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11 AI Cover Letter Generators to Simplify Your Job Application Process

AI Cover Letter Generators to Simplify Your Job Application Process
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Are you going through a process of a job hunt, seeking new job opportunities, but wondering how to make yourself and your profile stand out as the best? 

Besides your skills, resumes and cover letters play a huge role in getting a call back from the hiring team, as it acts as the first impression and opens the door to get you closer to securing your dream job.  

Statistics suggest that 49% of hiring managers believe that a strong cover letter convinces them to interview an otherwise weak applicant, and 33% of them believe that a good and impressive cover letter can elevate a weak applicant and impact a strong applicant if, in case they submit bad cover letters. 

So with the stress of getting hired, how can you build a strong cover letter to help you bag that interview? 

This is where AI cover letter generators come into play to relieve stress and deliver cover letters that match the recruiter’s expectations. 

In this article, we’ll learn more about an AI cover letter and look at some of the best AI cover letter tools you can use to jumpstart your career. 

What is an AI Cover Letter Generator? 


AI cover letter generator uses Artificial Intelligence based algorithms to create personalized, customized, and compelling automatically to make job seekers’ jobs easier. 

When you provide your details to the tool, like relevant skills, experience, the job title, the organization’s name, and qualifications, AI cover letter generators generate cover letters tailored to the specific job application for which you wish to apply. 

This process significantly reduces the time to write impressive cover letters, especially when applying for multiple job roles. 

Thus, AI cover letter generators are highly time-efficient and powerful tools that automate the process of creating professional and personalized cover letters. 

If this sounds enticing, here is the list of the top AI cover letter generators to choose from in the pool of options available.


YouTube video

CoverDoc.AI is an AI-powered video generator that helps speed up the process of creating personalized cover letters 10x faster. 

It generates cover letters in clear and concise writing with fewer grammatical mistakes and takes into consideration insights into the company. In turn, this helps you, as a job seeker, spend more time preparing for the interview or honing your skills, and stress less about writing a compelling cover letter. 

All you need to do to generate cover letters through this tool is: 

  • Enter the basic job details, like the company name, job title, and description, along with your preferred writing style and a link to your LinkedIn profile. 
  • Once you enter these details, CoverDoc.AI will do its magic and send a personalized cover letter directly to your email inbox. 
  • As a final step, you can edit the cover letter draft and polish it per your unique requirements. 

And that’s all; with minimal effort, you will have your cover letter prepared in no time. Moreover, this tool will save you time researching the company insights, like their financial performance or target products, as it automatically captures this data. 


YouTube video

Rezi is one of the most professional and powerful AI cover letter tools, with over 315k+ users and offering job applicants a 62% success rate. 

It provides a repository of 255 ready-made cover letter samples allowing job seekers to start the process of creating cover letters. 

Here’s how Rezi works to generate tailored and customized cover letters: 

  • It encourages you first to generate a resume targeted for your job description, making it easier for the tool to reference your resume experiences and how they fit best for the job role when generating cover letters. 
  • Then, it encourages you to enter the company details and specific highlights, like skills and position highlights. 
  • Post entering these details when you click on ‘AI Writer Ready,’ Rezi will generate a tailored cover letter in seconds. 

Hence, Rezi is an excellent tool if you’re looking for a cover letter generator offering cover letter templates to make it easier to design cover letters that match the recruiter’s requirements. 



ResumAI is another powerful and effortless AI cover letter generator that offers over 350 real-life free and premium resume templates allowing you to customize resumes and cover letters per your needs. 

It requires you to provide your existing resume as a starting point and enter your personal and job-specific details and information. This helps the tool highlight your key skills, qualifications, and experiences matching the job role you’re seeking. 

Once you input these details, including your work experience and educational background, ResumAI generates multiple versions of your cover letter in one click, highlighting points that fit best with the desired job position. 

Thus, ResumAI is a sleek, intuitive, and user-friendly cover letter generator that makes creating custom cover letters hassle-free.

Cover Letter


Cover Letter helps generate unique and job-specific cover letters effortlessly. 

This AI cover letter tool is unique from other tools mentioned in the list. It searches around 188 billion data points to retrieve relevant information for a specific job title, such as expected and highly valued skills and accomplishments for a particular company. 

Thus, after entering your job title and job description, it generates impressive cover letters that make you stand out from other applications. 

However, it’s important to note that, unlike many other AI cover letter generators, this tool doesn’t consider your resume, skills, or past experience to generate personalized cover letters.


YouTube video

Kickresume is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 model that uses Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to produce natural human-like cover letters. 

If you struggle with writing or are experiencing writer’s block, Kickresume tool is perfect for creating a first draft of your cover letter in a single click. 

All you must do is simply provide the job title you wish to apply to and click on ‘Use AI Writer’ to generate a unique cover letter. Moreover, it also provides 35+ customizable and ATS-friendly cover letter templates designed by a professional team of experts. 

