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10 AI Website Builders for Creating Stunning Websites in No Time

AI Website Builders for Creating Stunning Websites in No Time
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AI-powered website builders have revolutionized the process of website creation. That’s right, the complex coding and lengthy creation process are no longer in play.

For the most part, these website builders require you to answer a few questions, drag and drop elements, and get a fully optimized site ready to monetize. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the best AI website builders for creating amazing websites within minutes. But first, let’s explore the kith-and-kins of AI-based website builders.

What Is an AI Website Builder? 


An AI-powered website builder uses machine learning capabilities to create stunning websites based on simple user inputs in minutes.

The tool mitigates the lengthy process of website creation. Users can simply drag and drop elements, incorporate images, generate content, and build an optimized website for mobile and search engines via its visual editor – without any coding involved.

How AI Website Builders Help Web Developers

If you’re a web developer or a development team manager, these tools are like a feature in your cap. They are your virtual assistant to whom you can delegate time-consuming tasks.

For example, you can use pre-built templates to create a website layout with content, images, and branding in no time.

Moreover, AI website builders have advanced design features such as automatic layout optimization and image recognition, allowing developers to create visually stunning websites quickly and easily.

Even if a developer thinks of adding an out-of-box idea to the website, they can further modify any elements on the site using HTML and CSS.

Additionally, most website builders offer analytics tools to analyze user behavior and provide insights into improving the user experience. This enables developers to create data-driven websites rather than moving on with the guesswork.

AI Website Builder Key Features

  • Pre-Built Layouts: Coined as templates, these pre-built website layouts allow you to set the foundation of your website with generic styling and features; customize it to fit your branding and styling needs.
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: Website builders come with a drag-and-drop editor that makes your customization process hassle-free. Meaning you can just pick and drop elements, blocks, images, videos, and more to design your dream website.
  • SEO Tools: Many AI website builders have built-in SEO tools to help users optimize their websites for search engines. These tools can suggest keywords, meta descriptions, and other SEO best practices.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: With more people accessing the internet through mobile devices, it’s important that websites are mobile-friendly. AI website builders typically ensure that the websites they create are mobile-responsive.
  • Integrations: Generally, AI website builders offer tons of integrations to third-party sales and marketing tools to provide data-driven insights on the go. Some even come with built-in e-commerce functionality, allowing users to create an online store and sell products directly from their website.

Now that you know the what and how of an AI builder, let’s see some builders and their features.


10Web is an AI-powered WordPress platform that lets you build professional-looking websites with minimal effort. The platform is trusted by over 50,000+ active users and comes with a cluster of AI tools to create stunning websites.


Key Features

  • 50+ premium widgets for various categories, including layout, marketing, and e-commerce-friendly widgets
  • Built-in Elementor-based editor to easily customize the look and feel of your website
  • Create custom website pages using ready-made layouts or simply copy-paste page URLs to replicate the layout
  • Has an AI assistant to write SEO-optimized content and generate copyright-free images for your website
  • Reduce latency and load time to improve website performance by enabling Cloudflare Enterprise CDN

Note: 10Web offers fully automated WordPress hosting powered by Google Cloud.

Appy Pie

appy pie

Appy Pie offers a no-code website builder that uses AI capabilities to convert your plain text instructions into dynamic websites, that too with a free custom domain, hosting, and Google Workspace

Key Features

  • Easy-to-navigate interface allowing anyone to create websites for versatile purposes
  • Drag-and-drop functionality makes customization and editing a breeze; edit texts, sizes, fonts, colors, brand logos, and more in real-time 
  • Over 200+ powerful features, elements, and widgets to satisfy any business goals you may have
  • Offers cloud-based websites that are lightweight and accessible in low-internet connectivity

The interesting thing about websites created with Appy Pie is that they can provide content to the users offline, meaning users can access some of the website content even when there is little to no internet connectivity. 



Durable offers the world’s finest and fastest AI-powered website builder for hustling entrepreneurs. It lets them get the site up and running in mere 30 seconds. All they need to do is answer two questions, and it will generate a website template.

Durable can generate a full-fledged website with content and images. It has a gallery of royalty-free photos and icons to populate your website and an AI-copywriting assistant to help draft catchy copies for web pages within seconds. 

In addition to content and images, this AI website builder automatically features elements like contact forms and social media buttons. You can customize every section of your website using its intuitive and simple drag-and-drop editor. 

What’s more, you get a chunk of AI tools for analytics, SEO, and invoicing with a free custom domain. 



