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Artificial Intelligence has become a big part of our lives in recent years. It doesn’t matter whether we are aware of it or not; we are all using AI in our day-to-day lives.

From smartphones to social media to the banking sector – AI is everywhere. Now as it keeps on upgrading, humans are capable of achieving new heights.

One such application of AI is the creation of professional-looking headshots without going to an actual studio.

Yes, with the help of AI headshot generators, individuals can now get high-quality close-up photos without standing in front of a camera or hiring a professional photographer.

These tools are ideal for anyone – from employers to businesspersons to jobseekers – to generate splendid headshots that they can use anywhere they like. And the best part is that most of these tools are so easy to use that they don’t demand any prior technical knowledge.

At present, there are plenty of AI-powered headshot generators, but many of these don’t really produce the desired headshots. That’s why we will name some of the finest AI headshot generators for professional photos below.

Here’s a summary of the AI Headshot generators we will be discussing in this article.

Product Name Description Links
Aragon Transform ordinary photos into stunning headshots in 30 minutes. Explore AI generates high-quality headshots, customizable styles, quick results (30-45 minutes). Explore
AirBrush Professional AI headshots retaining facial features, affordable starting at $4.99. Explore
Profile Bakery 👨‍🍳  Competitive pricing, freebies, diverse styles, privacy-conscious (image deletion after 30 days). Explore Human-reviewed AI headshots, natural resemblance, 72-hour turnaround, secure payment. Explore
Dreamwave Natural AI headshots, quick results (less than an hour), unlimited styles, affordable ($39 for 120 headshots). Explore
BetterPic Turn casual photos into studio-like professional headshots, cost-effective (10x less than traditional shoots). Explore
HeadshotPro AI creates exquisite headshots, team collaboration, diverse customization, full ownership, affordable plans. Explore
StudioShot Virtual high-quality headshots, diverse styles, infinite touch ups, suitable for team profiles. Explore
Try it on AI Studio-quality headshots, diverse portrait styles, reasonable pricing (100 AI headshots for $17). Explore
Headshots by AI Photorealistic headshots, privacy-focused (auto-deletion of photos), thorough AI analysis. Explore
PFPMaker Corporate profile picture generator, fast results (within an hour), top-quality portraits. Explore
Secta AI Professional headshots from selfies, private gallery, money-back guarantee (full refund available). Explore

Read on to find out more about the above tools in detail.


Aragon is an effective solution to all your headshot-related needs. This handy tool helps users turn their ordinary photographs into stunning headshots without any hassle. The tool does the retouching process in thirty minutes. Aragon needs twelve of your photos to train its AI algorithm about your looks.

Once learned, the algorithm will then create top-quality headshots utilizing its knowledge of your facial features. It is a well-known fact that most recruiters tend to reject candidates due to their poor-quality LinkedIn profile picture.

While it is unfortunate, such occurrences tell us one thing: first impressions matter, especially in the corporate world. Aragon makes sure that no recruiter ever rejects your application based on how you look in your photo.

Also, Aragon is a secure site, utilizing AES256 encryption and hosting its databases in the United States with SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified providers. The company pledges not to sell your data to anyone. So, your data is safe with Aragon.

Read more about this tool in our detailed review of Aragon AI.

Try Aragon specializes in returning the highest quality and most realistic AI headshots for their users. Designed to be an actual replacement for professional business & corporate headshots, it’s the perfect solution for entrepreneurs and companies looking to enhance their professional image.

Their proprietary technology analyzes facial features, customizes lighting, and performs face corrections to create an extremely accurate model of your face, which allows their software to generate professional headshots that look like actual photos and can be used in various professional contexts.

In addition, they have AI background removal technology, which allows you to put your headshots on any background you choose. This is great for companies & teams looking to have a consistent look across all their headshots.

The headshots are ready in 30-45 minutes, and users only need 5-10 casual photos to get started. 

Users have full ownership of all the headshots generated and are free to use them anywhere they choose on professional documents or social media.

Their service is quick & accurate, which makes it an attractive option for those looking to upgrade their professional image without spending a lot of time or hassle. ProPhotos is also extremely affordable, with their base package starting at only $25.



Airbrush AI Headshot is a professional photo service that uses AI technology to generate high-quality headshots. Developed by AirBrush, which has over seven years of experience in the portrait editing industry and a user base of over 10 million, it offers a trusted and reliable solution.

It emphasizes timeliness, affordability, and convenience. Airbrush AI Headshot uses a custom AI algorithm to generate professional photos that fully retain the user’s facial features and details, with the pricing starting at only $4.99. Compared to traditional photography studios, it saves users both money and time on commuting, makeup, and photo editing.

With a variety of clothing and background options to choose from, you can easily create the perfect look.

Overall, Airbrush AI Headshot is an efficient solution for anyone looking to generate professional headshots quickly and easily. Its affordability and customization options make it a unique and competitive option in the market.

