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8 AI Music Generator to Start Composing Melodies

AI Music Generator
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As we progress with technology, our tasks are becoming easier with each passing year due to Artificial Intelligence.

AI-powered tools and devices, like robots, are now getting creative with what they can do. For instance, now AI is capable of generating music for you that you can use directly for your next release.

Even if you’re not a musician, you can use these music generator tools to create melodies for your YouTube videos or ad campaigns on social media.

The best way to use these tools is to combine them with your creativity and composing to get the best result. This way, you’re using them as a helpful add-on rather than fully relying on them.

Let’s look at some of the best music generator tools out there.



Ever heard of the possibility of customizing a song using phrases created by AI? That’s what Soundraw does. It combines artificial intelligence with its music generator tool to put composing melodies on steroids.

You can customize innovative music with this tool, starting by selecting the genre, instruments, length, and mood, and then take it ahead from there as per your liking.

It’s compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro and Google Chrome. You can get started as a free user. However, you’d have to become a paid member to download the music.



Make music and share it on over 40 platforms by using Boomy. It’s another amazing tool that allows you to compose music in seconds without having to do any heavy work.

It’s a very popular choice among musicians. 9.55% of the world’s recorded music was created using this software – that is, 9,503,688 songs created by users.

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The best part about Boomy is that it makes it super easy to go from creating your music to uploading it on platforms like Spotify and TikTok and then earning revenues from it.



Absolutely free to use, Jukebox is an open-source solution that generates music in a variety of genres and artistic styles. It relies on neural networks to analyze music data to help the AI learn better how to compose original music on its own.

Everything you create with this tool can be edited and customized as per your liking. You can listen to samples created using Jukebox on their homepage to understand the tool’s capabilities better.


Another free music generator, Melobytes, has a bunch of customization options that you can use to create original tracks every time.

For example, you can start by setting music style, tempo, language, singer gender, and lyrics. It also has an option to automatically generate a music video with the song, which is pretty cool.

Moreover, you can adjust vocal settings, audio parameters, and video preferences if needed. To make the music stand out, you can utilize various effects, such as echo and reverb.

AI Music Pro


Available as an app for iPhone and iPad, AI Music Pro allows you to generate music based on your preferred mood and tempo.

You can create melodies starting with one of the chord progressions and then customize the entire track to make it your own. You can further refine the melodies by recording and adding a vocal topline.

You don’t need to log in or register to use this app, but all your files are kept private for security, so only you can access them using your device. Users can download this app from App Store.


The AI model of AIVA has been trained for years to do what it does, so you can be assured that it does a great job. It can compose music suitable for ads, movies, and any purpose that demands an emotional burst of feelings.

YouTube video

You can either create songs from scratch (within seconds) or make changes to existing ones. Just input your preferences, such as mood, genre, style, etc., and leave the rest to AIVA.

When you use this tool to generate music, you don’t need to worry about the music licensing process.

Ecrett Music

If you’re a creator who struggles to find good royalty-free music for your videos, then you can use Ecrett Music to create your own.

YouTube video

Upon setting your preferences for the kind of music you’re looking for, this tool will automatically compose original tracks every time based on that, even if you choose the same parameters again. This ensures the elimination of duplicate music creation by users.

You’re also allowed to customize them after they’re produced. What you cannot do with Ecrett is distribute the music file on platforms as it is. This tool only allows adding music to your content, such as podcasts, videos, and games.



All it takes is a few seconds to create studio-quality music with Loudly. It can compose music so quickly because the AI is trained on a catalog of 8 million music tracks and 150,000 audio sounds to fully get the gist of what the users are looking for.

Once you select your genre and set your preferences, you’ll have tracks generated that you can customize in infinite ways and make your own.

The compositions can be exported in MP3, WAV, and stems.

Benefits of using an AI music generator

There are many benefits of using an AI music generator, and here are some of them:

Original and copyright-free music 🎵

These tools will generate 100% original and copyright-free music that you can use for any projects requiring foot-tapping music. This eliminates your stress about getting a copyright claim for using somebody else’s music.

Saves you heaps of time ⏱️

Creating something from scratch always takes more time, so using these AI tools to generate music will save you a lot of time. Upon pressing a few buttons, you’ll be presented with unique melodies.

Gives you ideas when you’re on a creative block 💡

It’s super-frustrating when you’re trying to come up with new ideas about how the track should sound, and you’re just unable to come out of the creative block.

These tools will help you in that phase by generating music based on your requirement and give you ample ideas to further enhance it and end up with an amazing result.


By utilizing these AI music generator tools, you’ll be on your way to start composing melodies that not only save your time but also sound great without putting in much effort.

Also, it’s a great way to get on with technology and let Artificial Intelligence take some weight off your shoulders.

Next, you can check out these music visualizers to improve the engagement of your tracks.

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