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In Digital Marketing and Test Management Last updated: February 13, 2023
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In this article, we will tell you what exactly A/B testing is, give you an example, and walk you through 13 tools you can leverage to A/B test your website with ease.

According to Truelist, 77% of organizations leverage A/B testing for their website, and 60% A/B test their landing pages.

As said in the physical world – ‘Hard work is the key to success’. However, in the virtual world, ‘Testing is the key to success’.

So let’s get started!

What is A/B Testing & Why It’s Needed

A/B testing is a method wherein two or more variations of a webpage with the same goal are compared simultaneously to find the best version. 


While it’s commonly associated with websites and apps, it’s quite an old-school yet one of the most effective practices to know what works and what doesn’t. 

A/B testing eliminates all the guesswork, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and ensuring positive impacts. Regardless, A/B testing wasn’t the same when the market adopted it in the late 1990s. 

Today, marketers use the same concept for testing, but in a highly volatile virtual environment and in real-time. 

B2B marketers struggle with getting qualified leads, e-commerce stores encounter high cart abandonment rates, and digital media suffer from low viewership. 

This is where A/B comes into the picture. It can help you identify the leak in your conversion funnel. 

Here are some of the prominent advantages you can get when A/B testing a website:

Improve Content Engagement

Each time you A/B test your content, you get a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not. 

Your conversion rates might be low due to ineffective language, unattractive blog titles, or website content that isn’t good enough to hook your users. 

A/B testing will help your website test out different versions for all your problems and finally give you the one that works the best.

Reduced Bounce Rate

A/B testing recognizes the actions of users throughout your website. 

It helps you identify the combination of elements that makes your users stay longer on your website, ultimately leading to higher conversions

There can be several reasons behind your website’s high bounce rates, such as too much text, complicated navigation, hard-to-find CTA, and so on. 

However, running an A/B test can help you identify your visitors’ pain points and improve the overall experience of your users. Thus, helping you frame your website content effectively and reducing bounce rates.

Increased Conversion Rates

Some aspects of your website hook your customers and bring high conversions. 

A/B testing assists you in figuring out what elements are engaging your audience and converting them into buyers. 

With this marketing tactic, it becomes effortless to figure out what’s working for your audience and what’s not. 

Here’s a case study of the brand Groove using A/B testing to its maximum potential.

How Groove Optimized Its Landing Page Conversion


Groove saw one of its landing pages with a conversion of just 2.3%. So their goal was clear: Increase their landing page’s conversion.

They started talking to marketing experts to find the reason behind low conversion.

That’s when the company realized that the message conveyed on the landing page wasn’t as effective as it should be.

To know what changes to make to the page, the company kicked things up a notch and started talking to real users.


In the A/B test variation, the company focused on its message first. They made an on-point and crisp copy and then designed other elements.


With an optimized webpage copy, the company almost doubled its conversions. It went up from 2.3% to 4.3%.

Here’s the image of their landing page before and after testing.

Let’s now look at some of the best A/B testing tools.


VWO is the world’s leading web testing and conversion optimization platform empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions and nurture growth. 

vwo ab testing tool

Features of VWO

  • Powerful Editor for Marketers & Developers: VWO’s potent editor provides you with limitless customizations, dynamic features, and AI-driven copy suggestions
  • Read-to-Use Custom Widgets: Enrich your website with out-of-the-box custom widgets like banners, modals, timers, and more
  • Test Your Hypotheses: Link the testing process with your determined hypotheses to determine whether the test results align with your expectations
  • Analyze Performance: Get innovative and customizable reports with VWO’s advanced reporting tool and get better insights under one dashboard
  • Integrated Behavioral Insights: Effortlessly integrate and compare insights from real-time user behavior with test data and results

It has helped 2,500 brands across 90+ countries to conduct 600,000+ experiments to date.

The tool is trusted by top brands like Vodafone, Toyota, Samsung, and eBay.

