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Artificial Intelligence has seen a steep rise in various domains, such as art creation, automation, and more. One such use is evident in AI background generators.

These handy tools can remove the background of your picture and replace them with a new, stunning background that increases the overall appeal of that picture.

In this article, we have curated some of the best AI background generators to revolutionize your design process. Read on to find out how AI is changing the art creation industry.

How Is AI Changing Art Creation?

As we said already, Artificial Intelligence has been impacting the graphic design sector to a great extent. It has revolutionized the way designers create art.

With the help of AI, designers are easily automating tiresome complex tasks. This leaves them more free time to focus on other important aspects of art creation that actually need their time. Also, personalization becomes easier when AI is at play.

AI is capable of running a thorough analysis of the available data. This helps AI-backed tools generate designs that are aimed at specific audiences. Such personalization ensures maximum efficacy. Hence, the designs resonate more with the target audience.

Plus, this automation undoubtedly contributes to the streamlining of the design processes. Not only does it saves time and energy, but it also increases preciseness and overall consistency.

Another thing worth mentioning is that AI is helping designers come up with out-of-the-box designs that may not have been possible with the designers’ efforts. Now, with the constant development of Artificial Intelligence, designers will keep getting more powerful designing tools and reach newer heights.

What Is an AI Background Generator?

AI background generators help users replace their images’ ordinary, generic backgrounds with stunning, AI-generated backgrounds.

Such tools mainly function using the text descriptions users provide. But some tools also allow users to choose a template and proceed. AI background generators are just the opposite of a background remover which essentially removes the background of your photos by analyzing its characteristics.

Besides text descriptions, these tools let you define the styles, textures, lights, etc., to tailor-make the generated backgrounds to suit your specific needs. From high-quality e-commerce product images to profile pictures to video game backgrounds – AI background generators can create stunning backgrounds for various purposes in an instant.

Benefits of Using an AI Background Generator

Using an AI background generator comes with many amazing advantages. Here are some of them:

✅ AI background generators can upgrade your everyday photos to something extraordinary. They can generate cool backgrounds using Artificial Intelligence and replace your dull backgrounds with them to offer stunning results.

✅ Hiring professional graphic designers is a costly affair. But by using AI background generators, you can easily create eye-catching graphics yourself. From product photos to social media content to banners – you can design anything with the help of these tools. Even when the services are paid, they are still way less than what a graphic designer might charge.

✅ Human imagination has no limits. AI-backed background generators can help materialize those concepts to take your creativity to the next level.

Here are some of the finest AI-backed background generators capable of creating something extraordinary out of a dull, run-of-the-mill picture:


PhotoRoom is a useful tool for all your background generation needs. All you have to do is to clearly describe what you need (for example, a white wall with vividly colored graffiti), and the AI algorithm will provide you with an unlimited number of backgrounds that match your request. Remember that the more intricate your description is, the more intricate your background.

Besides basic descriptions, you can add extra things like color details, lighting, background style, and more to get more precise results. Based on your request, the tool will generate unique backgrounds in seconds.

Users can choose the backgrounds they like from the list and use them anywhere. Whether for creating aesthetic pictures or showcasing your products, PhotoRoom takes care of it all.

FYI, PhotoRoom uses stable diffusion to ensure the preciseness of the outputs. Therefore, you can be sure it will always leave no stone unturned to match your exact request.
Currently, PhotoRoom provides its services for free. So, you don’t have to spend even a penny to get your favorite AI backgrounds.


Using Fotor’s AI Background Generator, you can get top-notch, unique backgrounds without any hassle. No matter your purpose, simply describe your needs, and the tool will generate lots of amazing backgrounds based on your request.

Besides creating personalized background wallpapers, product background images for marketing purposes, etc., Fotor lets you create stunning Zoom backgrounds too. This lets you replace your generic, dull Zoom backgrounds with stylish AI backgrounds.

