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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most popular and fastest-growing data-driven technology that’s changing the world in more ways than we can ever imagine. 

AI impacts several business sectors and professionals, from government agencies and corporate organizations to small businesses. From Alexa and Siri to self-driving vehicles, AI has introduced several innovative solutions. 

And with this accelerating adoption of AI, its market size is expected to reach a whopping $1.5 trillion between 2022 and 2030, making the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) 38.1%. 

Among other industries, one of the most popular industries that AI is transforming is the digital marketing industry. When it comes to these industries, graphic and website design is one of the most critical parts of marketing and advertising. 

However, these marketing aspects take a lot of time and are highly resource-intensive, increasing the marketing costs. 

Fortunately, AI solutions and tools help businesses optimize their processes, automate tasks for faster results, and hit targets earlier than anticipated. In addition, by learning how to design and perform creative graphics, AI makes the life of designers much easier. 

So, whether you’re a design head of your company or an amateur UI/UX designer looking to step into this industry, this article is for you. Today we discuss what AI design tools are, their importance, and the different tools you can try to create professional-looking designs and transform your creative workflow. 

What is an AI Design Tool?

An AI design tool is a platform or an application that uses AI capabilities to assist designers in creating, improving, optimizing, and testing their designs. 

AI systems perform laborious tasks, allowing humans to focus on crucial and creative tasks. For example, in the design industry, AI optimizes and automates processes, analyzes customer preferences, and enhances creative assets. 

AI design tools are trained to automate and determine the visual assets required for the design process and also assist design process aspects, like: 

  • Predicting design outcomes
  • Generating design options
  • Improving the design’s effectiveness and efficiency

Some design tools also leverage Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to analyze user feedback and data, continuously improving the design processes that better cater to the user’s needs and requirements. 

Here are the top features of a good AI design tool: 

  • An intuitive interface with seamless navigation and a lower learning curve. 
  • The ability to handle and support ideation to produce original designs. 
  • Provide user-friendly design assets that help maintain brand professionalism and consistency.
  • Optimized and responsive for both desktop and mobile devices. 

Thus, AI design tools come in very handy for marketers and designers, allowing them to work efficiently, explore more design options, and create much better and more creative designs. 

What are the Benefits of an AI Design Tool for Designers?

There are several reasons why companies and agencies should use AI design tools for their design processes. Here are the AI design tool’s top benefits: 

  • Minimizes manual work: According to a recent statistic, the time required for a web design process of a landing page alone ranges between 15-80 hours. AI design tools automate this process by refining operations and generating design ideas, eliminating redundant manual tasks, and easing the designer’s workload. 
  • Provides critical data insights: AI design tools can easily analyze data from several sources, including user preferences, feedback, product testing, usability metrics, best-converting designs, and the latest market trends to optimize the design process. These valuable insights help designers make informed decisions about improving user engagement to meet their needs and expectations better. 
  • Generates multiple designs automatically: Generating multiple creative design ideas is one of the most prominent challenges designers and marketers face today. AI design tools help auto-generate multiple unique and alternative designs based on your preferences without compromising brand integrity. 
  • Enhances accuracy: AI design tools boost the design’s accuracy by using algorithms that accurately analyze and predict the desired outcomes. This accuracy helps organizations and designers reduce the risk of errors and design failure, prevent expensive mistakes, meet project deadlines, and improve design quality. 
  • Cost-efficient: Since AI design tools minimize manual work, the need for human resources, and the chances of design mistakes and failures, they prove to be a cost-efficient solution by allowing companies to save labor costs. 

Thus, AI design tools boost the designer’s and organization’s efficiency, creativity, and productivity to a great extent. 

Now, let’s look at some of the top AI design tools you can leverage from the market.

Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer is an intuitive AI design tool that helps generate unique and unique designs per your input and instructions. 

You must follow simple steps to generate designs that meet your brand’s image through Microsoft Designer. 

  • Enter a small primary description or an idea about the design you want the tool to generate. 
  • Describe the design’s unique description per your specific requirement, including the character, color, background, and elements you expect from the final output. 
  • Edit the AI-generated design by adding or removing elements, like text, styles, and visuals, through the tool’s drag-and-drop editor interface.

Moreover, Microsoft Designer offers motion graphics to make your designs more engaging and choose from a stock of 100 million high-quality images and videos. In addition, you can directly share the designs to your social platform through the tool’s quick share feature. 


Canva Magic Design is a free and customizable AI design tool that lets you leverage refined templates, making it easier to visualize your designs and generate desired outputs. 

This tool allows you to convert your images or text into beautiful personalized designs in seconds. 

Here are a few magical features of this AI design tool: 

  • Upload your own image or media and choose from the generated templates to edit the design per your specific needs. 
  • It ensures secure image auto-generation. 
  • Provides thousands of free customized templates. 
  • Enables real-time collaboration, making it easier for every member of your design team to be on the same page. 
  • You can generate device-friendly designs for mobile phones to desktops. 

Canva Magic Design is suitable for both your personal and professional use, whether you want to create a creative poster, social media banner, infographic, customized greeting card, or professional business presentation. 

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is from the creative, generative AI models family of Adobe Products that lets you create an imaginative, extraordinary, and infinite range of designs and creations. 

Here’s how Adobe Firefly can help reduce your design efforts: 

  • Includes context-aware image generation to enable experimentation and quickly choose from unlimited creative options. 
  • Leverage instant creative building blocks like vectors, illustrations, textures, and brushes to create customized designs. 
  • Create distinctive content with ready-to-create banners, posters, or social media posts with a single text prompt. 
  • Leverage simplified and text-based video editing to set the settings per your unique preferences. 

