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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 9, 2023
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Bloggers and marketers can speed up their content-writing process with these AI-content generation tools.

Every company wants to present quality content to its readership that will answer the burning questions. However, with competitors producing hundreds of articles and blogs daily, it becomes impossible to keep up with them sometimes.

AI content generation tools can help you with this process by automating research and writing. Now, even while struggling with writer’s block, one can have the first draft ready for edits.

Read on to learn more about AI content generation, its pros and cons, and the best tools for your consideration.

AI in the Field of Content Development

Artificial Intelligence has promised us so many things for a long time, and in recent years, the world has started to experience its magic. Though it still has a long way to go, AI did make significant improvements using natural language processing, machine vision, neural networks, expert systems, and more.


Now, you can use AI tools to write an essay or blog for you or generate copies for email and social media that can convert. One can also utilize AI to recreate old images, remove or add video backgrounds, face and image recognition, and numerous other complex things.

In the future, you can expect AI to become more sophisticated and do things we cannot imagine now.

How AI Can Contribute to Text Content Generation

There are many text content generator solutions in the market. Their main objective is to produce content that sounds like human writing. The tools can generate various short-form and long-form content, such as:

  • Blogs and Articles: AI tools are most commonly used to write drafts for lengthy articles.
  • Social Media Posts: AI can also help you acreage attractive and engaging posts and captions for social accounts.
  • Marketing Email Copies: You can also let AI generate catchy email copies for marketing purposes to convert subscribers effectively. 
  • Quora Answers: Yes, AI can also help you successfully generate answers to Quora questions.
  • Ad Copies: Since ads play a crucial role in digital marketing, marketers often use AI to generate Facebook ad copies and promoted pins. 
  • Video Scripts: YouTube videos are a highly popular marketing tool of the present time. Instead of employing a person to write the scripts from scratch, using AI for the script writing is a better idea.

Advantages of AI Content Generation

  • The biggest benefit of writing content with AI tools is it makes the writing process highly efficient. It lets you quickly generate content. Also, when there is a need to produce more blog posts, AI helps with scalability.
  • Every human writer suffers from writer’s block at some point in their career. As these tools can generate the draft in minutes, you at least got something to work on. 
  • A writer is not an expert in all subjects. But an AI tool can create drafts on any topic with ease. Using it, you can write quality content on the subject you are moderately knowledgeable of. 
  • Compared to experienced and expert writers, these tools are cost-effective for companies.

Disadvantages of AI Content Generation

  • The biggest concern about AI-generated content is its quality. Since AI depends heavily on data analysis and algorithms, it can miss the tone you aim to achieve.
  • Plagiarism is another point people always worry about while using such platforms. Some tools scrape others’ content and create new ones by rephrasing them.
  • Though these tools analyze search engine results to understand what the readers want in content and write accordingly, there is always a chance of Google devaluating the AI-generated content.
  • AI tools often generate content that does not involve creativity and emotion. Such blogs and articles also lack nuances of local languages.

Here is a list of AI Writing Generators that generate long-form content once you add the topic as input.

Disclaimer: Writers and marketers should not depend on AI tools completely for content creation. Instead, it is better to use these apps in moderation during writer’s block or for a first draft generation. is an AI writer tool that helps you generate high-quality content in less time than usual by cutting the writing times by 80%.  With its help, bloggers must put less effort into producing better articles.

This app assists you in all stages of text content creation. You can enter the keyword, tone, and goal to get a detailed outline for your blog post.

Using that outline, generates a full-length and high-quality first draft in a few seconds. Then, you can edit and polish the draft to come up with the final copy of the blog.

YouTube video

Bloggers can use it for listicles, how-to blogs, meta descriptions, feature stories, thought leadership, blog ideas, and more. This platform also offers 90+ tools and templates that you can leverage to streamline your long-form blog writing. 

If you do not need help regarding the entire article but only one paragraph, it is also possible with this tool. The solution can read and write copy in 25 languages, including English, French, Chinese, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Do you want to generate 100% original and SEO-optimized content that is also of high quality? Try Jasper Boss Mode, a dedicated plan for bloggers and content marketers that allows you to enjoy the full power of AI writing to create full-length content with flexibility and control.

Whether you want to write blogs, stories, and social media posts, you can accelerate the content pipeline and create 100% plagiarism-free original content that ranks on Google SERP

YouTube video

Users can incorporate 50+ copywriting skills of this platform, like blog introductions and storytellers, in one document to create the perfect blog post in minutes.

Jasper supports integration with SurferSEO to optimize the content. Staying organized while managing multiple clients and project is also a seamless process with this application. 

It can also write creative copies in 25+ languages and dialects, including English, English (UK), French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, and Russian. 


Your search for the perfect AI writer ends with HIX.AI, the most powerful all-in-one AI writing copilot. With just a few inputs, HIX.AI’s AI content generator, AI Writer, can generate virtually ANY type of content within seconds.

A screen shot of a website featuring an AI content generator.

The AI Writer offers 120+ AI writing tools to help you instantly create blog posts, ad copies, emails, social media posts, and more. It can also rewrite, expand or summarize existing content at the click of a button. All this power is packed into one dynamic platform.

