stock videos, and more.
  • Marketplace: Offers the ideal resource from the top creative marketplace globally.
  • Placeit: Enables you to craft mockups, logos, social posts, and videos. 

Envato started its journey in 2006, and currently, its headquarters is in Swanston Street, Melbourne, Australia. Their aim is to turn creative projects into reality by offering expert digital tools, assets, and services. 

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO has a huge reputation in the area of search engine optimization. It offers a wide range of tools and services to improve website exposure and search engine rankings. 

Most Used Solutions and Plugins:

  • SEO: Offers a flagship SEO plugin, Yoast SEO, for on-page optimization and content improvement.
  • Local SEO: Tools and resources for improving local search engine visibility.
  • WooCommerce SEO: Special SEO features for eCommerce businesses that are based on WooCommerce. 
  • Tailored SEO: Customized SEO solutions for Video and News content. 

Yoast SEO is based in Wijchen, The Netherlands, where 100 people are working, and the rest of the workers are working around the globe. The primary objective of this company is to empower people and companies to successfully maximize their online presence. 


OnTheGoSystem is notable for its exceptional multilingual and content management solutions for WordPress. Their signature product is WPML, which is widely used for creating a multilingual website.

 Most used Tools and Plugins:

  • Multilingual Site:  Offers solution to build multilingual site via plugin named WPML
  • WordPress Site:  Users can create a WordPress site without any coding with a solution named Toolset

OnTheGoSystem started its journey in 2007 is located in Wanchai, Hong Kong, and started its journey in 2007. The mission of this company is to provide advanced solutions that will help users to build complex websites with multilingual efficiency. It helps global users to easily access websites without a language barrier.

WP Media

WP Media focuses on the WordPress market with its performance-boosting solutions. They are well known for their commitment to improving user experiences by making websites lighter, quicker, smarter, and easier to use.

Most Used Solutions:

  • Caching: WP Rocket is a robust caching solution for WordPress. 
  • Media Optimization: Image optimization tool Imagify is a great option to speed up any WordPress site.

WP Media was established in the year 2014 and is based in Lyon, France. Their core mission is to improve user experience and online performance by making website load quicker and more effectively. 

Site Kit

Site Kit is a WordPress plugin made by Google and comes with a bundle of tools. It provides a flawless experience for WordPress users to explore website performance data and insights. 

Most Used Solutions:

  • Google Search Console: Evaluate the performance and volume of visitors to your website.
  • Analytics: Offers information on how visitors arrive at, navigate, and interact with your website.
  • PageSpeed Insights: Evaluate your website and make recommendations for speed improvements.
  • AdSense: Assists in generating income for your web content.

Site Kit is located in Mountain View, California, USA. By providing easy access to Google’s robust toolkit, they aim to make website analytics and monetization simpler for WordPress users. Thus, website owners can make informed choices and efficiently maximize their online presence. 


WPBakery was previously known as Visual Composer, and it’s recognized for its user-friendly WordPress page builder plugin. More than 5,800,000 websites worldwide rely on their solution to create professional and attractive web pages. 

Most Used Solutions:

  • Page Builder: Offers one of the best page builder plugins, with user-friendly drag-and-drop front-end and back-end editors that allow users to design and layout.
  • Skin Builder: WpBakery Page Builder design choices and element styles may be customized by users to better reflect their brand identity.
  • Template Library: Through the online Template Library, users can create pages in a matter of seconds. 

The organization is based in Cyprus and is committed to offering sophisticated solutions that simplify web design & development efforts. So, their goal is to make this process more approachable for a wider spectrum of consumers despite their level of technical proficiency.


LiteSpeed is a notable tech company that offers high-performance web server software. Their services are trusted by users worldwide since they have the capacity to manage thousands of concurrent clients while using the least amount of memory and CPU. 

Most Used Services & Solutions:

  • LiteSpeed Web Server: With its unparalleled speed, this service can safely handle thousands of concurrent users while using the least amount of RAM and CPU.
  • ModSecurity: LiteSpeed increases efficiency while processing widely used ModSecurity rule sets.
  • Control Panel Compatibility:  Works with Plesk, DirectAdmin, CyberPanel, cPanel, and more.

LiteSpeed was founded in early 2002 and is located in Tustin, California, USA. The company is dedicated to modernizing web hosting and web server technology by offering solutions that maximize website speed and efficiency.