Besides generating cover letters, Kickresume also helps you generate resumes, build websites, check and compare resumes against its successful resumes database, and proofread your resumes or cover letters to eliminate silly grammatical errors. 

You can also use this tool on your Android and iOS mobile devices to generate cover letters on the go. 

Cover Letter AI


Cover Letter AI is the ultimate tool for creating professional and personalized cover letters in any language you want. 

You need to upload your CV and convert it into text or enter your CV text and the initial information, including the writing style, job description, company name, and skills to focus on. 

Once you enter this information, you can generate multiple versions of your cover letter and keep reiterating the output until you’re satisfied with the final result. 

The best part about Cover Letter AI is that it ensures the utmost data privacy and doesn’t store any information you provide on its servers, including your or the company’s names.



LazyApply is a free AI-based cover letter generator that helps you easily create convincing cover letters. 

It allows you to choose from 20+ tones, including humble, convincing, appreciative, formal, thoughtful, and inspirational, to help you generate cover letters that best suit your tone. 

In addition, it requires personal details like your name and job-specific details, such as the job title, company name, and the recruiter’s name to whom you want to send the cover letter. All these parameters are mandatory. 

It also consists of a few non-mandatory or optional parameters, including your skills, job location, and the type of role, such as full-time, part-time, or internship. 

Moreover, LazyApply also offers free cover letter templates based on a specific organization or job role, such as an Amazon cover letter, Front End Developer Cover Letter, and Product Manager Cover Letter, etc.

So, no matter which company you wish to apply to or for which job position, LazyApply is the best and easy-to-use AI cover letter generator you can try when applying for a position.



Postlander is an AI cover letter generator that uses ChatGPT technology to help generate personalized cover letters in seconds. 

Once you enter the job description, upload your resume, or connect your LinkedIn profile to Postlander, it will automatically generate personalized cover letters, 100% specific to your job post and resume skills. 

It claims to score a 94% human-generated content score on AI detector tools, offering super-personalized, custom, and unique-to-you cover letters. 

You can use these AI-generated cover letters for various job positions, including full-time jobs, side hustles, part-time work, internships, and freelance work. 

Besides the AI Cover Letter Generator, Postlander offers other crucial job application-specific tools, like Application Tracking Systems (ATS), Resume Optimization, and Interview Practice, your one-stop solution for all things required for efficient job application preparation.



YourCoverLetter is another credible AI cover letter generator that offers an easy and quick solution to generate cover letters in seconds. 

This tool is completely free and can get you hired by some of the top global companies, such as Google, Amazon, PnG, and Uber. 

Here are the steps it takes to generate personalized and professional cover letters using this tool: 

  • First, you must upload your resume in PDF and provide basic job details. 
  • Then, the YourCoverLetter AI generator analyzes your resume using AI to extract key insights and information. You can also add additional context about your experience here, such as your top skills, passion, and employment history. 
  • The next step is to provide your job details, including the job description, the organization’s name, and more. It can also include the company’s logo you’re applying for if you provide the correct link, making your cover letter more appealing and unique than others. 
  • After entering all this information, finally, the tool generates personalized cover letters, highlighting your strengths and skills that make you a better-suited candidate for the job position. 

You can edit the final cover letter result or export it as PDF.



Careered allows you to create a cover letter in seconds, free of cost. 

You simply need to provide two primary things or requirements: your resume and the job listing. Yes, you can paste the entire job listing and a copy of your resume, and Careered will produce a cover letter for you. 

While it’s free to use, Careered is not as advanced as other AI cover letter generators, as it doesn’t consider the tone of voice or offer templates, making the cover letters less personalized than other tools.

CoverPro AI


CoverPro AI is a Chrome browser extension that analyzes your resume and the job listing to generate a professional, tailored, and job-specific cover letter for any job posting on the internet. 

Here’s how to use this Chrome extension: 

  • First, upload your resume to the tool. 
  • Navigate to the desired job listing online or on any job listing platform. 
  • Click the button on the Chrome extension. 
  • It’ll generate a customized cover letter you can copy to the clipboard or download as a PDF. 

Hence, CoverPro AI is a great free tool for generating cover letters using AI and eliminating the process of manually writing and brainstorming to create a cover letter when you could otherwise spend that time preparing for the actual job interview.


Professional cover letters are still relevant in 2023. They are one of the most crucial aspects of a job application that can provide a competitive edge to an application and increase the chances of getting selected. 

So, if you’re hunting for a job or looking to switch to another company of your dreams, the AI cover letter generators mentioned in this article can help accelerate the process or create personalized and unique cover letters to help you bag that job. 

So, check out the AI cover letter tool’s features and choose a user-friendly, secure, advanced, and credible cover letter generator that best matches your requirements. Good luck!

Next, you may also explore how to write a compelling cover letter.

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