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The holiday shopping season is at your door. If you need to gear up for online shopping on Amazon with the help of Amazon Price Trackers at the right time with the lowest possible deal, you are in the right place.

Since eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon are completely digital, the sellers and platform owners can enjoy the full opportunity of changing the price whenever they want.

Mostly, these online shopping platforms increase the price when the demand is high for a specific product. On the flip side, online marketplaces decrease prices when the sales volumes are down, and the demand is faint.

But you can not track all the price movements of these electronic marketplaces for millions of products like you do on a stock trading app. Instead, you can use price trackers. Since Amazon is the leading eCommerce platform around the globe, there are plenty of Amazon price trackers in the market.

This article introduces you to the top and trending Amazon price tracker tools that can save you a lot on holiday shopping.

Continue reading to learn more about Amazon price tracking tools, their standard features, and some popular price tracking apps that you must use to become a smart shopper.       

Here’s a summary of the Amazon price trackers listed below:

Product NameMain Feature
CamelCamelCamelPrice drop, product availability, and price history charts; Amazon locales support.
KeepaDetailed pricing charts, price drop alerts, international pricing, daily deals.
Price BeforeTrack product prices, price history, set alerts, search categories with filters.
EarnyTrack prices, get price drop alerts, cashback, refunds, and win prizes.
HoneyTrack Amazon product prices, receive price drop alerts, and use droplist.
Glass ItTrack price changes, receive alerts during drops, check daily prices, import Wishlist.

What is Amazon Price Tracker?

Amazon Price Tracker is an indispensable tool enabling consumers and online businesses working through Amazon to track the price of different products provided by Amazon over time to make well-thought-out purchase decisions as individuals and for business purposes.

It makes it incredibly useful for personal shoppers to source great deals, but also provides large corporations with the ability to include its insights within their pricing strategies; either way, businesses can gain easy access to historical price fluctuations, along with setting up price alerts and tracking particular items or categories.

There are a ton of tools and services out there that cater to web browser extensions, apps (mobile and desktop), websites, plus a dedicated app- all making things easy for you to stay informed at the very moment any deal may come your way when shopping at Amazon.

Amazon’s Presence in the eCommerce Space

Amazon has an average daily sales revenue of $1.29 billion according to a Statista report. It has a nearly 40% market share in the eCommerce space in the US alone, says Emarketer. And, not to mention its whopping active customer base of 310 million users around the globe, reported by eTail.

That is not all! It offers affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, Kindle Direct Publishing, and many more earning opportunities to part-timers and freelancers.

It will be an injustice if we do not mention its logistics system. Its product inventory and transportation are examples for the whole world. There are many moving parts in this logistics system, like air networks, Amazon freight services, last-mile delivery vans, drones, delivery partners, and so on.

Amazon holds some of the biggest sale events across various significant local and international events in the countries where it operates. 

Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, and India, are some of the biggest markets for Amazon. When it runs sales events, the platform delivers a huge volume of products to Prime and non-Prime customers within the delivery deadlines. 

In the Q1 2021 company report, Amazon declared that it has more than 200 million active Amazon Prime subscribers across the globe. And the number has naturally increased multifold in recent days.

In a nutshell, Amazon is the standard for eCommerce marketplaces. Every competitor of Amazon relentlessly tries to match Amazon’s quality and quantity. But their effort seems to be unfulfilled for many years.

Whenever a new business starts, they register on Amazon as a seller if they are selling books, consumer goods, music, Kindle content, on-demand videos, and so on.

Every newbie affiliate marketer and influencer dreams to make a business out of the Amazon Affiliate program. So, Amazon is an ecosystem of many economies that run in parallel to the country’s economy wherever it operates.        

Getting Upset Seeing Price Fall After a Recent Buy

Amazon is the heaven of goods for consumers who love to shop at a budget price. You get high-quality products at dirt cheap prices that do not break your bank. However, we all, at some point, feel that our recent buy on Amazon was not at the best price. 

How does this happen? Well, you may have recently seen that Amazon has cut down the cost of your favorite TF Cards, Gaming Chairs, or Gaming Desks that you have purchased just a few days ago.

Nothing is more upsetting when you see that you have purchased one product on Amazon for $100 and your friend, on your suggestion, bought the same thing the next day for $80. It happens a lot with millions of customers around the world who shop on Amazon. 

Because, the sellers are in a race for optimization of their product pricing to grab the best sales in the holiday season through Blackfriday sales, Cyber sales, Thanksgiving sales, Christmas sales, and so on.

When there is a sudden jump in the sales of some products from a seller’s Amazon site, the rest of the competitors will race to offer deals, discounts, cashback, and flat discounts to join the race of trending sales. That is when you see the price of a product you bought yesterday on Amazon has decreased by 10%, 20%, and so on. 

How Do Amazon Price Trackers Work?

Amazon price trackers monitor the price developments of consumer goods and content on various Amazon markets. Amazon users or prospective shoppers just need to select the products they wish to buy. Then, such platforms start tracking pricing changes across the globe. You can also set an expected price range on which you are planning to buy a product on Amazon.

Whenever the chosen product reaches the preferred price range that you selected earlier, you get immediate notifications from the Amazon price tracker tools. You can also use such platforms to monitor the availability of trending product that becomes out of stock soon.

These platforms usually use various Amazon APIs to monitor product pricing. APIs give automation capabilities to these tools. Thus, the tool developers do not need to employ manual data entry and internet research employees to track product pricing on Amazon.

Amazon price trackers have become highly useful tools for those who love to shop on Amazon. You also need to use any of the best Amazon pricing monitoring tools mentioned in this article.

How Sellers Can Use Amazon Price Tracker?