ThemePunch was created by a group of web enthusiasts that has become popular for creating eye-catching and advanced WebGL animations. WordPress users across the globe rely on their products, such as Essential Grid and Slider Revolution. 

Most Used Plugins:

  • Slider Revolution: Amazing tool to create responsive WordPress sliders, web pages, and eye-catching visuals. 
  • Essential Grid: With the help of this tool, users can build stunning websites with sophisticated animations. 

ThemePunch was founded back in 2011, and its base is located in Germany. Their primary goal is to provide innovative and potent tools to designers and developers so that they can easily create visually appealing and engaging websites.


RankMath is a standout in the WordPress industry for its top-notch SEO tools. It is trusted by users due to its capacity to make on-page optimization easier with its user-friendly UI. Moreover, users can customize essential SEO settings, control indexable pages, and showcase preferred pages in search engine result pages using structured data. 

Most Used Solutions:

  • Modules: Built-in modules and configurations to deploy SEO settings according to user preferences. 
  • Tracking: Tracks rankings of given keywords and monitors your SEO effectiveness. 
  • Google Search Console: Integrates with Google Search Console and provides rich data on your website’s performance. 
  • Snippet Preview: Users can get a detailed view of their posts in SERP with snippets and social media. 

RankMath was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in New Delhi, India. They aim to provide robust SEO solutions with unmatched user-friendliness to all kinds of users and businesses. Thus, website owners and content producers can increase their search engine exposure and ranking and eventually foster organic growth and success. 


Avada is a reputable brand in the WordPress and WooCommerce industries, best known for its Website Builder. With over 900,000 users and an average rating of five stars, it’s the preferred option for a lot of new users as well as marketers and experts.

Most Used Solutions:

  • Website Builder: provides a feature-rich website builder that doesn’t need any prior coding experience.
  • Prebuilt Websites: Users can minimize their website-building effort by choosing from 98 pre-built websites. 
  • Design components: 120+ design components to build a complete website.

Avada was established in 2012 and has its headquarters in Kentucky, USA. They seek to provide customers complete control over the process of creating a website with its all-in-one website builder. 

Fastline Media

FastLine Media is a web tech company that is well-recognized among WordPress users for its flagship product, Beaver Builder. Users across the globe love their cutting-edge online solutions when it comes to WordPress page builders.

Most Used Plugins:

  • Page Builder: Famous for its innovative page builder plugin called Beaver Builder, which offers flexible drag-and-drop options and advanced customizability.

Fastlinemedia started its journey in 2014 and is currently based in California, United States. Their mission is to lead the web in innovation and provide a world-class page-building experience. 


Themify has been a significant player in the WordPress ecosystem, offering high-quality WordPress themes and plugins since 2010. Their versatile and user-friendly product, Themefiy Builder, enables 120,686+ users to easily and quickly develop responsive WordPress websites. 

Most Used Solutions:

  • Page Builder: Advanced drag-and-drop Themify builder that lets users create any kind of layout.
  • Themes: Provides an extensive assortment of responsive Themify themes suitable for all kinds of websites.
  • Icons: An extensive collection of icons for usage in applications and web design.

Themify started out in 2010 and has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Their mission is to provide customers access to all of its themes and plugins in a single, comprehensive WordPress toolkit. As a result, users can create any kind of WordPress website according to their imagination. 


Elementor offers a market-leading website and page builder for professionals in WordPress. It is praised for providing web designers with an easy-to-use visual builder that allows them to create polished, pixel-perfect websites. 

Most Used Solutions:

  • Live Drag & Drop Editor: Enables users to drag and drop various elements on a page and get a live preview. 
  • Complete Website Designs:  Users may choose from a vast collection of more than 100 complete website kits that are based on Hello Theme.
  • World Class Hosting: Offers strong, market-leading technology and integrated hosting powered by Google for a safe, effective website 

Elementor was founded in 2016 and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The goal of Elementor is to provide a framework for infinite online developments, ranging from eCommerce businesses and landing pages to fully functional websites

Updraft Plus

UpdraftPlus is a highly reliable WordPress backup, restore, and clone plugin company. More than 3 million WordPress website relies on this plugin to ensure their security.  

Most Used Solutions:

  • WordPress Backup: Completely manually back up all of your WordPress files, databases, plugins, and themes, either on-demand or on a schedule.
  • WordPress Restore: Utilizing the WordPress control panel, restore backups directly.
  • Migration and Clone: In only a few minutes, users can migrate or clone your WordPress website.

