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In AI and Design Last updated: September 19, 2023
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AI is changing the way we do things, and this applies to art as well.

As we progress with time, technological advancement keeps going higher, and as a result, our tasks become much more convenient and easier.

One byproduct of AI is art generators. Though it can also have its own downsides, in the bigger picture, it does more good than bad for ordinary people.

Dall-E software by OpenAI is an excellent example of that. It’s a revolutionary tool that helps you generate amazing-looking art within seconds. The only problem is that their new version, Dall-E 2, has a long waitlist to access the software.

Alternatively, you can use the software I will mention in this list. Before we get into it, let’s learn more about art generators.

What are Art Generators? ūüĖľÔłŹ

Who would have thought typing some descriptive words could instantly create the kind of art you’re looking for and in high quality? That’s exactly what art generators are.

It is software that can come up with digital designs using simple text prompts, and it’s super useful for anybody looking to get art generated without putting much effort.

For example, someone who couldn’t create art for their project can use these art generators and create stunning art pieces in a quick time by just typing a few words.

As mentioned above, Dall-E 2 is a phenomenal art generator and Google’s Imagen AI Tool

In the above example, you can see Imagen has been able to deliver the exact art that was described via the text prompts. It’s that easy and simple.

Now, since Dall-E 2 and Imagen aren’t fully available to the public as of now, take a look at this list of alternatives.


LimeWire­­ AI Studio represents a compre­hensive and advanced platform powe­red by artificial intelligence (AI). It allows content creators to effortle­ssly bring their work to life, publish it seamle­ssly, and monetize their artistic e­ndeavors.

Acting as an all-in-one solution for creators, the LimeWire­­ AI Studio platform e­nables direct interaction with fans and creates opportunities for reve­nue generation from their creative pursuits.

YouTube video

Artists now have the­ opportunity to securely and swiftly offer a dive­rse range of exclusive­ digital collectibles by harnessing the power of advanced blockchain technology like NFTs. This includes artwork, music, and videos. LimeWire­ introduces an innovative network where creators can effortle­ssly transform AI-generated image­s into NFTs using LimeWire LMWR crypto tokens while­ earning up to 90% of ad revenue.

Prominent figures such as Bhad Bhabie, Lauren Jauregui, and Cheat Codes have joined this platform.

AI Studio provides users with an effortless way to create top-notch content, even without prior experience. Its e­xceptional SDXL, DALL-E2, and SD 2.1 models simplify complex de­signs by offering simple text inputs that gene­rate images, music, or audio recordings within se­conds.

Moreover, Limewire­ assists creators in monetizing their work through free publishing options and the ability for membe­rs to charge subscription fees. This e­mpowers them to establish re­liable income streams base­d on viewership and engage­ment metrics secure­ly stored using blockchain technology.

Moreover, LimeWire ensure­s that creatives are duly compe­nsated for their long-term succe­ss by paying out 2.5% royalties based on the sale­ price when one of their pieces is sold or traded among subscribe­rs.

Using the latest blockchain and NFT technology, each exclusive pie­ce can become a valuable digital collectible­, granting users complete owne­rship rights over their purchases.

Limewire benefits both creators and fans. For cre­ators, it offers the opportunity to sell exclusive content and connect with their dedicated fan base. You can start using it free of cost without any step-up fees or one-time costs.


With a seamless interface and functionality, Starryai gives you full ownership of the art you generate with it. Upon typing a few simple descriptive texts, you’ll be given a bunch of digital art immediately created using their AI technology.


In fact, this software doesn’t even require you to provide a detailed description of your requirement. It has machine learning that’ll process images and suggest additional filters to best suit your wants.

You can use the art for NFTs, printing purposes, or for something as little as sharing on social media. Free users can generate up to 5 artworks daily without watermarks.

Avatar AI

Evidently, Avatar AI is to create a portrait by uploading a few samples and choosing from 90+ styles to get the job done.


What makes it special is its ability to extend the small picture into a 4k art piece with 120+ surroundings of your choice.

In addition, you can get an AI video of your avatar presenting the text you enter.

This works as a one-time payment for 120+ avatars, 4k AI avatars, and one AI photo. Another subscription adds one AI video to this package.

Interestingly, this starts with the photo upload, followed by choosing styles and immediate AI training subsequently, which makes it unable to offer any refund guarantees of any kind, as per the tool developer.


Simplified has many tools, but the one we will discuss here is its AI-powered text-to-image generator. You need to create a free account, followed by writing a few words to get the results.

The final render primarily depends on your ability to define the image. It can be descriptive, telling the AI about the expected output.

simplified: ai art generator

For instance, I got these portraits by entering “a painting of a man standing in a field at sunrise, a detailed painting, primitivism, anamorphic lens flare, matte painting, global illumination, green fields”.

It only took a few seconds for it to present these results, which I feel great about, considering the AI artwork has just taken off.

After creating, you can either download the image or share it with others.

The free tier gives you 10 credits to try this service. Subsequently, one needs to upgrade, which opens access to much more abilities, including more background removal credits, multiple brand kits, custom fonts, creating AI videos, etc.


Best known for its huge stock of royalty-free media, Shutterstock’s AI image generator isn’t far behind in the race.

I started with this prompt: a tree erupting like a volcano on a snowy mountain, and it came up with this:


What’s interesting is you can select any specific output, download it, or ask for more variations to get even more refined results.