To make things more interesting, you can add your brand imagery and logo to make branded virtual backgrounds. Fotor also lets users select their desired styles and adjust ratios, lighting, details, etc., to tailor-make their backgrounds.

And the best part? Fotor doesn’t charge any money for creating AI backgrounds of your choice.


Picsart’s AI background generator is a great solution to background creation-related needs. Regardless of your vision, Picsart lets you bring that to life by empowering you to generate stunning AI backgrounds ideal for any purpose.

From casually editing pictures to giving professional touches to your artistic creation – Picsart can be your friend and guide.

Even if you struggle to develop ideas, you can skip the text description and select an artistic style from the list, and AI handles the rest. Plus, if you are striving to achieve a particular aesthetic, you can pick from various background styles like Sketch, Van Gogh, vintage, photography, and so on.

At present, Picsart creates two backgrounds using your request. However, they plan to upgrade the tool to generate more unique backgrounds.

At the time of publication, Picsart’s AI background generator was free for all, limiting how many backgrounds users could create in a day.


Hotpot can help users create amazing backgrounds for their photos with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Be it creating e-commerce product background images or game asset patterns, or fun edits – Hotpot is capable of achieving what you want.

Hotpot first extracts the subject of an image by neatly removing the background and ensuring the overall smoothness of the output. You can then use any AI-generated background to unleash your creative juices. Once satisfied with the outcome, you can download the results to use them in different projects.

For legal purposes, Hotpot stores cryptographic hashes of the graphics it generates. This empowers the tool to detect all the graphics it generates. Remember that Hotpot never stores the graphics themselves. So, there’s nothing to worry about.

Hotpot allows users to use their creations free of cost for non-commercial purposes, provided that they use the CC BY-NC license. For full resolution and commercial use, individuals can purchase credits on Pay Once, Pay Monthly, and Pay Yearly basis, starting at 12 USD, 10 USD/month, and 100 USD/year, respectively.


CreatorKit is an ideal choice for creating stunning, professional product photos out of ordinary images to boost sales. For increased convenience, CreatorKit comes with Shopify integration. Thus, you can generate product photos directly from your Shopify account and use them with CreatorKit’s handy video templates.

The tool utilizes a text-to-image diffusion model to deliver precise results using text prompts. Their diffusion model is mainly optimized for e-commerce, not artistic purposes. However, artists can still use its features for creating artwork if they do it right.

As of now, CreatorKit lets users generate an infinite number of e-commerce product photos, starting at just 0.99 USD/image used. You don’t have to pay for any of the generated images you don’t use.

Appy Pie Design

Using Appy Pie Design, you can create unique, AI-powered app background designs within minutes. The tool has a large collection of app background images. Users must select their preferred template and customize it to fit their needs.

Besides its collection, Appy Pie Design lets users use their own photos. They can change fonts, and font colors, edit texts, and more to design something attractive.

Appy Pie Design’s professional-looking backgrounds eliminate the need to hire a designer. Instead, you can be the helmsman and design amazing backgrounds yourself.

Appy Pie Design is a free tool. So, anyone willing to design a background can use it without spending any money.


No matter what you are trying to achieve – be it designing banners or creating e-commerce product photos, to making catalogs – Cutout.Pro can help you. With Cutout.Pro at your disposal, you can create stunning AI backgrounds for various purposes.

Cutout.Pro lets you alter the background of an image to display your creativity to the world. The tool utilizes background diffusion to give you the background of your choice by using text descriptions.

For your info, Cutout.Pro has a free forever plan that gives you five free credits. For more credits, users can opt for their paid subscription plans, starting at 5 USD (0.125 USD/credit), providing 40 credits/month.

Final Words

As you can see, plenty of AI background generators are available in the market that do what they claim to do. In our article, we listed the best AI background generators to revolutionize your design process.

These include both free and paid tools. Identify your needs and refer to our list for your ideal AI background generator tool. Best of luck with your future creations!

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