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In Windows Last updated: November 18, 2022
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Adobe Audition is one of the most popular and preferred audio edition software or digital audio workstations (DAWs) on the market.

It’s a professional audio workstation perfect for mixing and mastering audio content for films, television, music, and podcasts. In this article, we will talk more about the software and how it holds up against its competitors.

What is Adobe Audition Editor?


Adobe Audition editor is an audio editing and mastering software designed to enhance music, podcast, and other sound effect designing project. This audio workstation provides tools allowing businesses, students, teachers, individuals, etc., to create, mix, and restore audio.

It also will enable businesses to improve timeline-based editing workflows across videos by connecting the platform with Adobe Premiere Pro.

It supports integration with Mackie MCU, EUCON, Emagic Logic Control, and more. The platform is excellent for both beginners as well as professionals.

Users of Adobe Audition Editor are businesses, Schools/Universities, Teachers/Students, and Individuals who want to record, edit and mix audio.

Adobe Audition Editor: Pricing Plans


Adobe Audition Editor offers a 7-day Free trial for new users, which you can use to try out its tools and features and check if it’s good for you. The software has two paid versions.

The first one, Adobe Audition, costs $20.99 per month and offers features like Audio recording, Mixing, and Restoration. The second version costs $54.99 monthly, including Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After effects, and more.

Features of Adobe Audition Editor


Adobe Audition Editor is preferred by professionals and beginners due to its various features and editing tools. The platform can completely transform audio files. Let’s look at some key features of the platform:

Audio Restoration

The AI audio restoration feature of Adobe Audition is what makes it unique and one of the preferable audio software. It can restore damaged audio files automatically. It also offers a sound sampling tool to remove unwanted sound noises like cracks, rumbles, etc.

Spectral Analysis

The spectral analysis feature of the software allows viewing audio in frequency. It enables selecting unwanted audio part and removing it.

Essential Sounds

This feature allows adding effects to audio files and assigning categories like SFX, Ambience, Music, and Dialogue. You can add effects such as Podcast voice, Outside, Large room, and Distant.


In Adobe Audition, the audio tracks have lines running through them. With the Envelopes feature, the platform allows controlling the volume the ability of the pan and control over the EQ envelope.

Reasons for using Adobe Audition over other Digital Audio Workstation


With multiple DAWs on the market today, it becomes pretty difficult to choose which one will suit best for you. Users find Adobe Audition a great choice as 

  • it is easy to set up, 
  • when some quick adjustments are needed or 
  • Work is required for post-production or video.

Two-Track Setup: Adobe Audition can be configured to work in a two-track setup. It speeds up your workflow if you are working on a stereo audio file.

Fade Handles: The software handles processing fades better than other DAWs. It allows easy selecting of the part of the audio and reading the fade you need and works for both fade-ins and fade-outs. The platform also allows adjusting the curve of fade by simply moving the mouse up or down.

Batch Processing: Audition batch processing is quite impressive when it comes to removing hums from the video or making the same EQ adjustments to a bunch of files. You can edit the first file and apply the same effect to other files by saving it.

Favorites: Audition has various common tasks already in the system for both single audio files and batch processing. It also allows creating your own favorite integrated noise-removal plugins.

Work Compressed: The platform cuts the whole export and import process for working in MP3 format. It will open MP3 or another compressed format within the system, work on it and again save it in MP3 format seamlessly.

Adobe Audition Editor Alternatives

There are more than 50 alternatives to Adobe Audition, but some of the best ones are mentioned below:

FL Studio

YouTube video

FL Studio, formally known as FruityLoops, is a complete software Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). The software is best and more preferred by musicians allowing them to compose, record, arrange, and edit music.

It provides a huge array of native instruments and effects that can be added to any track. Compared to Adobe Audition, FL Studio is easier to use, but Adobe Audition is easier to set up and administer. 


YouTube video

Ableton is another alternative to Adobe Audition Editor. The platform’s interface has two working fields: sessions and arrangement, which can be easily accessed by using the tab button.

The software provides a unique feature which is the distortion of sound, such as the control of rhythm, pitch, and tempo.

One of the factors where Adobe Audio is better than Ableton is the usual destructive audio editing. Ableton needs improvement in this area; if you need to remove some parts of the audio file, you have to do it in an external editor.

Pro Tools


Pro Tools is a cross-platform app that allows audio editing for movies, music, games, and broadcasting. It has a Free version, which is called First.

The software has various virtual tools like Boom, a sequencing drum machine, Mini Grand, a simulated grand piano, and more. A few cons of the platform are that it lacks built-in pitch correction and it doesn’t support VST and AU plug-ins.

Final Thoughts

Adobe Audition is one of the most preferable and stunning all-in-one audio editor platforms. The article has talked about its features, pricing plans, users, and alternatives. You can check and compare the platform with its alternatives and find out which one is perfect for your needs.

You may also explore some best music production software for audio professionals.

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