In addition, it also features Zoom-out with every result to get more things in the frame. Every zoom-out gives a few more variations you can further refine to get what you want.

Overall, it’s free to try, with paid downloads.


Hypotenuse AI art generator has two modes for creating art from the text. Either you can be detailed by telling it the type, lighting, etc., or let it do its thing with just the description and the aspect ratio.

I tried it with the input “a kid walking on the beach at noon watching a surfer riding huge waves”, and it came up with some interesting designs.

hypotenuse: ai art generator

Though it wasn’t to the point and missed the theme quite significantly, still the depictions were eye-catching to my non-artist eye.

Hypotenuse has a free version as of this writing, but the renders have their watermark to ensure only paid users get anything useful.

The subscriptions are monthly and annual. Notably, Hypotenuse started as an AI writer, so the image-generation tool may see improvements in the future.


Craiyon is an entirely free tool you can use and get the output printed on a T-shirt and get it delivered to your doorstep.

However, its AI engine currently struggles with drawing realistic faces, and this was evident with a sample text (beach sunrise trees surfing) I entered:


So while everything was okay, Craiyon couldn’t do justice to the bodily shapes. However, Craiyon has promised a remedy to this issue in its FAQ section.

It doesn’t require registration to get started with this AI art creator.

And the best part of this tool is arguably the forever free version with no watermarked outputs.


ProfilePicture is an independent venture of a solopreneur from the Netherlands, Danny Postma. Interestingly, this one has no free plans but a one-time subscription to generate profile pictures from 170+ styles.


The plans allow you to have a limited number of AI-generated pictures in a specific size. After expiring the mentioned quota, one can buy additional styles.

It starts with you uploading samples for AI training to get the results in the chosen styles.

You can get a refund during the first 14 days, provided you haven’t already trained its AI engine.

Though one can be skeptical about paying AI to get some ‘flavored’ profile pictures, the testimonials are full of enticing samples and happy customers you can check before paying.


NightCafe is a tool that helps you become an AI artist with a few clicks, toggles, and a small description.

This is another premium tool that gives you trial credits to test the waters before jumping in.


It starts with choosing a creation mode–there are five currently.

Subsequently, it asks for text prompt(s).

Afterward, you can go with the basic or the advanced mode. Basic mode lets you output quickly by adding some relevant text, whereas Advanced mode is about greater control over the resolution, aspect ratio, sample image(s), runtime, etc.

You can also create videos with its Advanced mode, which makes this tool one of a kind.

Overall, the breadth of options NightCafe gives you in the advanced mode makes it an AI-art generator one shouldn’t miss trying.


One of the biggest AI-copywriting tools, Jasper, has launched its AI art generator, one of the simplest (yet productive) you can find.


This works with just a description that can be as detailed as you can make it. Still, Jasper Art also has an advanced mode to get desired results with options such as mood, style, keyword, etc.

Jasper comes with a stellar reputation and a 5-day no-questions-asked full refund policy. In addition, it has a 5-day credit card trial which can prove helpful before migrating to its paid subscriptions.


It takes a few seconds for WOMBO to generate digital art for you to print or use for NFT. You can start creating instantly by typing keyword(s), selecting the style, and optionally uploading a reference image.

Once it’s generated, you can purchase a high-quality print version. There are a lot of styles you can choose from, such as:

  • Realistic
  • Vibrant
  • Psychic
  • Fantasy Art
  • Mystical

There’s also an option to remix it with your existing NFTs to create something very cool. These features combined make WOMBO a great tool to utilize to generate art for any purpose.


A favorite for many people, Midjourney is almost scary because of how good it can be. It can generate absolutely mind-blowing results that you almost want to meet the creator and thank them personally for what they created. ūüėÉ

For example, look at this realistic and detailed art piece generated by Jim Clyde Monge.

For how good the software is, you’d be disappointed to know that it is currently in closed beta and can only be accessed with private invites. However, the good news is that you can apply for the beta program and wait for them to get back to you with the access invite. You might have to wait a while, but it’ll be worth it.

Latent Diffusion LAION-400M

Latent Diffusion LAION-400M by Hugging Face is a pretty straightforward art generator. No fancy design. You get just the tool to operate, which allows several customizations and gets the job done.

After typing in your text prompt, you can:

  • Adjust width
  • Adjust height
  • Select the number of images to generate
  • Slide the diversity scale to how different you want each image to look

After finalizing these customizations, you can hit submit to get the results generated per your selections.

Laionide V3

Another simple and to-the-point tool, Laionide V3, is the latest software release with improved performance and overall functionality. Most results are generated in under 2 minutes, which is quite decent for a tool that produces great results.

It lets you set a whole lot of customizations apart from the prompt, such as batch size, upsample temperature, and the number of variations. You can use this software as it is on their homepage, run it with API and even run it on your computer.

Out of all the good things this software has, you can be assured of regular updates to fix what’s needed with time.

Dall-E Flow

Built with the help of Jina, Dall-E Flow is the Human-in-the-loop (HITL) version of their art generator software. A tool that uses human interaction and machine learning for the results.

It can instantly generate HD images from the text you put into it and allows various customizations per your liking. And since it’s a product of OpenAI, it’s bound to be good.


There’s no denying that software like Dall-E and Imagen are very high-profile and packed with tons of great features, but the above alternatives get the job done and are just as good.

You can also explore some best pixel art makers to create the next masterpiece.

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