Try AirBrush

Profile Bakery 👨‍🍳 

Profile Bakery offers AI-powered service with the best prices and value we could find. Here are the key features that set them apart:

  1. 50 Images for 20$: Profile Bakery’s pricing is notably competitive, starting at $20 for a package that includes 30 high-quality headshots. They give you another +30 Images Extra if you book until the end of 2023, which beats all other offers.
  2. No Registration Necessary: You don’t need to create an account and get spammy Newsletters.
  3. Freebies worth +20 USD: Even the basic package offers freebies like Design CV templates, job Kanban boards, and a notice of termination template, with more added every month.
  4. More Styles: In the Basic Package, you not only receive numerous styles but also have the option to add extra background changes during the booking process.
  5. Happiness Guarantee: This means that if you’re not happy with the result, they’ll redo it for free.

They say that the turnaround is about 4 hours. So no time to waste.

Concerned about privacy? No worries! They generate headshots and then stick to strict privacy rules, deleting your training images and data after 30 days. Profile Bakery is your go-to solution for job success. It’s even recognized by VOX Media and is proudly Swiss-made.

Try Profile Bakery is one of the few sites where actual digital artists examine every photo after the AI process is complete. This prevents odd photos with odd elements in them.  One of the digital artists is an award-winning artist, and another has worked on digital photos of models for cosmetic companies, both with years of experience. The company promises a 72-hour turnaround time for delivery of your headshots.

The headshots that creates resemble the face in the source image as much as possible. So, the outputs look natural. Plus, the tool protects your privacy too. All photos are deleted on company servers 30 days after you receive your photo link. has recently re-launched the feature to allow faster uploads of your photos via phone or laptop. The cost is USD 24 for the intro package. A secure payment system is available to customers from around the world.

A 20% discount offered to groups or companies that want 5 or more persons’ headshots and custom backgrounds can be accommodated. Contact the sales dept for group orders via the email ID given on the site.



Dreamwave is a next-generation AI headshot generator developed by AI experts from MIT and Google Brain. Dreamwave’s team of MIT and Google engineers created proprietary AI tech that creates natural-looking AI headshots without the typical AI look. Dreamwave’s photos don’t look fake, overly airbrushed, glowing, stiff, or like a cartoon. Over 3 million AI headshots have been created for happy customers.

Dreamwave’s world-class features include:

  • Proprietary tech that creates natural-looking AI headshots without the typical AI look
  • Photos that don’t look fake, overly airbrushed, glowing, stiff, or like a cartoon
  • Only 5-8 sample photos required
  • Turnaround time of less than an hour
  • Unlimited styles offered
  • Complete control of your data
  • Many opportunities to get free AI headshots
  • Priced at just a few cents per headshot
  • The most popular package is $39 for 120 headshots

Dreamwave also offers corporate and team packages. Dreamwave’s team product is quick and simple — it takes 30 seconds to set up and coordinate professional headshots for your entire team. Dreamwave creates a secure company portal for you that you can share with everyone on your team, so there’s no need to individually email everyone. It’s an efficient solution to get professional headshots for your team, especially if your team is remote. 

Dreamwave is perfect for students, job seekers, real estate agents, lawyers, therapists, client-facing professionals, or anyone who needs to update their social media, LinkedIn, professional websites, dating profiles, and more.

Try Dreamwave


BetterPic is a great tool that can change your casual photos into professional headshots in minutes. Have you ever wanted a photo that looks like it was taken in a studio, but you didn’t have the time or money to go? BetterPic can help with that.

All you need to do is pick your style, upload some pictures, and in less than two hours you’ll receive hundreds of corporate headshots. 10x less expensive than traditional photo shoots. Once you get your photos, you have a full commercial license, and you can use them for your CV, LinkedIn, business cards, etc.

You might be thinking, “Is this really good? Will people know I used AI to make my photos?” The answer is no. Most of your results will look like real studio photos. Many people have already used it, with more than 144,000 headshots made. Their AI is powered by research and resources from big companies like Amazon, Google, and Nvidia. This has helped make this tool even better. So you don’t have to worry; your new headshots will look real and very professional.

Now, how do you do it? It’s simple.

  • Pick the styles: Blue suit with Skyscrapers in the background? Done. White shirt in the Woods? Done.
  • Upload some photos: Our AI needs to scan your face, so it can generate headshots for you.
  • Receive your results: you will have them in less than 2 hours (usually less than 30 minutes).

If you want more choices or if you’re a big group, like a team, university, or graduation, they also offer plans for you.

Try BetterPic


HeadshotPro is the perfect solution for all your headshot creation needs. By using your photographs as a reference, its AI algorithm can make exquisite headshots that are almost indistinguishable from actual photographs. HeadshotPro eliminates the need for physical shoots.

