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“I want to buy a laptop that can handle AAA game titles. It would be great if it also has a big screen and a ton of storage space.” For such a query, no search engine or a shopping website will find the right laptop for you, but an AI shopping assistant tool will.

Most shopping tools use preset filters and keywords to find the items you may want. For a truly personalized experience, an AI shopping assistant tool can fully understand your needs in natural language and help you find the exact item.

Not only that, some AI shopping tools can also help with deciding what to purchase by offering more details about the product using its description and reviews.

Here is a quick summary of the best AI shopping assistant tools I’ll be discussing below.

Product Name Description AI Chat and shopping panels, smart queries, quick results. Explore Category-based search, detailed product recommendations Explore
Claros Detailed Amazon shopping assistant, question-based search Explore
ShopWithAI Celebrity-based style recommendations, image search Explore
ShopGuru Chrome extension for Amazon, AI answers questions Explore
Spendless Find cheap, highly-rated Amazon products, clutter-free recommendations Explore

In this post, I’ll discuss the benefits of using an AI shopping assistant and the best ones available.

Why Go For AI Shopping Assistants?

There are many traditional shopping tools that will help you find cheap deals on your favorite products or find products that fulfill specific requirements. However, there aren’t any tools that could understand you on a personal level and then find what you need. AI assistants offer that and much more. Below are some ways AI shopping assistants are beneficial:

  • They understand natural language.
  • Most AIs ask further questions related to the product to better understand your needs. These also come with related preset answers, so you won’t have to type either.
  • You don’t have to provide the exact product name or type; just talk about what you need the item for, and it will find it.
  • You can ask questions about a particular product, and it will answer based on information available online.
  • They can learn from user behavior and assist accordingly in future purchases.
  • You can easily change product requirements without starting a new search.
  • Overall faster shopping experience since you don’t waste time doing basic things like managing filters or manually comparing items, etc. AI AI by Shopify has a chat panel on the right side and a shopping panel on the left. You can write your queries in the chat, and it will show results in the left panel. It will automatically ask further questions to narrow down the search and offer 3-5 answers for you to pick from. Although, you can also manually answer if you want.

It does a great job of keeping up with previous chats and making changes to the filter using new requirements. The shopping panel shows the product picture, name, and price. You can favorite a product to view later (requires sign up), or view similar products.

Although you can use a specific price range in chat, there is also a slider to fix a price range if you want.

Compared to other tools, this AI showed results the fastest both in the chat and shop panel. The only issue I noticed is that it starts showing irrelevant results when you try to be too specific, and sometimes it shows 1 or 2 unrelated results alongside other results. is an all-in-one tool to find the right products and learn more about them. Apart from a really nice interface, it has a cool category system where you can choose what you are looking for to start the search. You don’t have to tell it anything, just choose a category and then a product and the AI will start asking questions to find the right item.

For example, I selected Electronics > Computers, and it asked whether I wanted a laptop, desktop, or tablet. When I selected a laptop, it started telling me about the laptop essentials the buyers looked for and listed all possible requirements for me to choose from.

The product recommendations are listed in great detail, along with highlighted features. On top of that, the tool writes a separate pros and cons list for each recommended product based on reviews found online.

It mentions exactly how many shopping websites it searched through and how many total related products it found before coming up with the recommendations. Although the final recommendation only consists of 3-5 products, they are well-researched. You can create a free account to store the history of your searches.


Although it’s limited to Amazon only, Claros is a great AI shopping assistant when you prefer to have detailed information. It won’t immediately show results for your query; it will ask questions, and when it has sufficient knowledge, only then it search for the items. Usually, it takes 2-3 questions to start the search.

The results are shown in a slide-like panel where you can see the product’s picture, name, price, and rating. The tool also shows its own recommendation from the list of products, along with a brief description of its features and why it thinks it suits you best.

Even after showing results, It keeps asking questions to further narrow the search. I tried to narrow down my searches as much as possible and it always returned relevant results.

The overall product listing and writing its own recommendation section is fast, but the searching part takes a bit of time. For me, it took 5-10 seconds to process each query. I also really liked how it lists everything in a scrollable window so I could always go back to previous results.


Although it’s not limited to apparel, its main focus is to find you the best clothing that matches your style. ShopWithAI lets you search for apparel using the personalities of different celebrities, like Justin Bieber or John F. Kennedy Jr., etc. The AI-generated celebrities will talk to you in their original style and recommend accordingly.

Since the personality also applies to the search results, make sure you pick the right one depending on what you are looking to buy. You can either do a text-based search or upload pictures of the apparel you like. However, the AI doesn’t ask further questions, unlike other tools, so you’ll have to follow up yourself.

The shopping recommendations are listed in the left panel, along with a picture, name, and price. You can favorite an item or find similar items and even dislike an item to not see similar items again.

There is also a waiting list you can join for its upcoming premium account features, including the ability to save history and personalize the AI.

Alternatively, you can give the InShop app a try, which also helps with finding the right attire using AI.


ShopGuru comes as a Chrome extension to help you learn more about products on Amazon using AI. Using product descriptions and reviews, it will answer any questions about the product if possible. It’s not safe from fake reviews but does an overall good job of answering questions using what’s available.

You just need to ask questions in natural language and it will reply accordingly and might even quote the description or a review to tell you exactly what is mentioned. By default, there are prompts to list the pros and cons or summarize all the reviews. You can also create your own prompts from extension options for future use.

ShopGuru will add a new button on any Amazon page you visit. You can click on it to open a panel where you can ask questions. It’s worth mentioning that it doesn’t keep any history and upon page refresh it will remove all previous conversations. However, in a session, it remembers the previous conversation to reply accordingly.

I found the extension very responsive, with almost instant replies. The answers were also very detailed, and many of them mentioned the exact words used in the reviews.


Like others, Spendless also helps you find the right product by having a conversation. However, it specifically focuses on finding cheap yet highly-rated products on Amazon. Anything you ask for, it will try to find a product that fulfills all the requirements while still being on the cheaper end.

Most recommendations it gave me were very solid in the category and definitely among the cheapest compared to similar products. Although it only gave 2-3 products at a time, I am sure you’ll appreciate the clutter-free recommendations.

The product shows the picture, price, name, discount (if any), and rating. It also adds comments on the product to highlight its appealing qualities and to differentiate it from other recommendations.

The main issue I had with the tool was its slow processing. For each request, it waited 5-15 seconds to search for a product. Furthermore, it keeps a complete history of your chats but doesn’t provide a button to delete them. I am also not sure how it’s tracking the history when it doesn’t require login and tracks even in incognito mode.

Wrapping Up 🛍️

If I have to single out a tool from this list, then Buysmart is definitely the most well-rounded one. It’s fast, easy-to-use, comprehensive, and the results are reliable. I’ll recommend you use these along with traditional shopping tools since they won’t help with extra stuff like finding coupons and cashback opportunities.

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