HIX.AI’s AI Writer has everything you need to produce high-quality, effective content:

  • It can write or translate into over 50 languages.
  • It optimizes content with keywords to drive higher traffic.
  • It ensures plagiarism-free outputs to help you avoid Google penalties.
  • It is powered by ChatGPT 3.5/4, some of the most advanced AI models to provide the highest quality output.
  • It draws up-to-date information to generate factually accurate content.
  • It offers 7 different tones of voice to adapt to your desired writing style, from formal to casual.
  • It can make your writing relevant and resonate with your target audience.

All in all, if you’re seeking an AI content generator that has all the features you need to simplify and boost your content creation, look no further than HIX.AI.


Scalenut is a robust AI-powered tool that you can use to write blogs and other text content. Using its strong editor, you can make it generate long-form content in minutes. Also, you can get images and real-time quality grading for the write-ups.

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One can add the content brief and automate the NLP key terms using its Cruise Mode. Thus, you can get hold of your content in a few minutes. What’s more, this tool can also generate eBooks, emails, and engaging social media copies for your brand or products.

Use this application if you are a writer, content strategist, marketing manager, or entrepreneur. In addition, this tool performs extensive research to produce quality content that you can use as the first draft.


Those looking for an AI-powered personal writing assistant can depend on HyperWrite without any worries. No matter where you write, this solution can offer suggestions and complete sentences to improve your writing significantly.

For text content generation using Artificial Intelligence, this tool offers two features: AutoWrite and TypeAhead. To use the first feature, you need to add your topic, and the tool will generate plagiarism-free original content in a blink. 

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On the other hand, the TypeAhead option will continuously suggest options for how you can complete your sentences. As you type on this tool, it will keep showing your suggestions. You can add the whole suggestions or add word by word from the suggested clause. 

It also allows users to toggle between multiple suggestions. Moreover, one can bleat their writer’s block with its Chrome extension.


Hundreds of bloggers, writers, and marketers rely on Writesonic to generate blogs and articles of 1500+ words. This AI tool can write different long-form content such as articles, sales emails, ebooks, and more on the fly.

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While the AI writer can immediately draft 100% original blog posts, its Sonic Editor writing assistant can refine and enhance the writing to level up.

The working method of the solution is simple. Enter the topic, choose the language (currently supports 25 languages), and select the quality to get the results in minutes.

Writesonic supports all niches and industries, so you can use it to create content on any topic of your choice. You can use it to generate content for landing pages, meta tags, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads. This application is highly beneficial for new writers as it guides them to create a perfect draft for blogs.


Do you know you can increase your writing speed 10x faster with INK? That’s right! This AI tool can help you write long-form text content like blogs and essays so effortlessly that you would not want to discontinue using it.

Using this application, you can generate as many high-quality articles as you want. It is suitable for generating blogs that can rank on Google and social media copies that drive user engagement.

YouTube video

Currently, it is the only tool that uses Natural Language Optimization (NLO) and Natural Language Generation (NLG). This platform even has more than 130 templates of AI tools, all accessible from its web app for sales, social media, marketing, and others.

Apart from these, you can integrate this platform with WordPress using a plugin that saves time and makes content publishing convenient. Currently, INK only supports English, but you can expect to be compatible with other major languages in near future.

AI Writer

Are you unable to spend hours generating a good blog as you got bigger headaches to deal with? AI Writer can write relevant and accurate content for you from just a headline at a fast speed by using the most sophisticated AI writing models to generate articles.

Now, you do not have to draft articles from scratch anymore, as it helps you kickstart your content creation efforts. This platform can generate complete articles on any topic. Thus, it also contributes to your profit margin by reducing your content cost.


AI-Writer understands the importance of accuracy and verifiable sources. Hence, it shares a list of manually-verifiable citations and sources.

With this auditable trail of sources, you can develop better relationships with the readers and clients, not to mention the higher chance of getting more projects from them. 

This tool generates content keeping SEO in mind. Therefore, those articles can drive you more traffic and revenue. Moreover, you can use this platform to summarize the content sources so that you can edit the draft with proper knowledge of what others have covered.

Article Forge

Article Forge is a perfect tool for one-click quality content generation. It uses powerful AI and deep learning to simultaneously write long-form articles and blogs that are unique and optimized for SEO.

This tool claims to be the first fully automatic AI article writer to write an entire blog post with the same quality that a human might have produced.

Since it can automatically research, plan, and write long-form content, you can say goodbye to the expensive and time-consuming process of content creation.

YouTube video

All you have to do is to enter the keyword, content length, and other customizable options. The tool can write on an array of topics, including marketing, local, finance, health, and entertainment. 

If you need to generate SEO-optimized articles, Article Forge can help you with that too. In fact, it uses a similar category of deep learning models that Google uses for content evaluation. Hence, the content it generates is more likely to get preference in the Google SERP.

Final Words

As a blogger, writing in high volume while retaining the quality throughout is often challenging. But AI-content generation tools help you write blog posts quickly by generating the outline and the first draft on any topic.

Then, you can make necessary changes to the content to increase its quality and make it sound more natural. The applications listed in this article are some of the best ones available in the market currently.

You can also take help from different content outline generators and paraphrasing tools for quicker research and content writing.

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