UpdraftPlus was established in 2010, and its base is located in Bedford, United Kingdom. Their goal is to protect your WordPress website by offering a dependable backup option.


Recketgenius is an innovator in the field of extending WordPress and is renowned for developing Gravity Forms. Because of their products’ capacity to create online contact forms for lead generation, eCommerce, and content management, people from all over the globe have faith in them. 

Most Used Plugins:

  • Gravity Forms: This service provides a complete approach to creating sophisticated forms for WordPress websites. 

Rocketgenius is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, USA, and was founded in 2007. They aim to help users gather and utilize data efficiently for a variety of reasons. Thus, they offer basic forms to sophisticated apps & tools that make form building and maintenance on WordPress websites more accessible and efficient. 

Brainstorm Force

Brainstorm Force is a renowned company when it comes to solutions that are business booster. They’ve created sophisticated and reliable WordPress solutions such as Spectra, Starter Template, and Astra theme. 

Most Used Plugins and Themes:

  • Astra Theme: A quick, simple, and useful website-building solution. 
  • Starter Templates: Complete, ready-to-use templates for websites that can be imported and utilized right away. 
  • Spectra: An advanced page builder for WordPress that works over the built-in block editor. 

Brainstorm Force, established in 2009, is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Their objective is to provide user-friendly, reasonably priced, and dependable solutions and tools. As a result, users will be able to foster creativity and innovation within the WordPress ecosystem. 

Visual Composer

In the world of WordPress, Visual Composer is a trailblazer with its user-friendly drag-and-drop website builder. Their premium site builder enables users to quickly construct websites with a flawless appearance. While using this builder, users will get access to an extensive collection of themes, blocks, components, and add-ons.

Most Used Solutions:

  • Drag & Drop Builder: Allows users to construct and maintain their website layout with ease.
  • Templates: Offers a selection of expert-level templates to assist customers in launching their businesses online.
  • Blocks & Elements: Users can add these pre-made segment layouts to their pages.
  • Extensions:  Increases the functionality of the website with a multitude of features. 

Visual Composer was founded in 2003, and their base is located in Riga, Latvia. Their vision is to make it simpler for people all over the globe to create beautiful WordPress websites. Hence, they are assisting businesses of all kinds in establishing an online presence. 


In the field of Search Engine Optimization, SEOPress thrives with its comprehensive WordPress SEO plugin. It’s a powerful tool made to improve social sharing, massively increase website traffic, and optimize SEO. Both novice and expert users can utilize this tool because it works perfectly with all themes and page builders. 

Most Used Solutions:

  • SEO Title & Meta Tags: This function lets users change meta descriptions and titles.  
  • Google & Bing Instant Indexing: Facilitates users for quick indexation of the content of your posts. 
  • Integration with Page Builders: Integrates properly with all the themes and page builders. 
  • Content Analysis: Helps create content that is search engine optimized. 
  • Sitemaps: Users can create custom XML and HTML sitemaps to improve search indexing.

Established in August 2016, the headquarters of SEOPress is situated in Bidart, Aquitaine, France. The primary objective of SEOPress is to provide WordPress users access to an easy-to-use, quick, and effective SEO plugin that can improve their website’s traffic, sales, rankings, and conversions.  

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a prominent name in the WordPress community with its all-inclusive caching plugin. Besides, it is also recognized for its capacity to optimize Core Web Vitals, dramatically reduce website loading times, and raise PageSpeed performance ratings. 

Most Used Solutions:

  • Caching: Reduces the time it takes for a website to load by saving a static version of the page. 
  • File Optimization: assist in combining and minifying CSS, JS, and HTML files. 
  • Database Optimization: Frees up the database to make it smaller and more effective. 
  • LazyLoad: Reduces load time by loading movies and pictures only when the user can see them.

WP Rocket was founded in 2014 and is situated in Lyon, Rhone-Alpes, France. The company aims to provide WordPress users with effective and quick caching solutions, improve user experience, and boost SEO rankings and loading time to boost conversion rate. 

Final Thoughts

When selecting a WordPress development company, keep in mind that the ideal choice is the one that can accommodate your particular needs and assist you in realizing your digital objectives and building a dynamic online presence.

So, whether it’s site creation, SEO optimization, e-commerce solutions, or other facets of the WordPress platform, I advise you to identify your unique demands. Plus, consider your budget, the degree of personalization you want, and the reputation of the business.

You may also explore some best WordPress AI plugins.

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