TeleportHQ is a revolutionary low-code website builder that uses ChatGPT-Generated code and hand-drawn wireframes to create an entire website or individual web pages.

Key Features

  • Uses vision API to convert hand-drawn sketches or images into wireframes and create websites or UI components
  • Add custom functionalities with integrated front-end development tools like WordPress, Shopify, and Google
  • Low-code UI editor allows to add custom code, modify visually, and create widgets and interactions easily
  • Easily share workspaces and projects with teams to collaborate and scale projects faster
  • Import and embed all your assets, custom media files, and fonts into your projects to maintain brand consistency

TeleportHQ is an excellent tool for web developers seeking flexibility and customization. It also includes a gallery of ready-made static templates and a built-in image optimizer to help you create a lightning-fast website in minutes.



Leia is an AI-driven platform that lets anyone design, code, and publish stunning mobile-friendly websites within minutes. Braidio recently acquired the platform to empower its customer engagement platform with Advanced AI and Digital Automation.

Key Features

  • Built-in code editor allowing anyone to edit HTML codes or embed custom codes into the website
  • Access business growing tools like customizable domain, marketing plan generator, website analytics, and more
  • Gain access to exclusive geo-targeted digital advertising tools like Saveday, Growth, and Datum
  • Easily add multiple pages to the website based on your need, like e-commerce, blogging, form booking, and more

With over 250K+ customers, Leia is a trusted and affordable AI website builder whose monthly plan starts from less than a dollar.



Hocoos magical AI wizard lets you create websites designed to sell your physical or digital products and services to the world. Be it a booking website, e-commerce store, or blog, the AI-builder has adequate tools to design one-of-a-kind websites for you.

Key Features

  • Automatically create written copies and visual content for web pages, booking systems, blogs, and contact forms with the help of Hocoo’s AI tools
  • Choose from a gallery of high-quality images and custom-made fonts to maintain brand consistency and message
  • Use its no-code AI editor to fully customize the website, from text to images and widgets to designs
  • Easily integrate payment methods like Stripe and PayPal; automatically generate customer invoices to scale your business faster 

Besides the features mentioned above, Hocoos has a marketing toolkit that helps you with AI-generated email campaigns, promotional content, website analytics, and on-demand reports. You can also avail of personalized features based on the website’s purpose.



Mixo AI-powered launcher lets you create a fully functional website by simply entering a one-liner description; no code or design expertise is required. 

The platform is trusted by over 15,000 solopreneurs, creators, and employees at Fortune 500 companies for its reliability, quality, and top-notch features.

Key Features

  • No-code site editor to update or customize the look and feel of your website
  • Secure and scalable site hosting with a free SSL certificate and Mixo’s global content network
  • Pre-loaded SEO-optimized content, unlimited storage, and a library of royalty-free stock images
  • Integration with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and other subscriber arrangement tools to quickly grow your audience
  • Pre-built integration with Google Tag Manager to inject custom scripts

Mixo has a discord community of over 500+ subscribers. The tool has successfully created and launched 150K+ sites. If you’re still unsure, the platform offers a 30-day money-back guarantee trial to try and see if Mixo is what you’re looking for.



Kleap AI website generator is excellent for businesses selling products or services online. It lets them create a mind-boggling digital presence – product catalogs, sales pages, website content, and product sales – the platform takes care of it all.

Key Features

  • The built-in collaboration feature allows inviting team members to work on the content and see updates in real-time
  • Offers integration with other marketing tools such as email marketing and CRMs
  • Over 10 unique content types and building blocks to get the flexibility and versatility you need to create truly compelling content
  • Built-in SEO, copywriting, and analytic tools to create and optimize content for search engines

Kleap allows you to take your website in your pocket and work everywhere. It has simple navigation yet an attractive design letting anyone create stunning websites on the go.


wix adi

With over 80 million users worldwide, Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is a popular choice among freelancers and small-to-medium-sized businesses looking to create stunning websites – without getting into coding jargon.

Key Features

  • Set up a fully-functional website by answering questions and letting AI create the perfect website from billions of combinations
  • Has over 900+ free customizable website templates; use the drag-and-drop editor to customize templates easily
  • Built-in AI tools for SEO, branding, and marketing to optimize your site for search visibility
  • Easily promote the website using AI-driven Ads and by running automated email campaigns

Besides, Wix offers eight plans for different needs, including personal use, enterprise, and freelancing. Undoubtedly, it’s a versatile solution with amazing AI design capabilities.


jimdo dolphin

Jimdo Dolphin is an AI-powered version of the Jimdo website builder. It is faster and easier to set up and lets you create a fully-customized, multi-page website for free.

