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We’ve all been here- the hassle of filling out job applications, sending resumes, writing personalized cover letters, and reaching out to the recruiting manager. Yet, applying for each role that suits you feels challenging and hard to get shortlisted.

With AI taking a stride over every industry, the recruitment industry is still in the race.  Larger organizations use AI job automation platforms and application tracking systems to shortlist candidates. 

Let’s dive further into the role of AI and automation in job search, the working of AI job search automation, and the best AI-powered job search automation platforms. But before you go through each tool in detail, you can get a gist from the table below:

Product Name Description
JobScan Resume optimization, job tracking, match percentage for applicants. Explore
Arytic   Real-time analytics, skill-based job matching, mobile app. Explore
Autojob Automated job application, personalized email outreach, CV optimization. Explore
Careerflow LinkedIn optimization, skill insights, AI-generated cover letters, job tracking. Explore
Sonara Job automation, real-time notifications, virtual assistant. Explore
Applyish Job recommendations, personalized cover letters, Chrome extension. Explore
LoopCV CV improvement, auto-applying, A/B testing, insightful dashboard. Explore
JobWizard  Automates job application, Chrome extension, interview question answers. Explore
Hirebrain AI  Skill analysis, personalized interview training, visa assistance. Explore
Teal  AI resume builder, email templates, keyword recommendations. Explore

If you are still thinking, ‘Why AI?’, according to JobScan, 99% of Fortune 500 employers use AI-powered software to parse resumes into simple Yes or No strings and shortlist the candidates based on the pile of keywords and specific rules or conditions. 

Also, candidates who use AI saw around 78% positive responses from employers. That’s why AI job search tools are found to be critical in job hunting.

How does AI Job Search Automation work?

AI has created a new era of job hunting for the job seekers. These AI-powered job search automation tools have also enhanced functionality characterized by accuracy and efficiency. Not only do they help individuals find a job, but they help prepare for the interview too! 

AI-powered job search automation uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to streamline and enhance various aspects of the job search process. 

Let’s look at various roles of using AI in job search: 

  • Resume Screening: Recruiters use AI tools to sift through the resumes based on predefined criteria like experience, skills, and qualifications. AI tools make smart recommendations based on various keywords to ensure no qualified candidates are left out. 
  • Job matching:  AI job search tools eliminate the hassle of searching through irrelevant job postings. Using personal recommendations, the AI algorithms suggest the best matching jobs based on candidates’ profiles and job descriptions. 
  • Cover letter generation: Personalized cover letters have better responses than non-personalized ones. Writing a personalized cover letter needs time and creativity. AI tools can craft cover letters seamlessly based on candidate profiles and job requirements.
  •  Career Advisors: Job seekers can get valuable guidance and support through virtual chatbots and AI. This can benefit job seekers’ resume writing, interview preparation, and career path suggestions. 

AI for job search v.s. manual tracking? 

Surely, manual job hunting helps, but it is time-consuming and has limited reach for the number of jobs. While there are strings of keywords to help you with manual searches, you often get irrelevant recommendations. 

That’s where AI job search automation platforms have the upper hand. AI job search and applicant tracking systems help companies during the hiring process by automating the screening, tracking, and ranking process. 

For employers, the AI applicant tracking system can streamline the hiring process, reducing the hiring time and getting the most qualified candidate for the job application. 

Here is how AI job search tools are more beneficial than the manual tools: 

  • Time-efficient: AI-powered recruitment tools can save you hours of searching while you can apply to multiple potential jobs. 
  • Wider reach: Job seekers can scan through a large number of applications simultaneously, exposing them to potential opportunities. 
  • Consistency: There is a lesser chance of making errors while submitting the job application as everything is automated. AI job search tools fix any grammatical or human errors using data behavior.  
  •  Send Notifications: The best thing about the job automation tools is that they send out automatic notifications to the candidate when a new job is posted. Hence, you have a better chance of applying before others. 

Considering the above benefits, we have shared the best AI-powered job search tools to speed up the job application. 


JobScan is one of the most popular resume optimization and job application platforms that tracks all the applied jobs from one place.

Using the job tracker board, job seekers can create a list of jobs, optimize their resumes, and save interview schedules for all the ongoing applications.

One of the major USPs is that applicants can get the match percentage, which tells whether the job requirements align with the candidate’s resume. 


Arytic is an AI smart tool for job seekers that’s easy to use and elevates the job search through its precise platform. The job search platform uses real-time analytics to connect job seekers with companies that match their requirements. 

Arytic has tons of smart features for job seekers, agencies, and recruiters to automate the hiring process. 

Once you set up the profile, the job intelligence tool uses five criteria to connect job seekers with employers: skill, industry, location, culture, and values. Based on these criteria, the hiring managers can request additional screening tests, and as a bonus, Arytic helps you improve with each application!


  • The dashboard gives real-time access to job seekers and hiring leaders so that candidates can instantly see if their profile is shortlisted, favorited, or rejected. 
  • The user-friendly mobile app gives quick access to each job application. 
  • The tool also suggests CV and resume improvements based on the best-selected candidates. 

Arytic provides candidates a chance to impress hiring managers through a personality certification test. Through this, candidates can compare and analyze where they stand against their competitors. 


Autojob is an all-inclusive job application platform that increases your chance of hiring by up to three times using automation and AI technology.

The job search platform offers extensive features like job matching, one-click application, personalized email outreach, and email finder tools.  

Simply upload your CV and select the job preference; the auto mode will apply the relevant jobs on your behalf. 

You can use the predefined filters to sort and search for the most qualified jobs and the keyword search, unlike the LinkedIn job search engine, which suggests irrelevant jobs based on search strings. 