AB Tasty

When it comes to AI-powered experimentation, personalization, and product optimization, AB Tasty is one of the top 10 companies in the A/B Testing category.

ab tasty

Features of AB Tasty

  • Target Segments: Painlessly craft fine, personalized segments with built-in templates to manage your audience and their content interests
  • Create Variations: Easily customize your website with popups, widgets, and other add ons with its extremely powerful drag and drop editor
  • Set Goals: Keep track of experiments and create multiple combinations of goals to evaluate performance with robust KPIs
  • Allocate Traffic: Easily choose which segment of your audience you want to experiment with to get reliable data points and results
  • Data Stack: Analyze from a 360 view of your user’s journey and transfer performance data to any analytics tool with just a click

It has catered to 39,000 websites historically, and more than 18,000 websites are nurturing their growth presently with AB Tasty.


Convert nurtures businesses to grow with its proven A/B testing tool. 


Convert is another top 10 tool worldwide in the A/B testing category.

Features of Convert

  • Unlimited Testing: No cap on the number of tests you run or the number of variations you create and experiment with
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate any third-party tool and run limitless A/B tests
  • Advanced Targeting: Segment your visitors based on geo locations, historical behavior, or JS events to get precise results of your tests
  • Dynamic Testing: Create personalized tests in JS editor and have full control over your site’s JS, jQuery, and CSS
  • Advanced DMP Profiling: Extract unique identifiers like lead scores from your scattered databases to enhance your testing strategy and take data-driven decisions

It has helped more than 50,000 websites to optimize their website experience for customers. 


Freshworks is a robust platform for all your experimental needs.


Features of Freshworks

  • Easy-to-Build Landing Pages: Create multiple variations of your website, from simple text changes to advanced codes with Freshworks inductive editor
  • Optimize for Revenue: Optimize your website for revenue with revenue tracking goals and add more value to your conversion experiments
  • Audience Segmentation: Track your visitor’s behavioral attributes and generate unique insights to optimize your websites for what’s best for visitors
  • Analyze Tests: Discover unique insights like conversion over time, individual conversions, and results achieved in a single dashboard to understand the impact of your tests
  • Integrated Heat Maps: Learn about your visitor’s activities and what’s working for you with inbuilt heat maps

More than 9000 websites have already tried and trusted Freshwork’s experimental services.


Optimizely is a Digital Experience platform trusted by millions of customers for its compelling content, commerce, and optimization. 


Features of Optimizely

  • Targeting & Personalization: Create winning experiences for your audience by incorporating personalized messages, offers, and relevant content
  • Visual Editor: Customize your web pages with attractive text-based content or widgets on your own with zero tech help
  • Advanced experiments: Perform multiple experiments on the same page with industry-first features like exclusion group 
  • CDN A/B Testing: Conduct tests and experiments for every aspect of your customer experience without hampering your website’s performance and speed
  • Program Management: Manage the productivity of your team with potent tools for ideation, management, and reporting

It has over 1 million websites as customers and is one of the top 5 A/B testing sites worldwide.


SiteSpect helps you design and A/B test your website without requiring any coding knowledge. It promises faster site performance and higher conversion rates. It also protects your website from bots and other spammy traffic. It is one of the top 10 A/B testing platforms worldwide.


Features of SiteSpect

  • No-Flicker: Robust architecture built to avoid flickers and ensure unmatched speed across all devices
  • SPA Testing: Agnostic approach to support optimization of Single-Page applications (SPAs) and widely used technologies, including Angular, React, and more
  • Auto Optimization: Easily analyze campaigns and variations to make data-driven decisions and improve the overall user experience
  • Advanced Dashboard: Comprehensive dashboard to measure key metrics and determine a reliable outcome of your tests and campaign
  • Visual Editor: Work with SPAs and quickly customize your web page with SiteSpect’s powerful drag-and-drop feature

Some of its principal clients include,, and Cabela’s.

Adobe Target

Adobe Target comes along with a power-packed optimization engine. 

adobe target

Features of Adobe Target

  • Mobile Optimization: Delivers the experience your mobile users crave with unique mobile optimization capabilities
  • Multi-Armed Bandit Testing: Automatically divert maximum traffic towards the winning variation to get accurate and actionable test results
  • Advanced Reporting: Out-of-the-box reporting to cover every aspect during the experiment and later present them in an easy-to-understand manner with graphs, heat maps, and more
  • Multivariate Testing: Test multiple elements simultaneously to understand the contribution of each element

This engine helps in AI-powered testing, personalization, and automation everything in one place. 

