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AI social media post generators to ace your content strategy…

AI is expanding in every sector, whether it is healthcare, tourism, or retail, and social media is no exception. Now, you can get assistance from AI social media post generators to create unique content every day📅.

Social media is immensely engrossed in our lifestyle. We form connections with individuals, share ideas, and appreciate other posts. These platforms are perfectly leveraged by big and small organizations to gain publicity. The fact is, you cannot ignore the power of social media in this era. It can create or change perspectives on a product, service, or brand with the type of content promoted.

In the same context, companies opt for AI social media post generators, which are proving to be suitable solutions for content creation. I’ll share my experience with some of the best performing AI tools for social media post creation, but let’s first understand how they work.

And to make things easier, I’ve created this table below that should give you a gist:

Product Name Description
SocialBee Prompt suggestions, includes hashtags and emojis, performance analysis. Explore
Anyword Self-creative content for input, social media captions, analyses of old content. Explore
Radaar Seven languages, six media providers for images, multiple sets of contents. Explore
Predis iOS and Android app available, creates videos, memes, carousals. Explore
SocialBu Creates text to image, captions, blog images, supports all platforms Explore
Scalenut Separate column for input prompt and few words to describe the tone. Explore
Adcreative Professionally designed ads, specific resolution for each platform. Explore
Taskade Five stages of content creation: plan, draft, review, publish, and analyze. Explore
Zubtitle Video editing, subtitle, caption, transcribes, hashtags. Explore
Konigle Content-based on URL or product page. Explore

How Does an AI Social Media Post Generator Work?

Previously television📺, newspaper ads, magazines, or hoardings were the primary source of creating awareness about products and brands. The last decade has witnessed a change in scenario, and social sites like Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram and others are a game changer.

Traditional methods of product promotion are different from social media, which has opened the doors for customer interaction. Now, even the smallest firms and startups make effective use of social media management tools to gain followers and to get more people talking about them.

Social media management is not as simple as creating an account on multiple sites. Gaining followers, establishing the brand name, or even following the market trend requires active participation in communication, posts, and multiple account management.

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Now, here comes the difficult part when one has to create posts on a regular basis. People are already engaged in several tasks of digital marketing, such as content management, analytics, optimization, web design, etc.

It thus becomes tiresome to think of a new topic relative to their business, prepare a brief over it, and later connect with followers to revert on comments.

AI social media post generators are specialized tools🛠️ that can deliver platform-specific content, ideas, or hashtags within a few seconds. So, irrespective of Facebook, X, LinkedIn, or any other platform, these are capable of generating all types of posts with few required information such as product, brand, and audience.

Utilizing these tools saves a lot of time and is often more prominent for user engagement as against human-created content, which depends on an individual’s skills. With AI writing generators, you can easily accomplish your marketing goals with less effort.


SocialBee offers a free AI social media post generator, and all you need is to have a subscription for the panel. The tool is capable of analyzing the input query and producing engaging write ups to attract more visitors.


  • You can regularly analyze the performance of each content generated by the tool.
  • There is a long list of prompt samples suggested on the panel that are also platform-specific.
  • You may generate a post that specifically focuses on education, CTA, inspiration, holiday, and any such topic by choosing an appropriate prompt.
  • There is an option to select tone of voice, such as witty, friendly, funny, etc. by clicking a button.
  • It can also generate hashtags or include emojis in the posts if the option is selected.


  • You can generate a post of a maximum of 100 words from this tool.

You can begin to generate the content in a few easy steps after signing up on the website. Just go ahead by either typing the query or selecting a desired prompt for your specific social media account. Choose from the randomly generated posts, and hit the share button to get it posted.


Anyword is a free AI tool for marketing copywriting with a standard language model. It has delivered credible content for renowned brands like The New York Times and Ted Baker.


  • You need to sign in to the panel and type a few details about the type of post in the column in less than 600 characters.
  • There is an option to select the platform (Facebook, Instagram, X, and LinkedIn) for which you want to generate an AI post.
  • You can either choose to generate creative content or otherwise similar to the input details with a filter provided.
  • The tool is best for writing Instagram captions, descriptions for YouTube or Pinterest, stellar Tweets, and much more.