  • It excludes the companies you have previously worked with or are not interested in working with.
  • Autojob searches for the best emails of the companies that match your job preference. 
  • Users can optimize their CVs and get the relevant rating feedback to iterate their resumes accordingly. 

What I liked most about this platform is it works for students and job seekers. So, even if you are searching for relevant internships at the start of your career, Autojob does the trick on automation. 


Careerflow is a new entrant in the market but does exceptionally well to help with your LinkedIn optimization and resume improvement.

It works like a personalized CRM for job seekers that completes the entire process through the job application and helps streamline the application.

It includes various features like automated job tracking, skill insights, and AI-generated cover letters. Besides this, the tool focuses more on LinkedIn profile optimization, helping you with better profile views. 


  • One-click import job data from Chrome. 
  • You can use a hiring search tool to find which companies are hiring actively using filters like company, skills, locations, and keywords.
  • Candidates can get their resumes reviewed by experts based on the target company, skill sets, qualifications, and more. 

It further provides a database of actively hiring companies and a community for job seekers. Careerflow works both as a browser extension and offers a user-friendly mobile app. It takes a simple Google account sign-in, and once you upload your resume, you’re done. 


Sonara is indeed a platform for all levels of job seekers that saves hours of research to save valuable time and effort. 

Sonara acts much like your personal AI recruiter that streamlines and simplifies the job search process using advanced algorithms. The platform seamlessly automates the job application, optimizes your resume, and suggests the best jobs based on the preferences chosen. 


  • It gives insights and analytics into the number of applications sent, reviewed, shortlisted, and rejected.   
  • Sonara has an in-built virtual assistant that gives job seekers detailed guides, tips, and valuable resources. 
  • Candidates can also write a personalized cover letter based on job description and expertise. 

It sends notifications in real-time as soon as a new job or opportunity is open for job seekers. You can also add jobs that are not in the recommendations and apply directly using Sonara platform. Sonara also gives a 3-day free trial where you can add up to 3 jobs per day!


Applyish is a simple yet helpful job automation platform that sends out the best job recommendations with millions of jobs in its database.

However, the job recommendations are only based in five locations: Manchester, Switzerland, Leeds, London and Liverpool. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to apply for the jobs in auto mode. So, you must keep an eye on and apply for any future opportunities. There is a Chrome extension for answering the dumbest to the most intelligent questions in the interview. 


  • It generates a personalized cover letter within a minute. 
  • You can choose to personalize your answer or write a general response. 
  • The Chrome extension saves the response and recommendations for the future. 

While the Applyish free plan gives you 20 requests per month (which I think is enough), unlimited job application requests can be availed with the paid plan. 


As the name says, LoopCV improves your CV and then applies for the jobs on autopilot mode. LoopCV is available for job seekers as well as freelancers.

All you need is to choose whether you are seeking a full-time job, part-time, or a freelance gig. 

Next, LoopCV will give you recommendations based on the type of job and the role that suits you the best. 


  • LoopCV finds the email of the recruiters, crafts personalized emails, and sends emails automatically. 
  • Candidates can A/B test emails and test different CVs to see what’s working. 
  • Job seekers can use an auto-apply feature or apply for multiple jobs with a single click. 

What I liked about LoopCV is its insightful dashboard that gives real numbers on active applications, emails sent, CVs uploaded, and the number of total matches based on skill sets. 


Do you know what takes the most time while filling out the job application? Filling out the work experience and career history. 

JobWizard is an excellent tool for filling out a large job questionnaire that includes pesky details such as name, email, phone, work experience, and answers to all the n number of questions. 

Job seekers can track each of the applied jobs and send personalized emails to the ones that are stuck. 


  • Optimize your resume and improve job applications based on LinkedIn history. 
  • It offers a free Chrome extension that applies for jobs on automation. 
  • Users can generate spot-on answers to the interview questions and get 1:1 consulting for the next steps. 

Here’s the best part: Job Wizard’s beta version is out and free to use for the first 1,000 users!🥳

Hirebrain AI 

hireBrain is an AI-based job automation platform that analyzes your skills and expertise, matching top job opportunities.

hireBrain has a database of over one million tech jobs that are curated for tech experts. 


  • Job seekers get dedicated personal assistance to auto-apply jobs. 
  • You can also hire a personalized interview trainer to train you for the next rounds. 
  • For job seekers who are willing to relocate, hireBrain offers visa assistance. 

The platform uses skill-matching algorithms and state-of-the-art technology to connect the most qualified experts with recruiters. It also comes with features like a CV builder and analysis assistance that give you the ability to review and apply for the desired job listings. 


Teal is an all-in-one job application platform that offers rich features like a job application tracker, AI resume builder, and a career hub for students and job seekers.


  • It has a free Chrome extension.
  • Eliminates the need for spreadsheets and tracks your job applications in one dashboard.
  • To speed up the process, the platform also offers email templates for sending out personalized emails to recruiters and hiring leaders.

One thing I liked about Teal is that it creates a checklist for each job application, streamlining your queued job applications. Job seekers get recommendations based on the keywords from the job descriptions so that the resumes are tailored for the specific job. 

Final Thoughts 

AI and machine learning algorithms have indeed done wonders. AI job search trackers are like smart hunters, which makes your job search easier. They save time and effort so that you can focus on other factors like interview preparation.

However, do remember not all tools are identical and have their own additional features that give them that extra edge!

But yes! Leveraging this revolutionary technology, you can make more data-driven decisions, save time, and ultimately make better hiring outcomes.

If you’re a hiring manager, check out the best pre-employment assessment tools to improve your next hiring.

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