Adobe Firefly’s next goal is to incorporate 3D modeling and turn 3D compositions into realistic images and designs with innovative styles and variations. 


Looka is a powerful AI design tool perfect for creating your brand logos and other designs. Without prior design skills, you can create and tweak the generated designs with the tool’s Logo Maker. 

Looka’s ‘Brand Kit’ tool acts as a one-stop shop to create branded content designs for different platforms and purposes, matching your brand color, style, and font. 

Furthermore, you can choose from over 300 templates to choose one that best meets your brand identity and requirements. You can use these templates to customize your brand’s business cards, email signatures, and social profile designs. 

So, if you want to automate and accelerate your consistent brand and social media campaign, Looka is the right AI design tool for you. 

Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects is a software you can download on your desktop or mobile device to edit images creatively and easily using Artificial Intelligence. 

This tool is primarily designed for image processing rather than generating new images or designs for your marketing campaigns. 

Here are the things that the tool does: 

  • Intelligent scaling of the images with 4x magnification using AI
  • Automatically color grayscale and black-and-white images to bring them to life.
  • Ensures data security, as it generates and processes all the images locally. 

You can install this tool on both Windows and Mac devices.

If you’re looking for an AI design tool that helps you create, edit, and scale content and designs at scale, is an ideal integrated agency-as-a-service platform. 

The tool’s AI logo maker helps you generate unique brand logos and choose from over 10,000+ icons. You can easily use your brand’s style and designs across all the business projects and export them in PDF, JPEG, PNG, and SVG. 

Moreover, the tool offers a robust design wizard that you can use for your marketing campaigns. 

You just need to input the text per the desired output, select from 20,000+ dynamic design templates, and auto-generate thousands of variations of your design in seconds. also offers text-to-video and text-to-speech converter technology. In addition, it provides free assistive tools, like color matcher, graphic maker, font paired, and calendar, to help generate stunning and customized designs. 

It’s a faster and more intuitive AI design tool with a vast content library and cloud storage. It is ideal for influencers, startups, small businesses, agencies, educators, NGOs, and government agencies. 


Uizard AI design tool is a robust AI tool for UI design that helps you:

  • Transform screenshots into designs. 
  • Generate UI designs with the simple text through Uizard Scanner. 
  • Convert hand-drawn sketches into wireframes. 

This tool facilitates collaboration, allowing you to share and work with team members in real-time. With Uizard’s pre-made design templates, editable designs, and drag-and-drop components, you can unleash your creativity and edit designs that best meet your brand needs. 

Galileo AI

Whether you want to turn simple text descriptions into outstanding designs or build and launch web applications without any coding knowledge, the Galileo AI design tool is your choice. 

It is trained on thousands of designs, enabling it to generate high-fidelity designs from natural language prompts at lightning speed. 

Galileo AI uses Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to automate the application development process, from creating design layouts to writing the development code. Thus, it’s ideal for web designers and developers who wish to create high-quality and dynamic websites without knowing any coding skills.

If you want an AI design tool that streamlines your process of creating presentations, is the top choice. It comes with smart slide templates to help you create impressive and beautiful presentations in no time. 

You can easily add content, like text or images, to the slides, and they adapt automatically in a creative format, making your job easier. 

Thus, you can leverage Beautiful instead of wasting time creating long that generates engaging decks, pitches, and reports, allowing you to work on other priorities and boosting your team’s efficiency. 


If you love playing and experimenting with different color palettes to create beautiful and unique designs, you must try the Khroma AI design tool. 

Khroma uses Artificial Intelligence to learn your color preferences and generate limitless color palettes that you can use, search, and save for your design inspiration. In addition, it produces excellent palette combos with different gradients, typography, and custom images, learning from thousands of human-made palettes. 

It also offers a search feature that allows you to search and filter the design by hue, tint, value, color, hex, and RCB values. 


Fotor AI Illustration Generator allows you to generate professional and unique graphic assets and digital products, including ads, logos, backgrounds, AI avatars, anime characters, and 3D portraits. 

Without technical knowledge or design skills, you can generate creative background designs by simply entering a text description in as many details as needed. 

Once you enter the text or prompts in the generating box, you can adjust the default settings, choose the design style, like anime, photography, or oil painting, and adjust parameters, like light effects, details, and ratios, from the left toolbox. 

After entering the text description and setting the settings, click on Generate, and Fotor AI design will generate rich designs in no time.


Taking AI art to a whole new level, NVIDIA Canvas is where you can create photorealistic landscapes with casual brushstrokes.

The app dashboard has ample choice for real-world materials you can select and get going. Afterward, you have pre-set templates to play with for the perfect choice of lighting and overall feel.

NVIDIA also supports 360-degree panoramic landscapes you can draw and export into any 3D applications, such as NVIDIA Omniverse USD Composer, Blender, etc.

Besides, these exports are compatible with Adobe Photoshop. So you can easily carry over and give it that necessary personal touch.

And yeah, it’s free to use, provided you have NVIDIA RTX GPU with at least 4 gigs of memory.


Businesses and creative agencies spend a lot of time creating unique and brand-oriented designs that also cost them a truckload of money. 

Revolutionizing several industries, Artificial Intelligence is also changing the design industry by automating and streamlining processes and improving designers’ efficiency. 

Using AI design tools, graphic and web designers can produce creative and customized designs for multiple platforms without compromising the quality or brand message, allowing them to focus on other priority tasks. 

So, whether you’re a graphic designer, a UI/UX designer, an illustrator, or a web designer, try and use the Ai design tools mentioned above to make your design process much faster and more efficient.

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