  • This tool does not have preset prompt templates; therefore, you need to think and describe the query by yourself.

You can connect the tool with your social media account to analyze the old content posted in the timeline. Based on the brand voice on your channel, it generates automated write up that is genuine to the subject and requirements.


Radaar is a social media marketing solution. You can integrate all your social media accounts to this tool for seamless management. So, once you have the generated content from this AI tool, you can directly share it on the social media account, which is integrated on the panel.


  • The tool supports almost all the social media platforms, and can generate a suitable content for it in about seven different languages, including English.
  • There are six different media providers (Giphy, Lexica, Pexels, etc.) available to get a suitable image supporting the generated content.
  • The content generated through this tool is generally in a set of six or more solutions.
  • Every pair of solutions against the prompt contains a relevant image, a title, or caption, and a brief description. You can interchange them with the arrow and publish the best option on your channel.


  • You may find it difficult to think of a prompt, as there are no suggestions available. It does not even provide a choice to filter the tone or platform-specific content.

This AI tool’s interface does not have the compulsion of signing-up on the panel. The user can directly enter the details or a prompt in the column provided to generate the content.


Predis is an ultimate AI social media post generator tool with a capacity to create carousel posts quickly. It is a free-to-use software with limitations on the number of posts generated per month on a free subscription.


  • You can download the mobile app version of this tool on both Android and iOS devices.
  • The tool contains more than 5000 multimedia options to generate stunning posts.
  • You can use the tool to schedule posts for any of your social media accounts after integrating it with the tool.
  • It can create an elaborated post with just one line of input details.
  • It is a well-versed tool with 10,000+ templates for content creation, and thus, delivers unique posts for brand promotion in combination with hashtags and captions.
  • As a special feature, it facilitates for creating regular motivational posts, or any listed special-day post scheduled by the user in its calendar.
  • You can rely on this tool to create videos, reels, memes, carousals, etc. along with textual content.


  • This is a reliable AI post generator tool with a long list of functions that are provided effectively on paid subscription.

All the popular social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Business, and others are supported by this tool, which can create posts in more than eighteen languages.


SocialBu is primarily dedicated to helping small businesses manage their social media accounts for better responses. This all-in-one solution can assist the user in publishing, responding, analyzing, and automating post creation from one place.


  • It can generate posts, captions, prompts for text-to-image, blog image, and quote images as well.
  • The tool is compatible to provide genuine posts for all the major social media platforms.
  • It can keep providing you AI-generated content with variations until you get the best output for your target audience.
  • The paid version helps to manage multiple brands from the panel.


  • You may generate social media posts, quotes, or captions endlessly, but for scheduling them on your account, you have to sign up on the panel. It is free for the first two weeks, after which a paid subscription is necessary. However, the free version only works for Facebook, X, and Mastodon.

This AI post generator is completely free for usage, and offers endless creativity without a sign-up on the panel. As you input the topic idea and press the Generate button on the panel, it delivers your post, which you can copy and schedule from your account.


Scalenut uses GPT3 technology for generating social media posts, while offering them in a predesign templates that have high CTA. The tool also utilizes trending hashtags and memes to deliver value addition to the posts.


  • The tool is free for the first week, and thereafter, you need to choose a paid plan from the website.
  • The first column on the software is to provide a prompt in less than 200 characters. You can provide a general outline about the type of content required.
  • The second column is to define the tone of the generated content like funny, friendly, etc. in less than 50 characters.


  • This tool only supports a few major social media platforms, and there is no direct share or publish button given on the panel. So, you can keep shuffling the content until the best result appears, and then you can copy it to your post.

It is completely free to create social media posts. Users can manage posts for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, X, and LinkedIn platforms, which are primarily supported by the tool.


Adcreative is among the most preferred AI tools for generating advertisements through AI. It has the expertise of working for top-selling global brands. The company has been listed among the top three fastest-growing products in the world.