Its unique optimization engine has helped more than 200,000 websites to generate high conversions and increase revenue.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is an easy-to-use tool that requires no coding knowledge. It helps you test landing pages, websites product pages and lets you view results in real-time.

crazy egg

Features of Crazy Egg

  • Super-Simple Setup: Add a unique crazy egg snippet to the webpage you want to test on your website, and you’re done
  • In-Built Test Creator: Choose your element to test, add your ideas, and create a new test within minutes
  • Real-Time Optimization: Check the test outcomes in real-time and add variations when and where required to get the best results
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate all your apps and services to make your setup quick and hassle-free

It caters to 800,000+ websites to improve what’s working, fix what isn’t, and allow websites to experiment with new ideas.


Omniconvert nurtures business growth with its extremely powerful data-driven tools. 5000+ websites leverage Omniconvert. 


Features of Omniconvert

  • Split URL: Create different variations of a page and test them on different URLs to identify which page and URL generated higher conversions
  • Stacked Tests: Speed up the optimization process by using the winning variation of an A/B test as a reference for future tests
  • Customizations: Use the visual editor to quickly build simple experiments and the advanced editor for complicated front-end testing
  • Advanced Reports: Leverage statistical calculator and other advanced tools to make impactful and actionable reports
  • Multiple Statistics: Choose among the best statistical model for analyzing and reporting experiments and getting the outcomes you desire

The tool is trusted by top brands like Whirlpool, Samsung, WWF, and more.


With more than 23,000 websites as its customers, Kameleoon is one of the top 20 A/B testing websites worldwide.


Features of Kameleoon

  • Unlimited Testing: Easily optimize your user experience across all devices with limitless tests and experiments
  • In-Built Simulation: Preview your hypotheses with Kameloon’s extremely reliable simulation tool before presenting them in front of your audience
  • Audience Segmentation: Segment your audience based on 25 criteria including geo-locations, user behaviors, and more
  • Dynamic Traffic Allocation: Automatically drive traffic to a winning variation with Kameloon’s multi-armed bandit before the test ends
  • Friendly Code Editor: Create complex yet more impactful experiments using Javascript and more with the tool’s developer-friendly code editor

It caters to multiple domains like finance, e-commerce, travel, media, healthcare, etc.


Personyze assists businesses to generate high conversions with its powerful A/B testing tool for landing pages, content, promotions, and more. 


Features of Personyze

  • Audience Segmentation: Create control groups to avoid data pollutants and test the same group of audience rapidly until you reach perfection
  • API & Integration: Personyze’s plug-and-play feature lets you integrate your CRM flawlessly
  • QA & Testing: Preview experiments before you make it live to your audience with the help of Personyze’s powerful simulators
  • Customizations: Quickly add content and 20+ codeless widgets to your website with Personyze’s ready-made templates

1500+ websites have benefited from Personyze’s A/B testing tool to date.


Convertize provides businesses with innovative A/B testing software to upscale conversions at budget costs. 


Features of Convertize

  • Auto-Pilot: The built-in algorithms automatically transfer more visitors to the best performing variation while conducting experiments
  • Hybrid Statistics: A unique combination of frequentist and Bayesian statistics helps you get experiment results faster
  • Lightning Mode: While testing variations, the lighting mode makes your Javascript pixel lighter and faster to avoid the flickering effect
  • Powerful Integration: Seamlessly integrate Convertize’s software to your website just by adding it to your tag manager 
  • Smart Editor: Create variations of your web pages without using a single line of code

It ranks among the top 20 A/B testing websites globally.


For a website to get great conversions, doing A/B tests is necessary. Sure, you must be happy with the conversions you get without A/B testing, but when you do testing, there’s a high chance you might increase your conversions. 

The 13 tools mentioned above are tested and reliable. Use any one that fits your needs and, more importantly, budget and increase your conversions over time.

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