Key Features

  • Choose from a gallery of royalty-free images to enhance your website presence
  • Supports various payment methods and social commerce platforms, including Instagram and Facebook
  • Integrate with Meta, Instagram, and Google, bring your business info and images straight from social media
  • For shop owners, enable local pickup to let local customers pay online and then collect orders directly from you

With the Legal Text Generator from Jimdo and Trusted Shops, your legal texts are GDPR-compliant. Moreover, with the premium plans, you can access excellent support from Jimdo experts.

The Impact of AI Website Builders on Website Performance

By leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, website builders deliver more efficient, user-friendly, and lightning-fast websites than ever before.

You must have seen that most of the AI builders in our list provide lightweight and fast websites. 

How do they do so?

AI website builders have the right suite of AI tools for optimizing each web page, content, and image incorporated into the website.

Moreover, these tools can automatically adjust website elements such as layout and navigation based on user feedback and data, resulting in better website performance, improved user engagement, and higher conversion rates.

Benefits of AI-Based Website Builders

  • Saves Time: Being AI, it does things quicker than humans. It takes 10-14 weeks to ideate and complete a website when done manually. Which, with AI-powered website builders, shrinks to a couple of hours. 
  • Beginner-Friendly: AI-based website builders offer an easy-to-use interface with a drag-and-drop editor, ready-made templates, and lesser technicalities. Some also have built-in AI tools for SEO, copywriting, and creating forms, making website creation easier for beginners.
  • Cost Effective: According to Hostinger, designing and building a website the traditional way would cost around $5000. A website builder offers competitive pricing depending on the features you require on your website, and is way less expensive.
  • Automation: Website builders self-manage the website by automatically performing updates, implementing security measures, and tackling other back-end-related responsibilities with preciseness. 
  • Third-Party Integrations: Connect your website with payment gateways, SEO tools, e-commerce platforms, and other services outside the website builder with a single click.

Limitations of AI-Based Website Builders

  • Limited Customization: Despite offering pre-built templates and easy-to-use editors, the customization options are pretty limited compared to what a human web designer can provide. This makes it difficult to embed unique, out-of-the-box creativity into the website. As a result, making your website looks generic and similar to others on the web.
  • Limited Scalability: Premium features and tools are generally available on high-tier plans. Once on the most expensive plan, you must rely on add-ons to scale the website. Leveraging third-party tools is impossible unless the platform supports them.
  • Data Biased: AI-based website builders entirely rely on data to create sites. This keeps them from being creative and building something unique that isn’t available on the web.
  • Ownership and Control: A site builder might display ads on websites running on a free or low-tier plan. Removing them requires upgrading to a higher-tier plan.

Will AI-Based Site be Able to Dethrone WordPress?


Short answer: Certainly not in the next 10 years. 

Long answer: Here are the reasons why AI-based sites can’t compete with WordPress:

Firstly, AI-based sites rely on customizable templates to simplify the website-building process. 

While templates are easy to customize, a major drawback is that you only get a handful of them. WordPress, on the other hand, offers a much wider selection of WordPress themes.

WordPress theme directory is home to 8,000+ free themes. Plus, there are thousands of premium themes on several marketplaces. 

Every theme includes pre-made templates, website elements, and customization tools. 

So yes, the customization options with WordPress are beyond the website builder’s capabilities for now.

Next, regarding plugins and features, AI-powered website builders have versatile plans with different feature packs. That means you need to upgrade plans to get new features.

In contrast, WordPress has nearly 60,000 free plugins for all your needs, like web analytics, form submission, and social media integration.

Ultimately, WordPress is a blogging platform with a state-of-the-art Yoast SEO plugin. Thus, the SEO capabilities of WordPress are highly scalable compared to a website built using AI.

Wrapping Up

By far, we know of one aspect where an AI website builder dominates WordPress – the learning curve.

WordPress has a steeper learning curve due to the number of functionality and customizations it offers. Even though you can create amazing websites without writing code, advanced features may give you a tough time. 

So, if you’re looking to create a website without spending too much time and resources, the above-listed AI website builders are a suitable choice.

Didn’t find a suitable website builder for your business? Here’s another list of website builders for non-techies and non-designers.

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