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In Digital Marketing Last updated: February 20, 2023
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Grammar is not a set of rules; it is something inherent in the language, and language cannot exist without it. It can be discovered but not invented. – Charlton Laird

In today’s generation, from KG to PG, it has become evident that everyone needs a good command of grammar to succeed in their respective fields. It not only helps you get through your curriculum syllabus but also gives you the push to clear a lot of entrance examinations.

One of the most highlighted topics is “Active and Passive Voice”. If you are preparing for a competitive exam or learning the basics of grammar, it’s essential to master this portion. So before diving deep into the topic, let us understand what they stand for.

What Are Active and Passive Voices?


A verb can take several forms to indicate the five main properties: person, number, voice, mood, and tense. There are two grammatical voices, namely active and passive, respectively.

While we tell a sentence to be in active voice when the verb describes an action the Subject is carrying out, we call it to be in the passive voice when the verb’s action is expressed in the Subject. Let us take an example to understand the meaning better.

Sentence 1: The peon opened the gate

Sentence 2: The gate was opened by the peon.

In sentence 1, the verb form shows that the person (peon) denoted does something (opens the gate). Hence it is in the active Voice.

In sentence 2, the verb form shows that something (opening of the gate) is done by the person (peon). Hence it is in the passive Voice.

Guide to Using Active and Passive Voices

There’s a general sequence that you can follow to understand the usage of active and passive voices in a sentence.

● Active Voice- Subject->Verb->Object

Passive Voice- Object-> Verb-> Subject

Now that you are confident about writing a particular sentence in the active or passive voice, the question here is when to use which voice.

It is said that one should use the active voice when one wants to grab the attention towards the action. On the contrary, passive voice should be used when they want to attract attention to the executor.

Let us understand with an example.

Passive Voice– The blood samples were collected from Gita’s house.

Here, we are putting the activity in focus rather than the agent; hence, it is better to use the passive Voice.

Active Voice Gita studies Mathematics at Delhi University.

In this case, the active voice focuses the sentence’s attention on the actions performed.

How to Convert Active Voice to Passive Voice and Vice Versa

Until now, we have a clear idea about using active and passive voices. It’s time to understand how to convert a sentence from active to passive voice and vice versa.

Let us cite an example, to have a clear concept.

#1. Active Voice- Gita drives the motorbike.

Here are the rules you should follow to change the sentence to passive voice.

  • The first rule is to remember the basic fundamental sequence of active voice (i.e., Subject->Verb->Object). Here Subject is Gita, the Verb is Drives, and the Object is Motorbike.
  • As per the sequence of passive voice (i.e., Object-> Verb-> Subject), we should interchange the position of the object and the subject.
  • It is important to note that the subject can be omitted in sentences written in passive voices if the sentence’s meaning is sufficiently conveyed without it.
  • We should note the tenses while rephrasing them in passive voice.

Therefore the sentence in Passive Voice can be written as: The motorbike is driven by Gita.

In the era of the digital world, technology has come up with many tools that can help you convert active to passive voices and vice versa at the tip of your fingers.

Now let’s explore some of the tools to convert active to passive voice n vice versa.


Active To Passive Voice

A group of marketing and technology enthusiasts launched Scalenut, AI-powered content research, and copywriting platform. It believes that you can make a strong impression on readers and successfully convey your ideas by correctly using active and passive voice sentences in your writing, making the path easier for you.


Passive to Active Voice

Scalenut works on two basic steps- add your sentence and generate your result without difficulties. While active voices are used more frequently, passive voices aren’t used much as they often possess grammatical problems.


Moreover, sentences using the passive voice frequently have grammatical problems. They also often get longer, which can make matters more challenging.

If you are looking for a tool that can help you in your scientific content, professional writing, and reporting context, Scalenut is your go-to tool.


Active To Passive Voice

Sapling is developing an AI assistant for business communication that supports teams using various use cases to connect with their clients more effectively and efficiently.


With the use of the comprehensive tool developed by Sapling, one can easily convert active to passive voice in a hassle-free manner.

Passive To Active Voice

Sapling also helps you in converting your oh-so-tricky passive voices into active voices. To make your writing stand out amidst the crowd, it is essential to have good clarity in your sentences without any grammatical errors.


Just type down your sentence, and you will have your answer in the blink of an eye. So, if you want to make your writing process more straightforward, use the Sapling tool today.


Nichesss is a tool that makes your job of converting active to passive voice easy that too without making you wait. Just log on to their site, type your sentence, and boom! Your confusion is gone in minutes.


Its simple interface and easy-to-use methodology make it stand out amidst the crowd. So, time to say bye to writer’s block for life with Nichesss.

Active Voice Detector

With Active Voice Detector, you can find the solution in a fraction of a second. It distinguishes itself from the other players in the market by providing services that are robust in features, of the highest caliber, and reliable.


Its professional interface, free-of-cost services, and numerous value-added features, like punctuation, grammatical error correction, spelling check, and others, make it a people’s favorite tool.

Voice Corrector

For authors of all kinds and students, switching from the active to the passive voice can be challenging. That’s where Voice Corrector comes into action. It is simple to use, has a quirky yet attractive interface, and makes your job hassle-free.


In addition to this, hiring a grammar reviewer can cost a lot of money. This tool provides you with the same comfort free of cost.


From students to professional writers, everyone finds it challenging to convert a sentence from passive to active. Either they find it difficult to construct it or face some grammatical error or other.

To solve this problem, AISEO has come up with its new-end technology, which not only makes the conversion easy but gives a bug-free sentence for you to use.


Passive To Active

Passive to Active tool makes it easy to convert passive to active voices without hustling much. The tool also addresses each problem. It comes with recommendations on how to fix it or gives a thorough justification for why it is incorrect.


Also, it selects all the errors from grammar to punctuation and helps you improve your writing.


PVCT is a professional, fast, reliable tool that converts passive to active voice more straightforwardly. Moreover, frequently made grammatical mistakes are also checked, including plagiarism, punctuation, verb tenses, and spelling.


So, the next time you doubt fixing a sentence, stop thinking much and log on to their website.

Final Words

So are you looking for a free, reliable, fast, and simple way to convert your active voice into passive voice and vice versa and take your writing to the next level? Try these tools today and get the maximum benefit out of them.

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