Apart from solo creations, the AI can make eye-catching headshots for all your teammates. You can invite your coworkers to become a part of your team and upload their selfies to get studio-quality results.

The AI creates over 120 headshots for each team member. Also, it uses optimization for each photo to ensure the correct color, focus, lighting, etc. Plus, you can choose from various backgrounds and clothing to take your close-up photo to new heights.

Although the tool auto-deletes all uploaded photos and generated avatars from their servers within a week, you can delete them instantly if you want.

Once created, HeadshotPro lets you assume full ownership of the outputs. Thus, you can use them anywhere you want without worries.

Currently, HeadshotPro offers individual plans starting at 29 USD/shoot and team plans starting at 39 USD/person.

Try HeadshotPro


Using StudioShot, you can create virtual headshots in mere minutes. With the help of StudioShot’s breathtaking close-ups, you can get high-quality headshots without opting for a traditional photo shoot.

There are numerous styles to choose from, including LinkedIn, Real Estate, Executive, Charcoal Gray, Bright White, and many more. Each style is unique in terms of lighting, background, and overall aesthetics.

Interestingly, the StudioShot team is known for providing infinite touchups. That means they will keep touching up your headshot until you feel satisfied. The results are stunning and ideal for team pages, LinkedIn profiles, pamphlets, business cards, and whatnot.

StudioShot offers numerous plans based on the number of team members, starting at 29.25 USD/person (1-5 members).

Try StudioShot

Try it on AI

With Try it on AI at your disposal, getting studio-quality headshots becomes a cakewalk. After submitting the photos for creating AI headshots, you can select whatever portrait style you like.

Once submitted, the algorithm will get to work and give you the outputs within 1-3 days. No matter where you want to use your headshots – be it on LinkedIn, in a dating app, or somewhere else – Try it on AI can fulfill that need.

Presently, Try It on AI provides 100 AI headshots for 17 USD. Additionally, if you want a human to touch up your headshot, you have to pay an extra 7 USD for human editing.

Try Try it on AI


HeadshotsByAI could be your go-to headshot generator if getting photorealistic outputs is your priority. Artificial Intelligence thoroughly studies your facial features and generates a model based on the knowledge gained.

Once generated, it creates multiple headshots and notifies the user. The headshot creation process takes about 3 hours. After 24 hours have passed, the tool automatically deletes all your photos. Hence, HeadshotsByAI sincerely protects your privacy.

HeadshotsByAI services are paid. You have to pay beforehand to start the AI training process. Also, there are no refund options available.

Try HeadshotsByAI


PFPMaker or Profile Pic Maker is a great tool for generating superb corporate profile pictures for you and your team. This AI headshot generator requires only a single photo to create your AI photo.

Unlike many other headshot generators, PFPMaker doesn’t consume multiple hours to deliver results. Instead, it provides outputs within an hour.

As mentioned earlier, your LinkedIn profile picture can make or break your job. PFPMaker’s 100+ top-quality portraits ensure your first impression is always on point. PFP is a free tool, and anyone can use it.

Try PFPMaker

Secta AI

Secta AI helps you create professional headshots using your ordinary selfies. In less than an hour, the tool generates hundreds of striking close-ups. FYI, Secta AI provides you with a private gallery. You can save your portraits in this gallery and export the ones you like.

Plus, the picture quality is great too. However, what makes Secta AI stand out is its money-back facility. If you are unsatisfied with the results, you can get a full refund, provided you haven’t downloaded any images yet.

As of now, Secta AI is offering a launch discount. So, you can buy 300+ professional headshots for just 49 USD instead of 99 USD.

Try Secta AI

Now, we will explore in detail about headshot generator and how it works.

What Is a Headshot Generator?

A headshot generator is an AI-powered tool that helps users generate digital portraits that resemble real photographs. The AI algorithm creates a model that tries to recreate an individual’s face in digital art with photorealistic features.

Such AI-generated headshots are perfect for various purposes, including digital CV creations, logo designing, updating corporate profile pictures, etc.

Also read: Best AI-Powered Photo Editor Software and Apps for Professionals

How Does a Headshot Generator Work?

Headshot generators create photorealistic images using the reference photos provided by a user. The AI algorithm trains itself using these images and creates an AI model. Utilizing this model, the AI reconstructs a person’s face from the knowledge gained about their facial features. Most headshot generators are pretty easy to use.

They allow users to experiment with various styles, hairstyles, backdrops, outfits, etc., even if they lack in-depth technical knowledge. These tools try to maintain as much accuracy as possible.

Most of them also require multiple photos of the user clicked from various angles. This helps a headshot generator tool to analyze facial features better and provide top-quality outputs.

Final Words

As you can see, the market has many efficient AI headshot generators for professional close-up photos. Our list was intended to inform you about some of the best options among them.

Try them today and create awesome headshots without going to a studio or hiring a photographer. Save your precious time and money, and be a star in the corporate world. Best of luck!

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