Amazon Price Tracker tools help sellers track and optimize the product price on the platform. With Amazon Price Tracker tools, a seller’s competitiveness becomes extra-enhanced, and profits can also become maximized through data-based decisions that would enhance business prospects on the platform.

Here’s how sellers can use them:

  • Use a reliable price tracker, set Price Alerts, and stay informed about any market changes to make timely adjustments in advance. Being notified when the item’s price drops or rises to certain levels is valuable information for the sellers.
  • Competitively monitor market rates with a price tracking feature; get actionable insights to optimize your own prices for success.
  • Analyse historical pricing data on Amazon to detect trends and adjust strategies accordingly. This is to aid sellers in making informed decisions on their year-round product pricing.
  • They can help the vendors to maximize revenues by tracking the prices along with demand. Changing or adjusting the prices in accordance with the changes in sales volume or timings at which a customer is available will help companies extract the maximum amount from the operations.
  • Automated Repricing: Sophisticated price trackers have automated repricing that keeps you in the market since it dynamically adjusts from what has been preset rules on the fly.
  • Predict Changes In Demand: Price trackers may provide predictive analytics where sellers can predict changes in demand and adjust their prices on a proactive basis.

Remarkable Features of Amazon Price Trackers

Different Amazon price monitoring tools come with various features. The features usually depend on the cost and development model of the apps. However, the following features are standard among all reliable Amazon price tracking tools: 

  • A console to set up an Amazon price tracker event.
  • A notification system via SMS, WhatsApp, or email to inform you of the price movements of the products of your choice.
  • A tracker to track the availability of out-of-stock products. 
  • Out-of-stock product notifications when they are back in stock.
  • A price history timeline for the products you select.
  • Discount, price, product, review, etc., filtering functions.
  • A search tool for Amazon products.
  • Best deal suggesting tool. 

So far, you have gone through the basics of Amazon price tracking tools and their features. Now, find out the best apps that you can use online to find the best deals and pricing on Amazon


CamelCamelCamel is yet another trending Amazon price tracker tool that you must check out now. It offers some of the most outstanding features among all of its competing tools of similar category in the market. Key product features are: 

  • Price drop analysis chart
  • Product availability chart
  • Price timeline or history chart
  • Search any Amazon products on CamelCamelCamel
  • Browser extensions for Safari, Mozilla, and Google Chrome
  • Optional account registration
  • Amazon locales supportability
  • Import Wishlist from Amazon and create price drop notifications
  • A management interface to follow bulk product pricing

Most of the portal features are free for the public. Furthermore, it supports many Amazon eCommerce markets like Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, the UK, and the USA. The tool also shows some product suggestions depending on your search pattern when you create an account on CamelCamelCamel.  


Keepa is also a vital name when we are discussing Amazon product price monitoring. It shows a very detailed pricing chart of over 3000 million Amazon products across 12 Amazon eCommerce marketplaces. For example, the tool covers countries like the US, the UK, Germany, France, Japan, India, Brazil, and so on. 

Its notable app features are: 

  • Price history charts
  • Price drop alerts
  • Product availability alert
  • International Amazon product pricing
  • Daily best deals that can save you a lot on holiday shopping

The web app is available for free. You can create an account for the best experiences on this portal. 

Download: Keepa for Android | iOS for free

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Price Before

Price Before is an all-in-one Amazon price tracker platform where you can track the prices of a product, check the price history through graphs and charts, and receive price drop alerts when it happens. Whether it is about tracking the price of smartphones, laptops, watches, appliances, or any other Amazon product, it lets you track prices for free.

You can enter the product link on this website and check the complete price history of the product. It also allows you to set a target price range to get alerts. Moreover, you can search for the category of product you want to buy and apply filters such as brand, maximum and minimum price, availability, and price drop time. 


Earny empowers you by letting you know when is the right time to buy a product. Users can link this Amazon price tracker app to their Amazon account to track the product price 24/7, Furthermore, it allows you to get price drop alerts for the listed items on Amazon.

Using Earny, you can also get cashback on more than 5000 brands when you shop online. Also, you can get refunds for late Amazon orders if you link your Amazon account for compensation. What’s more, one can win prizes, such as cash prizes, Amazon gift cards, and prepaid Visa cards, on Amazon purchases.


If you are looking for a platform that will track the price of your favorite Amazon product for you and send you price drop alerts when it happens, Honey is here for you. The best part of this platform is the droplist. Here, you can save products belonging to different stores and whenever there is a price drop, you get a notification.

You can either download this app on Android and iOS smartphones or add its extension to your Chrome browser. The extension allows you to add your favorite products from Amazon from eligible countries. 

In case of any price drops on the saved items, Honey will notify you instantly. The best thing about this app is it lets you keep track of the prices of a product from different platforms in one place.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Glass It

Glass It is an Amazon price tracker that helps you keep track of the price changes of any product you want to buy from Amazon. You can enter the URL of the product page and your email address to get alerts during a price drop. You can also use it to check the Amazon price daily. 

Moreover, this platform is ideal for tracking the price history of an Amazon product and finding attractive discount offers on them. Also, it is possible to import your Amazon Wishlist for tracking the price change. 

Apart from using the website, you can also download its Android, or iOS app. Glass It add-ons are also available for web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Final Words

Amazon has become a popular online shopping site in many countries. The sellers go through a tough price war on Amazon to sell their products. You can enjoy the benefit of such price wars on Amazon by following any of the above Amazon price tracker apps.

These apps are also beneficial for small businesses, individual sellers, family businesses, and so on who sell on Amazon. They can mostly use the above tools to monitor the competitor’s pricing strategy.

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