  • You need to sign up on the tool before using it for ad creation.
  • The tool provides multiple numbers of professionally designed social posts. You can choose the ad theme which showcases the punchline, CTA button, and the picture in a suitable format.
  • The ads generated have a perfect resolution to match a specific social media platform. You can create separate ads for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others.


  • The tool is not meant for generating descriptive content through AI; however, the post created are highly attention seeking. As a user, you do not need to possess any knowledge about ad-designs; the tool is self-sufficient.

This AI social media post generator tool is a paid tool, but you can try this free for seven days. It is more prominently used for creating ads that you can post on your social accounts.


Taskade is a versatile company with the ability to fulfil multiple tasks for an organization by incorporating AI GPT-4 technology. You can try the tool for free with limitations of some essential features and upgrade the plan later as required.


  • You can generate a post on the tool by entering few tips about the content, and directly copy it to your social media account with editing option.
  • The content generator works in five stages of planning, drafting, reviewing, scheduling, and monitoring.
  • The software has specific sections to manage the posts, such as, listing, board, calendar, action, chart analysis, etc.


  • This tool is a bit complicated to use for generating social media posts, and that is one reason you should try it thoroughly before buying the subscription.

This AI social media post generator works effortlessly to deliver high-quality content. You can sign up on the panel to create posts for your social media account.


Zubtitle is a popular online tool for creating video content for social media posts. It enables trimming videos, repurposing with a few clicks and adding subtitles with captions. This tool will help you generate AI written content from the videos uploaded on the panel.


  • This tool can transcribe the video content for subtitles, and allows you to re-edit the timings for perfection.
  • It will automatically detect the subject of the video, and alongside provide relevant hashtags for posting.
  • You can use the tool to re-create auto-generate text summaries against the video, and post it on the different platforms.


  • There is no option to enter textual inputs for generating social posts from the internet. Hence, you primarily need a video content to work with this tool.

With Zubtitle you only need to have a video for your social media account, and the rest of the job is done by this tool. Since, it is not an entirely free software, you can try the tool once, and later purchase the paid version.


Konigle helps entrepreneurs build websites for their business fronts. It additionally provides certain tools for online marketing and social media management.


  • Instead of entering the details or prompt about the post requirements, this tool requests for a URL of a webpage or product listing. It helps in creating posts that are well-aligned with your brand and products.
  • You can select the platform for which the post is to be created, and choose a tone of content. This helps in creating an appropriate post that resounds with your unique brand voice.
  • The content generated by this tool will be sent to the email address provided on the panel.


  • It will be difficult for you to use this software if you do not have a referential website for generating posts.

Konigle’s AI social media post generator is provided for free, and you do not even need to sign up on the panel for leveraging its benefits.

Pitfalls of Using AI Content Generation

There are numerous benefits of utilizing AI tools for content creation, but there is also the downside which must not be ignored.

  • The first and foremost objective of AI tools is to provide content without effort, which leads to over-dependence and loosing personal creativity.
  • After some time, the content’s language appears to be generic, monotonic, and depthless.
  • AI-generated content is generally deduced from the available information on the internet, and there are high chances of them being plagiarized, which is an offense.
  • It is pretty obvious to say that the articles posted by an AI tool cannot possess originality as against human written posts, which can have insights based on personal and real-time experience.

AI-generated content can sound unreasonably one-sided, depending upon the programmed instruction, and thus it creates ingenuity.

My Take: Leveraging AI Social Media Post Generators

The day you think of becoming an entrepreneur or running a business startup, you cannot avoid creating a dedicated social media page showcasing the business. It is evident to keep posting on your social media page to let the followers know more about the startup, as well as your seriousness towards its success.

There is nothing bad in utilizing AI🤖 social post generator tools since these are professionally created software solution, and meant for creating highly engaging content. It is a time-saving tool that can deliver any number of write-ups without getting exhausted.

However, you should first read and verify the authenticity of the generated content to avoid any discrepancies that may be caused due to similar brands and product ranges.

Next up, top social media marketing strategies for success and growth for SMBs.

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